Two chicks one gloryhole glory hole and interview

Two chicks one gloryhole glory hole and interview
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Elyse My skin turned red as the hot water washed over it. It was such a cold day outside. I needed the release of the steam. Jackson knocked on the door and I shut the water off. It was a very small bathroom and it didn't take long for the steam to fill it up and cover the mirror. It was so hot in there that it had gotten hard to breath. I stepped out and wiped off the mirror.

I was a mess. My pale blonde hair was in knots and my face was red hot. I looked at and admired my body. Naked and wet I was only about 5 foot 7 and 165 pounds.

My breasts were uneven but that was easily fixable with a bit of padding. There really wasn't much fat on me, I was pretty muscular.

Jackson knocked again and I started to dry. I walked out with the towel wrapped around me and darted to the back room. I was the only female in the ten person crew that was hired for this job.

They were all in line for the shower and they were all staring. I loved the attention. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota so I was no stranger to a hard day's work. I wasn't a stranger to the cold either, but it was just terrible. The snow drifts were so bad the truck got stuck a few different times. There were days I envied the snob girls whose biggest worry was if their shoes matched their dress and not whether or not the livestock would get feed and how they'd get it.

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I grumbled under my breath a little more and get some comfortable clothes on. The farmer's wife, Khloe, was making dinner. I could smell the garlic bread the moment I stepped out of the room.

The guys gave me a few comments on how nice I would look in a dress but I, as always, just blew them off on my way through to the common room. The house was huge. It could house around twenty people at any given time. I had never seen it full but I didn't have to in order to be amazed by the structure. The floors were all hardwood but they were covered in rugs so the workers wouldn't ruin them.

The ceiling was high and had an occasional skylight. The kitchen was the size of a restaurant kitchen. The common area had five couches.

There was no wall behind the couches to separate the room, but behind the couches were the dining tables. There were three of them, a dark solid wood with matching chairs.

"Elyse, could you come in here and help me quick?" I heard Khloe shout from the kitchen. I walked in and couldn't help but smile. She was always biting off more than she could chew. I pulled the darkening slices of bread out of the oven and stirred the noodles. Spaghetti. The smell was intoxicating. Khloe was an amazing cook. It was no wonder all the men loved her.

She was also amazing to look at. She was about the same size as me, although she had less muscle and more cleavage. She always wore an upcycled tank-top version of her husband's worn out flannels and either a left over material skirt or short pants.

It was amazing what she could do with her sewing machine. The men had always commented on her unique style but I admired her for it. She could take any unwanted clothing article, no matter how holey or stained it was, and make it look new and as if it was purchased for her that way. It was almost inspiring. Her hair was a lot darker than mine and a lot longer. Mine went a little past my shoulders but hers was almost to the top of her skirt.

It wasn't long before we finished up and were carrying all the food out to the men. Khloe's husband, Roger, was the last to shower and he was coming around the corner just in time. We set the food down, Roger and Khloe said prayer, and we ate. Suppertime was one of the best parts of the job. All the men were jolly and the hard work of the day was forgotten. Once all the men had eaten their fill I helped Khloe clear up.

"Oh Elyse, dear, you don't have to help with this part, you know that. You worked hard today. Go rest with the guys. It's your turn to choose the movie. Don't let them take that from you," she paused, "again." She started laughing and I couldn't help but laugh with her.

I put the plates in the water and went out to the commons.


Normally I was pretty nice with what I chose to watch. I liked the same action and comedy that the rest of the guys liked, but they had skipped over me the past two weeks in a row so I pulled out a romance from Khloe's stack. I wasn't really interested in it, however, I wasn't really planning on watching it either.

I had a ton of schoolwork I had to do if I wanted to pass my course. Working a full time farm job and doing freelance schoolwork was not an easy task.

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That was just the struggle of being a woman, you had to work three times as hard to be half as appreciated. These men accepted me. I have worked with them every winter for the past few years with the exception of two.

I earned my right to be among them. One by one, they got bored of the movie and went to bed. Khloe came over and kissed my forehead before leaving. I had spent most of my summers there and she was more like a sister to me than anything else. The movie was about half over and I thought I was the only one left, but then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.

Jimmy was actually sitting there watching the movie. He was one of the new crew members this year. He wasn't as hairy as the other men. He was quite handsome actually, a little older than me by a few years maybe but still in his twenties. He was very strong. The reason he was hired for the season was because of his strength.

I almost admired it, however, I worked hard to be as strong as I was and he made me feel like a child. It was very upsetting when I couldn't lift something and he would come over and do it with ease. It almost made me want to punch him, if only I wouldn't break anything. It was also very different to see him so enthralled in such a movie. It almost humbled him. I didn't complete my paper, but I had written most of it so when the credits started to roll I was pretty happy with myself.

I looked over to see Jimmy wipe a tear from his eye and I almost laughed out loud. I started packing my things and Jimmy was taking care of the movie. "I've never seen that side of you," I said with a hint of snobbery. "I grew up with a single mother and three sisters.

With that sort of background I had to get real tough to protect them and I had to watch a lot of this crap. I can't help it, some of it just gets to me He reached over and grabbed a few of my books to lighten my load.

I asked about his sisters but he didn't really seem like he wanted to talk about it. "What about you? Brothers? Sisters?" he asked. "Nope," I said as nonchalantly as I could.

"I had a brother but my mother killed him and then took her own life. My father was blamed and he is in prison for life." He stopped dead in his tracks and he had a look of pure terror on his face.

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"It's okay. It was a long time ago. I don't remember most of it. It's something I've learned to accept." The rest of the walk down the hallway to the rooms was really quiet. We got to my door and we set the books on my table. He apologized for asking about my family. It was nice and I thought to myself that I might actually see myself being friends with this guy.

We talked a little longer about his sisters. He thought he owed me more details. There was nothing really special. Dad walked out. Mom worked two jobs. He was the oldest.

I've heard his story before. I got up to usher him out of the room. He followed me out to the hallway and said goodnight but he leaned in. I didn't know if I wanted to kiss him or not but I decided to go with it. He came closer and closer. I leaned forward a little and parted my lips to him. I felt him press his mouth to mine and then suddenly we hear someone clearing their throat.

I jump and smash into Jimmy. Our teeth clash and we both get a gash on our faces. Mine is my lower lip, his is on his upper lip. I turn and see Roger with a grin on his face. "It's cute, but y'all have separate rooms for a reason. No bumpin' uglies during the workin' season." "Yes sir." "Yes sir." With that Roger walked on down the hall.

Jimmy said goodnight and followed after. I went into my bedroom. I threw myself onto the bed and shoved my face into a pillow. I started laughing and I didn't want the rest of the men to hear it. I'm sure they'd hear all about it and I'd get so much crap from them.

I didn't even care, I was so happy. It was the best moment that I'd had in so long, and I just wanted to soak it all up. I fell asleep happy that night. It had been so long since I fell asleep happy. Jimmy I walked into my room and undressed. It may have been freezing outside, but Khloe liked to keep it toasty warm inside, probably because she didn't have to work to split the wood to fuel the furnace.

At least I wasn't on night duty this week. Greg was since I had it last week. I was still trying to get in the swing of things. It's never fun being the new guy on campus, however, I had a huge advantage. Everyone here depended on me and needed me. I was the strongest person to ever work for Roger.

I lay down on the bed and smiled. There was no booty out here besides Elyse and Khloe. Khloe was married so it was obvious I would get anywhere with her. Elyse was easy though. I thought a girl like her would give up more of a fight. I thought she would be a challenge to win over or at least a little fight.

To think, all I had to do was spill a few tears over the shittiest movie ever produced and she was foaming at the mouth. I licked my lip. I could feel the dried blood. I didn't bother to clean up. Smiling to myself, I rolled over and went to sleep. Ass crack of dawn and I pulled myself out of bed.

I could already smell the breakfast that Khloe had started for us. I quickly dressed and headed out. I bumped into Elyse in the hallway. She looked like she had tried to pretty herself up a little. Her hair was put up and she had on a pretty revealing shirt with tight stretchy pants. I felt a little pressure start to build up on my zipper. We didn't say anything to each other. Greg was walking behind us.

Since I was the new guy, I wasn't sure how the others would react to my actions. If Elyse tells them anything, it'll be the romantic girly version of course. I didn't know if she would say anything, even though I knew she was close with many of them, but not in a sexual way, these guys were all pretty old.

If she did say something, though, I didn't know if I would tell them what I did or what I wanted to do. I was sure that I couldn't tell them what I wanted to do. I didn't think many of them would like me too much. I pondered all this on the way to breakfast and I was so lost in my thoughts that I stubbed my toe.

Twice. When I went to the tables, the other men were all talking amongst themselves quietly and they stopped when I sat down.

They each took a turn eyeing me and my lip and then looking at Elyse. Suddenly I had realized that they probably thought we got into a fight.

I just sat there chuckling to myself about the whole thing and ate my breakfast. After breakfast, I got all my work gear on and headed outside to get ready for the day. I was sharpening the blades on the saw when Greg came out and asked what happened to my face. I told him what happened with Roger catching me kissing Elyse in the hallway but that was all I really said about it. He didn't seem happy with my response and he didn't seem to trust me but he didn't ask any more questions.

He just gave me a sideways look and went to clear the snow off the truck. One by one, Tom, Donny, Pat and Rob came out and started to get ready. We were going out to the woods to cut down a few trees.

Not a bad job, or a hard job, but working off the farm was never any fun. It just meant that we were that much further away from the heat of the house. The six of us were going to get wood while the remaining three men accompanied Roger into town for goods and Elyse had an easy day. She would be helping Khloe around the house. How I envied the girls. The day went on and on. We had a few widow makers but it was a good day since no one died.

I was the driver coming back but I was so tired. I was surprised I kept my eyes open. My stomach grumbled. I didn't even realize how late it was. The sun was starting to set which means we missed lunch. Roger and them had to have missed lunch also. They took their jolly time whenever they went to town. My thoughts drifted back to Elyse. I loved to stare at her ass in the pants she wore that morning.

She tried to cover her little mouth cut with a bit of makeup but she was so bad at it that we all saw it. I was surprised no one had asked me about it on this trip.

It was probably for the best though, since there were two moving chainsaws at almost all times out in the woods, wouldn't want an accident. Ha. The farm lights entered into my view and I pulled in and backed the truck up by the stove in the tent thing. It seemed crazy to me to have this outside.

There were four garages on the premises and yet the most important vehicle was left to face the elements under a tent. After I turned the key off everyone piled out to unload the wood.

We were pretty happy to be back at the farm so our work quickened. By the time we were done our faces were frozen and our fingers were numb but we didn't even care. The farm house was in sight. We came in and the other men had already finished their daily chores and we could smell supper cooking. I was first in line for the shower so I kicked off my gear and went into the bathroom. I could hear them talking shit about me the moment I latched the door.

I laughed as I lifted the toilet seat up to take a piss. I spat into the bowl, shook it a few times, and hopped in the shower. I started thinking of Elyse and my loins began to stir.

As I was alone, I took hold and imagined my fingers were her mouth. It didn't take long at all before part of me was being washed down the drain. I got out and as I was towel drying I heard a pounding at the door. Pricks. After each man has had his shower, Khloe called to us to eat. It was loud and rowdy as usual.

Elyse kept giving me looks and sideways glances. I had to try pretty damn hard to ignore her flirty eyes. There were a few times that she "accidentally" kicked me under the table.

It was almost more than I could handle. I was happy I never really helped clean up. I had a hard on like no other. When everyone else had finished, I was still nibbling so that I was the last one at the table. The women started to clean up around me and Roger was picking his movie for the night. I forced myself to think of the most disgusting things I could. When I was alright to get up and move about unnoticed, I carried my plate into the kitchen and handed it to Khloe.

I turned to go downstairs to my room to take care of my little problem, but then I realized that Elyse wasn't with the men in front of the tv like she normally was.

I smiled and headed down the hallway towards her room. I saw her light was on and slowly opened the door. She was in there. She was sitting on her bed with her school book on her lap and an open notebook on the bed beside her. When she looked up and saw me a huge grin appeared on her face.

She quickly closed her book, grabbed up her notebook and got up to place them on the desk. "Come on in," she said.

Without a word I went in and silently shut the door behind me. She had one of those dimmer switches in there so I rolled the knob for some softer lighting.

She made a small giggle sound and sat down on the bed. I sat down next to her and I could feel myself growing again. This woman was going to get it. I slowly leaned in towards her and she leaned in towards me.

As soon as our lips touched we exploded. Her arms flung up around my neck and I started pushing her towards the bed onto her back.

I was climbing on top of her while she kept moving and grinding against me. I had one arm up under her to hold myself up a little so with my free hand I started to touch and feel her. Her breasts felt amazing. I just wanted to hold on to them forever. I couldn't help it, I started to rock my hips on top of her and put more pressure on her. She was in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I wanted more. I moved my hand from her breast and placed it between her legs. When I started to rub on her she stopped kissing, arched her back, and moaned.

I knew she was loving it. I could feel her moisture through her pants. I hadn't felt a woman get that wet since I was in high school. At that point I needed to know. I moved my hand to the elastic in her pants and pushed down. I felt her bush. It was hairy but short and trimmed. I went in a little more. She was so wet! A moan escaped my own lips as I rubbed my finger around.

Suddenly she pushed away. "Let's take a break," she breathed as she sat up. I groaned. "Please?" she asked. "I'm not ready to yet. I'm a…" she trailed off. I couldn't believe it. "A virgin!?" I almost yelled. I lauged. I was so surprised I couldn't help myself. "Wow. I don't mean to be a dick or anything, I'm just amazed.

It never crossed my mind that you would be a virgin!!" "You don't have to make a big deal about it," she huffed. "I've had toys that I've played with and put down there, ya know, but I've never done anything with a guy before. You've already gone further than every other guy I've ever been with. Be grateful. Now please, can I finish my homework in peace?" As she was talking she walked to the door and opened it as she finished. I got up and was still chuckling as she shut the door on me.

I went down to my room and finished myself off. The thought of having something that no man has had before got me there so fast, it was almost embarrassing. Once I was finished, I grabbed the little handheld game my cousin gave me before I left and I opened the door. I wanted them all to know where I was and what I was doing. It should only be a few minutes really until they started going to bed. Then, almost as if I willed it, the men started walking by.


Each said goodnight so it was easy to know who was still going to be awake. Roger and Khloe were the last ones to pass my room and wish me a goodnight. As soon as I heard their door click closed I got up. It was probably only forty-five minutes since I came downstairs so I knew Elyse would still be awake.

I needed to get my tools ready though. From my dresser I grabbed a sock. It was clean but it was old so it probably wasn't the best choice but the rest I had were dirty. I just shrugged and kept going. I thought about what I could use for a lube but then I just laughed knowing I wouldn't need it. I shut my lights off and left my room but I left the door open and snuck upstairs. I found a pair of scissors in the kitchen but I could not find any kind of rope.

I silently cursed myself and almost changed my mind. I couldn't decide if I should look harder or just go back to bed. I inhaled.

I exhaled. With a tug on my jeans I decided I needed to keep looking. Khloe's craft room was right next to the bathroom. I knew if I wasn't careful Elyse would hear me but I had to risk it. None of us were allowed to go in there so once I opened the door I was lost.

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It was a huge mess in there and I had no idea where to start. After opening a few different drawers and looking through a few piles I found a thin soft rope that was really tough. I couldn't be more grateful for my stroke of luck. I quietly left the craft room and closed the door behind me.

Elyse still had her light on so I went into the kitchen. My hands were sweating. I splashed water on my face and shook my head. I grabbed the rope and put it in my back pocket. I put the sock in my other back pocket.

There was some duct tape in the common room so I grabbed that too. I stuck the scissors in my front pocket. Then I heard Elyse come out of her room and go into the bathroom. She turned the water on and I heard her brush her teeth and use the toilet. For what seemed like the hundredth time, she turned me on and I had a hard on. Elyse took a glass of water into her room and I knew she was taking her sleeping pills.

That just made it better. I smiled to myself and I almost whooped out loud. I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. I went back down to my room and paced. I had to keep telling myself not to touch myself or it wouldn't be as fun. After twenty agonizing minutes I told myself it had been enough time. The pills should have kicked in enough for her to fall asleep.

I grabbed the sock and the rope and went back upstairs. I waited outside her door. The light was off and I couldn't hear anything at first.

Then she was snoring. I laughed to myself. Then I took a deep breath and opened the door. She was laying on her back, uncovered. It was really dark so I decided to turn the light knob just enough to emit a glow. The same sweatpants I tried to get into earlier were still on her. I bit my lip to suppress the groan of longing in my throat. I just stared at her. I didn't know where to start. Her body was fantastic.

I eventually decided to tie her hands first. Elyse I could feel something was happening, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I opened my eyes but all I was a moving blur. I tried to speak but it just came out as a sleepy groan.

I went to pull my hand to my face to wipe my eyes and realized they were being held by something. Just as I was going to scream, a finger jammed into my mouth and pried it open to be stuffed with some kind of disgusting cloth. My mouth went instantly dry. My eyes were starting to adjust and I saw Jimmy tying my feet apart to my bed posts. I started kicking but he already had me pretty secure.

I tried yelling but no sound came out. "Can't say no when you can't talk, can ya?" he asked as he stood above me admiring his handiwork.

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I tried to spit the cloth out of my mouth, but it was really in there. I could barely breathe. I closed my eyes and started to cry. My eyes jerked back open when his hand started to cup my breast. I gave him a look of pure venom and more stifled protests.

He smacked my face and said if I made too much noise I'd get another one. The tears were flowing as he climbed on top of me feeling every inch of me. I kept thrashing but his strength was much more than mine and he easily held me down. I already knew what was going to happen but when he put his hand down my pants I was still shocked. He pulled up my shirt and was biting my nipples.

Suddenly he just got up and walked out.


I stopped crying and was trying to move my hands and feet around to get untied until there was a chuckle at my door. He walked up to me and pulled his pants and trousers down. I couldn't help but look at it, I don't know why. As soon as he was fully undressed he started to poke at my face with it and rub it on my breasts. My tears had turned to choking sobs and my nose had begun to run.

I felt something cold on my stomach and realized he had left to get some scissors. He started cutting off my sweatpants!! The remainder of my strength was spent bucking and kneeing wildly, trying to stop him from undressing me. The only thing I did, though, was get a few scrapes and a few more smacks on my face.

When my pants were removed he also cut my shirt off. He brought his lips to the part in my legs and replaced his hands with his tongue. I had never experienced this before and I did not like it one bit. My struggles were lessening and my resolve had disappeared. After what seemed to be forever, he positioned himself on top and me and brought his mouth up to me to bite my neck.

My body was reacting to the things he was doing to me and it was shameful and disgusting. After a few failed humps he guided himself into me. He pushed in slowly and I had to take a big breath in. I may have had toys down there, but it still hurt. He pushed himself all the way in and held it there for a moment, groaning over me. Then he carefully started moving in and out. It was so painful and I winched with each movement.

Without ever picking up speed, he slowly and steadily fucked me for about five minutes and then, with a few hard thrusts, grunted and came inside me.

He looked me in the eyes and said I was a great lay and I should be proud and not crying, then he got up and went into the bathroom. I tried to get out again. I couldn't. When he came back ten or fifteen minutes later I figured I would be let out but instead he started to suck on and squeeze my tits again.

He was so rough I knew there would be bruises. He then quickly got on top of me and pushed into me again. I was still wet from the previous encounter and he entered with ease. There was no mercy here. Time after time, he rammed into me relentlessly. At first it was a bit painful but the pain started to fade away and as he was fucking me, he took one hand was started to rub my clit.

I felt a familiar tingle start to grow. A fresh batch of tears was streaming down my face. I felt so ashamed of how my body was reacting. The tingle grew and I tried to hold it back but I couldn't hold it back forever. I hit that peak and my muscles started to contract. I started moaning loudly through the cloth shoved into my mouth was bucking my hips against his thrusts.

He slowed down and his sweat dripped onto my face and neck. I was so wrapped up in my own orgasm that I didn't notice that he had been pushed over the edge from my muscle spasms.

At that moment I hated myself more than I had ever hated anything.