Its just a one time thing BROTHER

Its just a one time thing  BROTHER
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It all started in the summer when I was 15. My parents weren't around much, and the few friends I had were all away for the summer. I had decided to get a head start on my next years schooling by taking summer school. I know, what kind of person actually wants to take summer school? In any case, I found myself spending three mornings a week facing the business end of a geometry textbook, and to be honest, mostly scratching my head.

During the year I'd had a tutor, a senior named Kyle Sanderson. He was always able to explain the logic and formulae in a way that was easy for me to understand. And when it was too difficult to understand, he would patiently start over from the beginning, walking me through each step carefully and without even a hint of frustration in his voice.

I think that's why I learned so much from Kyle, even though he was much smarter than I was, he never made me feel stupid. Kyle had graduated at the end of May, and already had his own apartment. I had seen it once just after the school year ended. I ended up getting a B+ in math that year, the best I had ever done in that subject.

To show my thanks I had decided to bring him a gift certificate to the local game store. His father answered the door and bluntly asked me what I wanted. He was a man whose temperament seemed to oppose Kyle's at a fundamental level. While Kyle seemed to have no end to his compassion and patience, his father acted as if my very presence was an affront to his sensibilities.

After an extremely brief conversation, I had the address, and a strange sense of guilt for bothering Mr. Sanderson. I found the apartment easily enough; It was a bottom floor unit in a stucco walled duplex with a big blue door. I walked up, and just before knocking I felt a sort of fluttering in my chest.

I swallowed down a quick wave of anxiety and knocked on the door. Even though we were only three years apart, I felt like a child standing in front of that door, and it was a man who had answered. Kyle was tall, slim but athletic, with glasses. I was also tall and thin, but didn't have muscles like he did.

His normally shaggy hair was matted to his forehead with sweat. He was shirtless, and his chest glistened in the sunlight as he stood in the doorway.

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"Hey Joel, what's goin' on?" He spoke casually, almost as if he had been expecting me. Had his dad called him while I was on my way? "Hi Kyle, I just wanted to—" I was cut off by another voice, a woman's. "How much silverware do you have? This is all I've got." She appeared behind Kyle with a couple handfuls of metal forks and knives, dressed in a black sports top. It tried to push down her large breasts, but was only semi successful.

Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, probably to keep out of her face while she unpacked, however some bangs had escaped and fell down her face. Those hairs were glued to her forehead by sweat, just like Kyle. She wasn't wearing a bra, and the hard work of moving boxes caused her nipples to stand erect, making it look like there were two little buttons popping out of her shirt.

I had a sudden urge to run up and press them like a kid in an elevator. To be fair, I'd never gotten much further than a closed-mouth kiss with a girl before. My pants started to tighten. She noticed me staring, and smiled warmly. Obviously she didn't see exactly where I was staring. "Hi, I'm Diana." She set the silverware awkwardly on the kitchen counter. As she let go, the knives and forks spread out and clanked apart for some breathing room.

The sound almost made me jump. As she drew nearer I could see she too was sweating, perspiration formed a small halo around the neck of her shirt, once again drawing my eyes like a magnet down to the magnificent breasts she was poorly attempting to hide. I absent-mindedly brought my right arm out to meet hers, and immediately felt stupid as the plastic card in my hand shoved into hers.

"Oops, sorry. This is for you." I handed the card over to Kyle, who I'm assuming grabbed it, my eyes were still on Diana.

I reached my hand out once again, now free from obstruction. "I'm Joel, nice to meet you." Her hand was warm, and despite the moisture on her forehead and chest, her hand was dry and soft. It felt lovely to hold in my own.

Sure I'd held hands before, but that was either with my mom, or a girl my age. This was a woman I was making contact with. "Is this for me? Thanks!" Kyle was inspecting the card.

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In the back of my mind I remembered why I came here in the first place, but now everything had changed. "Are you two together?" What I probably should have said was "You're welcome." All I could pray for was that it didn't sound as high and childlike to them as it did in my ears. So far I was blowing it at keeping my cool around people that were older, and decidedly way cooler than me.

Kyle and Diana shared a quick glance at each other, then laughed simply and happily. "Nah, nothing like that." Kyle explained. "We used to go to camp together every summer when we were kids." "Oh, cool." I was trying to think of interesting things to say, but it took all my concentration just to maintain eye contact with shirtless kyle, and pointy-breasted Diana. I made a quick explanation for the gift card, Kyle being my favorite tutor and all. They were both very kind to chat with me for another minute that felt like an hour, before I made an excuse to leave.

As I was walking away, I heard Kyle shout behind me, "If you ever need help with anything, feel free to come by." "I will!" I cautioned a glance behind me as I walked away. Diana had turned and was picking up the silverware. The word PINK was plastered in green across tight black booty shorts. The curve of her ass was a thing of beauty, I could tell even from that distance and just at a glance.

The bell to end class rang. Twenty-four chairs roared across the room as a sea of students poured out of the math room and out into the summer sun. Relief shone across all faces but one. In order to stay awake and focused through the class, I had drunk five cans of coke in four hours.

I would not be feeling relief of any kind until I made it to the facilities. I tried to stand up, but my belt tightened against my body as I rose, putting extra pressure on my bladder.

I had to move. I was only vaguely aware of Ms. Russell's well wishes as I sprinted out of the room. "Oh come on," I heard myself mutter as I tried the door for the men's room. It was the nearest, but also the smallest bathroom on campus, offering only a single toilet and urinal, and of course, a lock. Near the cafeteria, I thought to myself as I came up with a new plan. I hurried across the grassy quad to the other restroom, pinching my knees together the entire time.

I was maybe 30 feet away when I saw the sign. "Out of order." Home. I thought about it for a hot second, it was maybe a 20 minute walk. I maybe had 5 until this situation sorted itself out, one way or another. Then I had another thought. "If you ever need help with anything, feel free to come by." Kyle's words from the beginning of the summer echoed through my head. He had moved just a short walk from school. Sure it was the opposite direction from home, but after using his restroom I had all the time in the world to make it back to my house.

I had my game plan and started walking at an alarmingly brisk pace to Kyle's apartment. As soon as I saw that blue door, it was as if my body knew a receptacle for my discomfort was nearby, and thusly doubled down on the pain. My body was shouting at me that this piss needed to be resolved urgently, so I ran up to the door and started to pound. It wasn't until I head the creak of the door that the butterflies came. What was I doing?

What if he looked at my like an idiot? "I didn't actually mean to come by anytime," I imagined him saying. "I was just being polite. Also you creeped out my friend by staring at her tits the whole time." "Joel? Hey man, it's been a while." Kyle spoke with surprise, and a hint of hesitation. I had shown up out of the blue before, but he had seemed more welcoming then.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Kyle continued. He sounded distracted, like I had bothered him in the middle of something and he was politely trying to tell me to shove off. It didn't matter. Manners be damned, I had to go. "Hey Kyle, sorry to drop by like this, I just REALLY need to use the restroom. I'll only be a minute, do you mind if I come in?" I peered over his shoulder into the apartment. It looked cozy; before it was all boxes and piles of furniture. Now it had become a home.

Recreations of classic art hung on the walls, and there was even an easel standing in one corner of the room. I couldn't see what was painted on it, a towel had been tossed over the canvas, obscuring most of the picture.

What I was really looking for, and could not find, was Diana. "Ummm, sure, come on in." Kyle opened the door and gestured for me to come in, then stopped.

"Wait, number one or number two?" "Number one." I responded, my voice instinctively raising at the end as if I were asking a question. "Alright, cool, then yeah come on in." He opened the door again.

I tried to play it cool, but my bladder was making each step feel like I was moving in slow motion. "Do you mind waiting a minute?" NO! my mind screamed. "Sure." "Thanks, we just have the one bathroom here, and Diana is in there right now. Actually, would you please excuse me for a second? I'll be right back." I nodded as Kyle went down the small hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom.

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He knocked on one door and opened it in one smooth motion. I tried to peer inside, but he only cracked the door open enough for him to squeeze through. He shut the door behind him and I could hear talking in the bathroom.

For the first time since the classroom, relieving myself was not my foremost thought. What had just happened? There's no way he just went into the bathroom to ask Diana if I could use the bathroom, while she was using the bathroom. Maybe I misheard what he said. Granted, I didn't have any experience living with a girl, so it was entirely possible that walking in on your roommate in the bathroom was actually perfectly normal behavior. At least that's what I kept telling myself as the two of them spoke in hush murmurs behind the door.

A wave of anxious energy began to rise up from my toes. It hit a roadblock on the bladder, which sent shuddering waves of panic up through my body and into my head. I started to stand up, and then sat back down. There was a laugh in the other room. I thought I could maybe start to make out a few syllables here and there. I inched my way across the couch, getting closer to the door. I started to stand up, was maybe five feet from the door, when I heard footsteps heading back toward the door.

I hopped back down on the couch and tried to look casual. The door creaked open just a smidge, and I could see Kyle's face framed perfectly in the crack between the door and the jamb. His face was bathed in a pale orange light, behind him I could see the walls were a bright egg-shell color, and the glow of the vanity lights cast a glow in the room.

Kyle spoke softly, yet in an overly friendly tone. He almost seemed like he was nervous about something. "Hey buddy, so you can feel free to come on in, I just want to let you know Diana is in here." Of course she was already in there, we already established that part, I thought. "Ok," I said. "Why don't you just come on in, and we can explain it a little better in here." Kyle stepped back from the door, pulling it toward him, revealing more of the room. I could see the sink and mirror behind him, and what appeared to be the reflection of a small black box standing somewhere in the room that must have been a camera on a tripod.

For the first time, real fear started to creep in. I wondered what on earth the two of them could be filming in there. Instantly I imagined opening the door to find Diana standing there with a chainsaw, ready to carve me into little pieces in her very own snuff film.

I thought how embarrassing it would be if I were so scared I pissed myself right there. Come on, you know Kyle. He's not going to let anyone hurt you, I reminded myself. I took a deep breath and made my way toward Kyle. As I got closer, he began to step away, opening more of the door to reveal Diana lying in the tub, a large towel covering from her knees all the way to her chin. Oh, I get it. Shes in the tub.

It all makes sense now. Except there wasn't any water in the tub, she looked totally dry. The camera pointed down toward her, and I could see that it was on. Diana waved and gave me a slightly embarrassed smile. "Hey Joel." I didn't know what else to do so I meekly raised my hand and waved it back to her. "Hi.

I'm a little confused." Kyle jumped in. "Yeah, sorry. I didn't really know how to explain it, so I thought it might be easier if you were in here. How do I say this…" He was grasping for the words that would shift this whole scene into focus for me.

I was slightly relieved to see that he was having difficulty summing up the situation as well. "I want you to pee on me." Diana blurted out. "Well, I guess that's one way to do it," Kyle said with a nervous chuckle. It felt good to hear him laugh. I laughed too. "Come again?" I said, in disbelief. "Maybe if you play your cards right," Diana said with a wry smile, "But lets start with your pee." She gave me a knowing wink.

A bulge began to form in my pants, just at the top of my leg. I suddenly felt out of breath, my lungs were prickling out in a web of anxiety. "Uh, Kyle, is this for real?" I said with a nervous smile, trying to keep my cool. While I wasn't immature for my age, I always made a concerted effort to act more adult-like around Kyle.

"Yeah, its something we like to do here. Sometimes we film it for a couple other friends we have from camp and they sometimes like to bring in other people too." Kyle took a step towards me slowly and calmly.

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He put his hand on my shoulder and gently squeezed. "Look buddy, if any of this makes you uncomfortable at all then you don't have to do it. This is just something that's supposed to be just for fun, and you happened to have impeccable timing." He smiled incredulously. "Yeah, no, it's cool. I mean I'm cool, I can do it." I stammered. My cock was throbbing. Going pee at this point was suddenly the last thing on my mind.

Kyle smiled and turned back to Diana. "Ok awesome. And just so you know, I'll be going too so you wont be alone. And don't worry about the video, its not recording faces or anything." "Ok cool." I felt like I was saying the word "cool" a lot. I stepped over toward the tub. I watched as Diana began to remove the towel. Her breasts were beautiful and kept their shape incredibly well for how she was lying down.

Her nipples stood out and perked upwards slightly, like the jump off a ski slope. Her areolas were pink and round, and hugged the nipple closely. I ran my eyes further down her slim pale body. She had shaved her pubic area completely bald, I could just make out the split that would lead down to her pussy. Then a funny thing happened. This was the first girl I had ever seen naked. As she lay there baring her beautiful soft milky white tits, and her tight shaved cunt, I couldn't help but become aware of how beautiful her face was.

Her eyes were a bright and piercing blue. Her golden hair was down, and shorter than I expected. Her lips were large and pillowy, and her chin, while larger than most, came to a soft rounded end.


Her face was thin, cheeks sunk in slightly but then came to a rosy bloom just below her big hypnotic eyes. "I don't know if I can pee," I said, my cock was throbbing in my pants; I was harder than I'd ever been in my entire life. "That's ok, you just need to relax a bit first," Diana said with a smile. She rolled her body forward so that she was no longer on her back, her legs came around and she propped herself up on her knees.

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Her tits swayed dreamily as she moved and when she popped up to rest her elbows on the edge of the tub, her tits bounced happily until they settled down. She stared at the rock in my pants and her eyebrows danced playfully. "Lets see it." I looked over at Kyle, suddenly embarrassed. What if this was some sort of elaborate joke? What if I took out my dick and then they all laughed, or worse, recoiled in horror that I would be foolish enough to think this was all real?

Then I glanced down and a wave of relief washed over me as I discovered that Kyle had his own dick out. He was only semi-hard, but I could already tell his was big. He was stroking it absentmindedly, looking expectantly at my crotch.

He was clearly excited to have my company, but it also seemed like this act was nothing new for him. I took a breath to clear my head, and then undid my belt. I started to pull it off, but quickly realized that was a dumb thing to do, and I just let it hang.

I fumbled off the button on my trousers, and slowly undid the zipper. I realized I was wearing my camoflauge moose boxers today, way to go Joel.

My eyes darted one last time at Kyle, then at Diana, then at Diana's tits, and then I pulled the elastic strap on my underwear down. My cock flung itself out from its cloth prison like an escaped convict and pointed straight at the ceiling. "Wow, look at that thing! Is he bigger than you?" Diana asked Kyle, her eyes feasting on my cock. It throbbed, as if basking in her glory. "Could be," Kyle said. "Though I'm guessing you can't piss while hard, right?" I saw his eyes slowly rise from my cock to my eyes.

"Uhh, no." I shook my head. "That's ok, we like cumshots too." Kyle said. "Isnt that right?" Diana let out a moan of approval, she was grinning from ear to ear. Kyle continued, "Just make sure when you do that you try to cum on her face, ok?" I nodded very enthusiastically. Kyle leaned around my back and pressed a button on the camera. A red light came on. He looked at me with a smile and asked, "ready?" "Yeah." I said, having no idea at this moment what to do. "You want me to suck your cock?" Diana was licking her lips.

"Uh, no thanks," I heard myself say. Wait, what the fuck did you just say? In those agonizing few moments after turning down my first, and probably last, blowjob offer I thought about why I said no. I knew that all it would take right now to set me off would be one touch from her finger and I'd shoot al over her, and that too would have been terribly embarrassing.

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No, I thought, I'll handle my own merchandise for now. I looked up at her shamefully only to find her smile had not changed. In fact, it had opened up and become something entirely different. What started as a playful smile turned into something of compassion and understanding, and it made me feel good. Just then, Kyle stepped forward, lifting one leg over the tubs barrier, bringing his pendulous cock swinging around.

"You can suck mine," he said with a grin. Diana gently placed her fingers behind his hanging cock, and lifted them up, his member lifting too. She took it into her mouth slowly; I could see her tongue just barely peeking beyond the gate of her lips. As she took it all in, a soft moan escaped from Kyle.

As Diana pulled her head back, I could see his cock was stiffening up. It was wet from her mouth, and light twinkled off the head of his engorged shaft. Now fully hard, Diana pinched the head of his dick and brought it straight up. She stuck her tongue out and licked all the way from his balls to the tip of his mast.

She began again to envelop his manhood into her mouth and then draw back, gaining a little bit of speed with each thrust of her head. I discovered that while watching this take place I had already begun to start stroking my own cock. Pre-cum was gushing out of my hole so I didn't even need lubricant. My hand ran up my shaft, and then twisted over the head, applying extra pressure at the tip to send a shudder of pleasure through my body.

As I stroked, I felt my knees begin to tremble; I could barely stand. "I'm going to cum," I said with sudden urgency. Diana's eyes grew wide, even with Kyle's cock in her mouth. She disengaged immediately and turned to me. Kyle's cock throbbed in the air like an arm doing a biceps curl.


"Give it to me. Cum on me. Cum all over my fucking face." Below her perky tits I could see she was masturbating too. Her had flew deftly and furiously between her legs, her pelvis rocked back and forth supported by powerful thighs. It all became too much, and I felt an explosion of pleasure surge through my body like I was being electrocuted.

I aimed the tip of my cock right between Diana's eyes, and with a spasm of my swollen muscle, shot a massive load of hot white cum right onto her perky pink cheek like it was the bullseye of a target.

I leaned in as a second surge caught her across the eyebrow and forehead. I started stroking my cock again, now almost right over her mouth. She leaned in and opened up wide, a few drops of milk fell onto her tongue. She swallowed it with a moan of ecstasy.

"Holy shit, that was hot, I'm gonna cum too!" Kyle fired off his first load before she had time to react; it hit her on the side of the face, and immediately ran down her jawline and neck until it settled into a pocket where the collarbone meets the neck.

She moved her head over in time for the second pump to reach her face. Another white load, this one slightly thinner, painted across her lips like a Jackson Pollack painting. Some of it got in her mouth and I could see it melting on her tongue. "Mmmmm, yes. I love cum!" She exclaimed. She looked right into the camera and stuck out her tongue, making sure the glob of cum sat right in the middle, "How do you like that, Nancy?" she swallowed and revealed her pink tongue again, the cum was gone and her tongue looked as naked as the rest of her.

The adrenaline was starting to wear off. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and in my ears, but I could also breathe easier too. But just as suddenly as it had left, the urge to pee returned. As if she could read my mind, Diana turned back to me. "Alright, that was the appetizer," she licked a remnant of Kyle's cum off her top lip, enjoyed it for a moment, and swallowed.

"Now time for the main course. Piss on me. Please, piss all over me." And just like that, I did.


I started to push. What began as a few innocent drips of pee soon became a trickle, and then a steady stream. I aimed for her perfect tits first. The golden stream impacted the soft skin of her tits hard enough to cause a divot, and as I pointed my manhood to different places as her body, her body concaved itself, creating mini momentary lakes of myself all over her perfect body. "Yes. Piss all over my tits," Her eyes were mostly closed, I could see her eyes rolled back as she let the sensation wash over her.

Her shoulders began a quick shudder that ran down her body; her tits wobbled side to side as she let the wave of pleasure run through her.

I aimed at the pocket in her collarbone where Kyles cum still formed a little hotspring. My golden liquid crashed into the pool and bounced a droplet of his seed out.

The rest of the cum swirled around in circles as it mixed together in the small of her collar. It formed itself into a bonded liquid that was made of both of us, and lived in a cradle atop Diana's beauty. His shunned droplet of cum ran itself down her breast, hastened by the waterfall of piss that now wetted most of her body. "Mmmm it's so warm, don't stop Joel," She was totally keyed in on the experience, truly reveling in it; truly loving it. I felt a warmth inside the pit of my stomach grow, I felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself, bigger than language, bigger than any form of expression I could think of.

I pushed my stream out harder; the stream surged up for a moment, then settled back into the hotspring. I pushed a little too hard and suddenly heard a fart escape from my ass.

My eyes went wide, but I did not stop pushing. Neither of them seemed to notice, or if they did they were being very kind by pretending. I refocused, then moved my aim upwards. I avoided her mouth, which was not yet open, and instead worked on anointing her face. Her eyes were now closed and serene, she smiled knowingly. A low hum of approval rang in my ears. I moved up further still, wetting her bangs, causing them to mat down on her face. In that moment I was reminded of when I first met her, but that time it was sweat that caused her hair to stick to her face.

Now its me, I thought proudly. This thought somehow started to arouse me again, and I could feel deep within myself a pulse of strength surge through my now diminished cock. I leaned into the glory of soaking her hair. Each place I pointed created a new line across her head. It was as if I were writing my name in heavenly blonde, pure snow.

I could feel my stream was already starting to weaken. I was aiming for the top of her head, but my piss was now only reaching the empty space where nose, eyes, and forehead meet. Not ready for this moment to end, a decision had to be made. Either my stream was about to become too weak to continue gracing her body, or I would need to step into the tub. I slid my foot out of one of my flip flops, then lifted my leg and brought it over the tub's wall.

Diana had moved into a cross-legged sitting position in the tub. The drain was plugged and there was a thin layer of piss and cum covering the floor. I found an empty space in the crook of her leg and placed my foot down. The feeling of warm liquid under my foot sent another surge of erection through my cock. At this moment, Kyle began to pee as well. Again, it was as if he sensed what was happening with me and decided now was the time to start to take over. His stream was much more yellow than mine, but it was also much stronger.

His piss started in the side of her hair, and was powerful enough to push a portion of her hair back. It reminded me of a hose hitting a sunflower, bopping it back into the grass only to have it happily bounce back up as if it were saying "thanks for watering me!" I imagined those words coming out of Diana's mouth. "Thanks for watering me!" Another shudder of pleasure ran through me. As Kyle moved down to decorate her body, Diana noticed I was almost finished imparting my gift. She opened her mouth and much like the tail end of my cum, she received my trickle into her mouth.

This time, however, she actually leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my tap as I poured. I felt the rest of my piss spill out of me inside her warm mouth.

I could feel her tongue wriggling around the bottomside of my dick. I immediately began to grow hard again. She started to suck my cock; slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. In this moment I know it was the right move to refuse her earlier.

I would have came immediately before. Her lips were large and delicate. It felt like the most amazing thing in the world rubbing against my treasure. Her tongue was playfully swirling around the head of my penis, making me harder and harder. That's when Kyle decided to join in on the fun. He began to piss on her face at first, then honed in his sights. Each time Diana's lips rhythmically pulled away from my dick, Kyle would aim his piss stream so that it hit me right on my exposed shaft. I could feel the warmth of it splashing onto me each time her mouth receded.

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I was too hard to let the pressure of his flow cause any craters in my flesh, but it sent my nerved screaming with ecstasy. Diana now had her mouth open with my cock still resting inside. She captured as much as she could of Kyle's golden gift inside her mouth, then closed her lips around me again. Carefully she stroked me off in her cozy little mouth pocket full of Kyle's pee. She would swallow a little bit of it every 3 or 4 thrusts until I could feel only her mouth around me.

Then she would open up to consume more of Kyle's geyser as it drummed diligently against my manhood, keeping it nice and lubricated. Finally, Kyle's stream began to peter out, and Diana tilted her head back for a third time to catch the rest of his flow in her mouth.

As the last of it dripped out, there was a sudden stillness. The head of my cock was sitting idly in an open pool of pee in Diana's mouth. She grabbed my shaft casually, and swizzled it around in the piss pool. Under the surface, her tongue was flicking my head in a way that almost made me lose my balance again.

Something about this act was completely overwhelming and I felt another orgasm coming on. My cock ached and groaned, hadn't I just cum like two minutes ago? It was like the cocktail we made in her collarbone earlier, only this time on a much larger scale. I watched three thin spurts of milky whiteness shoot out of the tip of my dick and into the pool in her mouth. It was much less quantity than before, but still retained some of the pale, pure white color.

It swirled around and mixed in with the pee. I found myself bonded to the two of them in a way I had never experienced before; a piece of me and a piece of Kyle coming together in the mouth of our third, Diana. Mouth still open, she began to smile hazily, the pointed corners of her mouth cresting wider until the pee-cum mixture began to dribble out of the sides of her mouth. She gargled playfully and it poured quickly out of her mouth, it didn't hang together like cum.

From the two fountains on either edge of her mouth the liquid ran down her chin and spilled to her chest. The two streams met in her cleavage and ran all the way down to her slit, some of it getting caught in her belly button along the way. The liquid that did make it all the way down was happily drawn into her crevice where her hand still twitched at her clit; slower, but still drawing pleasure.

"Looks like you did come again after all," Diana said, her smile continuing across her face until she was beaming in the tub. "Thanks guys." "Uh, you're welcome," I said, not knowing what else to say. "Come on, lets let her get cleaned up," Kyle checked the frame of the camera and smiled. Then he turned it off and picked it up still attached to the tripod.

I nodded and we left the bathroom. We sat down back on the couches. I could hear the shower turn on in the bathroom.

Kyle looked at me with a grin. "So, what did you think?"