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Taking care of her tube porn
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This is my first story and i have to admit i dont have good punctiation but my grammer is correct and spelling this is one of my fantasys in life but always to scared to write about it heres how it would would go. My name is Paul Biggs and im sixteen with emo style black hair bangs hanging down my face and i tower above people at six foot two,i also have a quite muscular body and dress goth it was the last day in middle school for me i had failed a year so here i am sitting in class doing nothing since the last week is nothing but movies and social time.

Chp.1 I had alot of friends my age in class we sat around talking in Mrs.Denhams math class when the female coach,Ms.Baldwin knocks and walks in looking at Mrs.Denham i could already feel my dick rising just looking at her she was about five foot eight with short dyke like black hair but somehow she makes it look amazing her tits arnt big but like before her frame makes them look good or atleast to me and a subtle ass that seems like it would be firm but flexable."Mrs.Denham could i use Paul for awhile i need to move some stuff around my office" she asked her voice light and almost inviting.

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"Of course if he wants to go he is free to" Mrs.Denham said with a laugh. I merely shrugged and thanked myself for not letting mydick grow too much or would have had a problem i didnt bring my booksack this day or the past week so i just got up with a friendly smile and followed her. We walked all across campus to get to the Gym, i noticed she was swaying her ass more than she ever did but of course in a way it would only be noticed by someone staring right at it.

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We walked in the side entrance which may seem confusing because our Gym had four entrances. She stopped right when we got inside the dimly lit six foot hallway that contained the door to the girls lockerroom then the door to the main Gym.

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the light was bright enough to illuminate the hallway and i looked over to her as to why we stopped she grinned and it was something i had never saw and it made my dick twitch. "Paul i need your help and i want to get straight to the point i see how you look at me all year and heard about how you would give anything for this" she said in a seductive voice that yould would imagine from a pornstar as i blushed in embarassment which wasent like me she grabbed my hand and placed it on her left tit and pushed back into the girls lockerroom with my hand still on her chest she turned us around and locked the door behind her then a though came to me that this locker room was completly soundproof a grenade could go off in here and you would never know it sound wise.


"but Mrs.Baldwin." i ask but at the same time im screaming at myself why even ask i feel like i should but then i feel her hand touch my now throbbing dick and before she says anything her eyes go wide at the feel.

At sixteen im by no means small ive had some of my girlfreinds say i should do porn one day. There was lust in her eyes i could see as she dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans and letting them fall she grabbed my cock and hung the almost nine inch that was as thick as my wrist hang right in her face. "God damn paul i heard the rumors from some of the girls you were big but.".she started stroking it which sent chills up my body in a way i was numb to nothing but my dick and decided that it was time to get the show started i put my hand on the back of her head "hahah yeh i know i bet you can't take this huge dick in your mouth" i grinned as she blushed and looked playfully mad.

"Ooohh ill show you Mr." She started licking down the throbbing shaft which felt amazing as she started sucking on the head it was no surprise i started moaning under my breath but i actually heard her moaning then as i looked down i saw her hand moving fast between her legs on her mesh shorts i grinned and pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up taking off my shirt and hers.

"Your a horny bitch for my dick arn't you trying to rub your clit sucking on this big rod?" i said in a voice of authority she looked almost ashamed but grinned and pressed her lips to mine then i noticed something felt stupid for not seeing before i had her shirt still in my hand yet her tits were exposed no bra and my dick twitched her right nipple was peirced and she winked.


"Theres more surprises than that" she said happily and walked over to the big table in the middle of the room used for game planning and such and got on her hands and knees with her ass facing me i walked over and she wiggled her sweet ass and removed her shorts to reveal no panties and spread her legs and i saw one she was soaked and two her clit was periced aswell i grinned heavily and picked her up easily getting under my after removing the rest of my cloths and shoved my dick to her lips.

"You horny naughty bitch take that dick in your throat or i wont lick your horny pussy" i said in a playful voice that was still commanding she moaned and bent her head to look at me between her legs.

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"Ohhhh yes talk to me like that call me your dirty cunt im all yours now all i want is this huge cock please lick that soaked pussy" she moaned immediantly shoving my dick down her throat and gagging i moaned harder and started flicking my tongue over her clit feeling the warm metal of the ring through her clit which made her moan hard as her mouth was deep on my dick it sent vibrations like id never felt down my shaft so i started sucking on her clit moving my hand up to finger her i could barely force two fingers in damn she was too fucking tight she started stroking my cock sucking harder and harder as i kept tonging her clit and in just a moment more i felt her pussy squeeze my fingers and she screamed still sucking as her hot honey flooded from her pussy i licked it all around as it soaked my chin and lips and went right back to licking her clit which made her moan almost exhaustedly but i knew she was still full of energy after awhile more of sucking my cock i felt my balls tighen up and i released the biggest load ever from me in her mouth she actually swollowed a good amount i must have shot atleast eight full thick ropes of cum deep into her mouth i felt it drip down my shaft but she was quick and deffinitly did not want to waste she licked my shaft up and down getting all the cum and collapsed then getting right back upturning around face to face "That was the best pussy licking ive ever had" she said grinning and started rocking her pussy lips across my still rock hard cock moaning slightly.

"That was an amazing dick fuck i know you loved sucking that huge dick you little cunt" i said with a smile but still kept it commanding and her face showed she loved it.

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"Please lef me ride this big dick i need something to stretch me out to my limits" she moaned rubbing her periced clit on my cock head. i lifted her up some and pointed my cock up to her outer lips and she braced herself with her knees and i layed back as i watched her squirm slowly sinking on my cock she started screaming and cursing that i loved i grabbed her ass and used the leverage on her to shove the rest of my cock inside her that i was rewarded with her pussy squeezing me hard and a delicious scream of pure pleasure from her lips she started rising up and down impaleing herself on my dick screaming "OH YES FUCK ME FUCK THIS HORNY CUNT GAHHHH SO FUCKING DEEP UHHHHH YES" i had never imagined her screaming about this but i was enjoying it highly i met our hips in the middle and after what seemed like forever she squeezed my dick hard and it got even hotter as more honey slid down my cock and i didnt noticed my own orgasm building but i felt a huge amount of cum shoot deep in her pussy and my first though was amazing but then i started to worry about pregnancy as i stopped cumming she saw the concern on my face and bent down dick still lodged in her and grinned.

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"Don't worry im on the pill.and glad i am thats enough cum in here" she wiggeled her pussy around on my dick "to give me triplets" she laughed hard and so did i but my heard sank as i heard a key turn in the lock of the door and it open i bent my head to look at the door and see Mrs.Denham grinning then back at Ms.Baldwin panicked but she kissed me and looked up at my math teacher grinned and said.

"Come on in Vanessa it was way more amazing than we ever could imagine" Please give me critisesm i would love it this is my first story of couse and i want rating and comments and the such ~Paul