Sexo en la cocina colita

Sexo en la cocina colita
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Jeremy pushed me out of his car, onto the cold wet street. "You better make me cash tonight, Darcy," he growled angrily and drove away. I wiped my eyes and pulled my mirror out of my small purse, fixing my make-up. I hated how I looked, too much make-up and not enough clothes. Jeremy had been my dealer for a while, then my boyfriend, then my abuser, and pimp. He bought me slutty mini-skirts and revealing tube-tops, a switch blade, and pepper spray.

I still hadn't gotten a 'john,' a 'trick,' but something told me tonight's the night. I was right, when an hour passed and a car pulled up. "How much?" said a voice, clear but shakey. I couldn't see in, but I answered as I was taught: "15 for hand, 25 for oral, 60 for puss, 60 for ass, and 130 per hour for everything." "Get in, please," the voice urged, and I climbed in the passenger seat, finally looking at my trick.

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He looked to be in his late teens, early twenties. He had precisely cut hair, glasses, a plaid collared shirt, and khakis. It looked to be his first time, too. He drove to a motel a block away, and pulled me into one of the rooms.


"Um, I-I-I'd like to start with hand," he stuttered, handing me three $5 bills. I nodded and gentley pushed him on the bed, undoing his belt and slowly pulling his penis out. I stared at it for a moment, not surprised that it was a bit on the smaller side of average, and started stroking it, slowly at first. As he hardened, I began going a little harder and faster, his whimpery moans piercing the silence.

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I remembered that Jeremy had told me to be vocal, so I started talking. "Ya like that, huh?

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Does it feel gooooood?" I crooned, my client nodding and whimpering. "So hard, don't you wanna feel my lips and tongue all over your throbbing shaft?" I asked, trying to get a little more cash. He nodded and I licked his manhood from bottom to top, giving the head a tongue bath before taking it all in my mouth and bobbing my head as I sucked it, making him spasm with pleasure.

My tongue flicked against his urethra, and he jolted. "I bet this is your first time, don't you want more? I could make your virginity go away.

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Wouldn't you like that?" I mewled, trying to sound as sexy as possible. I watched him bite his lip, unsure. "I'm clean, I swear, this is my first night," I told him, and he shook his head. "N-n-no thank you, please keep going," he begged, and I complied, sucking eagerly as I gentley stroked his balls.


I'd have to swallow if he came in my mouth, Jeremy told me so. I kept going, and soon my client started to spasm and moan louder, his hips thrusting as he took over a little, fucking my mouth. I moaned, hoping it would help him finish, and sure enough I felt his cum shoot into my mouth, spurt after spurt of it.

I quickly swallowed, then licked him clean as he relaxed on the bed, shaking a bit. "$25 more, hun," I said softly, "and a ride back to the streets." I watched him pull a couple bills out of his pocket, and put them in my purse.

"Is it r-r-really your first night?" he asked, biting his lip, his face heating up with a blush. I nodded, and he smiled a little. "I-I'm Michael," he said, shyly holding out his hand.

I shook it as I stood up, "I'm Darceline." "How l-long until you're d-d-done for the night?" he asked, and I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. "Two hours or so," I replied, and he brightened a little. "If I pay, can you just stay here and hold me until I fall asleep?" he requested, and my brow furrowed with confusion before I nodded. He gave me ninety dollars, making an even one hour payment, and I took off my heels, getting on the bed. He undressed to his boxers, and got under the covers.

"Could you face away so we could spoon?" Was his next request, and I nodded, laying down under the covers too.

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He moved closer, wrapping his arms around me, and softly muttered goodnight. He held me tight, his crotch pressed against my arse, and softly slid one of his hands down into my skirt, his fingers touching my pubic hair and softly stroking. He kept doing that, and I wondered if he thought he was pleasurnig me, if he were that innocent. I waited for him to fall asleep, then slowly got out of the bed, putting my heels back on and leaving, walking a couple blocks back to my corner.

I had one more trick that night, a businessman who made me call him 'daddy' as I wanked him off. He pulled up in a nice little Prius with tinted windows, and gestured for me to get in. He drove into a nearby alley and unbuckled his seatbelt.

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"You're my little girl right now, Daddy's little girl, and you're gonna play with Daddy's cock, okay?" the man asked, and I nodded. "Yes daddy," I crooned, my hands quickly undoing his fly and pulling out his penis. It was big, about nine inches, and he smiled when my eyes widened.

"Does Daddy's little girl like her big toy?" he asked, and I nodded, "yes daddy." I started wanking him quickly, trying to get it over with. He creeped me out, and I didn't want to stay too long.

I was vocal as I wanked him, "oh daddy! It's so big! Please make it shoot the white stuff!" I said in a childish voice, my eyes wide and innocent. He quickly came on my hand, then watched as I licked it off my fingers as per request, earning $20. The extra $5 was for the roleplay and cum-eating. I had to spend another hour standing in the cold before Jeremy came and got me, taking my money and making me suck him off as he drove us back to his apartment, roughly shoving my head down and gagging me as he came.

That night, as I fell asleep on the couch, I thought about my first trick, and wondered if I'd ever see him again.

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