Darksome amazing bitches adore sexy fucking hardcore blowjob

Darksome amazing bitches adore sexy fucking hardcore blowjob
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This is a true story and it continues to this day as far as I know. The first story was more of an introduction to the characters and a history so you won't be confused so I advise that you read it.

Hoping for lots of responses! A Rock and a Hard Place 2 Thanks to the lie that I told Abby, I was free to talk to Robyn as much as I wanted. Unfortunately, seeds of jealousy began to sprout from both sides of the fence.

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Eventually Abby tried to force me to make a choice between the two. I refused and 30 minutes of screaming later we were broken up.

I walked home that day and reflected on life and how important Abby really was to me. I had already cheated on her at the park, so I figured it was going to end somehow some way regardless.

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I went to my neighbor Javier and told him the story. He hated Robyn and loved Abby so he probably wasn't the best person to go to for advice. On top of that, Hazel was there and even though I wanted to fuck her I wasn't that fond of her. "So basically what you're telling me is that Abby isn't going to let you have your cake and eat it too anymore so you just dumped her?" "Well you make me sound like an asshole the way you say it bitch" I chuckled "Alright so you have three options basically.

Tell the Chinese bitch to fuck off, tell Abby to fuck off, or lie to Abby and keep talking to the Chinese bitch" "How about option four?" I smirked.

"We both get fuckin wasted right now and I deal with it in the morning" We chose option four. Javier is a lightweight and passed out after about four shots of tequila. I was at a nice buzz by then. Hazel laid Javier down on his bed and came back out to the kitchen to get him some water.

"Is he passed out completely or is he in and out right now" I asked her "He's completely gone I guess you won the shots game" "What do I win?" I looked her right in the eye "I don't know. What do you want?" She chuckled "What do you think?" I said with a smile as I leaned in for the kiss. I waited for five seconds and thought that I had been denied, but her lips eventually met mine. We first kissed softly and shyly then I took control. I picked her up and pushed her against the wall.

I kissed her and forced my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue was small, slippery, and skilled as she massaged and worked over my tongue. She began to breathe hard and let out soft moans as my hand reached down and started to rub her pussy through her booty shorts.


Luckily they didn't have a zipper, so my drunken hand reached past the waistband and moved her thong to the side which gave me access to her shaven pussy. She was so wet that she had even soaked through her thong so I wasted no time in sticking two fingers inside of her. She moaned into my mouth as I worked her silently with my fingers. I knew I couldn't make her cum because Javier had a big family and one of them was bound to wake up. I pulled my hands out of her shorts. "Wait no I was so close just do it for one more minute.

Make me cum he never fingers me like that!" "Maybe another time" I said with a smile as she scowled at me. She washed her hands and adjusted herself, then disappeared into Javier's room. I leisurely walked across the street knowing there would be no consequences for my actions and fell into a deep sleep on my bed. BEEP my stupid alarm clock woke me up and I contemplated not going to school. I decided to go and implement the third plan. Lying. Abby was overjoyed when I told her that I had chosen her over what she thought was my best friend of 6 years.

In retrospect that was pretty stupid of her to believe me. That night it was Friday and no one was going to be in my house until 2am. My father was always out doing something with my step mother. My brother Steven was out with some random chick and my brother Eddy was out with his friends at some sleepover party.

I decided to take this opportunity to finally get laid for the first time. Before Abby came over, I had to jerk off twice so I wouldn't be some kind of 2 minute ride for my first time. When I opened the door I was amazed. Abby was clad in a tight shirt that made her small boobs look medium sized and it showed off her perfectly flat stomach. She had on the shortest skirt that I have ever seen with nothing on under it. We got straight to business. I slammed her against my living room wall and our tongues went from dancing to darting into each other's mouths.

I cupped her pussy in my right hand through her skirt and grabbed her boob through her shirt with my left. Her hands were both focused on rubbing on my 8 ½ inch cock and making it hard through my basketball shorts. I picked her up and carried her through my door and locked it behind me. I threw her onto my king sized bed, lifted her skirt and started to eat her pussy like it was my last meal.

I noticed that she had finally listened to me and shaved her pussy and it was soft on my nose. She was screaming in English and Spanish and writhing all around my bed. "Uhhh Your tongue ohhh I love your tongue drew ughhh tongue fuck me I'm gonna cum!

I'm gonna cum" Her orgasm washed over her as her legs trembled and her bittersweet juices filled my mouth. After she relaxed, I immediately pulled her off the bed and onto her knees. I ripped off my basketball shorts and out flung my cock. She licked and sucked at it for all her worth, but I was determined not to cum yet. I laid her back down onto my bed and reached under it to get my condoms (smart idea if you don't want to ruin the mood).

I had been practicing all week for this special occasion so it took no time or effort to get it on.

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I lined my cock up with her pussy for the second time and I made contact. She told me to go slow cause she hadn't been fucked since last year so I went very slowly but it didn't make much difference. The two guys she was with before me must have had baby dicks because every quarter of an inch of my cock seemed to hurt her.

We tried the missionary position and failed. She tried to ride me and she got a little more than half of my cock inside of her but it still hurt her too much. We decided to try doggy style and the third time was a charm. It was a little uncomfortable for her, but soon my entire length was inside of her very tight pussy. For the first time I was able to experience her clenching me with her love canal and begging for more of my cock.

I started off slow and eventually began to pound her with no remorse. I held onto her small hips and reached depths that no one had ever reached before. Her juices were covering my cock and I was easily slipping in and out of her tight shaved pussy.

I decided to get a little kinky and I smacked her ass. "Ow ooh that felt good! Do it again!" SMACK SMACK "Uhh again again again I love that" SMACK SMACK SMACK Her screams were beginning to be too much for me as I felt my balls begin to tighten and my cock start to squirt cum into the condom. Luckily she came at the exact same time and her love juices started to drip down her thighs and onto my balls.

Needless to say, Robyn was not pleased when she heard the story. She told me that she loved me and was tired of waiting for me to dump Abby. I told her not to hold her breath and we got into yet another huge argument. After that event, Abby and I continued to fuck every day after school before my father got home. I occasionally would have to sneak her out when he got there early or when unsuspected.

Towards the end of the year, Robyn called me and we both apologized.


I told her I didn't see her the way I used to and we both lied and agreed to be good friends. She invited me to see a play that she was helping to produce at her school. I told Abby where I was going and she immediately knew that I was going to see Robyn so she told me if I did anything with her then we were done.

In all honesty I didn't plan on doing anything with Robyn. I wasn't thinking about her in the same way any longer and Abby and I actually started to love each other.

Or so I thought. The second I saw her I remembered why I liked her so much. She wasn't even wearing anything special, just some spandex pants and a loose shirt with some stupid design on it.

I had a chance to talk to a bunch of my old friends and we all bragged about what Universities we got accepted into.

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My friend Danny thought he had me beat because he got a half-ride to Yale, but I blew him out of the water with my full ride to Stanford and Princeton! I spoke to Robyn after the show was over.

"You look really great" I said awkwardly "Yeah I've been working out a lot lately. You don't look bad either Drewy" she smiled "Why do you still call me that?" I asked "Cause you'll always be my Drewy dumbass" I saw tears welling up but she fought them.

We made small talk for a few more minutes before she realized she had to be home in ten minutes. I walked her to her car and gave her a hug.


I tried to kiss her on the cheek good night but somehow I failed and our lips touched. We stayed there for five seconds too long and then broke apart awkwardly. She let out a tear and ran to her front door and drove away. We didn't talk after that for a while. Abby was always suspicious, but I kept assuring her nothing had happened. We broke up and got back together more times than I could count before the year ended. We were going to break up, but I decided to have her come with me to college like an idiot and took my full ride scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh because they wouldn't force me to live on campus freshman year.

My freshman year was a disaster, my grades dropped horrendously and I lost my scholarship. I kept in contact somewhat with Robyn, but it wasn't much due to Abby and her Jealousy. Abby stopped giving me head, she wouldn't let me fuck her in the ass anymore, and we became something like a married couple.

After wallowing in self-pity for months, I started my own business and made a pretty popular YouTube channel so the money started flowing in. It is time for me to move back to California where all of my family lives but also where Robyn lives. It's the 8th of April 2013 and I am in California looking for an apartment. I just saw Robyn for the first time in a while yesterday and we had a long conversation about life but didn't do anything.

She is still in college ending her sophomore year, and I'm a dropout success story. I am considering whether or not to go see her again tonight… TO BE CONCLUDED What do you think Drew should do? Stay with Abby, try again with Robyn, or just move on? LEAVE YOUR PREDICTION IN THE COMMENTS PART 3 WILL COME OUT ONCE IT HAPPENS!