Teen slut gets rough DP

Teen slut gets rough DP
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I hated going back to school after the summer.

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From seeing girls in bikinis and next to nothing, to seeing posh private school girls who still consider boys as worthless wearing as much clothing as possible. It was going to be another uneventful and sexually frustrating year as my 16th grew nearer.

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I sighed as I got on the school bus and just looked out the window. A flurry of blond hair met my eye outside, and I followed it as a girl stepped onto the bus. She was out of breath and flustered. 'Sorry,' she said is an almost musical voice. She must have been around 14 or 15, long blond hair with a perfect face, and her skirt was shorter than the normal girls.

She looked apprehensively up the bus, searching around for a free spot. She caught my eye ands smiled slightly, and said, 'You don't mind if I…' 'No, no of course not,' I said a little too eagerly.

She smiled widely and moved towards me. She had to squeeze past, and her arse brushed against my crotch, waking up my cock. I also noticed that through her white school top, it was extremely easy to see an orange spotty bra, concealing what looked to be a pair of C breasts.

She flopped next to me, looking tired. 'Hi, I'm Maria.' 'Jack,' I answered. 'You're new here aren't you?' We talked for the half hour journey until the bus suddenly stopped. 'Well it was nice to meet you Jack,' she said in her sweet Australian accent.

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'I'll see you tonight I hope?' And she squeezed past again, deliberately taking longer as her arse rubbed against me, and smiled as she got off. I could not stop thinking about Maria all day, and at one point I must have had an obvious erection thinking about her as my young French teacher, Miss Green, noticed it, and smiled sweetly.

Finally, five o'clock arrived, and I practically ran to the bus. Maria was already on, smiling at me, and said, 'I saved you a spot.' We got talking again, and she got onto the topic of her ex-boyfriend. 'I let him finger me a couple of times, but he was way to rough and he tried to get me to such his cock. I just left.' This aroused me and my erection was obvious by the huge bulge in my trousers.

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'What about you?' she asked, glancing down for a second, then smiling secretly as she looked up again. 'Well I recently split up with my girlfriend,' I told her. 'She wasn't right for me.

Especially since she would only kiss me, nothing more!' 'That's pretty rough,' replied Maria, who placed her hand on my knee, causing my erection to practically burst out of my trousers. 'It must have been tough for you…having no satisfaction.' After she said this, Maria licked her lips, and moved her hand upwards. 'Eh…yeah it was,' I stammered. She smiled and moved her hand onto the bulge in my trousers.

'Wow,' she said. 'That' s huge! Do you mind if I get it out for a closer look?' 'What on a bus?' She just smiled at me, and undid my flies. I practically came straight away when she took hold of my eight inch cock and guided it out of my trousers. 'It's bigger than I thought,' she said. After she spoke, she started pumping it slowly, looking straight at me. I went to kiss her, but she pulled away and said, 'Oh no, this is all for you Jack.' She started pumping me furiously, and I started breathing hard as she went up and down, never losing eye contact with me.

'AHHHH, I'm gonna cum,' I said and she stopped suddenly and said, 'Not yet.' With a giggle, and a lick of her lips, lowered her mouth and engulfed my cock. It was the first time anyone had given me a blowjob, and I loved it. The moisture from inside her mouth, and the heat surrounding my cock. Then she started to lick it and I went to seventh heaven. She sucked and licked, and her left hand went to her breast which she started massaging.

This turned me on even more, especially since her right hand was being used to fondle my balls. Her breathing seemed to increase at the same rate as minde'Oh my God, Maria, you're so good, OHHHHH I'M GONNA CUM.' I unloaded spurt after spurt of my sperm into her mouth which she drank willingly, and it was the biggest orgasm I ever had.

After I'd finished, she looked up, with a drip of cum from her mouth which she quickly licked, and said hopefully, 'I was wondering if you were free to help me with my homework Jack, my parents are out and it will take me a long time on my own.' I just said, 'I'd love to.' So at eight that evening I turned up at Maria's house, only a couple of blocks away from my own. As promised, there were no parents there, just her in a short yellow skirt made for a ten year old and a tight blue top.

She invited me upstairs. 'It's my French oral. I just haven't practised enough.' I smiled and said, 'You seemed pretty good today.' She laughed at that, and looked at me in the same way as before.


After a while, she leaned forward and started kissing me intimately. I have never been kissed in such a way before, and my cock had woken up already.

She stopped after a while, smiled and started unbuttoning her shirt. The spotty bra was underneath, but before I could get a better look, that came off as well. I swallowed as I saw her perky 14 year old tits in front of me, perfectly tanned with pointy pink nipples at the end.

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I slowly put my hands out to touch them, and Maria breathed heavily when I came into contact with them. I started massaging them, kneading them slowly.

She enjoyed this and her breathing transformed into quiet moaning. I worked up the courage to lick one of her nipples, which resulted in her gasping and inadvertently grabbing my cock.

I bit it gently, and then started sucking. By now her breathing was heavy, and as I continued, it became heavier until she was practically screaming. 'OH JACK, OH GOD, FUCK ME JACK PLEASE, I BEG YOU, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE.' She climaxed and suddenly lunged at me and kissed me hard.

'I want you so badly. I want your hard cock in my wet pussy now.' She pulled her skirt off to reveal matching panties that looked way to small, and displayed her pussy quite clearly.

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These were rapidly ripped off and she pulled my tracksuit bottoms off and took hold of my cock. 'Do it now Jack, please,' she said whilst wanking me.

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'Not yet,' I said, and used two fingers to slowly rub her inner thigh, and then her clit. She exploded at this. 'Harder Jack, harder.' I increased my speed, and put another finger into her.

Maria was on her way to her second orgasm, when she screamed, 'Enough teasing,' and pushed me onto her bed, and without warning, straddled me, placing the tip of my cock into the entrance of her pussy, and then she let herself go, plunging my cock into the heat and the moisture of her pussy. I almost came there and then, but Maria took control and made sure I didn't. She bounced up and down, her tits bouncing up and down, and her face red with perspiration. She moaned in ecstasy and I began moaning with her.


She rode me like a horse, and I was powerless to her thighs going up and down, moisture and fluids everywhere. I could feel my self about to&hellip. And then her eleven year old sister walked in. To be continued.