British girl Showing her Body on Webcam video Leak Real Homemade

British girl Showing her Body on Webcam video Leak Real Homemade
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I had been thinking about it all day, at least ever since gym class in school. You see there is this boy named Josh. Josh is a good friend and a really good-looking dude. My gym class had just come in from playing soccer.

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It was a real hot day and all of us guys got nice and sweaty and were ready to hit the showers. I have always been kind of shy and never was much into getting naked and taking showers with the other guys.


It was my routine to get in and out of there as fast as possible. Anyway, I was in the middle of taking my shower and I noticed that Josh was near by.

I tried my best not to have him see me, but I kept glancing at his naked body and soaping himself up all over. Josh was really built and you could tell that he worked out on a regular basis. Just watching this stud do his shower thing was enough to get me semi-erect. I had to get out of there quick and grab a towel so that no one would be suspicious.

Josh must have been extra dirty and sweaty because he spent quite a long time in the shower and I was able to continue to secretly watch him while I was drying off and getting dressed.

That image of Josh in the shower was on my mind the rest of the day. I couldn't help thinking about what a great looking guy he was, dressed or undressed. Quite often I could feel my dick stirring in my pants. Even at dinnertime when my parents and younger sister, Melissa were eating, they could tell that I was daydreaming about something. "What's on your mind, son?" said Dad "You seem so far away tonight". "Oh, nothing, Dad" I said, "Just thinking about school today" "Yeah, right, Robby" piped up Melissa, "I know what you are thinking about, or should I say who".

My face turned red. "SHUT UP, will you?" I said to Melissa "This is none of your business". It started to get late and time to go to bed. Most night's bedtime was my favorite time because I liked to indulge in my favorite hobby - jerking off. After thinking about Josh all day, I knew exactly what the image in my mind would be. I turned on a very dim lamp, lit my favorite vanilla scented candle, and turned down the covers. I then stripped down to just my white jockey shorts and climbed into bed.

Lying in bed, I thought about Josh and what it would be like to make love to him. In no time I got a nice boner as I slid down my briefs. Rubbing my balls, I thought about Josh and me jacking each other off. I slowly started stroking my shaft imagining me giving Josh a great blowjob and he would do the same to me. I could feel the wetness of pre cum on my tip as I slowly continued to work my hard cock.

I knew that it would not take long for me to shoot my load. I started to increase my stroking when all of the sudden my bedroom door opened.

I quickly pulled up my shorts and covered up. Entering my room, without knocking, was my sister, Melissa. "Excuse me, miss, just what do you think you are doing here" I said. "I just wanted to see if I could borrow a video, I can't sleep," said Melissa. "Um, Robby - what were you doing when I came in?" "What do you mean?' I said.

"I think you were playing with yourself" "No, I wasn't" "Yes you were" and so it went back and forth.


Finally Melissa walked over to my bed. With a very quick move, she grabbed my covers and pulled them down. "Aha" she said "look at you, you're all wet!" Here I was now lying in my bed in nothing but jockey shorts and my boner stretching the fabric, in full view of my sister!!!

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I was so embarrassed. "Melissa" I said, "this is very embarrassing, you need to leave". "Please, Robby, let me stay, I want to watch you jerk off". I said "But what if Mom and Dad catch us?" "Don't worry, they are sound asleep, please Robby, please?" Then she said "I haven't seen your dick since you were a little kid, and to tell you the truth, I'm hot tonight".

"Wow, my little sister is growing up. I may as well have some fun", I thought. "OK, sis, but keep the noise down". "Would you like to see my dick up close, Melissa?" Her eyes were already fixed on my cock as it pushed up the fabric of my underpants.

"Why don't you touch it, that would make me feel so good".

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Sis touched my cock through my briefs with the tips of her fingers and then she quickly withdrew. "Wow, Robby that is so hot",she said. "No wonder, girl, that's because I have a hard on, and it's getting even stiffer as you touch it".

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Then she said "Would you like me to take it out and look at it"? "Oh yeah, babe, do it, I know you will like it". Melissa's hands went back to my rock hard tool again. Her eyes grew bigger as she ran her fingertips along my jockey-clad shaft, up to the head and down to my balls. It was driving me absolutely wild. "Oh, bro, I just gotta see it". With that, she lifted up the waistband of my briefs and looked inside and moaned with delight at the sight of her brother's boner.

She got between my legs and slid my shorts completely off. Now I was lying there totally naked with my tower sticking straight up and starring her in the face. She lightly wrapped her fingers around my dick as she noticed the drops of pre cum oozing out of my piss hole. "Move your fist up and down, Melissa", I urged her, "pump it with your fist". She continued to pump up and down from the base to the head and I could feel my cum beginning to swell in my balls.

"Oh Robby, this is getting me so excited that my pussy is so wet and my panties are soaked". I was really surprised at hearing my little sister talking about her private parts openly to me, but it made my cock get harder than it already was. I told her that since she wanted to see and play with my dick, it was only fair that I could see her cunt.

"Come on, show it to me now Melissa".

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She said, "Well, I guess this is right, after all I am playing with your boner". Embarrassed, she released her hand from my dick and pulled her nightgown to her waist, giving me full view of her pink panties. And she was right, they were soaked! It made me feel real good knowing that the excitement of pleasuring my cock did that to her.

She pushed the elastic waist of her panties down and revealed her sweet young cunt before my eyes. All I could do was gasp as I looked at her pussy that was just starting to grow hair. "Bro, you know how I caught you beating off when I came in your room?" she said, "Well, I like to play with myself, too." "It makes me feel so good to rub it and put my finger inside" I couldn't believe these words were coming from my sweet innocent sister's mouth, but I loved hearing it.

"Show me how you do it" I said with my cock standing up with a jerking hardness. I turned on my side so that I could get a good view. With that Melissa rubbed at the slit a few times and eased her middle finger inside. "Oh babe, that makes me so hot" I said, "Can I do it to you?" "Oh yeah, Robby, please, I want to feel your finger inside me". She then took her finger out and spread her legs wide open.

I parted her pussy lips and slowly slipped my finger inside. "Ohhhhhhh yeah it feels better when you do it, Robby" I kept exploring her cunt with my fingers and Melissa kept moaning with joy.

"Faster, brother, faster, it feels so good!" My sister's hips kept jerking and her moaning continued, as I was breathing hot and heavy. Who would have thought that when this day began, that it would end like this. It made me almost forget about Josh, well almost, I still wanted him bad. I worked my finger inside her cunt and could feel the hardness of her clit. Her body continued to shudder and jump as my finger fucking continued. "Oh, Robby, you can take your finger out now, I just came" "Wow, I made you cum didn't I, sis?" "Mmmmm, yeah and you made me cum better than when I do it for myself".

With that Melissa just laid back on the bed with a pretty smile on her face. After she settled down a bit she reached over and grasped my hard cock once again. "Oh, Robby you are still so hard, I love your dick" "Well, I love feeling your warm hand stroking me up and down" I said. "Hey, girl, I made you cum, don't you think you should have to do the same to me"? Melissa told me that she had never seen a boy's cum before.

She continued to stroke the shaft of my dick and got faster and faster until I stopped her. "Sis, I want you to make me shoot my load, but not this way". "What do you mean?" Melissa said. "I want you to suck my cock," I said licking my lips.

"Oh, Robby, I don't think I can". "Come on, baby, please!!!!!, I begged, "your gonna love it, and so will I".

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My young hot sister did not need to be coaxed anymore than this. With a sly grin and a sexy sigh she turned around so that her face was right in front of my dick. She closed her eyes and started to run her wet tongue around the swollen tip of my cock, I let out a loud gasp of pleasure. Then she started running her tongue up and down my hard shaft going back to my tip and into my piss hole. As she continued to lick my rod, Melissa shoved her finger into her cunt. Both of us were moaning like crazy.

"Oh sis, suck my cock, I want you to wrap those pretty lips of yours around my dick and suck like crazy". Melissa opened her mouth and closed her lips around my cock while pushing her fingers even faster into her pussy. She bobbed her face up and down tasting my hard meat like she was starving to death.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, wowwww" I moaned at the super blowjob that I was getting. She increased her speed, sucking fast at times then slowing down. She stopped for a second and asked me to roll on my side.

"Yes, maam, I said" I rolled on my side as she had commanded and she immediately went back to work on my hard dick. This time though, she started rubbing her hand up and down my smooth ass. Then she ran her fingers up and down the crack of my ass. I loved every moment of this and knew that it would not be long before I would cum. Melissa inserted her finger inside my asshole as I screamed a little, but certainly was not protesting.

She pumped her finger further in my ass while continuing to suck my cock. I was so hot and excited that I couldn't keep my hands off my sister any longer. I moved my arm to feel the smooth flesh of her slender thigh and then caressed her tight little ass. She opened her legs wide and I cupped her pussy while see sucked my dick. I shoved two fingers into her cunt and started to plunge them in and out.

I drop my fingers faster and deeper into her pussy and Melissa churned her hips with the motion.

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With my fingers in her cunt and her mouth on my hot rod, I knew that it was time. As sis had her tongue right over the head of my dick, I finally exploded. She gasped as I came, spewing my hot creamy boy-juice all over her tongue and into her mouth. I continued to spurt my cum hotly and rapidly and Melissa licked at my piss hole and up and down getting every drop. "Oh, babe, that was so awesome" I moaned as my cock started to deflate.

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"I haven't shot a load like that, ever". "Well, bro, you have me to thank for that" Melissa laughed and licked up the remaining juices clinging to my softening dick.

I went back to my sister's cunt with my fingers and brought her to another great orgasm. "Wow, that was great, babe, I am so glad you came in my room tonight". "Yeah, Robby that was hot, let's do it again real soon" Melissa said. With that I playfully smacked her on her cute butt and said, "get dressed and get to bed, tomorrow is another day".

As she left the room I put my underpants back on and climbed back in bed thinking about what had just happened. Thoughts of Josh had disappeared, at least until tomorrow. My sister sure did take care of that!!!!