European teen girls getting horny

European teen girls getting horny
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A SPECIAL BOND Long Weekend at the Lake ___________________________________ This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It's called 'My Right of Free Speech.' If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts.

. or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material. . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else.

This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

It will be posted in multiple segments. Lastly, 'A Special Bond' is a Trilogy. 'Long Weekend at the Lake' is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I've spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don't have an editor! Just read and enjoy. Characters: Kathy Evans Age 31 Rob Evans Age 36 RJ Evans Age 16 Kayla Evans Age 15 Aunt Karla Peters Age 36 Uncle Tom Peters Age 37 Ken Peters Age 17 Candace Peters Age 14 Chapter 13 The teens finished breakfast and cleaned up the boat, stowing everything back in its place for day two of their adventure.

Gradually the pounding in Candy's head quieted to a dull pressure. The boys went swimming, but the girls didn't feel like getting wet yet. The girls sat, drinking another glass of OJ and watched the boys swim from their perch on the boat.

"Feeling better" Kayla asked her younger cousin. "Yes, much better" Candy said. "I'm a little tired though. I didn't sleep very well last night.

Kayla thought for a second and then replied "yea, it was really hot and humid all night." "Yes, that and these weird dreams I kept having all night" Candy said without thought. "What kind of weird drams" Kayla wanted to know. "The sexy kind" Candy told her cousin. "I can't remember the specifics now, but I am pretty sure I was doing naughty stuff in my dreams" Candy said, "maybe I was dreaming about you" she said looking at Kayla.

"I doubt that" Kayla said. "However, if you crawl in bed with a boy, and take off your shirt, I'm pretty sure you are gonna have sexy drams" Kayla grinned at the young girl. "How did YOU know I had my shirt off" Candy zeroed in. "I got up to pee early in the morning and saw you laying there in your panties with your shirt off, Kenny snuggled to your back, and his arm draped across you" Kayla replied honestly.

"GOD!" Candy exclaimed, "You don't think Kenny saw me without my shirt do you?" "I don't know. . .what were you two doing over there last night" Kayla teased. "I was passed out I got hot I guess. We didn't do anything" Candy said. "Relax" Kayla said. "what's the big deal if Kenny did see your tits anyway." "He's my brother. . he's not supposed to see my boobies" Candy replied. 'Un-Hun" Kayla said, like you didn't look at his cock when you walked in to the bathroom and saw him peeing at our house!" "That was an accident I didn't see that much" Candy said in defense.

"OK, well maybe it was an accident if Kenny saw your tits. Why don't you just ask him" Kayla said. "Yea right. . Kenny did you see my tits.

. did you like them?" Like I'm gonna ask my brother that! The girls had drifted on to talking about other things by the time the boys climbed back on the boat. The girls were dressed in shorts and yet another halter top, each. The four lay about for quite a while, resting up for the day ahead. "How about we go and see if we can find that waterfall" Kayla suggested. The others readily agreed. Kayla put drinks for all of them in a cloth bag and the boys threw on tees over their swim trunks.

The four set off for their morning adventure. As they followed the trail up the creek side RJ and Kayla were several paces ahead. Kenny and his sister watched from the rear as Kayla would occasionally bump a hip into RJ, in a repeat of yesterday's play. They had passed the swing the boys had previously repaired, when Candy turned to Kenny and said "There's something I need to tell you Kenny." "What's that lil bit" he replied.

"Last night when we were asleep I got too warm, and I took my jersey off to sleep" Candy said. "I know" was all that Kenny said. "You do? I hope I didn't embarrass you, or you don't think I'm some kind of freak" Candy said. "I didn't mind" Kenny said, making the 14 year old feel more at ease. "Besides, it was very dark and I couldn't see anything" Kenny fibbed to his sister, trying to be a gentlemen. He purposely didn't mention the part where she had climbed on him, ground her tits in to his chest and slowly rode his cock on her panties, all while she slept!" "Kenny, there is something else I wanted to say to you." "Go on" Kenny replied.

"I wanted to tell you I really liked sleeping with you last night. . and, ummmm. . I want to sleep together again tonight" Candy blurted out. "I don't know if that's a good idea lil bit" Kenny said cautiously. "Some people would think it strange to be sleeping in the same bed with your sister at our age." "Well I don't" Candy said, "and besides you're a perfect gentlemen" she concluded.

If only she knew how close I came last night to not being a gentlemen Kenny thought. "We'll see" was all he said to his sister, but he snaked his arm around his sister and pulled her close by his side. Candy's insides did flip-flop when Kenny pulled her close. Kenny and Candy watched RJ and Kayla walk ahead as they continued to exchange touches, shoves, and looks at each other. The four heard the waterfall before they actually saw it. As they rounded the last turn there was the waterfall still flowing this late in the summer.

The water cascaded from a rock outcropping above and fell down about 70 feet, cascading across several rock ledges along the way. The bottom was a deep pool of clear blue liquid, with sandy beaches on one side of its horseshoe shape.

"It's just as I remembered it" Kayla said to RJ. "This place is beautiful" Candy said to the others, "I don't think I've ever seen anything like it." RJ had carried two blankets and started to put them down and smooth them out.

RJ brushed out the wrinkles and the little bit of dirt that got on the blanket. As Kayla went to sit down, RJ held out a hand to steady her on her descent.

Once all four were seated, the sat in silence and watched the water cascade down to the pool, before it started its journey down the stream.

They had sat about 15 minutes and as much as Candy watched the water, she studied her cousins. It seemed to her that they were constantly looking into each other's eyes only to quickly advert them. There were little touches here and there. They sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the blanket.

Candy had a thought that had been banging around the back of her head since arriving at her cousin's home, and then throughout this trip, that became crystal clear.

Her mind was racing to reconstruct all the pieces, and suddenly it all came to her. Sometimes Candy's mouth would move before her brain could stop it! "Oh my gosh" Candy suddenly exclaimed, "It's him. . it's RJ. . how could I not have seen it sooner" Candy exclaimed excitedly, as though solving some great mystery.

"Him, who" Kenny said to his sister, "What are you talking about anyway, Candy?" "RJ. . Kayla" she tried to explain to her brother, but was still not making sense. "RJ is Kayla's boyfriend!" Kenny looked at his sister as though she had gone nuts.

Had he been looking at RJ he would have noticed the blood drain from RJ's face. "Are you nuts" Kayla exclaimed, but she never should have issued the challenge.

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"OK, look Kenny. Kayla and I talked a lot about stuff at the house. She has this mystery boyfriend. . a guys she really loves. . .she said he was 'sweet,' 'loving,' 'thoughtful,' 'very polite,' 'always looking out for her'.

. she couldn't say enough about this guy. When I asked where he was, she just said 'he's around'. When I asked if I could meet him she was evasive and said 'maybe someday.' Well I think I've already met him! Have you watched the way they look at each other. . and they are always touching. . .or bumping hips. . .they can't stay away from each other!" Candy was spent and sat back on her haunches. RJ had not said a word throughout this.

Kayla just looked at Candy for a long minute and finally spoke. "You have a great imagination Candy. You figured this all out in a day, after not having seen us for 3 years?" Kayla said this, trying to discredit her logic. Candy thought for a minute. "Ok Kayla you always say that you are happy and comfortable with who you are." "Kayla, RJ" Candy said looking each in the eye, "I think you two guys are two of the most truthful people I've ever know.

I want you to look me in the eye and tell me I am wrong, and that you two are not lovers, and then I'll leave this alone" Candy said. Kayla starred at her cousin for a very long time. No one said a word while Kayla stewed. "Oh fuck it!" Kayla exclaimed. "I bet you think you're one smart 14 year old! And you're a blond to boot" Kayla said. "Hey, I'm almost 15" Candy said and thrust out her chest to make the point. "Yea, well when you're 15 I'll be 16" Kayla retorted and stuck out her tongue.

The two girls had to laugh at the gesture, but Candy returned to point. "Look me in the eye and answer me" she said to Kayla, not taking her gaze away from the older girl. Kayla drew in a deep breath. And then another. "Ok, yes, RJ is my boyfriend and yes we are lovers" Kayla said with her head held high. RJ could not believe his ears and had no idea what was going to happen from here on.

"YES, I knew it" Candy exclaimed while pumping her fist.   Chapter 14 "How did you become so smart, you little shit" Kayla said to Candy. "Hey, I'm a straight 'A' student, and I'm very observant. If RJ hadn't been your brother, I would have probably figured it out sooner.

But you guys being brother and sister, threw me off" Candy concluded. Kenny had not said a word. He was taken aback by the revelation however. His mind was racing a 1000 miles an hour, particularly given all the un-brotherly thoughts he'd been having about his sister recently.

"This is so cool. How long have you guys been together. . I mean as a couple? Who started it? Who all knows about you two? How do you keep your parents from seeing it? Kayla ran all these questions and more up the flag pole in rapid succession, before taking a breath.

Kenny looked at his sister in surprise, seeing that she was not near as off-kilter about this turn of events, as his he himself was. "Geese Candy, I thought you only talked that fast when you had been drinking" Kayla said to her cousin with a grin.

However, Kayla began to answer the girl's questions honestly and unabashedly. "Neither of us really 'started' it. RJ and I have always been close" Kayla began. "We just sort of grew together, we talked about everything when we hit puberty. . about how he was feeling.

. about how I was feeling. We wanted to learn about sex and we started doing the kid-type stuff. You know, playing doctor, touching, looking, etc. I supposed that one of the things that made it easy for us was that we always bathed or showered together, up until I was 10 and RJ was 11. When I was 11 I got my period and my boobs sprang up almost overnight.

That put an end to showering together." "Go on" Candy urged her cousin forward, genuinely interested in the story. Kenny just sat in shocked silence and RJ wished he had never come on this trip. "Well, we were still close except for seeing each other naked.

By the time I was 13 though, I was curious about how RJ had changed in puberty. I was helping my mother change the bedding one day and as I stripped the sheets from RJs bed I found a pair of my panties under his pillow. It was a pair I had worn a few days earlier and had not yet missed them. Anyway, I pulled out these panties from under his pillow and noticed they were crusty with this yellow looking crud.

At 13 I knew that boys and girls both masturbated and I was pretty sure I knew what the yellow crust was." At this point in the story RJ wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. His most guarded secret was being discussed with his cousins. As a matter of fact, he wished he was anywhere but here! Kenny however was scarlet red with embarrassment.

Had Kayla or RJ been looking at him they would have noticed. Only Candy made mental note of his condition however.

Kayla continued, "SO, I confronted RJ about the panties I found under his pillow, and at first said he didn't know how they got there. When I pointed out all the yellowing stains on them, he fell apart and apologized for taking them. I asked him why he did that and he explained to me that he thought about me every day.

. all the time. . and that my panties smelled like me and made him horny, so he would jack-off in them." 'Great,' RJ thought, 'now my cousins know that I am a total perv. . .this is just great!' Candy turned to look at RJ, who was looking very, very uncomfortable. "So RJ, you are awfully quiet, what happened next" Candy asked trying to engage her male cousin.

"We just started fooling around. You know, Kayla wanted to know how boys jacked-off so I showed her. I wanted to know how girls did it, so she showed me. As some point we got to where we would have make-out sessions every day after school before mom got home from work. We would either masturbate in front of each other, or then we got to where I would get Kayla off and then she would do me." While Candy had RJ talking, he still looked extremely uncomfortable.

Candy looked at Kayla, "So who all knows about this, do all your friends know you are a couple?" "NO! None of our friends know anything about this. . except for one very smart blond 14 year old, and her very shell-shocked brother" Kayla said looking at Kenny. "RJ and I are not ashamed of our relationship at all, but society in general has a big hang-up with incest. If someone reported us, RJ and I could be placed into a foster home and separated.

. which would kill us." As Kayla said this, Candy realized she was seeing both sadness and fear on Kayla's face. "How do you keep your parents from finding out" Candy wanted to know.

"My mom does know" Kayla said, "but my dad is oblivious." "Wow your mom knows, and she's Ok with everything" Candy asked cautiously. "When I was about 13 ½ or 14 I went to my mom and told her about the feelings I was having for RJ, but we hadn't had sex yet. Mom was very understanding and told me that some brothers and sisters grew to have feelings for each other, while other's never did. She told me something I've never forgotten; she said 'Only God can understand what makes two people fall in love and only God can judge that love.' Anyway, mom went on to tell me about the pitfalls of society and why incest had become such a taboo over the ages.

. .because of all the inbreeding and genetic problems that society had encountered." "Wow, you're mom is so cool" Candy said. "I told you Candy, you can talk to your mom too. You'd be surprised how easy it is once you start. Your mom is cool too" Kayla concluded. "So what happened after you talked to your mom' Candy wanted to know. "Well she answered my questions and told me that no matter what I decided, she would help me through it. She also told me that if I needed help making a decision, she was there to help with that also.

Even though I had sex-education in school, mom and I then talked about the danger of pregnancy and STDs. Mom reminded me that at 13 ½ I was perfectly capable of getting knocked-up" Kayla took a break. "Wow, I'm really not sure I could have that discussion with MY mom" Candy said in thought. "So not to be more nosy, but when did you and RJ start.

. errr. . doing it" Candy pressed her cousin. "Let's just say I was younger than you are now" Kayla replied. "Actually, RJ and I decided we wanted to go all the way, about a week or two after my talk with mom. One day I went to her and said that 'I need to be on birth control.' She asked if I had done anything yet, I told her no, but we were planning on it. She gave me a big hug, told me I was very 'responsible' and took me to the Doctor's Office the next day." "God Kayla, you have it so totally together.

I am so envious of you" Candy said. "Look," Kayla said, "RJ and I have been totally open with you guys, although I can see that Kenny is still comatose about this.

RJ and I are not ashamed of anything we do, and we don't think society and their damn rules against incest make any sense. We love each other just like any other boy and girl who fell in love. We have one advantage in that we get to sleep together almost every night." "I don't know if opening up to you guys makes you think differently of us, or not.

But I beg you guys, even if you think we're terrible people. . please don't ever tell anyone about what you know. . even your mom, although. . I know my mom tells your mom everything so I would guess that Aunt Karla knows RJ and I sleep together.

Like I said, we're not ashamed but we don't want Child Services to separate us!" As Kayla said this, she had tears in her eyes. "Candy grabbed Kayla in her arms and said "Don't cry sweetie' God we'd never do anything to hurt you guys." "We will never, EVER, tell a soul about anything that we've discussed, will we Kenny?" "No" was all Kenny mumbled, his mind was still reeling. Candy hauled off and hit Kenny on the arm hard! "Ow" he said and then Candy pinched his fleshy bicep hard. "Wake up!" Candy looked at her brother.

"Kenny, say that you swear on my life, that you will never tell anyone. . especially your jock friends. . what Kayla and RJ have shared with us!" Kenny's bicep was turning bright red from the pinch.

"All right" he said, "I swear on my life not to tell a soul what we've discussed today." Candy punched his arm again, harder! "That's not what I said I want you to swear on MY life you will never say a word" "Jesus Candy, quit hitting me!

OK, I swear on YOUR life, I will never say a word!" "That's better. See Kayla, I know Kenny will never do anything to hurt ME. So if he swears on MY life, he knows that if he fucks up, ever, I will cut his balls off when he sleeps!" That broke the ice and lightened the mood, and the girls both laughed, although RJ and Kenny didn't see the humor.

Candy leaned in and gave Kayla a very tight hug. While the younger girl held the older one tightly, Candy lightly kissed Kayla on her neck and whispered in her ear; "God Kayla I love you. Thanks for trusting me enough to share your life with me." As Candy concluded she gave Kayla a little extra squeeze and Kayla returned the gesture.

As the two girls broke apart Kayla again had tears in her eyes, this time because of the closeness she had formed with her younger female cousin. The boys stood up and RJ said to Kayla, "if we are through playing truth or consequences Kenny and I are going swimming." With that they two teen boys ran to edge of the pool formed by the waterfall. The jumped in and swam about. As the two swam they both came to rest off at the far end of the pool on a large, partially submerged rock.

RJ looked at Kenny who had been very quiet since the whole RJ-Kayla explanation had started. "Kenny, are we still friends" RJ asked. "What are you talking about? Of course we're still friends why wouldn't we be" Kenny said back in all sincerity. "I'm thinking you probably think I am some kind of a freak, having a relationship with my sister!" RJ said, afraid of the answer.

"RJ, I am fine with you guys. I just never knew anyone who was in your situation before. At least no one who ever admitted it to me. But honestly, it helped explain some things that have been bothering me" Kenny concluded. "What sort of things that were bothering you" RJ said, "if you don't mind me asking?" Kenny hesitated at first, but figured what the heck.

"RJ, for the past couple of years I have been having thoughts about my sister. . .you know nasty thoughts. . sex thoughts! It's been driving me crazy and I have been feeling like such a bad person. I don't know how I could be having these thoughts about that sweet little girl" Kenny continued.

"Well because that 'sweet little girl' is becoming a woman" RJ said. "And more probably because she IS such a sweet, beautiful and smart girl, it makes her all the more appealing to you" RJ said. Kenny looked at RJ, like a light bulb had come on. In all of his self recrimination over his feelings, it had never occurred to him that this could all be 'normal' until RJ had said that.

"Kenny, have you ever told her how you feel about her" RJ asked. "No, I'd be afraid of alienating her. . or scarring her off. . and I could never stand it if Candy wasn't there for me any longer" Kenny said forcefully. Without further discussion the boys swam back to the girls and exited the water. "Hey girls, go swimming with us" RJ pleaded.

"We didn't bring any suits" Kayla said and Candy concurred. "Well just swim in your shorts and bras" Kenny said.

"Are you crazy" Candy said, I paid over $60 for these shorts, they're good, so I'm not gonna ruin them swimming in them. Besides, I'm not wearing a bra" Candy concluded. "Well, we could go back to the boat so you guys could change into your suits" RJ said, "but it's a bit of a hike." Kayla sat up with a mischievous grin. I am gonna ask you guys some questions Yes or No answers only please!

The other three teens looked at Kayla in anticipation. "Kenny, have you ever seen a girls tits before?" "Well of course I have" Kenny started to say. "Yes or No only" Kayla reminded him. "Ok, Yes" he said. "In real life, not in Playboy magazine" Kayla asked. "Yes" he said. "RJ, have you ever seen a girl's tits" "We just told them we sleep together, I think they know. .

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" "Yes or No" Kayla cut off her brother. "OK, Yes" "Kenny, have you ever seen Candy's tits" "Yes" Kenny replied. "What? When did you see my boobs" Candy interrupted. "Hey I ask the question" Kayla corrected the girl. "OK Kenny, when have you seen Candy's tits" Kayla deviated. "When she forgets to close the Bathroom door when showering, for instance" Kenny replied.

Kayla looked at Candy "Oh, the old 'I accidentally forgot to close the bathroom door ploy!' Candy, that's the oldest ruse in the book to let your brother see your tits" Kayla said.

As Kayla said this, Candy turned crimson and blushed, as Kayla had nailed her action right on the head. "Back to questions" Kayla said. "RJ, have you ever seen my tits?" "Yes" RJ said. "OK. RJ, have you ever seen Candy's tits? "No" he answered. "Kenny, have you ever seen my tits" Kayla said. "Yes, through your transparent Bikini" Kenny responded.

"OK that's a 'sort of' then" Kayla replied. Next question; Kenny and RJ, have both of you ever seen a girls pussy?" "Yes" they both replied.

"Real girls, not Playboy" Kayla questioned. "Yes" both boys relied again. "RJ, have you ever seen Candy's pussy" "No" was his flat answer "Kenny have you seen Candy's pussy? Oh never mind, the bathroom door thing again" Kayla chuckled. "Kenny, have you seen mine? Oh never mind, the Bikini again, so that's another 'sort of'" Kayla answered for him.

"Candy, it's your turn. Have you ever seen a boys cock?" "Kayla!" Candy exclaimed in disbelief. "Answer!" her cousin said. "Yes, I have" Candy said and blushed vividly. "I stipulate that I've seen a boys cock" Kayla said. "RJ, you letch" Kayla said, "would you be upset or embarrassed if you saw Candy's tits and pussy?" "NO" RJ said, almost too enthusiastically. "Of course you wouldn't' Kayla said, as she knew RJ secretly lusted after the younger girl.

"Kenny, would you be upset or embarrassed if you saw my tits and pussy?" "No," Kenny said with a grin. "Candy, would you be upset or embarrassed if you saw RJ and Kenny's cocks?" "Kayla" the younger girl whined. "CAN DY" the older said in response mocking her. "I guess I wouldn't mind" Candy responded slowly, although she again could have glowed in the dark.

"OK gang, it's skinny-dipping time" Kayla laughed, get out of those clothes everyone. The boys shucked out of their board shorts in an instant and headed for the water.

Kayla set about removing her top, bra and shorts and folded them, laying them on the blanket. As Kayla stood in her panties she noted that Candy had her back to the others and was slowly still unbuttoning her top. "get a move on Candy" Kayla said. I'll see you in the water. With that the older girl dropped her panties and put them on the blanket, then ran to the water. Candy slowly removed the rest of her clothes and underwear tossing them on the blanket, but keeping her back to the others.

Instinctively she tried to cover her breasts and genitals with her hands and arm. "I don't want you guys to look at me when I get in the water" Candy shouted over her shoulder to the three naked teens now in the water. "OK" Kayla shouted back, "Well all cover our eyes and I'll let you know when." "You promise?" Candy asked. "I promise" Kayla hollered back, "We'll all have our eyes covered. "OK Candy" Kayla shouted to her cousin, "You can come in now." Candy turned and started to run for the water.

She got about two or three leaps toward the pool of sparking water when she realized the three others were standing there knee deep in the water, totally nude and exposed and all three had a hand over their eyes. except that their fingers were spread widely, so that they could plainly see the naked girl dashing toward them.

Candy hit the water with a huge splash and said "No fair, you promised you wouldn't look." "No we promised we'd cover our eyes" Kayla corrected her, "which technically we did!" Candy was all pouty looking. Kayla said, "Look you got to see the three of us naked and you didn't explode, the three of us got to see you naked and we are fine with it. Candy girl, you gotta get over it.

Besides you have a beautiful body." The four of them frolicked in the pool for a long time. The water temp was over 85, so it was almost too warm, but felt good.

Candy tried to remain mostly neck deep while Kayla made no attempt to hide her ample breasts. At one point Kenny came up behind his sister and innocently put his arms around his sister's mid section. "I'm sorry we tricked you Candy" he said, "but Kayla is right, you have nothing to be self-conscious about with your body." "Yes, you all are so easy going with it all I guess I need to grow up a bit" Candy said.

"You're fine the way you are Candy, don't change anything" Kenny said and gave her a squeeze. As Kenny squeezed her from the back, Candy thought she felt her brother's flaccid penis against her butt cheeks, and the girl flushed.

While the two stood like that they gazed across the pond and saw Kayla in RJs arms and they were kissing madly. "This has been quite the day" Candy said, watching her two teen cousins obviously swapping tongues.

"It sure has. . .it's been illuminating in more ways than one" Kenny responded lightly. "What do you think about all this" Kenny said, while gesturing toward his cousins. "Personally I don't care if RJ is her brother, or a Martian, Kayla is head over heels in love with him, Kenny." "You should have heard the way she talked about her 'boyfriend', it was like a fairy tale." "What do you think of RJ" Kenny asked his sister. Candy wasn't sure what her brother was getting at, but she said "I think he is very sweet, he's cute, and very thoughtful" Candy concluded.

"What do you think of Kayla, Kenny" Candy asked her brother.


"She is a free-spirit for sure. She's fun, outspoken, smart and beautiful" Kenny answered his sister truthfully. Candy spun around in her brother's encircled arms, now facing him. "Kenny, tell me the truth now, do you think I am pretty at all?" Kenny smiled and grinned at his little sister.

"NO I don't think you are pretty at all" Kenny said, catching his sister by surprise, but she was resigned as that was how she felt. "Candy, I think you are way beyond pretty. . .I think you are gorgeous.

. .a smoking hot babe" Kenny said, letting down all of his defenses. Candy grinned up at him and placed her arms around his waist. Kenny was a lot larger than Candy, and her arms a lot shorter. The result was that as Candy embraced him back she pulled him closer. Now she definitely felt the slight rise of her brother's penis against the front of her leg.

"Kenny? What if I told you I want to kiss you. Would you be repulsed or angry" Candy asked meekly. "No, what if I told you I've wanted to kiss you for the last two years.

Would you be repulsed or angry with me" Kenny answered in response, quoting her question. "Really" Candy said brightly. "You wanted to kiss me from like when I was 12" she asked with a toothy grin.

"Guilty" He said. "Why didn't you ever tell me" Candy asked her big brother. "I didn't want you to call the police. . or worse to hate me for it" Kenny told the girl truthfully. "I could never hate you Kenny." Candy looked up into her brothers eyes.

"So, what are we gonna do about this. Are you gonna kiss me, or are we gonna talk about it all day? Both of them instinctively looked over their shoulder at their cousins, afraid they were about to get caught.

Kayla had RJ in a lip-lock and Candy wasn't sure, but she thought Kayla had her legs wrapped around RJ's hips. "They aren't gonna even notice us" Candy said to her brother. Kenny reached up with a free hand, gently took Candy's chin and guided his lips to hers.

For Candy it was like fireworks going off in her brain. Candy should have been forthright with Kenny and admitted to him that she had wanted to kiss HIM, since she was 11!

At first their kiss was tentative. But then the intensity grew, and they mashed their lips harder together, and their heads jockeyed for position. Candy was the first to part her lips slightly, inviting her brother to start French kissing her.

Candy had learned recently that she liked 'Frenching' and Kenny wasted not a moment darting his tongue into his sister's mouth. Candy swirled her tongue into Kenny's parted lips and probed deeply. This was an entirely new feeling for the 14 year old. Candy and Kenny were now in full make-out mode and Candy felt the unmistakable rigidity of her brother's penis rising between her legs.

She was somewhat frightened, but her belly was on fire. "Kenny, touch my tits please" The young teen begged. Kenny kneaded her small breasts and played with her nipples, causing Candy to go weak in the knees. From behind Candy, a voice erupted, "Hey guys. WHAT are you dooooing" Kayla teased. "Jesus Kayla you scared the shit out of me" Candy said. "I just found out that Kenny has wanted to kiss me for a couple of years, so we were trying that out" Candy grinned. "Kissing" Is that what you call that" Kayla teased her younger counterpart.

"Lets go up to the blanket" Kayla said to the other two." "Aaaaw, I can't" Kenny said, "I have an erection" "It's OK" Kayla said, "Don't worry about it. RJ has a raging hard-on also." As Kenny looked at his male cousin, RJ grinned back and shrugged. Kayla led the way and dragged RJ by the hand. Candy, intertwined her fingers in her brother's hand, and flowed he cousins up to the blanket. Candy hadn't seen RJ's erection very clearly as he and Kayla walked by, but she could clearly see her brother's massive hard cock swaying from side to side, as he walked to the blanket beside her.

The four teens plopped down on the blanket. The boys self-consciously tried to hide their hard penises, which Kayla chalked up to homophobia. Kenny glanced at Kayla and saw that she did in fact have a totally smooth pussy, just as it had looked like through her see-thru bikini. RJ glanced at Candy's pussy and noted that it had sparse, totally blond hair strategically above her slit.

"Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, RJ and I were going to talk to you guys about something. But that was before we saw you guys out in the water" Kayla said.

"What's up" Candy said to her equally naked cousin. Candy was now getting more at ease with being in the buff in front of her brother and her cousins. "First, what's up with you guys. You seemed to be enjoying yourself out there" Kayla said as she motioned over her shoulder at the pond.

"We just got to talking and I told Kenny I wanted to kiss him, and he told me he's wanted the same for a couple of years" Candy said. "And Candy, how long have you been having fantasy's about your brother and wanted to kiss him" Kayla said, boring into the point.

"Since I was 11" Candy admitted honestly. Kenny was somewhat taken aback to learn this had been a long-time desire for his sister as well. "Candy, it looks like we have a situation here" It would seem that. . " and as Kayla said this she reached out for both boys, "we have a couple of studs here with raging hard-on's that we caused with all that kissing and touchy-feely." As she concluded she grasped both boy's penises around the base and waived them slightly.

Kayla was surprised to learn that Kenny's manhood was not much longer than RJ's, but it was bigger in gerth. Kayla could not fully close her hand around Kenny's, while she could RJ's cock.

Both boys were a little shocked when Kayla grabbed them, but neither moved nor breathed. "Candy, it's unfair what we've done to the guys. RJ and I were going to ask you guys to wait here, while we went back to the boat and did IT" Kayla said honestly. "However Candy, now that I see you have done the same thing to Kenny, I have a different idea." Kayla had not let go of either boy and looked them in their eyes, as she slowly moved her hand higher from the base of their cocks.

"Candy, I know you don't know how to jack-off a boy, or give them a blow job, so I am going to teach you. If we leave them like this, the boys will get 'blue balls' which is actually painful for them." Candy had been hanging on every word her cousin said, and could not take her eyes off of either her brother's nor RJ's inflated cocks.

She had never seen such a delightful sight before. "First you have to stroke their cocks up and down" Kayla told Candy "like this" she said as she simultaneously stroked the length of each boy. "The head of their cock is the real sensitive part" Kayla said as she slid her hand to each boy's glans and swirled her hand around it. Both boys let out an audible grunt when she did this.

"See they liked that" Kayla said as she continued to stroke their rock-hard shafts. "You try it now Candy", Kayla said. Candy reached out and tentatively took hold of her brother's cock. Kayla let go and coached the young girl saying not to go to fast, etc. Kayla looked at Candy and noted that while she had hold of her brother's member, poor RJ's was flailing in the wind.

"Candy, what about RJ" Kayla said, you can't just ignore him!" "Candy flushed and she sputtered when she tried to speak. "Isss. . is it alright to. . .you know. . touch his thingy? I mean he is your boyfriend!" ""That's very sweet of you to be concerned" Kayla said, "but we'll make an exception while you are in the learning phase" Kayla said to her young cousin and gave her a slight peck on the cheek. Candy reached out and grabbed RJ's cock in her left hand while holding her brothers in her right.

Candy smiled seductively at RJ and began stroking both boys. Candy never took her eyes off of the two cocks in her hand but she spoke to Kayla; "I can't believe that something that is so hard can be so soft. . and so. . intimidating" the young girl said. RJ's eyes were closed and he was lost in the feeling of the hand-job his young cousin was providing him.

Kenny's eyes were wide open and he suddenly started thrusting his hips wildly in Candy's hand. Candy's hand could not encircle the ramrod thickness of Kenny's overheated member, so she was having difficulty holding on while Kenny started the bucking motion.

Kayla seeing what was happening suddenly reached out and grabbed Kenny's cock right at the base and squeezed very hard. Kenny whimpered at the sudden pressure. "Hold off a second Candy" Kayla said and her cousin released her grip on her older brother's member, but kept on stroking RJ's. "What's the matter? Wasn't I doing it right" Candy wanted to know. "No you were doing it very right" Kayla assured her. "But Kenny was getting way too excited and was close to cuming" Kayla explained.

"Kenny, you just hold still and relax until the feeling goes away" Kayla said to him while keeping a stranglehold on the base of his about-to-erupt cock. "Candy, while you are stroking RJ, put your lips around the head of his cock, like this." Kayla then showed the young teen, while she continued to stroke. RJ let out an audible moan. "When you have your lips around the head of his cock, keep stroking, but swirl your tongue all around his cock-head" the older teen said to her cousin.

Candy again smiled at her boy cousin and Kayla swore she batter her eyelashes at him, before she bent down and sucked the engorged purple head into her lips. Kayla watched her cousin's cheeks become concave she was sucking so hard on RJ and he too was beginning to moan in such a way that Kayla was afraid her brother might cum in Candy's mouth. All the while this was going on, Kayla kept a death-grip at the base of Kenny's penis, and she could now tell that he was past the point of ejaculation.

Kayla said to her cousin, "Ok, give RJ's cock a rest and you can start again on Kenny.


Kenny is going to get excited again pretty quick Candy, so suck on the head of his cock, but when you sense that he is going to cum, .

. when he starts bucking into your mouth, just pull him out, stroke faster and harder, and aim his cock at your tits. Don't swallow his cum this time. . I'll explain to you later" Kayla finished.

Candy did as instructed and in truth RJ was disappointed as he felt his cousin had a real talent when it came to sucking cock. Candy found that the head of her brother's ram-rod was larger than RJs and had become this dark purple mass. Candy could hardly get her mouth around the massive tip.

However, when she did, she did everything Kayla had taught her. Candy sucked as hard as she could and each time her brother thrust she would either swirl her tongue around the ridge, or twist her head such that her lips rode around the crown. Even through Candy's hand would barely encircle her brother's cock-shaft, she stroked as furiously as she could once her brother started moving into her mouth.

Candy tasted a very slightly salty substance. Nothing that was overly yuk, but slightly different. Kenny started thrusting his hips in earnest and Candy became a little frightened that he might shove that monster cock down her throat. As it was, she almost gagged a couple of times, but managed not to wretch. Kenny started grunting loudly and said "No.

. oh Candy ' ' Here. " Candy felt the swell of the gigantic head in her mouth. Instinct told her that Kenny was about to spew his male seed. Following Kayla's advice she suddenly withdrew the heated member from her mouth with an audible 'plop' and using two hands now jacked Kenny's cock for all it was worth.

From root to tip, her hands were a blur on Kenny's baby-maker. Suddenly Kenny cried out "Cuming. . " and his whole body went stiff. The first eruption hit Candy in the neck. She was shocked by the force and the heat of the liquid.

She pointed his cock downward more and the second and third shots hit her tits dead on. The shear amount of seminal fluid literally drenched the 14 year old's 'A cups. The next two spurts were less forceful and hit Candy above the waist. The sixth and final spurt hit Candy on top of the thigh. Kenny collapsed backwards onto the blanket.

Candy looked at the coating of cum which extended from her neck down and which was now running down off the points of her tits and dripping to the ground. Candy ran her fingers through the mess on her body and exclaimed "OH Wow! That was totally awesome!" Kayla looked at the copious amount of cum on her cousin and said "Christ Kenny how long has it been since you jacked-off. Were you saving up or something?" "Two days" Kenny rasped, trying to catch his breath. "Christ, it must be a family curse.

Kenny makes even more cum than RJ does! Kayla exclaimed. Kayla looked back at Candy. "Candy you are a mess, why don't you and Kenny go for a swim and wash all the muck off yourselves? Then you two can sit and talk for a while.

Give me at least 30 minutes before you come back to the boat. . RJ and I have something we need to take care of" Kayla said with a grin. Candy held Kenny's hand and they dove into the pond as Kayla had suggested. "Come on stud" Kayla said to RJ, "try not to trip and break that bonner on the way to the boat. Christ I don't know what is wrong with me, it's only been two days since we had sex, and I am more horny than I've ever been in my life" Kayla exclaimed. By the time Kayla got to the boat her honey-pot was literally dripping girl lube.

She was on fire and could not wait any longer to be sated. As soon as she was on board, she assumed a wide stance, bent at the waist over the back of the lounge and told RJ 'Just put it in.

. fuck the shit out of me Bro." RJ stepped up behind his sister, grabbed her hips, placed his engorged cock at the entrance to her womanhood and sank his entire 9 inch length in her well lubed channel, right up to the hilt, bottoming his public bone against his sister's outer lips. Kayla let out an audible 'oomph' as RJ hit bottom. Back at the waterfall and pond, Candy and Kenny swam and played for a few minutes.

The two naked teens got out and walked up to the blanket. Candy noticed large gobs of her brother's cum on the blanket and carefully folded it so they would not sit in it. The two lay side by side for a while, gazing in each other's eyes. "Kenny, there's something I want to ask you" Candy said.

"Shoot" was his reply. "You know earlier when Kayla was questioning us, and she remarked about RJ stealing her panties and jacking-off in them?" "Yes. . " her brother replied cautiously. "Well as she told the story, I noticed that you blushed a beet-red." "No I didn't" was his reply.

"YES. . .you did" Candy corrected, "and I think I might know why. Kenny, over the past few months I've had a number of pair of panties go missing. I swear I thought that the washing machine must be eating them. But now I wonder if a certain brother of mine might not have been taking them to pleasure himself with?" As Candy said this, her brother again turned beet-red. "It's true, isn't it?


I can see it in your face" Candy said. "Sorry" Was all her chagrinned brother could say. "So were you jacking off in them" Candy asked, already knowing the answer. "Yes" her brother said, almost in a whisper. "I don't get it. I mean what's the attraction. Why do boys do that?" "It's the smell of your pussy" Kenny said honestly. "My pussy has a 'smell'. . " Candy was not sure this was a good thing. "Poor choice of words" Kenny said, "it your girl-scent" he explained.

"When I smell that scent, it makes me crazy horny." Sorry sis he said still chagrinned. "Don't be sorry I guess I should be flattered." As Candy said this, Kenny smiled at his younger sibling.

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"But Kenny, what did you do with all those panties" Candy asked out of curiosity. ""I threw them away" he said matter-of-factly. "YOU DID WHAT?" Candy said with agitation. "Why on earth would you toss them?" The girl said not understanding. "I guess I was afraid of getting caught" he said with genuine embarrassment, "You know if you saw the stains." Candy thought for a moment.

"Well I'll tell you what, when we get home you are gonna take me to Victoria's Secret, and buy me new panties. . and sexy ones too. Deal?" "Sure, as long as you model them for me" Kenny said with a mischievous grin. Candy thumped his bicep with a half-hearted punch and said, "I hope you enjoyed this afternoon. . I know I did." "Are you kidding? It was great. But. . " Kenny hesitated, "I didn't do anything for you" he said, and then wished he hadn't said that.

"Don't worry about that. . I really enjoyed making you feel good" Candy said with her usual smile. "Do you think we've given them enough time" Candy asked, referring to RJ and Kayla. "I don't know, how long do they usually fuck" Kenny said with a smirk. Candy really did punch his bicep now.

"Don't be crude. . I'm sure they just wanted to talk!" "Yea, right!" Kenny decided not to debate this any longer, and they got up, slipped their clothes back on and headed for the boat. 15 minutes later they arrived back at the boat and Candy saw Kayla swimming alone just forward of the boat. Kenny proceeded to get on the boat and asked his sister if she needed anything to drink.

Candy declined saying that she wanted to talk to Kayla for a minute. Candy stripped out of her clothes and waded into the warm water to join Kayla.

"Where's RJ" Candy asked her cousin. "Snoozing. Guys have this chemical that is secreted when they have sex, and they tend to take a nap, while us girls are wide awake afterwards!" What are you doing out here by yourself" Candy asked.

""Trying to wash about a gallon of cum out of my pussy" the girls said with a wide, wide grin. Candy came up to Kayla and put her arms around her older cousin's neck. "Thanks for everything and for teaching me Kayla" Candy said, and then softly kissed the older girl. The two exchanged a long kiss with tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouth.

"Any time, so long as you're always going to thank me like that" Kayla grinned at Candy. "Kayla, I need to ask you something" Candy said softly. "Sure, anything" Kayla said, "you know that" "Kayla, I want to be like you and RJ. I want to give my virginity to Kenny" the young girl said, "but I don't know how to go about it. . I mean the right way." "Are you sure. . it's a big step and there is no rush you know?" Kayla wanted to know that Candy had thought this out.

"I've never been more sure of anything" Candy said. "Have you told Kenny what you want yet?" "No" candy said in a low whisper, "I'm afraid to tell him!"   Chapter 15 Both girls dried themselves, wrapped towels around their torsos and joined the boys on the boat. The late afternoon sun had ducked beyond the mountain, providing some much needed relief from the heat.

Kayla and Candy went aft to shower. The two teen girls showered together, not being particularly careful to fully close the errant Curtin. The girls had told the boys not to peek with a mock seriousness. The girls washed each other's hair and soapy hands washed each other's bodies as well. As they rinsed Candy instinctively bent down and sucked on her cousin's erect right nipple and kneaded Kayla's left breast.

Kayla's nipple reacted to the stimulation and stood up a full half-inch into her cousins sucking mouth. "Gurl, you have to stop that" Kayla said, pushing Candy from her breast with an audible sucking sound. "You are going to get me all horny and worked up again, if you keep that up" Kayla said and lightly kissed her cousin.

"What's wrong with that" Candy said as the two naked teens held each other in a slight embrace. "Maybe later we'll give the boys a show" Kayla grinned. "Right now we better get a move on and feed them!" "Good, we can take care of my 'lesbian tendencies' then" Candy laughed as she ran her hand down over her cousin's hairless slit. The girls dressed in gym shorts and nice crop-tops. They did their hair and makeup and wanted to look the best for their guys.

Kayla decided to let her long wavy strawberry locks flow over her shoulders, while Candy pulled her blond mane into a familiar pony-tail and tied a pink ribbon around it. The girl put the finishing touches on matching pink lipstick and commented to Kayla that she wasn't sure how long the lipstick would stay on!

When the boys saw how nice the girls looked, they complimented them and then one-by-one each boy showered and dressed in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. RJ wore khaki shorts and a button down shirt, while Kenny wore a Hawaiian print shirt, opened slightly down the front which showed off his massive chest.

The girls set about preparing Sloppy Joes for dinner and Candy found the fries and quickly cooked them on the gas stove in the Galley. Candy also found individually bagged dinner salads in the cooler and prepared four bowels for the salad, dicing up some oranges and apples to put in the salad also. Kayla opened a bag of dinner rolls and decided they would just eat them cold.

The boys had been busy setting up the table forward in the boat, and setting the places for dinner. When Kayla and Candy emerged from the galley with the food, they found a table cloth on the table, and two citronella candles adorning the place settings.

The four teens sat and prepared to eat. As the last rays of dusk fell over the boat, RJ sat staring at the two girls. Kayla saw him staring and said "WHAT?" "I was just thinking how beautiful you two girls are, and how luck Kenny and I are to have you" RJ said.

Kenny chimed in and said "Amen, brother" as he reached for the bottle of Merlot Kayla had placed on the table. Both girls smiled slightly to themselves. Kenny started to pour the Merlot for the four of them and when he poured Candy's she held her hand out to signal to stop when her glass was half full.

"I want to keep a clear head tonight" Candy remarked. "I don't know, I thought you were kind of funny after three glasses of wine" RJ remarked, and received a slight kick under the table from Kayla who gave him a dirty look. The four ate and chatted all agreeing how much fun they were having. After dinner Kenny asked if anyone else wanted more wine.

Kayla and RJ held out their glasses, but Candy said meekly "only half a glass for me, please." The girls cleaned up and did dishes together while the boys put away the table, table cloth and moved the candles to the side rails. The Citronella was doing a good job of keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Candy was uncharacteristically quiet while she dried the dishes. ""What's on your mind Candy? I can see the gears turning" Kayla said.

"Oh nothing" was her unbelievable reply. "Trying to figure out what you should do" Kayla asked, and then added "I told you there is no need to rush into anything." Candy turned to Kayla, "I'm just worried that if I tell him how bad I want him. .

and how long I've wanted to do this with him. . he'll think I'm some kind of slut and won't want me around anymore!" Kayla took her cousin's hands in her own, "Candy, that isn't gonna happen.

But if you are serious about this, you two need to talk about some things." The girls came back forward and Kayla asked RJ if there was enough wood for another fire on the beach. RJ assured them that if there wasn't, he and Kenny would scour some up and they both went to shore to prepare. The girls grabbed blankets, glasses and the rest of the Merlot and waded through the thigh-deep water across to the shore where the boys were busily starting the fire.

Once the sun went down a million stars came out and the sounds of the night echoed across the water. The frogs were singing loudly tonight and Candy watched the fireflies dance over the weeds up the shore line from them. Both Kayla and Candy lay their heads in their brother's laps and stared upwards at the heavens. "It's so beautiful" Kayla whispered, staring at the heavens. "YOU are so beautiful" RJ said, smiling down at his sister.

She raised her head and he bent down and they softly kissed. Kenny brushed the loose hair out of his sister's face, and smiled down at her. "A penny for your thoughts, l'il bit" he said to his little sister. "Oh nothing, I'm just staring at the stars" she lied. Inside she was in turmoil. "Candy, talk about a bad poker face" Kayla remarked without raising her head off RJ's lap. "Everyone can sense you are uptight so why not talk to him" Kayla said.

"Talk to me about what l'il bit. . what's the matter" Kenny wanted to know. But his sister remained mute. Kayla couldn't take the drama any longer, which she considered unnecessary anyway. "She wants you to be the one" Kayla said to Kenny. "The one what" Kenny asked confused. "God you jocks are dense" Kayla fired back. "You know, THE one. . .her first. . she wants you to take her cherry" Kayla said to Candy's stunned brother.

Kenny looked down at Candy and saw that tears streamed down her cheeks. "Why are you crying sweetie" Kenny said as he brushed her cheek softly. "I couldn't tell you. . because I don't want you to hate me.

. or think I am weird. . but Kayla has a big mouth" the 14 year old blubbered. Kenny picked the girl up in his arms and kissed away the tears from her cheeks. "Candy, I could NEVER hate you" Kenny's said. He looked in her eyes and then kissed her full on the lips. Candy felt warmth spread through her that ignited a passion and she returned Kenny's kiss with all her might. As the two came up for air RJ said to his male counterpart, "OK, now tell her how long YOU'VE wanted to get in HER pants!" Kayla smacked his arm and said "God you're romantic!" Candy looked up at her brother's face.

"Is that true. . how long," she questioned. "Since you were 12" Kenny said with a grin. "Oh my God" Candy exclaimed, "I've wanted to do it with you since I was 11!" "Ok you two, now it's time to listen to Cousin Kayla" the older girl said.

"I told Candy that she needed to talk about a lot of things with you Kenny. . practical things" Kayla punctuated. "She didn't so I'm gonna say some things that need to be said" Kayla concluded. Candy now sat up with her back to her brother and his arms encircled her in a bear hug.

Candy looked at her older cousin expectantly. "Candy," Kayla started "what are some concerns you have about having sex?" "Ummm, I don't know. I guess I worry that I don't know what to do. And that Kenny may not like doing it with me" Candy stammered. "And I guess I worry about the mess the first time." "OK" Kayla said "What are some of your concerns Kenny?" "I'm worried that I'll hurt her and then she may hate me afterwards.

Or that she'll think later that it was wrong to do this with her brother. I guess I worry that I may not please her in the sex department. I guess I worry about what happens if mom and dad find out. And I guess I'm worried that I'll get her pregnant" Kenny concluded "Bingo" Kayla snapped her fingers, "Kenny you get an A.

Candy, you know once you start having sex, pregnancy is a very real possibility. How would you feel about carrying Kenny's child" Kayla gave Candy a look that bored into her soul. "I'd love having Kenny's baby in me.

But I'd like to wait until I get out of high school. if I can" the girl said softly. "Well you two need to be responsible sexually" Kayla said, and we'll tell you later how we approach the problem. "Kenny" Kayla said addressing him directly, "How many other girls have you fucked?" "I don't see.

. " Kenny started to say, but was cut off by Kayla. "How many" she asked more forcefully. "Three" he said simply "Three?

Really?" Candy said lightly as she looked up at her brother. She hadn't considered that she wouldn't be his first also. "Here is why that is important you two" Kayla said. "Kenny, I'm gonna guess that at least 1 of these other girls fucked her way through the whole varsity football team.

. and all you guys thought it would be great to share this information with each other. . .and she dated from one to the next of you?" "How could you have known that?" Kenny started to ask. .

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"There's always some tart that wants to fuck the entire football team. . .we have one at our school, and so far she's nailed them all, except RJ" Kayla said. "what about the other two, were either of them virgins?" "One said she was.


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but afterwards I didn't think so. I think she just said that so I wouldn't think she slept around and the third girl had had a lot of boyfriends and I know she had a lot of sex" Kenny finished.

"And of course you wore rubbers when you had sex with each one of them?" Kayla got to the root of the matter now. Kenny looked chagrinned and meekly said "no." "So, there is an excellent possibility that you have an STD then" Kayla struck the blow. "I. . I. . I don't think so" Kenny stammered and Candy looked uncomfortable. "But the truth is, you can't be sure! Yet neither of you voiced STDs as a concern when I asked you. Candy" Kayla said turning towards her, "this is why I told you not to get Kenny's semen in your mouth last night.

Girls think they can just get STDs from fucking a guy. . .but that isn't true." As Kayla explained this, Kenny was starting to squirm. "Candy, Kenny" Kayla said in a softened tone, "Look, there are a lot of advantages to having sex with your brother or sister; First is the availability. You guys don't have to find a place, or do it in the back seat of a car. . although RJ still likes it that way.

And you can do it frequently. Second, as long as you guys are monogamous with each other you can be sure that your brother or sister is free of any diseases. . which you can't say if you date around with guys" Kayla said and looked directly into Candy's eyes. Kayla continued, "and there is the fact that you already know so much about each other. Dating is full of surprises, most of them upsetting.

Spending your nights with someone that you know very well. . .what they like. . what they hate. . well it is a huge advantage." Kayla stood up and said "Wait here" to her cousins.

Kayla quickly waded back to the boat, went to the Galley and reached up on the top shelf. When Kayla returned to the group on shore, she sat down in front of RJ, leaning on his chest, she said "Tell you what you're going to do." Kayla handed the gold box to Candy.

Candy blushed when she saw they were condoms. Then she read the note out loud; "Open In Case Of Emergency, Love Mom" she said. "Your mom gave you these" Candy wanted to know. "Not really" Kayla replied, "she stuck them in one of the bins, knowing I'd find them. At first I couldn't figure it out as she had sworn us to 'no displays of affection' in front of you two. So either she figured that I'd fuck Kenny. or she thought RJ might have a go at you," she smiled at Candy. "Maybe she just put the condoms in for you guys to use" Candy said, motioning towards RJ and Kayla.

"No, I'm on the pill and RJ and I only use rubbers when I'm ovulating. . .and mom knows I just finished my period" Kayla said. "No, I'm pretty sure she figured that you two might discover sex while at the lake. . and if she thought that, she got the information from your mom, as they discuss everything!" Candy thought for a moment and turned to Kenny, "I think mom might of found out you were stealing my panties and jacking off in them Kenny" Candy said.

"You too" Kayla expounded looking at a crimson Kenny, "what is it with you guys and panties" "Regardless" Kayla again took control, "it's pretty obvious you two are gonna start fucking. . I'm just not sure when. So here are the rules; Kenny, as soon as we get back you are going to be tested for STDs including Chlamydia, HPV, and other nasty's.

Candy, as soon as we get back, you are going to talk to your mom about getting on the pill. Both of you will ensure that any time Kenny's cock goes in that cute little snatch of yours, there is a condom on it!. . At least until Candy's birth control pills kick in!

Oh, and until Kenny get's a clean bill, no cuming in her mouth, Kenny and no swallowing, Candy got it you two?" Candy surged into Kayla's arms and hugged her while she started to cry.

"Oh, you are just the best girlfriend I ever had." Kayla kissed her on the forehead and tried to breathe while in the bear hug.

  Chapter 16 Candy looked up into Kayla's eyes and pressed her lips to the older girl's. The two girls cocked their heads and began to kiss in earnest. While their lips remained locked Kayla ran her hand up under Candy's shirt and found that once again she wore no bra.

Kayla rubbed the younger girl's nipples and elicited a long sigh. Kayla pushed the girl back onto the blanket and frantically worked at unzipping her shorts. As Kayla released the zipper on Candy's shorts she slipped her hand down her cousin's shorts and cupped the young girl's sex through her panties. Candy spread her legs wide, causing the gusset of her panties to bridge across her crotch.

Kayla felt the material of Candy's panties getting damp by the second. Kayla snaked her finger under the elastic of Candy's sodden panties and started rubbing the girl's outer lips and circling her clit. While they continued kissing Candy whimpered into Kayla's mouth and her hips started hunching uncontrollably while Kayla plunged her finger in and out of the 14 year old's slick channel.

"Oh Kayla" the youngster moaned, "let me lick your snatch" the hyper-excited teen begged her cousin. "I've got a better idea" Kayla said, let's all get back to the boat. As the two girls climbed on board, Candy attacked Kayla pushing her back onto the Lounge and trying to get her shorts off. Kayla rolled on top of Candy, pushed her unzipped shorts down and started fingering the younger girl once more. Candy was starting to get out of control under the ministrations by her cousin.

"Make me cum" she begged Kayla. Kayla looked at Kenny and saw his pants tented way out. "Candy, you've been ignoring Kenny and I think he'd like to talk with you" Kayla said to the girl. Candy looked at Kenny and said "Sorry. I was being multi-sexual" Candy said, making fun of herself for misusing the phrase the night before when she'd drunk too much. Candy got up, now wearing only pale flowered panties and her crop-top.

She took Kenny's hand pulling him toward the sun deck back behind the Galley enclosure. Kayla grabbed RJs hand and pulled him down on top of her on the longue. As he fell on her, she felt his rock hard cock pressing into her. "Did you like the show RJ" Kayla whispered in his ear. "Oh yea" RJ replied, "but I'd of liked it better if you had gotten her off!" "Pervert" Kayla said to her brother as the two of them started making out.

RJ had Kayla's blouse off and was fumbling with her bra snap when they heard Candy's voice behind them. "Kayla" Candy said in a loud forced whisper. "I need your help". "RJ I need to borrow your sister" Candy said again whispering. As Kayla turned to look and RJ spun around, there stood Candy in her panties, but nude from the waist up. Candy grabbed Kayla's hand and started pulling her to the rear of the boat.

As they entered the Galley door to the enclosure, Candy turned to RJ and said "RJ, please stay here. Sorry." Inside the Galley Candy said to her cousin, "I need you to help me. . I want you there when I lose my virginity.

. please?" "Candy, I'm not sure what I can do to help you" Kayla said. "Just hold my hand. . .tell me what I'm supposed to do. . I'm kind of scared" Candy ran on. As Candy dragged Kayla to the rear sun deck, Kayla saw Kenny laying there with a huge erection. "Kayla, I don't know how to put a condom on a guy, and I want to do it for Kenny" Candy said.

Kayla opened one of the condom packets and handed it to her younger cousin. Kayla explained to Candy how to do it and Candy carefully unrolled the latex sheath onto her brother, being careful to leave the tip hanging lose as Kayla told her this was important.

Kayla grabbed a beach towel, folded it, and placed it on the sun deck. "Candy lay down with your butt on the towel. . and loose those panties if you're seriously going to do this." Candy slid the panties down and plopped onto the sun deck, while Kenny stood there watching. "I have an idea that may help you" Kayla said to Candy. "And Kenny" she said turning to him, "Candy may be uncomfortable and tell you to pull out.

. no matter what, do not remove your penis once you start got it?" Kenny just nodded. "Kenny, get between Candy's legs and Candy spread those thighs as far as you can." Both did as they were told. Kenny supported himself on his outstretched arms. Candy's slit oozed girl-nectar in anticipation.

Kayla took hold of Kenny's condom-clad cock and touched it gently to the widely stretched lips of the young girl's cunt. "Kenny, do not thrust into her, until I tell you" Kayla said.

Kayla knew how sensitive Candy's clit was, having brought her to orgasm through her jeans in the car. Kayla began to rub Kenny's ample cock head up and down Candy's slit, smearing the girl juice all about her gaping love tunnel and all over the rubber. Candy's hips began to buck as she became more aroused and was grunting each time Kenny's cock-head bumped into her clit.

Candy was moaning and starting to whimper. Kayla redoubled her effort pushing Kenny's cock hard against the young girl's engorged clit and swirling it about. Suddenly Candy went rigid and cried out with a massive orgasm pushing her over the edge. At this instant, Kayla put Kenny's cock head at the entrance of Candy's love-tunnel and said forcefully to him "Push, HARD." Kenny thrust forward and forced about 2 inches of his monster into his sister.

Encountering resistance he instantly shoved harder and the resistance snapped and about half his 9 inch penis lodged into his sister. As this happened, Candy went crazy and started to scream and cry.

"Get it out. get it out of me Kenny. it burns like crazy" Candy was crying and trying to push her brother off of her. Kenny panicked and started to back his man-tool out of her vagina. Kayla caught the movement and put her hand on his butt, and pushed hard. "Stop" Kayla shouted at him. "Just hold still!" Candy cried and whined about it hurting like crazy. "Candy, just look in my eyes" Kayla said. "It will start to feel better in a couple of minutes." "No, it's too big" the girl whined.

Kenny had tears in his eyes as he was hurting his sister, whom he loved dearly. Kayla squeezed her hand and Candy looked into her cousins eyes. "Just try to relax" Kayla said to Candy. Kenny held stock still for what seemed like an eternity. Every fiber of his body wanted to ram the rest of his cock into this warm, tight, receptacle. After a few minutes, Candy stopped hurting, although she could feel a trickle of blood running down her butt cheek.

While the pain was gone, the feeling of being very full was still there. Candy felt new warmth spreading through her tummy. After another minute or two, Candy shifted slightly and tentatively thrust her pelvis up. While she probably only moved a quarter inch on Kenny's engorged member, the sensation was overwhelming. Kenny's younger sister thrust again, moving outward, and then pushing more of her brother in. As she did so she let out a satisfied hum.

Kenny, sensing his sister was OK now, tentatively started to move his hips inward, lodging more of himself into her. Candy was starting to say incoherent things as Kenny worked to impale the entire 9 inches of his manhood into his sister. Candy pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him madly and he humped into her. Kayla released her cousin's hand, and said softly "have fun kids" as she turned to leave.

As Kayla ducked into the Galley enclosure she literally bumped into RJ. "What are you doing, Candy didn't want you to watch you know?" "Sorry" RJ said, "but I just had to see." "Come on, you horn dog" Kayla said to RJ "I need you to fuck me bad" she said as she gripped his obvious hard-on and led him to the forward lounge.