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Huge Brown Penis For Hot Gal Niki Snow
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Hello all, this is my first story so feel free to leave advice, criticism and just general comments! Otherwise I hope you enjoy and let me know if you like it as I might write a sequel and just generally more stories! Enjoy! So I haven't seen my girlfriend in about a month and I miss her like all hell! I miss just chilling with her, but like every other guy I also miss all the sex and foreplay we get up to!

I'm 17 and 5 ft 9", I'm of medium build but have been hitting the gym a lot lately and have really started to develop a muscular figure, I also run often and am closing in on a six-pack, I have a solid 6" cock which is fairly thick and my girlfriend can't get enough of. My girlfriend is 5 ft and is 18 years old, she has nice firm 36C tits, a flat stomach and a nice round ass, her tits drive me insane and I've missed her touch so much.

I'm sitting on the couch in anticipation … Its 9.30am and in 30 minutes I get to go out to yours to spend the night! Mum is out the back doing some gardening and I'm just watching the TV waiting for 10am to arrive … While waiting I walk over to my bag and move the clothes and shoes that are at the top of my bag so I can make sure I have everything I need for the night with you.

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As I look in my bag a big smile creeps across my face as I imagine what will occur later tonight. 'Hey' you say as you walk out of your gate to meet me at my car that has just pulled up.


'Hello' I respond before I look up and see you. Instantly I feel my cock twitch as you walk towards me in your usual jeans, but wearing that sexy black top with the gold attachments on it that I really like.

It grips to your big breasts beautifully and with each step your boobs give a little bounce. I realise that I haven't answered your question that you asked while I was staring at you. 'What' I ask, my eyes meeting yours. You give a little laugh and a wink as you repeat the question 'How was the trip?', 'Oh, fine!

Aha, you know, just the usual'. You smile at me and say 'that's good' as you grab my pillow and we head up to your house. Mum had an appointment in town today so after saying the usual hello's to your family she heads off and tells me that she'll be back tomorrow at about 2pm to pick me up. 'Not a problem' I say as I hug mum and wave her off as she drives away.

We head inside and I say the usual greetings to your family as we have a bit of small talk before you usher me up to your room so I can put my stuff down. As soon as I've put my stuff down you go to say something but I cut you off as I grab you by the ass and thrust our bodies against each other as I passionately make out with you, your boobs pressed firmly against my chest and my hard on clearly felt at the bottom of your stomach.

You let out a slightly confused, but also very sexy low moan into my mouth as I slap your ass and you let me slide my tongue past your lips to explore more of your mouth. After a minute of very passionate kissing I break the kiss while still holding you close to me, both hands on your ass, I whisper 'I missed you', 'I missed you too' you reply as I give you a light kiss on the lips and let go of you as we head down stairs to socialise again. For the next hour or so we just hung around your house and room, socialising, talking, and making out, just the usual stuff we'd do.

Then out of nowhere I ask 'Wanna teach me how to ride a motorbike?', you instantly look at me and say 'where'd that come from?', 'I don't know, may as well learn' I reply. You don't argue with me and just say 'sure!' as you tell your mum what we're going to do, we then head outside to the motorbike. I ask you if you can show me how to ride the motorbike first and take me for a bit of a ride so you can teach me and show me a few things, 'don't go to fast but' I say in a nervous laugh!

You don't have a problem with that and we head off into the bush. As we go you explain how everything works and show me how the breaks and accelerator works. You put my hands through under your arms and put them so they are on the accelerator and breaks.

You put your hands on top of mine and you help me steer, accelerate, and decelerate so I can get used to it while you still have control. After a bit you say 'Ok, I'm going to hop off now and you can have a go, Ok?', 'No! You just keep riding for a bit more just so I can watch you and get a bit more confident' I quickly reply, 'Ok' you reply not seeming too fussed. We are a fair way from the house now and my hands are wrapped around your waist as you keep riding.

Suddenly without warning I move my hands up to your boobs, you laugh and ask what I'm doing. I tell you to relax as I start to unzip your t-shirt. I unzip it until it's just past your bra. I pull your t-shirt down a bit so I can undo your bra from behind you. I let your bra slide down your arms a bit so I can pull your bra underneath your boobs. I pull your top back over your shoulders so your breasts are out in the open and sit just above your bra and where your shirt is still zipped up.

I immediately start to massage your boobs and pinch your nipples as you slow down a bit so you can enjoy yourself and not be too worried about crashing. I keep massaging your tits as you moan softly.

Slowly I move my hands down to your jeans and unbutton and unzip them as I squeeze my hand past your jeans and underwear. My hand travels down your bare skin but unfortunately because of the way you are sitting I can't reach your vagina.

You quickly apologise as I see you blush and get a sad look on your face, like you've disappointed me. I shimmy forward a bit so my hard on is now pressing firmly into your ass/back. As I shimmy forward I push my hand slightly underneath you as I firmly start to rub your clit and ask in a seductive voice 'so, why are you sorry?' The reply I'm met with is a low moan of pure pleasure as the bumps of the dirt track help to vibrate my finger against your clit.

I've been rubbing your clit for a few minutes now and I can tell you're really getting into this as you are moaning constantly. I move my lips up to your ear and whisper softly but commandingly 'I want you to cum you horny slut'. You let out another loud moan as I start to make out with the side of your neck. You start to grind your clit into my finger, the bumps of the road making you moan loudly as I feel your underwear and clit get soaked.

You're breathing very deep now and you slowly stop the bike as you turn around and give me a deep and passionate kiss on the lips. Your tits still out of your shirt and your fly still undone. Once you have finished fixing up your bra and shirt you hop off the bike and move around behind me so I can ride the bike. We decide to make a straight course back to your house. After a few minutes of me riding I start to get the hang of it and start to increase the speed as I feel confident. I'm still not going immensely fast but I'm just happy I can ride a motorbike now!

You tell me that I'm doing really well and that I deserve a reward for doing so well! With that you pull my boxers and shorts waistband forward and down so my raging hard on springs free. While holding my pants down with one hand you start to jerk me with your other hand. You start by doing long and firm strokes as I feel the pleasure of your hand around my cock. You keep jerking me like this for a few minutes.

Suddenly your house comes into view and you tell me to pull into the shed. 'Ok, but you should stop wanking me in case anyone sees' I reply, 'No way' you say as I feel a grin spread across your face as you start to wank me faster and firmer while you start to make out with my neck. The pleasure is becoming really intense and I can tell I'm going to cum soon.

I quickly pull up into the shed hoping that no one saw us. I instantly jump off the bike and you do to, still wanking me all the way. I command you to get on your knees and you do in an instant as I pull my pants down to just below my cock. You instantly take my cock into your mouth and the hot warm feeling of your mouth is too much for me to cope with as I grab the back of your hair and shove my cock down your throat straight away.

You gag loudly, but I also hear a moan escape from your mouth. You keep gaging as I deep throat your mouth. After a little you pull away for some air quickly and give me a few firm strokes of my cock as you cough lightly. 'Who told you you could pull away you whore' I say in a demanding voice as I feeling the tingling in my balls that means I'm about to cum. 'Fuck!' I say rather loudly as I grab your hair again and shove my cock back down your throat.

You gag again and that pushes me over the edge as I shoot 5 streams of hot, thick, white cum down your throat in an intense orgasm. I pull my cock out of your mouth just to have you put it straight back in and you suck off the last few dribbling bits of cum that are coming out of my cock. Once you are done you stand up as I pull my pants up and we give each other a passionate kiss and head off inside holding hands.

It had been a few hours since our first bit of fun for the day and it was about 3.30 in the arvo. We had just been watching a movie, playing a board game and going for a walk like all the normal stuff we'd do. 'What do you wanna do?' you ask me, 'wanna go for a swim?' I responded. So we both head up to your room to get ready. It was slightly colder than usual swimming weather but neither of us really cared. I stripped my shirt off as you stripped fully naked and put your bikini on, as you went to put on your board shorts 'really?' I asked, 'fine' you said while rolling your eyes.

We bother grabbed a towel and headed outside. The kids were inside watching a movie and had 15 minutes left before they were done and would come outside to join us. We both entered the pool area and I stretched my arms upwards to show off my now toned body and muscular arms/shoulders. One thing you did notice while I did this was that I had a surprisingly big hard on. Despite it being quite cold and your whole family being just in the kitchen/living room I was doing nothing to hide my raging cock as my shorts make a large tent.

I saw you staring but didn't say anything. I just said 'come on' as I jumped into the pool and you jumped in after. After a few minutes of swimming around I went over to you and picked you up in the water so your legs were wrapped around my waist.

You could clearly feel my hard on rubbing against your ass and thought that it was strange how clearly you could feel it. We started to kiss a bit and I slide a finger down under your bikini bottom as I whisper 'you seemed to enjoy yourself earlier' as I made a slow circular motion around your clit. 'Shut up' you said in a low voice which didn't like my teasing, but also sounded like it was deep in pleasure. 'That's no way to speak to your master' I said in a stern powerful but seductive voice.

Suddenly I slid your bikini bottoms down and you immediately panicked afraid that someone would see. 'Stop' I said in a firm voice, and you did. You looked around and saw that everyone was still inside and that I had gone to the end of the pool where no one could see us from the kitchen. 'Give them back' you said, even know they were still around your ankles. 'No' I said while slipping off my board shorts revealing that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

You then realised that's why my hard on was so obvious. I hadn't had any underwear on to restrict my cock.

'What are you doing?' you asked in a confused voice. 'This' I replied as I grabbed my dick and moved you over it and slowly lowered you down onto my cock.

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You gasped as my cock slide fully inside you. Slowly I started to lift and drop you onto my cock in the pool. I was now fucking just meters away from where your family was. 'We … should … stop' you said between deep breaths and loud moans. 'Really?' I asked as I slide a finger down to rub your clit while fucking you hard. You let out a large moan that I thought might cause your family inside to come check if we were alright.

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But they didn't. 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum, we should stop' you said as I felt your vagina get slightly tighter. 'Don't tell your master what to do!' I said in a firm voice as I lifted you out of the water and stood up so I was dropping you down and lifting you up in plain sight with no water to hide our fucking. This extra dimension of naughtiness sent us both over the edge at the same time as I shoot load after load of cum deep into your tight cumming pussy, me grunting loudly and you moaning even louder.

After half a minute of us both cumming I lifted you off my cock and sat you on the edge of the pool. Your bikini bottom now on the bottom of the pool. You slid of the edge of the pool and onto the grass as a large amount of my cum slide out of your pussy. I gave your bikini bottom back as you put it on and I put my shorts back on. We covered my cum with some dirt and water and both wrapped a towel around ourselves, you mostly to hide the cum dripping onto your bikini bottom.

We walked back to your room and finished cleaning ourselves up before we went down stairs to do your chores. It's 9pm now and we have just been doing your chores, we had dinner and watched a movie with your family. Now we decided to head up to your room to watch a movie in your bed. We finally choose a movie and started to watch it. It's not long however before I have my tongue down your throat and my hands on your boobs. We are both in our pjs now, you wearing your usual loose t-shirt with no bra, but you have also surprised me by wearing just underwear instead of your usual long pj pants, around me that is.

I'm in my usual t-shirt, but I'm also wearing a loose pair of boxer shorts instead of my tight fitting underwear. We are about 20 minutes into the movie and we are both facing each other as we make out with each other and I feel up your tits that are only one thin layer of clothing away.

I am very horny but and looking for more satisfaction then just your boobs through your shirt, so I lift your shirt off your head in a move that doesn't surprise you!

I immediately go to sucking and biting your boobs and nipples, going from one tit to the other over and over as I spend a good three minutes just biting and sucking on both of your tits. I move up from your tits and start to make out with you again as I realise that you are breathing very heavy. You break the kiss and look up at me with a devilish grin. You slide my t-shirt off and then my boxers off as well. I reach down to take off your underwear but you don't let me.

Instead you slide down the bed as I try to follow you … But you just push me down and tell me to stay there. I'm laying here and I look down to see you grip my cock and wank it a few times before you take my full length into your pretty mouth.

I groan out in pure ecstasy. After a minute of you sucking me off I feel something else around my cock, but I can tell it's not your hand. I look down to see you pushing your breasts together and in-between them is my cock. I almost blow my load there and then as I feel your breasts sliding up and down my cock as I release a loud moan that just makes you increase your speed.

'What are you doing?' I question even though I know exactly what you're doing. 'You gave my tits such a nice work over, they wanted to give you something back' you reply in your most seductive voice giving me a wink at the end. I don't know what to say but the moans I'm letting out are saying it all. It feels so amazing and I can't believe this is the first time we have tried it.

I alternate between closing my eyes and looking down at you and your tits covering my hard cock. You also make eye contact with me when I look at you titty fucking me and you are giving me the naughtiest looks and it's driving me crazy! All of a sudden I feel the top of my cock head get extremely wet and I look down to see you titty fucking me and sucking the tip of my cock!

This vision, you're moaning and the pure pleasure your tits and mouth are giving me puts my right on the edge! 'Flip over' I say in a desperate voice quickly. You do and I flip over so I'm straddling your stomach with my cock between your tits. I start to move forward and back at a very fast rate as you moan underneath me! I feel the surge coming and I groan out so loudly I might have woken Jase up. The first stream of cum shoots out of my cock and lands across your face.

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This startles you a bit, but you handle it well and immediately open your mouth for me to shoot into. I pull my dick out of your tits and start to shoot wave after wave of cum all across your face, over your tits and in your mouth. Once I'm done coming I stick my cock in your mouth and make you suck the last little bit of cum out before you swallow it.

You look up at me as you laugh and wink as I hop off you and you start to get up to get a towel to clean yourself off. As soon as you sit up I push you back down and before you know it my mouth is in-between your legs, your underwear is gone and I'm drooling as I press my nose against your pussy to get a nice whiff of that smell I've become addicted to. I push both your legs up so your legs are bent and up around your chest as I immediately dive my tongue into your pussy.

This has happened really fast and it takes you a second to realise what has happened, but when you do you loudly say 'Oh fuck!' as you let out a huge moan. This moan just makes me even hornier and I start to really lick up and down your tight pussy. I start to develop a rhythm where I start by licking from the bottom of your asshole up to your clit.

You let out a moan every time I pass your ass or flick your clit. Within a minute you are soaked but I make a point of trying to get as much of your pussy juice as I can. After a while I spread your pussy lips and start to stick my tongue into your pussy, licking up and down inside your pussy as I catch all the juices flowing from your pussy directly into my mouth. After a while I move my mouth up to concentrate on your clit, sucking and nibbling on it as I slide two fingers into your pussy and immediately find you G-spot.

As I work your G-spot and clit you are really making moans of approval and you start to buck your hips into my face, adding to the already immense pleasure you are feeling. I decide to look up while still fucking your clit with my mouth. To my amazement I see you with your eyes closed scoop a bit of cum up from on your tits and then suck on it and swallow it, you do it again and again.

You are really enjoying yourself and I get a bit more adventuress as I can tell you'd pretty much do anything right now. So I take my fingers out of your pussy and slide one finger up into your ass.

You let out a little scream but you don't tell me to stop. If anything you start to buck your hips faster and harder as I finger fuck your ass and suck on your clit. You're moaning like crazy now, the only time you aren't moaning is when you're sucking the cum that you've scooped up off your body off your fingers. Suddenly you let out a scream of pure pleasure and I know your cumming. I start to suck and lick your pussy as I want to catch all your juices fresh from your tight cunt.

To my surprise you start to squirt straight into my mouth. You've never squirted before so it takes me a bit by surprise, but I'm definitely not complaining as I keep sucking on your pussy and fingering your ass while you squirt directly into my mouth and I swallow it all. After half a minute you finally finish and pull my head up. As I come up from your pussy I look at you, laying there, a super sexy mess, your hair and face is soaked in sweat, there is still bits of cum on your tits and face and a big bit on the side of your lips, the sheet under your pussy is soaked with the cum I didn't get and your breathing is so heavy I'm getting worried you're going to pass out or something.

You kiss me passionately as we exchange a bit of each other's cum, we then both lie there for the next minute before you finally have the energy to say something 'That was intense', I kiss you again 'I know, so hot' I say while winking at you. We both lay there for another five minutes before you get up, get cleaned, redress and we watch a new movie. It's 11pm now and we are both getting quite sleepy.

We are both exhausted from our day of fucking each other and we decide to call it quits for the night so we can get a good sleep for tomorrow. I opt to sleep on the couch tonight instead of your bed.

I can tell you're quite surprised by this as I always sleep on your bed and not in the lounge 'you sure?' you ask with a smile on your face. 'Yeah' I reply giving you a kiss on the lips. 'Night baby, I love you so much' I say as I hop up and go downstairs.

'Love you more!' you tell me as I walk down the stairs and you blow me a kiss, I blow one right back. 'Impossible' I whisper as I walk into the lounge. You wake up to a hot feeling all over your body, you go to move your hands but you can't, you start to get worried and then your realise that you can feel something between your legs. You look down and your eyes go wide with shock. As I went down to the couch and made my bed I set an alarm on my phone for 3am and put my headphones in so no-one else could hear it.

As I lay down in bed I slowly drift off to sleep. I'm awaken at 3.10am by a soft alarm in my ears. 'What? Why am I up' I think. Then I remember and get a huge grin across my face as suddenly my tired state turns into one of energy and enthusiasm. I quickly but quietly hop out of bed knowing that your parents are just across in the next room.

I quietly tip toe through the kitchen and up your stairs as they creak under my weight.


I was sure by the time I got to your room you would be awake. To my delight when I entered your room you were still asleep and breathing softly.

I have a little evil laugh to myself and head straight over to my bag. I dig around until I get what I want, four pieces of strong rope.

I have put some padding on one end of each piece of rope. I tie each piece of rope to each corner of your bed, now comes the hard part. I start off with your ankles, I lift the bottom of your rug up and tie the padded ends of the rope around your ankles so they are they will restrict you moving but won't hurt you, I also pull the rope fairly taut so you can't move. I also make sure your legs are spread nice and wide for easy access. I move over to your wrists and tie one of your wrists up, these are much harder than your ankles and you move around a bit after the first wrist, I thought you were going to wake up!

After five minutes of not moving in fear that you'd wake up I tie up your other wrist. Slowly I take off your rug and put it on the floor. I grab a pair of scissors and cut off your t-shirt and underwear, hoping that they are an old pair and you won't hate me afterwards. Now I am done and its 3.30am, you are completely naked and tied up in front of me exactly how I imagined. My boxers are doing nothing to hide my already raging hard on and I'm so horny at that moment that I can't handle it and decide to get straight to it.

I start by licking and sucking on your pussy, making sure to enjoy it and take my time with it. I'm about five minutes in and you've been breathing heavy this whole time, I have really gotten into licking you out as I go hard. Suddenly I hear a gasp as I look up, never taking my mouth from your pussy and I see you, looking down at me with a surprised and shocked look on your face which has clearly rendered you speechless.

I know that you can tell it's me by the moonlight through your window, suddenly you let out a loud moan of complete pleasure as you realise what is happening and you feel the pleasure that my tongue in giving you. I stand up and walk over to your head and I undo the button on my boxers so my cock can spring out. I can tell that your still confused and in shock so I tilt your head towards me and shove me cock in your mouth and slowly start to fuck your mouth. 'It's about 3.30am, At 3 I came in here and tied you up like the horny slut that you are' you let out a low moan as I say this 'I then went to work licking out your pussy for the last five minutes while you slept' as I say this I slide my hand down your stomach and start to rub your clit as you let out another low moan.

'You were a good girl for me all of yesterday so now I'm going to give you a reward that a slut like you would love'. With that I take my cock out of your mouth and shove your cut up underwear into your mouth before you can say anything. I move back between your legs now … but instead of my mouth between your legs it's my hard cock. 'The gag in your mouth is so you can scream to your heart's content and not wake anyone up' I say calmly but with power and domination in my voice.

I start to rub my cock against your pussy now, rubbing up from the bottom of your pussy lips to your clit as you moan loudly into the gag. I keep rubbing it back and forth for about a minute until you give me a look that says 'please, give me your cock, I can't take it any longer'.

I laugh and say 'you're a horny slut aren't you you whore' you immediately nod at me as I laugh an evil laugh and slide the head of my cock into your tight pussy. I move so I'm now laying down on top of you to get a better angle, and with the head of my dick still in your pussy I push forward until my balls hit your ass. I hold it there for a moment as I let you recover and let your pussy become more accustom to my cock.

I then pull out fully and push back in fully, grunting with each stoke. I move my lips down to your neck and start to make out with your neck as I continue to fuck you slowly but purposely. After a few minutes of this you are still moaning extremely loudly into the gag and I am grunting loudly into your neck. I finally start to pick up the pace as I feel your pussy getting tighter and tighter telling me you are really close.

I pull out the gag and replace it with my mouth as I make out with you and you moan and scream into my mouth as your pussy walls clamp down around my cock and cum all over it. I use all my might to stop myself cumming on the spot. I start to pull my cock out, but you quickly say 'No! I want you to cum in me' even though you are exhausted and out of breath. I get a wicked smile across my face and say 'Good, you'll need this back then' as I shove your underwear back into your mouth.

I take the scissors and cut your wrist straps off you. I sit you up and move behind you, also sitting down. I pick you up and slide underneath you and lay down, slowly I lower you onto my cock so I am now fucking you in the reverse cowgirl position.

I start to buck my hips up and down fast as I am already really close. This new position however seems to really effect you and you start screaming into the gag in pleasure, not just moaning but screaming! I am fucking you hard and fast now as I feel myself getting ready to cum. The screams of you and the feeling of my cock deep in your hot tight pussy is too much to handle as I shoot a long hot stream of cum into your pussy. To my surprise this sends you over the edge.


Even know you had just cum a few minutes ago my cum in your pussy and this position has sent you over the edge again as I feel your walls clamp around my cock and I feel your pussy start to squirt all around my shooting cock.

Underneath us the bed it becoming a mess of your squirting pussy juices and my hot ropes of cum. We both end up cumming for a full minute before we both end up collapsing in exhaustion.

After five minutes I hop out from underneath you to find that you have actually fallen asleep in this mess that we had created. I get redressed and clean myself up as I look at my perfect little slut in the mess that we have made.

I put a new set of pjs next to your bed and decide to leave your ankle ropes on. I put the scissors on top of the new clothes I got you. I take one last look at you and the mess we have made before I put the rug on you and leave your room and head back to the lounge to get a few more hours of sleep before the morning when I'm sure you'll have lots of questions and maybe even some revenge.

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know what you think in the comments bellow and if you think I should do the morning of that day or any other type of story's I should do!