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Hardcore face sitting xxx Home Away From Home Away From Home
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Honestly, I'm not a light sleeper, especially within the first few hours that I'm asleep. I woke up in a bedroom; not mine. The walls were off-white with dark blue curtains. The midday sun shined through the blinds and onto the cream carpet and the white sheets that lay under me. I looked around me then down at myself. Naked. Classy Ava. "Mornin' gorgeous." a deep voice came from the doorway.

I glanced over to see Justin standing tall and shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist.

God damn. "M…morning." I managed to stutter.


His body, his eyes, the water glistening on his skin, it literally took my breath away. Suddenly self-conscious I grabbed the light blue blanket next to me and covered myself. "No need for that." Justin laughed. He started walking towards me then stopped midway. "Wait." he paused, "Hold on!" and with that he was out of the room. I stared at the empty doorway for a while then stood up, holding the blanket at my chest and looked for my clothes.

I found the black thong on the opposite side of the room and my black bra hanging over a desk chair.

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He was really excited, I thought to myself. "Breakfast for mah lady?" he asked enthusiastically. I turned around to see him carrying a tray that consisted of two cups of orange juice and stack of pancakes along with two bagels and cream cheese. Unconsciously, my jaw dropped and I ended up standing there frozen watching him carefully maneuver to the bedside table.

"Not hungry?" he asked once he set down the tray. "N…no, I am." I said. I walked over behind him and could see the food from over his shoulder. It looked delicious.


"Did you make this yourself?" I asked. "Yeah, you were pretty knocked out when I woke up." he explained while handing me a glass of orange juice. "Sorry…" "Don't be sorry. You look cute when you sleep-" he stopped and stared at me, "Not in a creepy way." I laughed and sat down in the desk chair. "Thank you." I managed to say. "Don't worry abou-" "No, Justin, thank you." I said trying to look into his eyes. "You're welcome." he replied looking back into my eyes.

I took a sip of my orange juice then set it down on the desk behind me. I looked at the picture frames that lined the back of his desk. There was one of a younger boy, blonde and blue eyed, laughing as he played with his puppy in the park. Another was of a marine, a fit looking guy that had the same kind of looking face as Justin. The last one was of a woman, brunette and thin, and beautiful. Her long curly brown hair was gracefully falling over her shoulders as she smiled for the photo; her hazel eyes had a sort of hypnotic effect to them.

This one was in the center as if it held a lot of significance to him. Sorry had to add last part to this to make it long enough. I ran my finger along the edge of his wooden desk as he stood up behind me. His hand settled on my shoulder and I looked over the photo of the brunette woman again.

Justin leaned over and kissed me neck softly, stroking my hair with his hand.

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I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his soft lips gently sucking on my neck. I turned around and looked into his eyes, the deep blueness of them always got to me. He smiled and kissed me gently. I rested my hand on the towel around his waist and his tongue gently made its way into my mouth. I licked his tongue slowly and he pulled me closer. His hands guiding mine to his groin. I unwrapped the towel from his waist and let it fall to the ground.


I felt his lips smile against mine and I grasped his hardening cock in my hand, stroking it hard and slow. He groaned slowly and pulled my body hard against his.

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Our tongues twisted together, our hands endlessly explored each other's body. He grabbed my ass hard with both of his hands, pushing my pussy on his exposed cock. I moaned softly feeling his hard flesh rubbing against my soft, wet pussy through the lace thong. He slowly began moving his hips and I moaned softly. Sliding the black lace to the side, he slowly slid his finger into my ass and I let out a loud moan. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist locking my ankles. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his.

He fingered my ass slowly, pushing deeper and harder each time. I moaned loudly while sucking on his neck. I nibbled gently on his soft skin as he slid two more fingers into my ass slowly. I felt my ass stretch wider and I moaned louder. He set me down on the edge of his bed and slid my thong off throwing it across the room. With lust-filled eyes he spread my legs and licked slowly from my ass up to my clit causing me to throw my head back and moan. I looked down at him as he slid his tongue deep into my stretched out ass, moaning his name loudly, "God Justin, yes…" I moaned, "Deeper…oh yes Justin…" "You want me?" he teased as he kissed and licked my inner thighs.

My soaking wet pussy begged for more, "Fuck yes…so bad Justin…" "Show me how bad." he taunted while spitting on my pussy and sliding three fingers inside. I moaned loud and moved my hips against the rhythm of his fingers. He slid his fingers out of my pussy and slid them into my mouth. Eagerly, I sucked and licked his fingers clean of my pussy juice. "Show me." he said. I stood up and bended over the bed in front of him.

Looking back, I spread my ass cheeks wide for him. He rubbed his cock slowly while watching me carefully. His eyes followed my every move as I smacked my ass for him.

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"Fuck me, Justin. Fuck me hard." "Where?" he asked with a smirk. I spread my ass cheeks and slid fingers from both of my hands in slowly, stretching my ass wide for him, "Mm…right in there baby…I want your hard cock deep inside me." I moaned. He groaned as he rubbed his cock then leaned over and spit on my stretched ass hole.

He moved my hands away gently and smacked my ass hard. I let out a moan and he slid the tip of his cock inside my ass.

I pinched my nipples and moaned loudly as he pushed himself deeper inside of me.

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He groaned as he rubbed his cock then leaned over and spit on my stretched ass hole. He moved my hands away gently and smacked my ass hard. I let out a moan and he slid the tip of his cock inside my ass. I pinched my nipples and moaned loudly as he pushed himself deeper inside of me. His big cock stretched my ass out wide and I loved it.

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He groaned as I squeezed him tightly. Once he was fully inside me he began to move his hips in and out. I moaned with every thrust he pushed inside me, every time got harder and every time got faster. "Fuck yes baby…mm…just like that…" I moaned as he smacked my ass hard.

He groaned as I licked my lips and played with my hard nipples.

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Bending over, he grabbed my tits and fucked my ass harder. "Oh fuck Justin…" I moaned loud as he pinched my tits hard and thrust his cock as deep and hard as he could inside me. I rubbed my clit hard as he fucked my ass. His fingers gliding over my tits while his cock slammed in and out of my ass.

I moaned louder, screaming his name. My pussy dripping wet, I rubbed my clit violently and he pulled my hair. I threw my head back and moaned as loud as I could as the orgasm washed over my body.

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Justin shoved his cock as deep as he could inside my ass and I felt his hot cum flood inside of me. His groans deep and loud made me want him even more.