Black trans newbie stroking her huge cock

Black trans newbie stroking her huge cock
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__I'm Jamie. I liked walking in the woods behind my house. My house was always full of people all the time and so I would go down to the woods for privacy.

I found a real secluded spot. I would sit there and think about my science teacher Mr. Houser. I had a really big crush on him. One day I started getting very excited thinking about Mr.


Houser. I pictured him taking me in his arms and telling me he loved me and just had to kiss me. We kissed right in the class room with a locked door.

He would feel my tits and rub my pussy. I got myself all hot and excited. I checked all around and then put my hand in my panties. I fingered myself as I thought about him.

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I kept it up and orgasmed right there&…that was so special. I was going down to my 'spot' one afternoon when I saw another girl. I had seen her at school but I didn't know her.

I walked up to her and said hello. She said hi and we started talking. After a while she said she came down here to think. "Think about what?".I asked.

"Sex", she said. She said she had a 'spot' where she liked to sit and think about&hellip. something. She said she like to come here and sit in her 'spot' and finger herself and think about&hellip. 'him'. She never said who 'him' was. I told her about the teacher Mr. Houser and what I came here to do. She said: "Oh god,…… I've seen Mr. Houser and he is so hot looking." I showed her my 'spot'. She said it was more secluded than hers. We went in my hidden spot and sat down.

She pulled out her hair bush and said: "This is my other boyfriend." I looked puzzled at her.

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She said to watch. She lifted her skirt up, pulled her panties to one side and started putting the slick handle slowly in her pussy. I had never seen a girl do this and I started getting excited watching her. She closed her eyes and spread her legs wide. She mumbled…"& feel so good…" This was very hot to watch. I began to rub my pussy slightly, hoping to be unnoticed. She kept going until she lifted up her hips and shuddered. She had an orgasm. It looked way more exciting than the ones I was having.

Girls who have a hot boyfriend ether like to show him off,&hellip.or keep quiet about him so other girls won't go after him. I figured she was keeping this boyfriend all to herself. We met in the woods many times and both fingered ourselves. Me fantasizing about Mr. Houser, and her with her secret boyfriend.

Over time she began to reveal more about this 'mystery' boyfriend. They were having glorious sex, and she said he was the ultimate. I envied her and fingered myself, sharing her description of this hot guy. She got into details that were making me extremely turned on. I just let her talk as I fingered myself to great orgasms.

Mia noticed my interest in her descriptions and she liked to make me all turned on talking about…'him'. This wasn't just a story, it was really happening to her I felt. This 'him' thing was driving me crazy. Who was he? A guy she met somewhere? I wanted a face to fantasize about. She described him as so hot, and how he had sex with her, his build and even details about his cock.

Why was she here fingering herself about 'him' when she was having hot with him?

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Was is possible that she was making this up?&hellip.I figured… no, she knew to many details about him. I had to find out.

Something was very strange about this. One afternoon she invited me to do a 'sleepover' at her house. I jumped at the chance and felt maybe&hellip. I'd find out more about 'him'. That Friday night I arrived. It was a nice house. Her dad was a railroad train driver and was gone days at a time she said. Her older brother looked after things while he was away. We went to her room and got in our pajamas. After watching some computer porn, we lay on her big bed. I had to know more about this 'him' guy.

Finally, she talked about 'him'. Their basement was rented out. It had it private entrance in the back. She said that was where Logan, or 'him' lived. She said she was having a secret affair with him, and no one knew. She said she trusted me never to say anything to anyone…ever. I agreed. She said she had told him about her new friend, me, and he wanted to meet me. By now I was dieing to meet this guy. Her descriptions of how hot and sexy he was,… I just had to meet him.

She said her brother was leaving for the night soon, and her dad was at work so the timing was perfect for us. She explained some things&hellip.

It was pitch black in the basement, and must remain that way when we go down. "Bummer", I said. I won't be able to see him. "You won't need to, you'll just 'feel' him. You can feel his face, that's the way we do everything, by feel. We started out that way and we liked it so much, we keep it that way…you'll find out what we mean tonight. I was still bummed that I wasn't going to see this…'Logan' she called him.

She explained. "Logan was born blind. He had an operation in his teens and could now see perfect.

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He grew up in dark world and preferred it at night. Mia was gone the day he moved in and when she went to the basement to introduce herself, It was all dark down there.

She said: " I heard his voice say: "You must be Mia, come on down, I prefer the darkness if you don't mind. I'll come and lead you down the steps." The door slowly closed by itself and I felt a warm hand on mine. He led me to his big bed and sat me down. We held hands and talked. I can't explain how sensuous it was. He talked softly and I got real horny listening to him.

His hands felt mine and I scooted closer to him. He said I felt so beautiful and smooth, he really liked me. I felt him back. His arms and then we felt our faces. I got chills as we felt each other on clear times, more and more. As I felt his warm face&hellip.I just&hellip.kissed him. I don't even know why&hellip.I had a urge…so I did. From there we kissed and felt each other up.

It was so awesome Jamie,&hellip.I got the best tingles in my pussy&hellip.ever. Each night it was clear, I went to him and we've been having sex for a while now." I said: "You've never even seen the guy???" "Nope, he comes in the back way late and I now prefer not to see him with my eyes, I see him with my hands, like he does me." I lay trying to imagine this Logan and me feeling him and him feeling me. It sounded very exciting in a lot of ways.

I looked over at Mia smiling. "It this for real?" I said. "Wait till my brother leaves and you can find out for yourself." I think my heart jumped a beat. We heard her brothers car leave. I gave out a quiet gulp as we got up and walked to the back of the house. She held my hand and opened the basement stairs door. When it closed…it was completely black. "Logan, I brought that 'special' friend that you wanted to meet." She had told him about me?&hellip.and now he wants to meet me?……my heart is pounding so hard right now.

She held my trembling hand and carefully led me down the stairs. She led me over to a big bed and had me sit down. I hear this soft low voice.

"Hi Jamie, I'm Logan, may I hold your hand?…we prefer to see with our hands." I raised my hand up and he felt and found it. He had large warm hands. He put my hand between both of his. He felt my hand …very soothing and nice. "Relax Jamie, just feel my hands, feel free to feel anything you like." My first reaction was to feel his face, to get an idea what he looked like. He seemed to know this and raised my hand to his face. I felt all over his face. I got a automatic feel of a beautiful face.

Wavy hair, he was clean shaven and had smooth skin. I was impressed and I got a new kind of turn on. Mia had told me so much, it was really effecting all my sexual buttons. I just&hellip.put his hand up to my face in return. I scooted closer to him. He whispered: ("& god your beautiful.let me do something first…just sit and listen…" Mia sat on the other side of him.

I had no idea what they were doing. Then I heard whispering, giggling and little moans from Mia. Oh god…are they going to have sex or something while I sit right here! I felt a hot panic feelingbut mega turned on all at the same time.

She had described so many time how hot their sex was. Were they going to let me listen to them have sex? I heard and felt movement. I heard walking. Someone was going up the stairs. I think it was Mia. Then I felt Logan's warm hand on mine.


The door opened and I could make out it was Mia leaving. I got the instant feeling she was going to let me have time with Logan…alone.

Oh god I like that idea. Logan said: "Don't you know who I am Jamie? " He spoke louder this time…that voice…oh my god… "Jamie, Logan is my middle name, does the name 'Houser' mean anything to you?" It was him! Mr. Houser my dream guy, my science teacher, my fantasy lover&hellip.I swallowed and said: "Mr.


Houser?" "Logan." he said. "Can you keep this all quiet?… I don't want to go to jail and get fired." he said. I said: "Ooooo Yes!, I never tell anyone ever!…so Mia knew this all the time?…" "You started it when you said how much you liked me, over and over.

She planed this all out to bring us together. I have liked you both for a long time and she wanted to please me, by sharing me with you. Is that ok with you?" I put his warm hand up to my face. "Mr. Houser…I mean.'Logan', you just don't know how long I've dreamed about you. This is…oh my god…my dream coming true." I felt his face as he felt mine. We slowly brought our faces close together and I felt his heat as our lips met.

A soft sensuous, long heart throbbing kiss. We held the kiss…like forever. He put me in dreamland. We slowly leaned back on the bed and turned toward each other. He told me how he would sneak looks at me in class and how he wished we could be together someday…but knew we never could.

He said this was his 'dream come true' also. We talked about our feelings for each other as we kissed our faces, and felt our faces and arms. We had all night to be together. We took each others pajamas slowly off. We felt every inch of our bodies. The build up of desire was becoming higher and higher between us. My eyes told me nothing, but my fingers and his on our bodies told us we needed to be 'real' close together. The body kissing began.

He began to kiss my tits and run his tongue around my nipples. I felt his hair an pushed my pussy on him. You could just feel the fever began to rise.

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I wanted him in me so bad now I began to whimper as his lips traveled down my tummy. I began to squirm as his tongue zig zagged down closer to my wet pussy. I thought: "…oh yes…it's going to happen!"…no one had ever kissed and licked my pussy.

He would be the first.

I rolled over on my back as his hands went under my legs. Up they came and wide open went my knees. I felt his teasing tongue dance around my wetness and tease my pussy more.

My fingers kept pulling on his hair by themselves. His tongue created tingles in the insides of my legs, the pushed them to my pussy… they went inside my pussy and just added to the tingles building there. The aroma of his aftershave, my perfume and a new aroma of girls pure 'sex' all blended together around us. I wanted to yell…"Hurry!"…yet I wanted the anticipation to last forever.

I jumped. His tongue touched my clit gently and began to put me in a trance. His tongue was making love to my clit&hellip.I felt a warm finger enter my pussy and massage it.

His warm breath put tingles in top of tingles. My hips moved with his fingers. I was starting to have one continuous slow orgasm. My clit was swelled slightly and was kissing his tongue back with each stroke. I had heard about a G spot, and now I knew where it was. His finger moved around in a circle over it.

The orgasms got stronger and I didn't even know what moans I was making. He stopped. He inched his way back up on me. He whispered: ("…you feel as smooth as a warm porcelain china doll. I dreamed you would. I wanted so bad to touch you in class…but knew I never could.") Those words jolted me as a big orgasm ran thru my pussy. I had to moan in his ear softly. His finger never left my pussy as he massaged it so beautiful&hellip.then…I felt it withdraw and the head of his erection start up and down my slit gently.

I was shaking with the anticipation of what was coming&hellip. This would be my first sex. He seemed to know it and was so gentle. I felt the head of his erection ease it's way in my pussy, I lost my breath and I kissed him with all the passion I had. My legs wrapped around his as we seemed to become one. My arms held him tight as I was sent to another world.

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I was having sex with a god. His big body glided with mine as the tension was beginning to come up to savage levels. He said…" I love you Jamie". ."Yes Logan, and I love you my…oh my god"&hellip.I couldn't talk&hellip.bursts of euphoria took over my body as I felt shots of hot cum being injected in my pussy.

He squeezed me so tight as I froze and let the feelings have their way with us&hellip.every nerve shook, I gasp over and over again as each shot of cum shot in me. It was to much as I moaned endlessly. He whispered: ("…oh my god Jamie, you've taken my soul and blended it with yours.") I heard his words like in a dream…echoing over and over&hellip.'you've taken my soul'…and he was right…we were 'one' now, and nothing else mattered&hellip.

---------- I sat in Mr. Houser's class and tried not to look at him.

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I had an inner tremble that no one but him would know about& he had one also. All I could think about was graduation and we could finally be together. He was at the prom as a chaperone. The very last dance, they turned the lights down very low. We quick snuck out and met in Logan's dark class room.

He locked the door as we could still hear the band. We danced slow until everyone was gone&hellip.We were free as of&hellip. right now&hellip. ------ I got an 'A++' in 'Mr. Houser's' class&hellip. Mia has a new boyfriend. He's the new Science teacher at the school,&hellip. …he's rented Mia's dad's basement&hellip.