Found my money in sisters bag now she has to fuck me

Found my money in sisters bag  now she has to fuck me
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I heard my girlfriend's car pull away. She would be at work all day, and I was relieved to have a day off work to myself. Although I loved her, things hadn't been great since we moved house.

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She was tired, grumpy and full of cold, and there was no prospect of any sex for the forseeable future. Usually I would have been in a bad mood as well, but my neighbour's 18 year old daughter had offered me some relief a week earlier. ******************************************************************************************************************** I had fucked her pussy and spunked all over her face in her back garden, and she had invited me inside to shower off with her.

Her parent's had a nice big walk in shower that we could both fit in comfortably, and I helped Kim wipe my cum off her face before we stood under the warm water.

My cock grew hard again very quickly, and she began sliding her slippery ass cheeks up and down it.

I moaned and she giggled, reaching backwards and grabbing the base of my shaft. I dipped my knees and tried to enter her from behind. She giggled again and looked over her shoulder, wide eyed. "Mister, why are you so big and hard?

What are you going to do with that?

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I'm just taking a shower and here you are. Please, don't hurt me!" This turned me on a lot for some reason, and I grabbed a handful of her wet hair. She arched her back and stood on her tiptoes.

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The head of my cock was touching her pussy lips, and, breathing heavily, she whispered "Oh, mister, you seem like a bad man. I think you should go, right now." I growled and roughly thrust into her. She squealed, and I began to pound away at her roughly. "You shouldn't be doing this to me, mister. Why are you sticking that inside me?" I grunted.

"Because you're a bad girl." "Ooh, mister, I am a bad girl, letting a big bad man like you stick his thing inside me.


I'm bad for enjoying it. Smack me for being a bad, bad girl!" I pushed her forward and began slapping her ass. She was moaning loudly and I was banging away at her hard. I saw her reach a hand between her legs and saw her arm moving rhythmically.

I could feel her fingernails on my balls as her slit enveloped my whole shaft, and she quivered, gasping loudly. She was right on the edge of cumming, so I slid a finger a little way into her asshole. She squealed again and mumbled, almost to herself "mister, you shouldn't touch me there.OH GOD!" She came loudly, shuddering, and all through her orgasm I carried on thrusting, prolonging her pleasure.

Her head turned towards me again. She was red in the face. "Don't finish inside me mister. Please don't make me all dirty inside." She winked and began bucking backwards, meeting my thrusts. She moaned and stared into my eyes, talking softly - "Don't shoot inside me. Please, don't shoot it all off inside me, you dirty, nasty.ooh, you're so big and hard, you're making me sore.

You're going to shoot it inside me, I can tell you're going to do it." I grunted and began releasing my thick load in her cunt, one big rope at a time. "Oh, urgh, you've gone and done it, I asked you not to. I can feel you doing it, making me all dirty, you're a bad, bad man." It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. I felt utterly drained, and slipped out of her almost immediately.

Above the noise of the water, I heard cum gurgle out of her pussy and splatter onto the floor as she stood up and turned towards me. We faced each other, breathing heavily, her blonde hair slicked back over her head.

"Girl, you are messed up!" I said. She bit her lip, and replied - "You fucking loved it. Don't pretend you didn't! Jesus, I've had that fantasy for about two years." she kissed me hard - I didn't respond. She just laughed. "Oh, come on, lighten up.

I'm not gonna tell, I promise. Honestly. This is just something we BOTH need right now, hey?" I nodded and grinned, awkwardly.

******************************************************************************************************************** I had gone home more or less straight away and hadn't seen her for a week, apart from one time when she was getting out of her dad's car and she made a blowjob gesture behind his back and mouthed the word "soon." Anyway, after I was alone for about 5 minutes, there was a knock at the back door. I opened it and there she was, hair tied up, wearing a small denim skirt and a white t-shirt.

"Hey you," she grinned, "I've got 20 minutes before I need to go to college, and I thought you could maybe use that blowjob I promised?" She stepped in without waiting for my answer, her hand reaching inside my boxer shorts. "Mmmm, big and heavy," she murmured, cupping my balls. "Have you not cum since the shower last week?" "No, she's still pretty wound up. She's just been promoted at work, we've moved house, she's ill this week.I feel bad for her." "Do you feel bad about us?" I thought about it, and decided that I didn't.

"I'd be going crazy without last week. You're pretty much saving our relationship at the moment, in a strange sort of way." She dropped to her knees, smiling. "Well, I'd best get to work then hadn't I?" She pulled my shorts down and gripped my shaft, which was growing hard rapidly. Her mouth moved to my balls and started sucking them gently, swirling her tongue around them, before running it from the base of my cock to the tip.

I grabbed her head and tried to push myself all the way into her mouth. She giggled. "I see, impatient are we? Not surprising I guess. I bet there's lots of cum waiting for me!" She looked me in the eye. "Do you want to fuck my face?

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Hard? I'll let you rough me up and cum on my face if you promise you'll fuck me next time you're free.

I can tell you need to let some frustration out." "Ok," I nodded, "I think that's a pretty favourable deal for me." She pulled off her t-shirt and bra quickly. "I've got to go out in these, and I don't want you making a mess of them," she explained. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her mouth was open, waiting. I reached down, groping her firm tits, before grabbing her tied up hair and pushing my cock into her mouth. At first I couldn't quite go in balls deep, but after a few pushes I felt her tilt her head and her throat opened up.

Her blue eyes looked up at me wide as I pumped away at her mouth, my balls hitting her chin as she made a soft quagging sound.

After about a minute, she reached up and tapped my leg and I pulled out to let her breathe, briefly, before shoving myself in as far as I could go, holding her in place by her hair with one hand, before pulling out again.

She spluttered, saliva escaping from her mouth and running off her chin.

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"I want it rougher," she gasped. "I feel so fucking turned on." I needed no spurring on. I slapped her face lightly, and she responded by spitting on my cock and saying "harder." I slapped her again and got the same response, so I forced my way back into her throat, grabbing her hair roughly, and started hammering away as hard as I could.

I pinched her nose and she started spluttering around my cock, saliva spraying out as she struggled to breathe. I continued in this way until she started tapping out again, letting her up for air, slapping her face lightly as she inhaled. Her hand moved between her legs.

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"You'" she gasped. "I want your cunt now," I ordered, "and I want you to make yourself cum while I fuck you." I pulled her up and sat her on the work surface, roughly spread her legs and pulled her pink thong over to one side. I could see that her clit was pink and erect, and I had no difficulty in sliding into her tight, wet hole. Her fingers imediately began working on her clit and her breathing quickened.

Her tits were spattered with saliva, and they glistened as they heaved with her excited breathing. I had hold of her by her hips as I plowed into her pussy. She was obviously enjoying being filled with my thick rod as she built up towards her orgasm. "Oh my God." she whispered, her eyes moving away from mine to stare at some unknown point in the distance. I pulled on one of her nipples and she started cumming silently, a look of pleasure contorting her face.

It nearly tipped me over the edge and I stopped and pulled out as she finished, my cock twitching as a few drops of cum escaped from the tip. She had the consistency of a ragdoll now, and under pressure from my hand on her shoulders she slid back down onto her knees on the floor, resuming her original pose.

I felt like my dick was on fire; it looked bigger and more engorged than usual as it bobbed in front of her face. Kim knew exactly what to do, clamping her lips over it and sucking hard on the tip as she ran her hand up and down the length of it.

I began to buckle at the knees. She pulled her hot mouth away and said "Come on, cum right on my face, give me all that cum." What felt like a tidal wave rushed from my balls and gushed out onto her willing face. It was quite early in the day, so my load was thicker than usual, and it spewed out in thick strings, clinging to her nose, lips and chin.

When I had finished, her face was a mess, covered in a whole weeks worth of cum, and we both laughed.

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"That was amaz." she started to say, before we both froze at the sound of a car pulling up my driveway. "Go, quick," I hissed, "I'm sorry, she must have decided to come home." "Don't worry," Kim laughed, "I'll be alright." She grabbed her stuff and slipped out the back door, still topless. I saw her scramble over the fence and hoped that any neighbours wouldn't see anything, before grabbing some kitchen role and wiping up any traces of what had happened. I had just made the top of the stairs and was pulling on a pair of jeans to hide my retreating erection as the front door opened.

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Ten minutes later, sitting in the front room, we saw Kim walking out of her driveway. The white t-shirt had been replaced by a red one. "Have you spoken to the neighbours properly yet?" I nearly froze.


"Not really, no. Why?" "No reason. I spoke to them the other day. They seem ok. The daughter was very nice, very polite. Seems like a bright girl. Her mother was saying." I relaxed and leaned back. I was safe, for now.