Husband wanking himself to nice cumshot

Husband wanking himself to nice cumshot
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After 20 years in an empty marriage my ex and I finally got smart and filed for divorce. Before I knew it, I found myself in my mid 40's, single and free to embrace whatever might come my way.

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A few years later I left my high-level management position to work for a small tech startup that was introducing a new technology to the media business. This took me to all corners of the US demonstrating the system. Often, in smaller cities and towns I would only have a single appointment and I would find myself with free time either in that town or while traveling to the next one.

Around this time I discovered a website that was basically all about hooking up. Sure, plenty of women made their profiles look as if they were wanting to date, but really they just wanted to hook up. I've always been a big city boy and I had no idea how many lonely, horny women there are in small towns across the country that just wanted to fuck.

With the pickings often slim where they lived, and the potential to become labeled as the town whore if they did mess around with a local, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how many were willing to discreetly meet an attractive guy just passing through. On one trip I got especially lucky and had an experience I will never forget. On this trip I had to fly to a OKC the first day, drive to Wichita for an single appointment the next day and then drive to the middle of Bumfuck Nebraska for an appointment the following day before heading back to Wichita to fly home.

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I connected with a woman in tiny Kansas town between Wichita and Bumfuck and made arrangements for me to stop by on my way. She was one of the types of women I tended to have a fetish for.

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Actually, she met several of my fetishes. 1- She was an attractive older woman, about 66. 2- She was a natural red head with pale white skin.

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3- She was a petite little thing at 5'0 and no more than 90 pounds. If I was lucky she'd be as perfect in person as she was on paper. I arrived at her place late in the afternoon. As I was walking up to the door she opened it and there stood this sweet looking little sexy woman that was even better than I had hoped for.

She invites me in and gives me a hug hello. I tell her how glad I am to be able to meet her and that I had no idea she would look even better in person than she did in her pictures. She blushed and melted a little telling me she was just as glad to have such a handsome man come for a visit. She got us some drinks and we sat next to each other on the couch making idle chit chat. After a few minutes the chit chat turned flirtatious and I could tell by the look in her eye that she was ready.

I leaned for a kiss and her eager lips quickly met mine. After kissing for a bit I move my lips to her neck and she responded by pulling my body close to hers. I went right for it and placed my hand on her breast. She wasn't wearing a bra and could that tiny nipple atop her tiny tit was firm and hard. I was pleasantly surprised to find that her tiny A cup was much firmer than I expected. In a second she was moaning and breathing heavily.

She backed off, took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

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Without a word she stood in front of me and quickly undressed. Before me stood a sexy little redhead with the body of a 30 year old. She had beautiful pale skin, her tiny titties had almost no sag and she had a nice little bush of fire red pubic hair. I admired her for a moment before she asked if I was going to get naked as well. In no time I was standing close to her with 7 inches of hard cock pointing right at her belly.

She took my cock in her hand and began gentle rubbing my shaft. I reached down into her fire bush, found her clit and began to massage it.

She was soaking wet.


With a coy smile she asked what I thought she should do now. I took my wet finger and placed it to her lips. She licked it while I worked it into her mouth. I told her I though she should get on her knees. She dropped to her knees and started licking my shaft. Up until now everything had been gentle and sensual.

That changed as she placed her lips around the tip of my cock, reached around putting both hands on my ass and quickly pulled me forward forcing my cock deep into her mouth. She backed off then pulled me into her again, deeper and harder and began forcefully fucking my cock with her mouth.

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I grabbed the back of her head and thrust forward each time she pulled me into her. After a few more thrusts my cock was finding it's way into her throat. I pushed if fully in and held her there for a moment with her lips touching my groin. She pulled off, looked up at me and told me to fuck her face with everything I had. She didn't have to ask twice. With a firm hold on her head I thrust my cock fully into her throat over and over.

She was moaning in pleasure and was getting off as much, if not more than I was. After a few minutes of the most frantic face fucking I've experienced I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I wasn't ready to blow yet so I pulled out and started smacking her face with my cock. She looked up at me and said "I love your cock in my throat. You've made me cum twice already!" I picked her up and laid her on her back on the bed.

Standing over her I pulled her toward me until her head hung over the side, straddled her and rammed my cock into her throat once more. I reached down and rubbed both of her tits.


When I pinched her nipples she reached behind, pulled me into her and held my cock deep in her throat. When she let go I move one hand down to her pussy which was soaking wet. With my cock in her throat she came hard and loud as I rubbed her clit. I again started to furiously fuck her throat as she continued her immense orgasm. With my balls about to burst I pushed fully into her throat and exploded.

Stream after stream of my cum shot deep into her throat and she came yet again. Fully spent I pulled my cock out of her mouth and collapsed on the bed next to her.

She cuddled up next to me and eventually we caught our breath. Finally I looked at her and said "You are one hot little woman!

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I can't say I expected anything like that." She said she'd wanted to be used like that for years but this was her first time to actually experience it. "Are there other things you've wanted to experience?" Of course there were. She had several pent-up fantasies. She showed me 2 pair of handcuffs that she's never used. She's often fantasized about eating her first pussy.

Her ass was still virgin. And the final one she shared was her desire to be raped. "Well, I'll be passing thru on my way back tomorrow, maybe we should see what we can fulfill for you?" With lust in her eyes she told me "I can hardly wait until tomorrow."