Mommybb young blond mommy aaliyah love is sucking dane crosss dick

Mommybb young blond mommy aaliyah love is sucking dane crosss dick
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My 22nd birthday started out like any other day. warm summer sun with the promise to get much hotter. My boyfriend, Mike, and I were going to spend the day at the lake on a picnic - just a nice quiet day. I showered, and dressed to tease and please him in a pair of daisy dukes and a blue bandana-print shirt tied unbuttoned, and tied tight under my firm, 36C tits.

As I got into the car to meet him, I knew we were going to have a great day of sex and lunch at the lake. He was making the lunch and taking care of all the details. hmmm. I could not wait.

As I drove the 45 minutes to Mike's, I left town and was on this deserted little road. Mike lived in the next town over, and we had spent many evenings on this road, pulled off to the side, necking, or fucking.

I had lost my virginity to him out here, under the stars one evening. my mind was wandering, and I did not even think twice when I saw the police car pull up behind me.

As his lights came on, I started to swear under my breath. I was going to be late getting to Mike's now. "May I have your license and registration, please." As I looked up at the officer, I was stunned to see this young, extremely handsome sandy-haired, blue eyed stud looking back at me.


"Your license and registration??" He asked a second time. I fumbled and handed both items to him, amazed that I was flustered. He sauntered back to his car, and got onto the radio. He had stopped me at a secluded bend in the road. We literally could not be seen from either side of the road unless you were almost on top of us, and even then, with the trees, and a couple of rocks, it would have been hard.

While he was on the radio, his partner came to the door of my old VW, and began looking around. He opened the door, and asked me to step outside. Partner was also big and beefy, dark haired, with deep brown eyes and a great tan. His eyes twinkled as he escorted me to a grassy spot under a tree a few feet from the safety of my car.

Smith, from his nameplate, just stood talking to me until his buddy came back over.

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"Place your hands on top of your head, and spread your legs." I was shocked, and Smith looked me in the eye. "Do it," he mouthed.

I put my hands on top of my head and spread my legs far apart. My shorts were pretty short, and I knew they were riding higher. Smith stood watching me as the first cop, Riley, got behind me, and started patting me down. I had not worn a bra today, knowing it was hot, and that it would not be on for long.

now I winced as Riley's huge hands lingered at my breasts, patting me down for weapons. I shivered and began to get wet as his strong hands traveled down my body. When he got to my spread legs, Smith smiled a little smile, then stepped forward and held me by the shoulders. Riley's fingers were checking to see how wet I was. "Hmmm. I think she is hiding something here.

we will have to search her closer." "We have no policewomen on today," Smith said, then smiled. "That means we could hold her in jail all weekend, or." Riley held me by the wrists as Smith reached down and untied my blouse, freeing my tits. He cupped each one gently, lifting it to his mouth for a lick and a nibble.

Then he unsnapped my shorts, and eased them down below my hips. Riley allowed my legs to come together as Smith pulled my shorts all the way down. I was now standing there in a pair of lacy thong underwear and an open blouse.

He hooked his fingers into the top band of my underwear and eased it away from me.

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His fingers teased my mound as they pulled the underwear down. He helped me step out of it. Riley reached around and pulled the ties to my blouse behind me, tying my shirt on, with my tits fully exposed.

Big hands still on my wrists, they guided me over to the passenger side of the patrol car. Each guy took a wrist, and slapped a handcuff on it, then attached the free end to the door handles. I shivered, but did as they said. I was excited to be stark naked in the mid-morning sun and they knew it. Riley bent me over, pulling my hips back towards him, then he used his nightstick to tap my legs far apart.

The nightstick came up between my legs, teasing my hot pussy lips, and travelling up the crack of my ass. Smith had a Polaroid camera sitting on the rear trunk lid of the car. I heard Riley's pants unzipping behind me, but I could do nothing.

Riley's strong hands began to repeat the pat down proceedure, coming around to cup my breasts this time, and rub the tender nipples. He lingered there several minutes, playing with my tits, pinching the nipples, pulling on them. His hands then traveled down my body, caressing me more ardently, stroking, rubbing, making my juices really start to flow. Riley took his time, feeling me everywhere with big, warm, smooth hands.

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He went down one leg, and back up the other, working one hand around to my mound, teasingly playing with my dark blonde curls. He cupped my mound, then slid his hand back towards my ass, then back to the mound. Taking both hands now, he spread the my pussy lips wide, and teased my clit between his fingers.


He had Smith come over, and reach around me in a bear hug to hold my pussy lips wide open as he took out a flashlight and inspected me.

Smith kept me wide open as Riley's fingers probed deep, feeling around, looking for evidence. Riley stepped back, and taking the camera, he snapped a picture of Smith holding me wide open. my ass and hot wet pussy inviting the world to dive right in. Smith teased my clit with his fingers as Riley came back over, and resumed his probing. Deep, this time, his tongue replacing his finger. Flicking his tongue across my clit, diving into my gash, I was getting hotter all the time. Now, fingers and tongue.

Smith released me and walked away for a moment. I looked over at Smith, who had also removed his pants. He had the camera in hand, and took several pictures of Riley working my cunt over with his fingers and tongue. "You guys aren't cops, are you." "Heheheh.

how did you guess?" Smith said with a gleam in his eye. I started relaxing into Riley's probes, and moaned as he entered me with two big, thick fingers. I began to grind my hips back at him as he played with my clit with a meaty thumb.

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The hot head of Riley's cock was poised at the entrance to my hot, dripping pussy. "You have wonderful tits. I bet your boyfriend loves to play with them." Smith said as he reached down and grabbed one, pinching the nipple in his fingers. At that moment, Riley thrust deep within me, filling me completely with his huge, throbbing cock. Smith kept playing with my tit as Riley pumped deep and hard. Stroking faster and harder now, Riley kept banging away at me.

Deeper, harder faster.

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his balls slapping into my ass, stroking me as hard and deep as he could. I felt an orgasm beginning just as Riley's huge hot wad filled my cunt. As Riley finished and pulled out of me, Smith walked back, and got a picture of his jism dripping out of my cunt.

They let me stand there for a few minutes, juices flowing down my legs. Smith handed his camera to Riley, and walked behind me. He ran his fingers up my quivering legs, covering them in sticky goo. I was still wide open to both men, handcuffed to the patrol car, wondering what was next. "Hmm. nothing in that hole. I think she has another area to explore." He took his wet fingers, and began working them around my asshole, caressing my cheeks. I shuddered with delight as he worked one finger into my ass, sliding it in and out, getting it wet with my juices, then going back for more.

Sliding in deeper each time, he moved his finger around, hugging my leg, and playing with my clit at the same time. I felt myself relaxing, and he added a second finger to the his original probe. I moaned, and ground my hips back towards him. "Hmm. nothing yet. I guess I need different equipment." He stopped and spanked me several times, not hard, but enough to send a warm glow across my cheeks and make my hot box tingle.

His fingers were replaced by his throbbing cock, easing in gently, then slowly starting a deep stroke.

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I felt so full, so warm. His balls slapped against my ass as he went deeper and thrust harder. When he had me good and loose, he stopped. Riley came and took a picture of Smith's cock rammed into my ass up to the balls, then Riley pulled out. "I still think she is hiding something. Maybe if we search both holes at once." Riley said as he undid the handcuffs from the car doors and stood me up.

Smith had taken a beachtowel from the "patrol" car, and placed it on the grass in the shade. He laid down on it, then signaled to Riley. Riley led me over to Smith, and guiding me into a straddle, he held my pussy lips wide open as he eased me down to my knees and onto Smith's fully erect cock.

He then took the handcuffs and attached the free ends to Smith's wrists. As I began to rock on Smith's hard cock, Riley pushed me forward, and began probing my asshole with his finger.

I moaned with delight as Smith's mouth found a tit and began sucking it. Riley kept dipping a finger into my juices and working them into my ass, probing around, working me into a frenzy. "Such a tight ass." Riley said as he entered me, and began thrusting along with us.

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Both holes filled, two incredible studs pumping away at me, I lost my sanity, and began to have one of the hottest, biggest orgasms I had ever had. The guys paused momentarily to let the waves of pleasure wash over me, then resumed their thrusts. "And her pussy is just as tight. I like them both," Smith said between thrusts. The pace of the thrusts increased, and I felt myself cumming again as first Smith came in my cunt, then Riley filled my ass with more juice.

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My legs were quivering as Riley pulled out of my ass with a pop. I just laid on Smith's chest for a few moments, still impaled on his cock, and then I sat up, grinding him deep within me. He moaned this time. then he quickly flipped me over onto my back, and renewed his thrusts, never pulling out of me. he pounded in deep and hard, faster and faster until he came again, flooding me in another bath of hot sticky cum. I was so busy with Smith slamming into me that I never noticed another car pull up and stop behind the "patrol" car.

"Nice work, guys." It was my boyfriend, with the polaroid camera in hand, taking a few shots. "What???" I stammered as Smith pulled out of me. "Happy Birthday, baby. I knew this had always been a fantasy of yours.

and I got a couple guys from school help out." Best birthday present I had ever had.