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Feet threeway with amateurs fucked in hot high def
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I would suggest that the first five parts are read before reading Part Six. I will, however, give a brief synopsis of what had happened for new readers who do not wish to read earlier episodes.

My name is Tania Daniels and in the first episode I was working in a small doctor's surgery as a receptionist. One day I walked through a strange door and was suddenly transported through a portal into a parallel universe where everything was identical - my life, job and everyone else were exact doubles - with the exception that everything was in reverse, exactly opposite - Left was right - in all respects - but the main difference was that an EU directive had commanded that all business were allowed to employ someone, male or female, to be their Naked Employee (NE for short), and would get impressive tax relief for their business returns.

My exact double, my doppelganger, worked the same as I did as a doctor's receptionist but worked completely naked. As an NE she was able to legally walk naked in the street at any time, and legally attend public functions naked, as long as she wore her NE necklet. Official NE regulations also allowed her employer to have sex with her a minimum of once every working day.

That should give you a brief idea of what is happening. Subsequent episodes resulted in moving jobs and working as an NE in the theatre as a front of house manager and as a long distance coach courier. NOW READ ON:- MY NAKED DOPPELGANGER - PART 6 - RETURN TO BASICS. The winter passed slowly - oh so very slowly.

The summer holidays were over and apart from the odd trips to the theatre or weekends in British towns I was almost redundant. I was partnered up with driver Barry a couple of times but it wasn't the same. He was quite cold towards me.

I didn't expect him to strip me off and ravish me as he had in the parallel universe, but I had expected him to be at least polite towards me. I began to think that my doppelganger might have upset him in some way when she took my place on that occasion when he fucked me on that trip - you know - the one when we wondered if he had beaten that semen spurt record - I never did find out the result of that by the way.

So apart from the reduction in my work load, and resulting income, what work I did get was not always as pleasant as it had been. I actually wondered if my doppelganger had rebuffed Barry a little harder than she might have done, with not wanting to sort of drop me in it on my return.

Whatever the reason, I was not a happy bunny. As the months passed I once again wondered if I would ever be transported again and this, together with my lack of work and compatibility with Barry, was turning me into a very grumpy lady. Richard must have noticed the change in my demeanour as he announced out of the blue that it might be time for me to change jobs - although he gave shortage of working hours as the reason.

"Why don't you go back to being a doctor's receptionist love?" he asked at breakfast one work free morning. "I'd love to!" I replied "But those jobs don't grow on trees." "No, but they are sometimes mentioned when I go for my B12 top up." My darling hubby had been tested and proved to have a vitamin B12 deficiency two years ago, and a regular three month B12 injection was prescribed. I checked at the time as to whether it was serious and was happy to discover that a regular injection would alleviate the deficiency.

What was frightening though was the fact that a hundred years ago it had been fatal unless the patient ate something approaching two pounds of raw liver daily! Ye Gods! I think I would rather have died! Thank goodness for modern medicines. Anyway, I digress, back to the breakfast chat.

"Doctor Rushton told me that one of the receptionists was leaving to have a baby, and they were looking for a replacement for at least three months with &hellip." he hesitated and smiled "A possibility of it becoming permanent if she failed to return, or indeed if anyone else left." "When's she leaving?" "No idea love, but soon I think." "I know they have computers and stuff instead of written notes nowadays." "Don't be a pessimist!" he snapped "You were brilliant first time around, and I know you will pick up any new methods quickly - you are not illiterate on our computer are you?" I'd been signed into the same surgery as Richard, although I had not had a reason to attend an appointment since I first requested to join them.

I had seen the medical centre and knew that there were five doctors and several nurses in a rather modern two story building in the centre of town.

It would be a little different to the one doctor surgery where I used to work. I decided to move quickly and rang the centre. "Could I speak to Doctor Rushton please?" I asked the female who answered.

"Could I ask the reason?" she asked politely. I hesitated. What if the existing staff knew nothing of what Richard had told me? Would I be putting my foot in it by saying I was applying for the vacant position? I quickly went into reverse. "I meant could I have an appointment with him please?" "The first available appointment with Doctor Rushton is a week next Tuesday!" was her abrupt reply "Will another doctor do?" I had to think quickly.

I considered that the other doctors must know of the pregnant receptionist, and so a word with any of them should suffice. "Ok then." I told her "Any other doctor will be fine." "Can you tell me what the problem is?" OMG! So what was my problem? Talk about having to think quickly. "It's my work - I don't seem able to leave the house - I have only attended my job twice a week for several weeks now, and I am extremely worried!" "Can you attend at 10am tomorrow morning?" was the instant reply.

I gave a sigh of relief and accepted the appointment. I hadn't lied to her. It was all true &hellip. Well … sort of true anyway &hellip.the bit about only working two days a week was true alright. Lol.

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The following morning I attended my appointment. I felt a little guilty at using up an appointment which someone with a serious problem might have used, but needs must I decided, and I walked confidently into the doctor's surgery.

"Hello Mrs Daniels. We haven't seen you since you signed on with us, now what is the problem?" Doctor Henry enquired rather brusquely. "Well I must admit to being a bit of a fraud Doctor." I commenced "You see I used to be a doctor's receptionist at Dr Blackmore's small surgery in my home village of Darkwood.

I am a temporary courier at the moment and would love to return to my old profession." "This is an amazing coincidence!" exclaimed the doctor "We are about to advertise for a temporary receptionist with experience." "Really?" I queried with mock surprise. "The position is only guaranteed for three months I'm afraid." I assured him that three months would fine to get me back into the flow, and he rang through to the practice manager's office.

The practice manager Helen brought an application form through. Fortunately the doctor didn't ask what my medical problem was again, and so I got away with my cheek.

In order to speed up the process I decided to fill in the application form in the car outside and returned it within the hour. The waiting for a reply was gut wrenching, and I had to wait almost five days before a letter arrived from them.

I was invited to attend an interview in front of the five partners two days later. I've never been good at interviews but consoled myself with the thought that having moved so quickly I may have been the only candidate for the position, after all, what would have been the use of advertising a three month temporary post if they already had someone in mind. A letter arrived four days later asking if I could attend an interview at 12.30pm the following Tuesday.

Another few days wasted but I did as I was requested and turned up during their lunch hour. The place was locked up and I rang the bell. A young lad let me in, who I found out later was the eighteen year old junior called Danny, a sort of dogsbody who was called upon to do anything in his first paid occupation, and He directed me to the interview room where I was greeted by five men.

They all sat facing me behind a huge oak table, and I was asked to sit on a plush office type swivel chair facing them, from a distance of about eight feet. It was extremely daunting. The men were all dressed in smart suits with various colour ties - one even had a fancy flowery waistcoat - The man in the middle spoke. "Good afternoon Mrs Daniels. I am Dr Rushton, one of the partners at this medical centre. The other four partners are, from the left, Dr Toon, Dr Shah, and on my right Dr Middleton and finally Dr Martin.

We were very impressed with your application, which seems to have come just at the right time for us as Marcia; our main receptionist is shortly to start her maternity leave.

We wish to engage a replacement for a minimum of three months who has some experience in this field. We note that you have worked in a small surgery in the past - but this is a much larger operation to what you experienced in Darkwood - what do you think you can offer us?" "I spent several happy years at Darkwood and I think I was highly thought of." I replied "I have to admit that computers were not part of Dr Blackmore's mindset as everything was in paper form, with notes being kept on shelves and filing cabinets in the reception area.

I understand that you have a computer based system, which I feel sure I will soon become au fait with as I have since become IT literate with my own computer at home." The interview continued with questions regarding my family situation, my age, schooling and previous occupations, and finally I was asked to leave the room and wait in reception while they discussed the situation.

I began to feel rather uncomfortable as I sat in the waiting room. The reception staff kept glancing across at me, probably wondering - as I was - why it was taking so long just to decide if they were going to offer me the job.

I began to think what the 'accused' in court must feel when the jury took ages to decide on his fate. Almost half an hour had passed - very slowly - when Danny came over to me.

"Can you go back into the interview room please?" I nodded and got up slowly. I was rather apprehensive. If they had taken so long to decide it may well be the answer I didn't want. I knocked on the door.

"Come in!"" came the voice from inside. I fumbled the handle as I tried to open the door, whether it was nervousness or apprehension I had no idea, but I eventually opened it and walked in. The same five men were sitting like a hanging jury in front of me, although for some reason they had changed places. Dr Rushton was still in the centre but the other four were in virtually reverse order - the ones originally on the left were on the right and visa versa with the remaining two. Dr Rushton indicated for me to sit.

"We are sorry to have taken so long Mrs Daniels, but we decided to telephone your former surgery for a reference - rather than write or email and wait days for a reply. I'm sure you must understand in this profession we need to be absolutely certain regarding security and patient protection and confidentiality?" I nodded my understanding/ "Well …" he continued after nervously clearing his throat "We have discovered something you never told us on the application form!" He looked me straight in the eye, as they all did, and just stared for several seconds.

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To say it was unsettling me would be an understatement. Surely it wasn't about the ten bodies buried at the bottom of our garden? He eventually continued. "It appears you were an official Naked Employee in your original position as doctor's receptionist?" OMG!

My blood ran cold! I'd been transported into the parallel universe!

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No wonder I had difficulty opening the door, the handle must have been on the opposite side, and that accounted for the fact that the doctors had apparently changed their seats. I shifted uneasily in my chair - THIS should have been my doppelganger facing this interrogation - not me - Was I going to ruin things for her? "We spoke to a Dr Marshall there." "Yesss" I stuttered "he took over from Dr Blackmore, the doctor who first employed me as an NE." "So he said, and it appears they were both delighted at how you performed your duties in complete nudity." "Well I was very nervous at first, but I soon got over my fears and did the job to my best ability, albeit without clothing." "So we understand Mrs Daniels." "Please call me Tania!

Mrs Daniels seems a little formal when talking about my nudity." "I agree - Tania - !" he gave me the most tender yet lustful smile I think I have ever seen before continuing "We have discussed the matter fully, Tania, and have, in the past, wondered whether to promote one of our girls as a Naked Employee…" "I'm surprised that you haven't actually!" I interrupted "giving the tax advantages the government gives businesses that do." "Exactly, but unfortunately our girls were all too old or &hellip." he coughed nervously "the wrong shape for such a position&hellip." I thought back to the rather large ladies I had seen earlier and smiled.

"We have discussed this fully and we wondered if you would be willing - if we were able to offer you the position following a few more questions - to accept a three month temporary contract as a Naked Employee, and work as our completely naked receptionist?" I had to think quickly. I was certainly interested, but I only was only transported here on rare occasions, but would my doppelganger be so keen?

Of course she would! "Before you give us your answer, I must point out that we would need to see you without your clothes Tania." He coughed and cleared his throat again, this was obviously NOT a subject he had expected to be discussed, and he was finding it difficult to convey his thoughts without a soupcon of embarrassment.

"We would need to know if you would accept ALL the provisions and duties expected of an official Government Naked Employee?" came the loud outburst from Dr Shah, seated on his left.

"Exactly … as Dr Shah has just pointed out &hellip. We understand you DID perform ALL the duties required when you were at Darkwood &hellip. Regarding …" he hesitated once more&hellip." "Regarding being fucked by your employer!" yelled Dr Shah. "Regarding …" Dr Rushton gave his partner a glare "regarding your sexual obligations!" If I hadn't been so nervous I would have burst out laughing. I never realised that doctors could be so naïve and embarrassed at nudity and sex, particularly as in this parallel universe it was an accepted and official thing with Naked Employees.

I decided to bluff it out and attempt to put myself in my doppelganger's shoes. "In accordance with my contract of employment as a legal Naked Employee I did have sex with my employers; I was naked at all times and even walked to work naked in warm weather." "What about the locums when the main man was away - did they fuck you?" asked the blunt Dr Shah? "Yes sir, the locums had sex with me too." "Were you fucked every day?" "Yes sir, every working day that is." "That is what Dr Marshall told us, he also stated that you had sex with Dr Blackmore, his predecessor once a day, but Dr Marshall himself had you twice a day - in fact he added that you were, and I quote 'A bloody good fuck, and on some occasions a brilliant fuck!' " I smiled and shrugged without replying, hoping against hope that the 'some' occasions were when he was fucking me following transportation.

"Did you only have one main employer at any given time?" asked Dr Martin "For as you can see there are five partners here." "There was only ever one in charge. Why? Would you all want to have sex with me?" I queried, looking around them as they sat staring at me. This caused a little consternation among the five doctors, who hastily gathered their heads together in a huddle and whispered out of my earshot.

"We would like to delay that reply until we have seen you naked Tania!" quipped the erudite Dr Rushton "If you are in agreement we would like to take a photograph of you fully dressed to attach to your application, and then for you to completely undress for us for a similar, but nude photograph?" Dr Middleton produced an Ipad, and O stood and posed as confidently as I could for him.

He took several shots before asking me to undress. By this time I was actually looking forward to showing them what I'd got. I faced them and slowly unbuttoned the top of my red office suit. Dr Toon got up from his seat and came around the table to stand by my side - he took each item from me and folded it carefully on the table. The zip on my skirt caught, and he was on hand to release it and help me out of the skirt. I managed to remove the underskirt without his help.

I stood for a few seconds in just my bra and knickers, allowing the five men to devour my semi nudity, before displaying my all.

I reached behind and unhooked my bra strap - or rather I tried to but although I wouldn't admit it, I was still a little nervous at undressing in front of them in that way and I fumbled idiotically.

"Shall I?" enquired the eager Dr Toon, proffering his hands towards me. "Thank you." I replied almost inaudibly. The doctor unhooked my bra and slowly moved the straps round my side and eased the cups, which seemed to stick on me, probably from perspiration or even suction, from each breast. The other men chuckled as Dr Toon struggled to pull the cup from my right breast, and finally inserted a couple of fingers into the cup, touching my breast in the process, before easing it away. He held the 'free' bra aloft in mock triumph, like a gladiator with his defeated opponent's severed head, and accepted the mock applause from his partners with a polite bow.

"Great tits! Now take her knickers off for her!" snapped Dr Shah, a man who was obviously lustier than all the others put together. Dr Toon looked appealingly at me, his eyebrows raised in query. I giggled and nodded my agreement. He knelt before me and grasped the waistband to my white bikini briefs. I wasn't the only one holding my breath as he slowly pulled downwards, first exposing both cheeks of my bare bottom and then allowing my pubic hairs to come into view at the front.

"Great - a bush!" yelled Dr Shah "A real woman! Don't see many of them nowadays!" My knickers were soon down to my feet and I stepped out of them totally naked. I felt surprisingly at ease at finally showing everything I had, although the eyes of the five men seemed glued between my legs at my throbbing pussy, which was slowly opening as my arousal became obvious.

"Now that is an awesome cunt gentlemen!" quipped Dr Shah. "We don't appreciate your brusque candour Doctor, but I can understand you saying it!" snapped Dr Rushton. He beckoned Dr Middleton again, who took several nude photographs of me, before adding "you certainly have lovely breasts and a very attractive and womanly vagina Tania." I nodded my acceptance of the compliment and sat down.

At that point Dr Middleton, for some reason, left the room. I remembered Dr Blackmore's insistence for me to sit with my legs parted to show off my pussy when naked, and dutifully kept my legs apart as far as I could do without it appearing too obvious. I smiled inwardly as all eyes were still glued to my now fully open pussy. "We now have to decide whether you to offer you the position Tania." Dr Rushton informed me.

"What's to decide?" snapped the horny Dr Shah "She's bloody stunning!" "I must concur with my rather loud, but equally truthful, colleague." Dr Martin added "that Mrs Daniels would be a delightful addition to our staff, but we must wait for Dr Middleton to return before making a decision" "And a bloody good fuck too!" Dr Shah ventured. "Who is?" asked Dr Middleton as he returned to the room and took his eat. "Mrs Daniels! Who else?" snapped the ebullient Dr Shah?

"Who says?" "Her first bloody surgery that's who!" Dr Rushton attempted to calm the situation. "I think you may have gathered that we are all much taken with your body, and indeed your experience and attractiveness Tania and, the answer to your previous question before you undressed - YES - we would all want to fuck you!" "All of you EVERY day?" "No!

I don't think that would be necessary, in fact a little over the top - but maybe with five partners each one could have a day allotted on a rota system by our practice manager Cheryl. WE could then choose when to have sex with you at a given time to suit your work load." "Twice a day!" yelled Dr Shah. I gave him an old fashioned look - I was going to have trouble with him, I knew it!


"That would be up to Tania Dr Shah - I believe the official NE contract only stipulates once a day - what do you think Tania?" "Let's leave it in abeyance!" I replied "After all, the good doctor may not enjoy having me as much as he thinks." "Well there's only one way to find out!" yelled Dr Shah, standing up and unfastening his trousers "Let's fuck you right now!" "I don't think that is necessary doctor!" shouted Dr Rushton, who was summarily pushed aside as the shuffling Dr Shah, his trousers around his ankles, made a beeline for me.

"Get those legs spread Tania!" he yelled as he dropped his underpants, and an impressive erect dusky penis sprang into view. My legs were pushed wide apart by his hands and he thrust his groin forward to expertly aim the helmet of his cock into my wide open pussy.

Dr Rushton abandoned his attempt to stop Dr Shah's actions, as the Asian doctor's cock slipped inside me, and sat back, like the others, to watch as I was dutifully fucked in front of all of them. To be honest it wasn't a bad fuck either! The doctor knew a few tricks - fingers up my bum as he thrust up me being one - and a very enjoyable coition took place. It wasn't the most romantic fuck I had ever had, but it WAS the first by someone from an ethnic background and, I made a mental note, hopefully not the last.

Dr Shah thrust deep and quickly, a speedy fuck that didn't quite allow me to make that slow deliberate climb to a climax, more a wham bam thank you ma'am moment for him, probably following a long lay off from sex by a frigid wife. He certainly let rip when he ejaculated! I could feel streams of spunk deep inside me as he gasped and grunted and emptied himself into my body.

I actually thought that the watching men were going to applaud him as their hands were raised in readiness, but they thought better of it - and quite right too - this was an interview, not a sex entertainment. "Sign her up!" snapped Dr Shah as he pulled his underpants and trousers back up "I concur with that Dr Marshall - she is a stunning fuck!" "I think that brings everything to a satisfactory conclusion." added Dr Rushton "Welcome to the fold Tania!" "Could I just empty myself before continuing?" I pleaded, holding my hand to my pussy to help prevent leakage.

"Of course, it is outside first on the right." I rushed to the door, opened it, and ran into the toilet next door. I didn't stop to worry what the rest of the staff thought, after all they were going to find out soon enough, and I sat and emptied myself for the nest three or four minutes - YE gods!

- That Asian doctor didn't half spunk a lot! I returned to the interview room and once again sat on the swivel chair. "As I mentioned earlier, Marcia is about to go on maternity leave, but I feel sure she would happily show you the ropes before she leaves, so as not to leave you with too much to pick up on her departure." "That would be fine with me Dr Rushton." "When would you like to start?" "I am free any time. My present employment as a courier is only on a part time basis, and I do not have to give notice - so I can start whenever you desire." "Wonderful!

Would you like one of us to show you round the centre while you are here?" "Yes I would love that." I replied, and stood up to grab my clothes.


Doctor Rushton chuckled and put out a restraining hand. "I hardly think it necessary to get dressed - after all you will be working naked!" "I'll show Tania round if you like?" "No thank you Hamid, I think you have been with her enough for one day! No, I'll show her round." Dr Rushton took my hand and we walked from the room into the waiting room.

The afternoon surgery had begun and several patients were waiting their turn. The women seemed to look and turn their heads away, whereas every man, from the young to the old, stared as I breast wobbled past them. That's one of the nice things about having bare boobs - the way they wobble and bounce - seem to fascinate and attract the male of the species in some incredible way!

Being a Naked Employee has its perks, and having admiring males every step of the way is by far the most important. My pubes seem to come in for a fair amount of visual study too, most of it probably due to the fact that most younger women seem to want to deprive themselves of the hirsute pussy and return to the hairless vagina of the pre-pubescent girl.

Some, I fervently hope, appreciate the sight of an attractive bush surrounding and enhancing the view of the seductive folds of labia lips that herald the delight of the mature woman's pussy.

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Something to give gratification to both the loving and the lustful men - and women in this modern age - who seek pleasure in gazing between a naked woman's legs and taking erotic physical pleasure in entering the entrancing world inside her. Dr Shah was such a person, and had made it quite obvious he fancied fucking me - and made sure he did! I am not a naturally loose woman, not by any means, but when in such a situation of having to uphold the relative naked and erotic values of my doppelganger - and not wishing to upset the apple cart so to speak - it was both necessary and thoughtful of me to allow the good doctor to penetrate me as he did.

I was NOT being immoral, I was being thoughtful and kind to a woman who had made a life for herself in nudity, by allowing this man to enter me as he had done, and satisfy his lustful energies by fucking me to his orgasm.

And what an orgasm! It was like a fireman's hose gushing inside my cunt! Well … I might be exaggerating slightly - but it was very nice! I was hoping that the transportation would last long enough to sample the delights of all the partners and, to be honest; I wouldn't have minded it being a permanent residence.

To be naked at all times, fucked at work by gorgeous men with my husband's knowledge and acceptance - OK he didn't yet know about THIS twist in the interview, but he soon would, and I knew he WOULD accept it!

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What a wonderful world to live in? Total acceptance of legal nudity and getting well paid for it. Just a minute - wages hadn't been discussed - OMG I didn't want to ruin my doppelganger's suitable remuneration? Enjoyment and being fucked silly by five attractive doctors was one thing, but I knew she would want a fairly sizeable income from it. I was doing this for her without pay - just to help her out! Well &hellip. That's my excuse … the sex was just something I had to suffer &hellip.

And if you believe that you will believe anything. I loved every single minute! This was a fantastic way of escaping my humdrum life at home and living the life of a legal harlot.

I smiled as the men in the waiting room ravished my naked body with their eyes. Young Danny was equally desirous as he gazed lovingly at me as we entered the reception area. He'd probably never seen a girl with a hairy cunt in his life; in fact he might never have seen a cunt full stop.

I wondered if he might be allowed to fuck me sometime, I could certainly teach him a few tricks. "This is Marcia, the lady you will be standing in for." explained Dr Rushton to a rather chubby blonde girl in her mid twenties, in a rather advanced state of pregnancy "and this is your replacement Tania." "Bloody hell! I hope you don't expect me to be like that when I come back?" she snapped "Jack would go spare if I bared my lot like that!" Jack, I discovered later, was her jobbing builder husband of four years, who was rather susceptible to bouts of unfounded jealousy.

Something I had endured myself in my first marriage. Being accused of playing away is not very nice, and extremely difficult to defend, when you are totally innocent. I understood Marcia completely. "Not to worry Marcia." explained the doctor "We are taking the opportunity to test the waters with a temporary Naked Employee.

We discovered that Tania has already been an NE at her previous surgery and she is willing to fill in just for your absence. We felt it was an opportunity not to be missed, considering many of you have asked us to consider having an NE for ages now." "Good on you Mike!" quipped Marcia "About time too, she's bloody lovely, just so long as you don't expect me to flash my goods too?" "At last we are coming into the 21st century!" Cheryl, the practice manager gave tongue to what had obviously been a matter of constant discussion.

"Welcome to the jungle Tania, with or without a loincloth you are going to be a breath of spring to the place - let's hope you bring out the best from this miserable lot?" "I'm afraid it's WITHOUT a loincloth!" I giggled, indicating my exposed vagina.

"No problem! Anything that brings a little joy into the lives of our patients is ok by me." "I love it!" leered young Danny, eagerly eyeing up my cunt. "You are a cheeky young sod!" snapped Cheryl "You better watch him Tania, not to be trusted among grown ups, I better he's never seen a girl's snatch in his life!" "He's having a bloody good look at Tania's!" laughed Marcia. "I've noticed!" sneered Cheryl "go and splash on some cold water and get back to work!" Danny took one last look between my legs and sloped off with his tail between his legs.

"Oh dear! I hope he isn't upset?" "Don't worry about him - I bet he had a hard on anyway!" came a remark from a grossly corpulent auburn haired girl at the photo copier "Just let him play with your tits occasionally and he'll be like a pig in muck!" "I'll try and remember that!" I giggled. "Is she allowed to do that?" asked Marcia "to let him play with her tits?" "If she wants to yes. It's not just the partners who can touch her." admitted Dr Rushton. "He'll bloody love that!" laughed Marcia.

"Come on Tania; let's show you the treatment rooms." Dr Rushton led me through the corridor into a large treatment room. Two more employees greeted me. Phillip was an attractive male nurse about thirty, dark brown trimmed beard and fairly short similar coloured hair. Sandra was also a babe, with long blonde hair and what appeared to be a figure to die for - she appeared to be in her early twenties. I was introduced personally by Dr Rushton to each of them.

"Thank the Lord for you Tania! "Sandra told me "I've been on tenterhooks for months wondering who would be our Naked Employee - you are a breath of fresh air!" "I must admit I was surprised at how well the females are taking my appointment." "That's because they have all been petrified we would choose one of them!" chuckled Dr Rushton "especially Sandra here." He slipped an arm around her shoulders "Wouldn't have minded having her working in the buff!" "I can always turn down the offer!" I snapped.

"Don't you dare!" yelled Sandra "I'm not getting my kit off for anybody!" She smiled at me "I admire women like you Tania - you won't get any bitterness from me - especially with a body like you've got!" "I was scared too girls - Naked Employees don't have to be female you know?" admitted Phillip "So welcome to you our naked Tania!" "I suppose THAT is one reason that I could hate you." retorted Sandra - "I would have liked to see Phillip here bollock naked!" "My bollocks are staying covered than you very much, working nude with this lot would have driven me to distraction - so a huge welcome from me!" I couldn't have been made more welcome, and it was wonderful to know that no-one was envious of my appointment, which could have proved troublesome for either me or my doppelganger.

Dr Rushton took me into the staff room for a welcome cup of coffee. He sat opposite me, obviously to be able to see me as we chatted, and I thoughtfully parted my legs just enough to visually tease, and hopefully tease him. "Well?" he asked "Do you think you will enjoy working with us?" "Yes I do - they are a lovely bunch of people - and apparently not in the least but jealous." "You have freed them from worries, they actually were frightened of either being appointed the NE or being sacked to appoint one - so either way you have brought a great amount of relief to the place, with both filling in for Marcia AND for being an NE." "The partners seemed to like me too." "Oh yes!

No doubt about that. They may not all be as flamboyant and outspoken as Hamid Shah, but I can honestly say that you are greatly admired by all the partners, especially with having the opportunity to try out ALL your NE responsibilities." "Fucking me you mean?" "Yes that of course!" he chuckled "I will get Cheryl to work out a rota system so you know exactly what's going on, and Hamid doesn't get more than his share!" "Just so long as YOU want your share Dr Rushton?" "Oh yes, I want my share alright - and please call me Mike." "Don't forget to register me here so I can walk to work naked each day." "Nick has already got that in hand Tania, from this morning actually, so you are already our official naked employee - so I could legally fuck you right now if I so wanted!" "And do you want to?" "More than words can say!" he purred with definite desire.

I opened my legs wider and he knelt down between them. He kissed me fully on my open pussy. Mmmmmm. This was going to be the best transportation of them all. His tongue slipped inside my labia lips and he licked the throbbing inner flesh of my vagina. He sucked my labia into his mouth and tasted me fully. "You taste beautiful! "He whispered, and got to his feet to undress.

When naked he walked to the door, his erection waving to and fro. He bolted the door and smiled at me. "We don't want to be disturbed do we?" "No we certainly don't!" I replied as his penis slid inside me for my first 'official' fuck.

He leaned forward and kissed me gently on the forehead. It was such a tender kiss.


More like a father kissing his young daughter as she slept. He pulled away slightly and gazed into my eyes. I somehow knew this was going to be perfect. He kissed me again, but this time on my lips - still very gentle - still more love than the lust of the previous doctor. I pressed my lips to his in response. The tip of his tongue slipped between my lips.

I could taste myself on both his lips and his tongue. The taste he had complimented me on so tenderly. The kiss became more passionate as our mouths opened and tongues searched the wetness. The taste of my vaginal fluids was stronger - it was all over the inside of his mouth - I had never experienced my own taste on someone before, and I liked it. He thrust his groin and his penis slid deep inside me. We continued to kiss as he began to fuck me, so gently at first but gradually the thrusts picked up speed - but never reached the lustful jet propulsion of Dr Shah.

It was a tender and affectionate fuck, a rarity in my life from a stranger, and certainly something I wanted to happen again. I prayed that I could stay in this universe long enough to experience it many more times.

Strangely it had only just started and I wanted more. The kissing became less and the thrusts into my grateful pussy grew stronger as Mike began his climb to his climax. I too was finding this extreme exhilarating and enjoyable, with my own journey to my peak starting from deep inside my cunt.

I so envied my doppelganger, who was going to enjoy all this and four other gorgeous men inside her daily. The sensations deep within me increased in intensity and I clung tightly to my equally naked employer, basking fully in the incredible sensual feelings that were being generated within me.

This was work! OMG it really was! What a wonderful way to earn a living! I envied my doppelganger so much, and yet she was still to discover what had happened - Five lovely men up her weekly! Mmmmm. I prayed that she wouldn't mind! Hehe. Mike was speeding up again and brought me back to the matter in hand - or rather in cunt! Lol. MY cunt that he was now banging as if there was no tomorrow. He was obviously in the final throes before ejaculation and I needed to further my own arousal in order to catch up.

I love it when a man and I cum together, mutually in orgasm, and the good doctor deserved such a fate after his lovely attention to me. I improved the thrusts of my own groin towards him which caused his cock to slip even deeper and hit against my uterus. This caused the acute sensual feelings I was experiencing to heighten and sharpen in intensity. My whole body was quickly becoming vibrant and alive and the throbbing in my cunt was being transmitted upwards, through my tummy and breasts. My brain was becoming full of myriad thoughts as the sensations enveloped my whole being.

Then he exploded! He gasped out loud - a combination of ecstasy and relief - as he gushed his load inside me. Not that it was so big an amount really, not nearly as much as Dr Shah had spunked, but definitely more enjoyable for me after such a gorgeous all round fuck. I pushed my cunt hard towards him in an attempt to encourage my own climax - at least let me give him the satisfaction and pleasure of hearing and feeling me cumming myself. I clung tightly with my legs wrapped around his waist, urging my very being to join him in a somewhat late, but equally satisfying orgasm.

"Oh Wow!" Thank goodness it worked. Mt whole body shuddered and trembled as the climax overwhelmed me. "I'm cumming too!" I yelled out loud. "I heard you!" he laughed "But so did the rest of the building!" I didn't care who heard me, this was absolutely brilliant. My whole being was shaking in a fantastic orgasm - I actually thought my brain would explode.

It didn't though. It took several awesome seconds for me to come down from my climactic peak and to talk sensibly. Mike was still hard and still emptying himself inside me. He hadn't spurted as hard as Dr Shah but he was lasting longer in shooting the stuff.

Mmmm such a lovely man - and what a gorgeous fuck. I eased my groin away from him and his cock slipped out. It was diminishing fast.

Who would have that the now almost limp and insignificant sliver of human flesh could have given me such pleasure and delight? I cradled his penis in my hand and kissed it. "Thank you." I whispered softly "Thank you little penis." Dr Rushton burst out laughing. "I've never had it complimented personally before!" "It deserves it Mike - it gave me a stunning fuck!" "I'm glad to hear it, and believe me, it was mutual.

Dr Shah was right - you are a bloody good fuck Tania, and I am looking forward to many, many more." "Ditto!" I replied briefly, but certainly no less encouraging.

"Now unless you want me to introduce you to the other three partners, who might like to try you out as well, I will have to get on with my surgery list. I am already fifteen minutes late in starting." "No that's ok doctor - I think that two fucks at lunchtime is enough - EVEN for me!" I giggled like a schoolgirl.

He started to dress and was almost fully clothed when we heard the door handle being rattled, followed by a knock on the door. He nodded for me to unbolt it as he fastened his tie. It was the practice manager Cheryl. She gave a smirk as she saw Mike straightening his tie and grinned at me - she must have guessed what had been going on. "I have been looking at the appointments next week doctor and have produced a rota system for all the partners to 'enjoy' Tania - a quick wink to me followed by a little giggle.

"Alright Cheryl, it's not a secret dear, everyone knows we can all legally fuck her!" snapped Mike, with a slight hint of anger. "Sorry doctor." she apologised and looked suitably sheepish "that is what I have arranged. If it ok with you I thought it better for Tania to have one partner each morning when she arrived for work, and then another after the surgery is closed in the evening." "That's a good idea!" I suggested "I know how some men find it difficult to fuck twice a day, especially if they have cum the first time." "I hope you are not referring to me!" "Oh no - just stating a fact from experience doctor - and a different man in the evening would be a nice change too, and be a fitting end to the day." "Good!" replied Cheryl "Those were my thoughts exactly." She left the rota with Mike and left the room.

"She seems efficient." "Yes she is, very efficient, but I still wonder what she actually thinks about all this." "She seems to have accepted it with good grace. I think I am going to get along fine with her." I went to pick up my knickers, which were still where I had placed them earlier. "Getting dressed then?" "Yes I think I'd better. I haven't got my NE necklet with me - I would have to wear it to be legally naked in the street - plenty of time to walk naked to and from work when I officially start." "Next Monday then?" he asked after looking at the itinerary "First fuck with Bryon, Doctor Martin to start your day." "I look forward to it." He watched as I finished dressing, and gave me a fatherly peck on the cheek before showing me out into the waiting room.

I waved to the staff as I left. "See you Monday!" I cried. I walked outside and almost fell over an advertising board on the pavement. I looked at it and in total amazement. There were two small photographs and one large photographs of me, headlined by:- We are proud to introduce Our Naked Employee Tania Daniels On reception duties from Monday next.

I stood looking at and smiling. "You look good Tania!" It was Marcia "You look lovely naked." she enthused "Cheryl printed them and the notice on the photocopier - what do you think?" "Tell her I like them - and please thank her for me." "Will do love - everyone is looking forward to working with you, especially Danny, he's like a kid with a birthday." "See you Monday!" I said as I walked away.

"I was so proud that it would be photographs of ME on display in this parallel universe, and not my doppelganger - with the mole under MY left breast. I walked home still chuckling to myself. End of part 6 - Hopefully more to come.