Moreninha gostosa chupa a buceta da loira na cozinha enquanto ela te ensina a cozinhar no MasterChup

Moreninha gostosa chupa a buceta da loira na cozinha enquanto ela te ensina a cozinhar no MasterChup
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Sarah quivered with excitement as David led her across the dance floor and towards the bar. He had his hand on the small of her back, guiding her through the crowd. When they reached the bar, he ordered a drink for each of them, and after tipping the bartender turned to survey the scene before them. He glanced at Sarah and noticed her excitement.


"What are you thinking?" he asked her. "I'm thinking that this is going to be fun," she replied with a smile. He nodded his agreement and continued to check out the crowd, noticing the different people, occasionally making eye contact when someone sparked his interest. His gaze had just settled on a beautiful blonde girl in a white tank top sitting at the bar. He guessed that her breasts were fake from the way that sat so high on her chest even though she wasn't wearing a bra. He could see the outline of her nipples, even from this distance.

She was glancing around as she absent-mindedly stirred her drink. Her long blonde hair hung straight down her back and she kept rubbing her lips together, an action that David found erotic.

His gaze traveled down her body to admire the long legs coming out of a very short denim skirt. He wished that she would stand up and turn around so he could check out how she looked from the back. For the second time since he started looking at her, she glanced in his direction.

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This time she smiled slightly at him before looking away again. He was intrigued enough that he wanted Sarah to look at her to find out what she thought of this woman. Just as he was going to turn to ask Sarah's opinion, he felt her elbow him in the ribs to get his attention. "Hey," she whispered, "Check out this girl on the dance floor." He turned his attention away from the blonde to look at what Sarah was trying to point out to him.

He started to ask her which girl, but when he looked out towards the dance floor, he immediately could tell which one had attracted his companion's attention. He wasn't sure from this distance of the girl's nationality, but her skin was dark and her hair was jet black and wildly curly. The curls framed the girl's face and hung down past her breasts, which seemed to be rather ample as they almost popped out of the low cut yellow dress that she wore.

She was smiling as she moved and gyrated out on the dance floor. Sarah leaned close to him and whispered, "I love her shoes." "Shoes?" David thought.

He hadn't even reached the girl's shoes yet, he was busy admiring the girl's cute little backside as she was dancing and shaking it. He did look at the girl's feet to see that she was in very high heeled strappy yellow sandals the same color as her dress. They seemed like the type of shoes that Sarah liked wearing, so he could understand why she liked them, but he couldn't understand why she was taking the time to look at the girl's feet when there was so much more to appreciate about her.

He turned to Sarah and smiled when he asked, "So, you like her?" "Oh yeah, " she replied, "But I don't know if she'd take a second look at me." He didn't agree with her assessment, but didn't tell her that. Instead he raised one eyebrow and asked her if she wanted him to be the one to make the initial approach. Sarah nodded her head in agreement.

He smiled and turned again to the woman on the dance floor. The song was just ending and she seemed to be heading towards the bar. He easily caught the girl's eye and smiled at her. She returned his smile and came to the bar to stand next to him.

She was attempting to get the bartender's attention when David offered to get her a drink. She smiled and batted her eyelashes at him when she suggested that he order her a Corona. David nodded and ordered the girl a beer as she tried to push the curls away from her face.

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Her face was glistening from all of the activity on the dance floor and she appeared to be uncomfortably warm. David handed her the bottle and allowed his hand to brush against hers as she took it from him. She smiled and thanked him for the drink.

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She took a long sip from the bottle as he watched her and then set it on the bar so she could turn and face David directly. He was leaning one elbow on the bar, giving the appearance that he was very comfortable watching her. She cocked her head to one side and said, "Thanks for buying me a drink, my name's Carrie, and you are.?" "Dave," he replied. She had stuck her chest out and was gazing at him in a seductive manner. "Dave," she repeated, "It's nice to meet you." "Likewise." "So," she drawled out, clearly trying to think of something flirtatious to say.

"I don't think that I've ever seen you here before." "Maybe because I've never been here before," came his response. He watched her bat her eyelashes and flip her hair. He knew she was interested, her body language was very obvious.

Now he just had to get Sarah into the conversation. He asked Carrie, "Are you here a lot?" "No, not really." she said. "I come here every couple of weeks to dance, but I'm not a big partier." He nodded and wondered how he was going to bring Sarah into this conversation when he remembered her comment about the girl's shoes.

He said to Carrie, "My friend, behind you, was remarking on how she loved your shoes." Carrie turned around to see who David's "friend" was. Sarah was ready for her. She held out her hand to shake Carrie's and said, "Yes, I just told him how darling I thought your shoes were. My name's Sarah." Carrie shook Sarah's hand and replied that her name was Carrie. The two women then launched into a conversation about shoes that David understood very little of.

They were going on and on about where to buy good shoes and how much to spend but David wasn't paying attention to any of that. He was concentrating on how Sarah was leaning closer and closer to Carrie and was taking every opportunity to brush up against her or touch her arm as they were talking. He noticed that Carrie didn't seem offended or bothered by the closeness, and was very pleased by this reaction.

Sarah looked over at him and winked, letting him know that she was enjoying herself. Carrie had grabbed her beer and had finished it off. She then turned to David and smiled before leaning over to Sarah and whispering something in her ear. Sarah shook her head and said something back that Dave was unable to hear, but he guessed that Carrie was asking Sarah about her relationship to him because when Sarah was finished talking, Carrie turned to him and asked him if he wanted to dance.

Sarah was standing behind her and nodding her approval, so he took the girl by the hand and let her out towards the dance floor. The dance floor was so crowded that Carrie and David had to stand quite close to each other. He noticed that she was taking plenty of opportunities to brush up against him and touch him. His mind was filled with all of the possibilities that could come about tonight.


He looked at Carrie's mouth and thought about kissing her. His next thought was about having her mouth on his cock, sucking him. He shook these thought off quickly, not wanting to become physically aroused while on the dance floor.

This was easier said than done since Carrie kept rubbing herself up against him and shooting him suggestive glances. Finally the song ended so Dave could escort Carrie back to the bar where Sarah was waiting. She had taken the liberty of ordering another round of drinks for all of them. Sarah smiled at Carrie and asked her if she'd like to do a shot. Carrie agreed and David watched the two women as they each did a shot of tequila.

Carrie leaned over to Sarah and whispered something in her ear again. Sarah used the opportunity to slide her arm around Carrie's waist as she answered whatever question she had just been asked. Carrie was finishing her beer as Sarah informed David that it was the girls' turn to go out and dance. David was completely content to sit down at the bar and watch the two women go out to the dance floor. As the song progressed, the girls got closer and closer to each other, rubbing against each other and touching each other.

Even from his perspective, he could tell that the girls were definitely attracted to each other. He felt a deep desire stirring within him as he watched Sarah brush close enough to Carrie to briefly kiss her. Carrie didn't back off but smiled and danced with her face just inches from Sarah's while she draped her arms over Sarah's shoulders.

The girls swayed to the music as they tried to press their bodies closer and closer to each other. Sarah finally leaned her face in and kissed Carrie fully. The two women were locked in a passionate kiss that continued even as the song ended and another one began. David was watching them intently, but he quickly realized that he wasn't the only one intrigued by the two sexy women locking lips on the dance floor.

Sarah and Carrie seemed oblivious to the looks that they were getting from the men surrounding them as they continued to kiss each other. Just when David thought that he was going to have to go out and rescue the women from some over-zealous guy wanting to get in on the action, Sarah broke the kiss and held Carrie's hand as the two girls walked back to where he was sitting.

Carrie announced to David that the women wanted to do another shot together. He nodded and ordered up the requested drinks. The girls did their shots and then stood on either side of him, each sliding an arm around his back. Sarah winked at him and then excused herself to go to the restroom, giving David some time alone with Carrie.

As soon as she had left, Carrie began to gaze suggestively up at him while her hand crept lower down his back until she had stuck it in his back pocket. He looked down at her and asked her what she was thinking. "I'm thinking that I've probably had too much to drink to safely drive, so you had better make sure I get least eventually." she added with a smile. He assured her that she could rely on arriving home safely.eventually.

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Carrie stood on her toes so she could reach David's mouth to kiss him. He allowed her to brush her lips against his and press her body firmly against him before he wrapped his arms around her.

Her tongue thrust deeply in his mouth and her leg moved restlessly against his. He broke the kiss just as Sarah was returning to where they were standing. She was smiling at him and he could tell by the look in her eyes that she was very excited about where the evening's activities were headed.

She came up behind Carrie and kissed her on the ear before asking her if she was ready to leave. Carrie still had her arms wrapped around David and looked up at him as she nodded her agreement. The girls walked on either side of him with their arms around his back. He noticed the envious looks that he got from other men as they weaved their way through the crowd and got outside into the cool night air. They crossed the parking lot to where David's SUV was parked.

David unlocked the doors as he wondered who was going to end up sitting where.

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The decision was made rather quickly as both of the women scrambled into the back seat and started kissing each other. David let out a heavy sigh as he circled the jeep to get into the driver's seat, he could already tell that with the way the girls were going at it, it would be a very long drive home for him indeed.

It really was an amazing feat that they didn't get in an accident on the drive home. David was struggling to keep one eye on the road while the other one was on the rear view mirror. He was fully aroused by watching the action going on in the back seat and he chuckled to himself at what he would say to a police officer if he got pulled over right now.("Hey officer, it's not my fault.look in my back seat and see why I was speeding to get home.") The two women were heavily making out with each other and from what he could see, they were both at least partially naked.

Although Carrie's long hair was obstructing his view, he could see that she was bent forward, obviously sucking on Sarah's nipples. Sarah was obviously enjoying it because her head was thrown back and she had one hand on the back of Carrie's head, holding her against her breasts. The other hand seemed to be, at least from what David could see, between Carrie's legs, rubbing against her clit, but he couldn't be sure.

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He just knew that home wasn't nearly close enough for him. Sarah was thoroughly enjoying herself. Carrie was alternating between biting and sucking on Sarah's nipples while using her hands to play with whichever breast her mouth wasn't on.

The actions sent waves of arousal though Sarah's body and she knew that her panties were just drenched from how wet she had gotten since crawling in the back seat with Carrie. She had slipped her hand up Carrie's dress to find out that the girl had no underwear on. Sarah rubbed her hand against Carrie's shaved pussy, amused to find that it was as wet as her own was. She slipped a finger inside, pleased by Carrie's reaction of shifting her legs to allow better access to her.

Sarah moved her other hand to the front of Carrie's dress, slipping the strap off of her shoulder to free her breasts. Carrie moaned against Sarah's nipple, taking it between her teeth and pulling on it. All too quickly for the girls, they arrived at David's house. David was achingly hard by the time he pulled in his driveway. The girls actions and moans had driven him nearly insane for the last twenty minutes and he was very ready to get these two women inside his house, and more to the point, inside his bed.

He opened the back door to see the two half naked women stare at him as if they were starving and he was going to be the main course of their meal. He was quite all right with that notion and escorted the girls into the house. When Sarah closed the front door, she wondered how the three of them would manage to get all the way to the bedroom. Carrie was already passionately kissing David, tugging at his clothes, and both she and Carrie were already naked from the waist up.

Sarah decided to help Carrie free David of his clothes. Standing behind David, she reached her arms around the front of him and brushed her fingers against Carrie's nipples which were hard and protruding.

She then proceeded to undo David's belt, but ran into trouble when it came to the button. Carrie stopped kissing David so she could assist Sarah in freeing David's cock from his pants.

The two women were frantically pulling at David's pants seeing who could reach the prize first. Sarah did, immediately taking the length of his cock into her mouth and sucking.

Carrie was not about to be left out, so she proceeded to kneel down in front of David and started licking and sucking his balls. David briefly thought that his front entryway was probably not the best place for this, but that thought quickly flew away as the two women knelt down in front of him to give him head.

He had to admit, they did share well. Sarah had started sucking his cock as soon as she freed it from his pants, but had stopped and given a big wet kiss to Carrie before allowing her to take his dick in her mouth. The feeling was incredible to David to have the feeling of two different mouths on him. The girls were alternating what they were doing to him while they continued to play with each other's breasts. He wasn't quite sure how they removed all of his clothes, but he was aware that he was completely naked and a little lightheaded by all of the oral attention that he was receiving.

He looked down to see both women looking seductively up at him, their tongues intertwining over the top of his dick. Sarah was gently squeezing his balls and Carrie was raking her nails up and down the back of his legs and ass as they continued to take turns taking his cock in their mouths.

His orgasm was coming on fast and he was more than ready to explode. He really didn't care who's mouth was on his cock, he just wanted to cum and cum hard. The women happily obliged him.Sarah started taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could while Carrie sucked both of his balls in her mouth and ran her finger firmly up and down the crack of his ass until he could take no more. He closed his eyes and climaxed hard.harder than he thought was possible.

He opened his eyes to see Sarah sharing his cum with Carrie as she kissed her and transferred the evidence of his orgasm from one girl to the other. Some men may have felt sated and satisfied by this experience, but not David.he wanted more.

When he felt capable of speaking again, he asked the women if they wanted or needed anything. They just giggled and looked at each other longingly.

He took each woman by the hand and led them to his bed. He laid both of the women side by side on his bed. He took a step backwards to admire, in awe, the sight before him. Both of the women were restlessly squirming before him, waiting for his attention, craving his touch. They were grasping at each other, running their hands over each other's bodies, waiting for him to join them. The sight that was before him caused him to become instantly hard again. His head was spinning so much that he didn't know where to begin.

He crawled on the bed and turned to Sarah to kiss her. Never before in his life had he ever encountered someone who's sex drive surpassed his own, but she had shown him, time and time again, not only how very strong her drive was, but how far she was willing to go in order to please him sexually. Her mouth was hot against his, her hands already stroking his body, touching him, bringing him to points of arousal that he had never before experienced.

He started to get lost in the kiss, but was quickly brought back to the present by the sensations of having hands everywhere on his body. Sarah had one hand curled in his hair and the other hand on his chest, covering his heart (which she guarded closely). He also felt Carrie's hands on him, one hand stroking his rock hard cock while the other rubbed his ass. He deepened his kiss with Sarah, savoring the sensations that his body was experiencing.

One of his hands drifted below her waist to start stroking her clit that was sticking out from beneath the small dark stripe of hair that covered her pussy.

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His other hand had reached behind him and was also stroking the clit of Carrie who's moans were starting to threaten to wake his neighbors. David laid down on the bed, still continuing the kiss with Sarah. His fingers had already worked their way inside her, letting him know how very much she wanted him. He could also feel how much Carrie wanted him from not only her moans, but from how very wet she was to his touch. His lust was spiraling out of control.he pulled Sarah on top on him, wanting to taste her, wanting her to feel how much he wanted her.

He realized he wasn't being at all gentle when he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her against his mouth. For a brief moment he had forgotten that Carrie was there, he was so intent on tasting Sarah and hearing her pleasure from his touch.

Her hips were bucking against his face and he knew, from past experience that she was nearing orgasm. He had also felt Carrie straddle his hips and was stroking her pussy against his dick. Without warning, Carrie impaled herself upon David's cock and started cumming instantaneously. She leaned forward and reached around Sarah to grab at her breasts and pinch her nipples as she screamed again and again in pleasure.

Carrie was riding his cock for all it was worth, moaning in pleasure over and over. Sarah was just reaching her peak of orgasm when Carrie reached around to grab at her tits. The added intensity sent her straight over the top, her orgasm washing over her. David's tongue continued to flick against her clit, darting in and out of her pussy, while Carrie's hands continued to caress her breasts.

She wanted more from Carrie, so she spun around on David's head so she was face to face with Carrie. The two women kissed again, this time atop David's body; Sarah riding his face while Carrie rode his dick. The girls moaned and stroked each other each having orgasm on top of orgasm while David lay beneath the both of them. The girls hugged each other as they both came at the same time. They rolled off of David kissing and embracing one another, Carrie ending up on the bottom with Sarah on top of her.

David moved so he was behind the two girls. Sarah's ass was sticking up in the air as she rubbed her pussy against Carrie's. He positioned himself between the girl's legs and without hesitation, plunged his cock deep inside Sarah. Her pussy was warm and tight as it gripped his dick and pulled it deeper inside of her.

The two girls were kissing, but he could hear Sarah's moans as her pussy tightened around his cock, indicating her orgasm. When he was certain that she had reached her peak, he pulled his dick out from her and moved it down to push forward into Carrie' cunt. Carrie immediately started screaming in ecstasy. David reached one hand around Sarah to rub her clit as he continued to pound Carrie's pussy mercilessly.

Sarah turned her head to kiss him, savoring the moment that the two of them were sharing with this woman. Carrie came hard again, nearly ripping the walls apart with her screams. She was yelling and moaning and bucking her hips against Sarah's. She was also tugging at Sarah's nipples pulling harder and harder as her moans grew louder and louder. Sarah thought that Carrie was going to rip her nipples from her body if she didn't stop, the girl kept twisting and pulling at them and whenever her mouth got close to them, she would start to bite them as well.

The girl certainly liked using her teeth. Sarah made a mental note to not allow Carrie near David's balls or dick with her mouth again. She would hate for this girl to use her teeth on him.

When Carrie's orgasm finally subsided, she almost passed out.

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She quieted down and wanted to roll over and go to sleep. She looked like a contented kitten all snuggled up in David's bed, sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile, Sarah and David weren't quite ready to call it a night. David pulled her by the hand into the next room so as to not wake Carrie. He sat down on the couch and pulled her down on his hard cock, facing him. She wrapped both of her hands into his hair, kissing him fiercely.


David put his hands on her hips and moved her against him rhythmically. It felt so good to have her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock as her tongue ravaged his mouth. As he moved her hips against his, he could feel her legs trembling. She attempted to pull away as the sensations started to overcome her, but he wouldn't allow her to.

He pulled her tight against him and continued to pull her hips against his cock, plunging as deep as he possibly could. Sarah started to shudder as wave after wave of bliss overtook her body and soul. She opened her eyes and stared into David's as she surrendered to the pleasure that came upon her. He saw the release in her eyes before he felt it in her body. When her orgasm came, he felt her body shake and he felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she got wetter and wetter.

David couldn't hold back any longer as he buried himself deep inside her one final time as his orgasm washed over him. It felt like he came forever as he continued to pump himself into her again and again, the pleasure non-ending. He continued to cum longer than what he thought was possible as she clenched against him, holding onto him. In the wake of their overpowering pleasure, they clung together on the couch, not wanting to let go of the moment.

David felt Sarah smile against his chest and asked her what she was thinking. She raised her head to stare into his eyes and mischievously say, "I was wondering what would have happened if we would have brought the blonde girl home instead." He didn't think that he had the strength to laugh at that remark, but he managed to anyway.