Gorgeous mature amateur has an orgasm

Gorgeous mature amateur has an orgasm
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The Power Warning: The following contains graphic adult content. It also contains rampant exaggeration; so if you have a problem with insanely large body parts, leave now.


We don't want to hear you complaining about it. Oh, and if you're not over 18, then don't read the rest. I had been given a power: not a talent for athletic prowess, not a simple skill, but a power that no mortal had any business claiming ownership of.

I suppose that I must have been born with it, and it's possible I've been using it subconsciously even as a toddler.

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However, it was only during puberty that I began consciously using the powers I was given. Within my power's scope lay all of you; with it, I can sculpt your minds and your bodies, bend you to my will and re create you to suit my pleasure.

Initially I had tried to ignore it, to not take advantage of an unfair ability. IT was only 5 years ago when I began truly allowing myself to relish in it, and I have truly capitalized on my strengths. Originally I was not bad-looking, but I was certainly not the stud I have made myself into.

I am approximately 6'3" with brown hair and blue eyes, seemingly indistinguishable from the crowd. However, not every man has a cock that can inflate at will. Currently as I'm walking down the street it's a measly 7 inches flaccid, nothing compared to its size when I start having a little fun. My balls were shrunken to avoid unwarranted attention as well, only the size of kiwis for now. But I'm on the hunt today, so they will have their chance to come out and play soon enough.

*** I walked into the lobby of an upscale hotel to find a bright young face smiling back at me. She was short, around 5'3", but had nice curves for her frame.

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Nothing obscene, but they definitely looked nice on her. She had blond hair down to her shoulder, and wore the uniform of the hotel. She looked like their concierge.

She seemed delightfully innocent, but I cautioned myself to not make my selection too soon. "Hello sir, welcome to the Prestige! The check-in desk is to your left." The blond seemed to sing her words rather than speak them. I took that as confirmation that she was as innocent as she had appeared. Of course, I could always confirm that very easily without even speaking with her. I reached out with my mind to feel hers, and the result was nothing short of arousing.

I felt around in her mind for a little while and found out that she was a good church-going girl, the pastor's daughter in fact. This fact alone pushed me over the edge and I made my decision there and then. I had my new toy, now all I had to do was bring it home and unwrap it.

You want to go home with him, I told her, making sure the image of my face flashed through her mind as she heard what she thought was her own thought.

You will go tell your manager that you have fallen ill, I whispered within her mind, and then you will meet him in front of the hotel. As I finished my instructions I watched her eyes unfocus. Suddenly she snapped to attention, gave me a million dollar smile, and went to the check-in desk. Whoever was there took her at her word (why would daddy's little girl lie?) and she was off in an instant to get whatever things she left in her work locker.

I left the hotel and waited outside. She walked up beside me only minutes later and we began walking to my house. The games were about to begin. *** Here we were at my home in the "Dungeon" as I lovingly called it.


I wasn't deep into Sadism, but I liked the ring of the name. I put her to sleep and stripped her down, and decided it was time to get to work. First I wanted to take my true form, or at least my more sexually oriented form. First I grew to 7 feet tall, thickening out until I looked like a cross between a NBA player and a gladiator. Then came the time for the main course.

I let my cock grow to 14 inches long flaccid before I decided it was time to stop. It was as big around as my wrist and it might as well have been wearing a watch.

The cock would grow to around 20 inches erect, but eventually I would work my toy to sizes far larger than that. I shifted my attention lower to my neglected balls, now looking like peanuts compared to my goliath frame. I wanted to really fill the church girl up, so I made them each the size of a coconut to star off with allowing the sack to hang almost a foot from my groin. I was almost ready to wake her up, but I needed to make a few changes to her brain first.

It was at this point that I was unsure of what I wanted to do with this girl. On the one hand, I could make her my devoted sex slave and have her slave over my cock like the slut she wanted to be deep down.

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On the other, I could make her even more prim and proper. Working for it always made the final result sweeter. I decided to go the middle route.

I made her fall passionately in love with me so that she wouldn't be too much of a pain, but I let her keep her religious morals so that she would be more hesitant about our acts.

Perfect. I opened her mind up and she opened her eyes, taking in my appearance. I was nude but for a leather loincloth which was backed to bursting with my cock. Luckily I wasn't har, so bursting wasn't an issue yet. She looked up at me with an awed expression. "Oh my God baby, you never said you were that big! I don't know if we should do this!" she was protesting, but the fire that burned in her eyes confirmed that she was the whore I had thought she could be.

"Don't worry darling, I won't split you in half." I said in a voice that rumbled deep within my chest. "Besides, you mustn't worry yet. Your changes have yet to begin!" With that I paralyzed her, leaving only her face mobile, and stood her in the middle of the room much like I would have positioned a mannequin.

"Why can't I move? What are you doing to me?" She started to panic, and I enjoyed her fear for the time being. I hadn't gone too far in making her an insatiable slut. "My dear," I said, moving in front of her and gently taking her breasts in my hands, "I am the picture of physical perfection.

Despite the fact that you are indeed attractive, I wish to make some changes to you to better suit my more carnal needs. You wouldn't mind that, now would you?" With the final words I sent a small push at her mind. No, she wouldn't mind at all if I had any say in the matter.

"No baby, Of course I don't mind. But I still don't know how you'll fit that thing inside me!" She motioned to my bulging loincloth with her eyes and I smiled at her warmly. "Well, we'll just fix that up right now, won't we?" I said, and I focused on her anatomy.

Now, it had taken me a couple of tries at first, and several women had been left with a bruised uterus or an inability to walk for a month or two, but I had perfected a way to make anything fit inside my lovers. I reached inside of her and connected her vaginal walls to her throat, doing the same with her anus (two separate tracts of course). It took a lot of rearranging of organs that were usually considered important, but over the years I had mastered the process.

"Oh, God, what is that?" She moaned, not in pain because I had managed to eliminate that with practice. However, the rearranging of that much pipe would never be considered comfortable. It was something that I wished was pleasurable, but I hadn't yet figured out how to do that. In an apology of sorts, I doubled the number of nerve endings inside of her, and all over her body. Every touch would bring a quick response from her.

My cock was not only long, it was thick, and I had found a solution for that as well. I made her love tunnels far more elastic, ensuring that they wouldn't rip but would remain as tight as ever. She would feel every vein, ridge, and bump along my cock and so far ladies had loved it. "I won't bother trying to explain it to you, lets just say that if you feel a tickle in your throat, it will probably be me." I had finished everything on the inside of her body, so I began to focus on her more noticeable features.

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Now these transformations I always made sure were very pleasurable. "Now I know you have delightful little curves dear, but I want a fuck toy, not a normal girl.

These are going to have to get bigger eventually, but we'll save all of that for later." With that I stepped back in front of her and slowly stripped off my loincloth, and the leather was warm from the heat radiating from my manhood. Finally freed from its prison my cock uncoiled into its 14-inch majesty. I lifted the loincloth up and allowed my balls to fall freely, jostling each other as they settled into place. They were hairless and smooth, and I knew she would like them.

I looked at her face and she stood there, where I had left her, slack-jawed and wide-eyed in amazement. It might as well have been her first Christmas. I looked down to her pussy to see dew beginning to form in her light tufts of hair. "I see that you like me. You like me a lot." I still held the loincloth in my hand and I held it up to her face. I knew that now she could smell my musky scent, a heady aroma that left her inhaling deeply for more.

"Do you want to taste it?" I asked, lifting the leather higher. "Please, let me! It smells so good!" She cried. "Well, you've been very good my dear," I began, drawing it out to tease her.

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"I think that you've earned a taste." I held the cloth up to her mouth and she lapped hungrily at it. Intoxicated by the salty taste she rolled her head back and moaned in delight. She went back in for more and I slowly drew the cloth away from her mouth. She craned her head forward, still unable to move, but to no avail. It was too far away and she couldn't possibly reach it.

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"Somebody seems a little over-eager." "Please, don't tease me. Christ, you're still soft and look at that thing-" "No, that won't do." I interrupted.

"What did I do wrong?" She wondered. "My dear, that is the second time you have referred to my cock as 'thing.' Something as magnificent as this," I gave a twitch of my hips to emphasize my point, "deserves its proper title. It is a cock. Now say that to me." She hesitated. What was left of her sensibility said not to say that word.

"I've been taught never to say that, I can't!" "But you will, or you won't have it. Don't you love me? Don't you want to please me?" I played my cards right. She looked down quickly, ashamed of what she was about to say. "Your… that… thi-…cock." She finally murmured, more to herself than anyone. She was ashamed but she was mine. She had submitted, and that meant the fun could begin.

"Look into my eyes and say it." I said. This was her final test. "Cock. Your big, fat, pulsing… cock." She had mustered all of her courage for that one moment, and the fire in her eyes burned anew. "Good. Very good. Now, what would you like to do with that cock? Would you like it in your mouth? Do you want to taste it?" I was teasing her now.

A glance down showed that tiny rivulets of her juice ran down her thighs, still bound by my will. "Yes, please, I want it." She was thrashing her head now, her hair a wild mane tossed too and fro by her passion.

"Tell me, what do you want?" I asked. "I want your big fat cock in my mouth! I want you to come down my throat!" She cried. Those were the magic words. I released her and she dropped immediately to her knees reaching for my cock with both hands. She cradled the fat head in her hands and it filled them to capacity. Her little hands looked even smaller on my huge cock and she slowly brought the head to her mouth.

"Why don't you give him a kiss? Maybe he'll come out to play." I said. Admittedly, it was cheesy, but I doubt she even paid attention. She simply did as I asked. The fat head met her soft rosy lips and she gave the dome a gentle kiss. Rather than rush her, I decided to allow her to follow her own course. She was clearly inexperienced and her experimentation could be quite fun. She opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip like an ice cream cone and I felt blood begin to flow to my cock.

It began to tingle as she played with it, and I grew painfully slowly. She stuck out her little pink tongue and ran it along the underside and swirled her tongue around once more at the tip. Her long blond hair, thick and soft, brushed across my shaft as she settled back on her knees and looked up innocently at me. "I don't know how I'll be able to get that in my mouth." She said, imploring for a solution. Luckily, I had one. I made a few adjustments to her jaw making it so that she could take my enormous cock, which was still growing, into her mouth without dislocating her jaw.

She felt the shift and smiled coyly. Church girl my ass. "Good god!" She exclaimed, taking a second look at my cock, "It's even bigger!" "Well yes, it does grow, however, there are two rather big guys who are feeling a little left out." She looked down to my balls, so heavy that they pulled the skin of my sack tight, and appeared intrigued.

She reached out with both hands and felt them, hefting one in each hand. "They're so heavy!" She cried, a look of sheer pleasure coming over her face.

"And the skin is so smooth! It's like velvet or something. How do they taste?" I motioned for her to sample for herself and she obliged.

She lapped noisily at my left ball, drooling heavily and coating it in her saliva. She then gave the right ball similar treatment, experimenting with swirls, strokes, and light grazing with her teeth. She pulled the two heavy orbs apart from each other, separating them like a heavy curtain and began focusing on the ridge between the two. She darted her tongue out to taste and then drew her face along the line. She finally smothered herself in the sticky sack, holding them to the sides of her head and inhaling the masculine scent.

"All right, I think they've had their fun," I said, pulling her away.

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She sat back on her ankles and pouted up at me. "Oh, but you have someone else to play with, don't fret." She looked back at my cock and gasped in surprise. It had grown to 21 inches long after resting in her hair while she played with my balls. She had tossed her head back and forth, and the soft stroking of her hair along the shaft was delectable.

Veins pulsed visibly on its sides and a steady stream of pre-cum was leaking from its tip. "Suck on my cock you little whore." "Mmmmph!" She launched herself at the head of my cock, opening her mouth wide and covering the tip with her lips. It looked like she was trying to swallow her wrist and it took her a few moments to warm up her jaw to get past the head.

She wasted no time though, lavishing my cock with her tongue while she eagerly forced her head down on my cock. With a pop followed by a guttural moan from me, she got the head into her mouth, leaving only 19 inches of throbbing cock outside of her mouth. While I had connected her holes, I hadn't removed her gag reflex but it seemed that she didn't realize that. She rocked forward taking 6 inches in her mouth before her eyes bulged outward and she began to cough.

She pulled back quickly and let my cock fall out of her mouth, ropes of saliva bridging the gap between her lips and my shaft. They fell and splattered onto her chest and she gasped for air.

"No time for breaks my dear," I said, grabbing hold of her hair, "You can't leave a job half finished." I pulled her toward my cock once again and her lips met the mushroom head once again.

It's angry purple tip went easily into her mouth this time, and she began slowly working more of my shaft into her mouth.

She reached 6 inches once again without the same violent reaction as before and kept pushing herself forward. I had reached the back of her throat but despite her gagging she took me into her throat and kept pressing forward. She reached 8 inches and stopped, rocking back and forth on my shaft. Each time she gagged the sensation went through my rod. Her saliva and my pre-cum poured down her chin and throat, the slimy trail leading to her cleavage.

I reached for her and effortlessly flipped her onto her back, my muscles rippling as I handled her body. She looked shocked but had little time to ask question. I buried 6 more inches of my cock in her throat and she began to scream into my cock sending vibrations along the shaft. "Take the entire thing you little whore," I sneered at her, "Take every inch of my massive cock." I could see the veins bulging out in her neck where the clear outline of my cock was visible and I pushed another two inches in.

I held her horizontally in front of me facing up so that the length of my cock blocker her vision. Her world was dominated by my huge shaft. Rather than thrusting my hips I simply moved her back and forth along the shaft, streams of her spit falling from her mouth and smearing into her face and hair.

She was my little ragdoll now, and I would do as I pleased. She still screamed, tears rolling down her face, but the gagging was less intense now. Soon she would enjoy it. I pushed several more inches in until my balls swung into her face.

Two more inches to go and she seemed like she was warming to my invasion. I looked down her torso and could see the clear bulge of my cock just under her breasts.

As I began sliding her back and forth to fuck her throat I saw the bulge slide back and forth with me. She began moaning and I crushed her face into my groin, my balls thudding heavily against her skull. She grunted and then moaned in pleasure, reaching her arms back to stroke my balls. I was fully inside her and held her there for a moment before pulling back so that only my tip remained in her mouth.

"You insatiable little cunt," I whispered to her, "you just want more and more, don't you?" She looked up at me, here eyes wide, and nodded energetically making my cock bob up and down. "plee, gim ee mah." She moaned over my cock. "As you command you little slut." I responded, taking a moment to look at her face, which shone with a mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum.

Her hair was plastered back hanging wetly toward the floor and trails of slime dripped from the tips of her hair to the ground, oozing slowly. I grabbed her hips more securely and then began rocketing her body up and down my shaft. My cock moving beneath her taut belly and making the skin ripple got me even harder, something that previously I had thought impossible.

I tightened my grip, my fingers digging into her soft skin, and pummeled her brutally. She heaved violently, saliva pouring copiously down her once innocent face. My balls made loud wet slapping sounds as they clapped against her neck and shoulder blades, as the juices that poured from her throat slowly covered more and more of her body. I felt a pressure building up in my balls their swelling was actually visible.

A slut the likes of the one that I created deserved no warning, but my moans certainly made my imminent climax apparent. She made muted sounds into my shaft that I assumed were pleas to not cum down her throat.

With my boulder pounding her back she knew perfectly well that the volume of my seed would be best measured in gallons. "Oh no you little cum slut, look at you.

You're already covered in slime you filthy little cunt. And look at that pussy on you," I said, referring to her fully engorged pussy lips which were not simply trickling but spouting her juice.

"You're going to take every last drop. Food is no longer in your diet you whore." I cried out as I reached my climax and began pumping pint after pint of my cum into her body.

She swallowed eagerly, and whether it was because she wanted to or to keep from drowning I couldn't tell, but she could not keep up with the heavy flow. Cum began erupting from her nose and it seemed very likely that at any moment it would begin leaking from her ears. As my cock kept pulsing and pumping gallon after gallon of my cum into her stomach I placed a hand upon her flat stomach and felt it slowly swell. It bowled up from her torso and quivered as more and more cum filled her stomach.

I looked down to her face and saw her wide eyes, surrounded by smeared eye makeup and a thick coat of cum. She was starting to look like a damn glazed donut! As her stomach swelled so that she looked like she was around 3 months pregnant my cum slowed down and I pulled out.

I laid her on the floor and let the rest of my load leak onto her face, tits, and stomach. She was gasping and writhing on the ground, and I began to think I had pushed her too far. Slowly she slide her hand down her slick skin to her bulging belly and massaged the cum into her supple skin, moaning in pleasure.

Her other hand made its way to her sopping cunt, jiggling her fat lips weakly. She was far too exhausted to bring herself to orgasm, so I reached into her body and triggered one to giver her relief. She thrashed around in a pool of cum and spit that reached out over two feet in every direction around her helpless body. "Nnnnng, FFFFFFU- Oh, god, you taste fucking good, give me more, MORE!" She thrashed about, gathering cum in her palm and bringing it to her mouth quivering like congealed gelatin.

She parted her lips and poured it down her throat, purring in sheer pleasure. She was mine now. "Good bye my toy," I smiled, shaking the last drops of cum onto her fat cunt lips. "For now you can lay there and rest. Think about what you've become you filthy cunt. Tomorrow I'll be giving you the perfect body to do what you were born to do: fuck. Then you'll begin your new life. What was your name by the way my dear?" "Carol," she moaned, through a mouthful of cum. "Carol.

Nice one." I walked away and locked her down there alone, covered in my quickly drying cum clutching her swollen belly. Today would be a new day. This story WILL be continued. This is my first story, so any editing etc would be appreciated. Send any drafts, ideas for story line progress (give the people what they want, right?), and other things you'd like to my email: [email protected]