Veronica Rodriquez Ficken unter Wasser

Veronica Rodriquez Ficken unter Wasser
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I stayed on my stomach, dazed, while feeling my uncle's cum dripping slowly from my asshole down my balls and pooling on the sheets around my throbbing cock. I was average length. My dick, or clit from now on, was 5 inches but thick.

I had to stop myself from humping the pool of cum that had been left deep inside me by my mother's brother. The cum building in my tight balls was his to release when and if he chose to. After a few hours of processing what just happened, I began to look forward to what was going to come next. I had no clue what to expect.

As I lifted myself from my tummy, I slipped the tiny pink thong back over my clit, balls, and asshole. When I stood, I felt the rest of Uncle John's cum rush out of my asshole and run down the back of my legs. I didn't know a man in his 50's could cum so much.

I adjusted my skirt and shirt as I made my way to the bathroom to pee. As soon as I finished, I heard the door open and Uncle John call out "Where's my tight little cunt at? Come see daddy!" I walked to the front and saw that he had several bags full of stuff. What could possibly be in all those bags? He looked at me with a smile and said "I was just going to get you clothes, but I believe you need some training too. Your cut is extremely tight.

That shows me that you have not been with too many people, correct?" I nodded while biting my lip innocently. "Come, help daddy empty these toys and clothes from the bags.


While you are here, you are on a strict liquid diet. You will drink water only. Here is your makeup. Do your best with it. Just make sure you always have mascara and lipstick on. Here is a wig that is your natural red. Some days we are going to stretch your asshole after I get my fill. There are plugs, dildos, and inflatable toys in these bags. Those will be used as I tell you and only when I hand them to you.

Bend over." I bent over and he quickly slid his middle finger in. He said, "You're already nearly closed back up to where you were before I fucked you, slut. You will do fine with being stretched. Go shower, clean the cum out of your ass, put on these clothes, and put on your makeup and wig." He smacked me on the ass and pushed me towards the shower with the bags in my hand. I proceeded into the shower and dropped my dirty clothes in a pile next to the shower, jumped in and bathed as quickly as possible.

I finally got all of the cum out of me. When I finished, I stepped out and dried off. The bag of clothes contained black fishnets, lime-green skirt, black thong, lime-green spandex tank top, and black heels.

I quickly got dressed. My body shivered with anticipation with every article of clothing I put on. I strapped on the six-inch heels and stepped in front of the mirror. I put on the mascara and then carefully applied the lipstick.

When I affixed the wig to my head, I looked up and I even turned myself on. I was passible. I had never fully dressed up, but I knew I was going to continue it from now on. I carefully walked out into the living room where Uncle John was waiting.


He looked up and said, "FUCK. You're so much hotter than my daughter. Turn around." I obliged. "You even have a bigger ass than she does! You are perfection. Com sit on daddy's lap." I walked over to him and sat down. I made sure that his cock was not squished. I placed my arm around his neck and asked, "What are our plans tonight, daddy?" He smiled and replied, "Well, I'm going to go show you off at the sex store first. I'm not going to pimp you out there, but in a few days, who knows?

Grab your purse and go to the car." I picked up the small hand bag that he purchased that day and noticed that it had bright stones all over the front. And across the center it spelled "SLUT." I tucked my clit down into the thong and fishnets sot that my bulge would not give us away. I didn't know what to expect at the store. I walked out to the car and climbed in.

He pulled out and began to drive towards the porn store down the road. When we arrived, I noticed ten cars parked outside.

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That was a lot for this store. I had been there several times to buy skin mags, vibrators, and dildos. As we sat in the parking lot, Uncle John said, "Come on, I told several of the guys, that I've watched transvestite and trap movies with up here, that I was going to show off my new fuck toy. They didn't believe me that I was going to bring in a teenager.

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Won't they be surprised when they see you? Just walk in with me and walk over to the lingerie part and begin to look around. Give us a show. Don't gratify yourself or anything. You don't deserve that.

Yet." I stepped out of the car and walked in with Uncle John. There were 12 guys in the shop. They were all standing by the counter when they turned around and began to stare and smile. When Uncle John walked over to the group, I smirked, turned, and wiggled my hips while I made my way over to the outfits, panties, and costumes. I could feel their stares. They heated my body with the feeling that can best be described as a cross between heat and horny. As I acted as if I was checking out the panties, I turned away from them and placed my hand on my hip and poked my ass out towards them.

I would occasionally take a few steps the right or left and swing my hips as I moved. I would hear and occasional "fuck she's hot" or "you got to fuck that piece of gold, john?" but the one that almost made me almost blow a load right there, "You tend on keeping that prime fuck hole all to yourself don't you, John.

I would keep her in a cage in my house and give everyone their turn with her." Then, when they thought they had gotten a full show, I bent over and read the washing directions on the every tag on every piece of clothing on the bottom row. The men all let out a loud, "FUCK YEAH!" I smiled and went further.

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I got on my hands and knees to finish reading a couple more. I heard one of the men say, "John, you have to take her home now before we run a train on her." John replies simply, "Maybe in a couple of days." He turns to me and says, "that's enough showing off, cunt.

Now bend over." I bent over and he walked over and pulled my skirt up, pulled my thong to the side, turned to the other guys and said, "this is a slut that craves every cock that can fuck it. After I have my way with her tonight, I will call you guys and we will discuss when she is being lent and rented out.

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Get in the car, bitch!" He slapped my ass harder than any spanking known to man. I scurried out to the car where I waited for Uncle John. He came walking out with a big smile on his face.

As he opened the door and sat in the car, he said "you did want to be a worthless cum dumpster correct? You don't have a problem with the guys coming over in the next few days, do you?" I emphatically replied "The more the merrier!" He smiled as he pulled out of the parking lot and drove us back to his house. When we arrived at his place, he reached over and petted my thigh. He said, "be a good cunt and let daddy out of the car." I promptly jumped out of the car and ran to the driver's side to let him out of the car.

He stood up and took my hand with his. He placed my hand on his cock and said, "We don't hold hands, you hold my cock while we walk." I did so while we walked towards the house, as he unlocked the door, and when we walked into the house. He said, "go, get on your knees in front of my recliner.

I'll be there in just a second." I walked over and knelt down in front of his chair. He dropped his pants and sat down in the chair. He said, "Thank daddy for showing you off and suck daddy's cock while he watches tv." I replied sweetly, "thank you for showing me off to your friends, daddy.

I am your showpiece to show off and give away. I am your slut. I am your cunt. I am your fuck hole. I am your cum dumpster.

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I will take any and all cock you send towards me. I am yours to trick out, daddy." "Take your time," he said as he flipped on the tv as he smiled. I began lifting his cock and balls and licking slowly and the space between his balls and asshole.

He reclined more so that I could reach past his asshole. He then guided my mouth up towards his balls. I began to suck his balls with a motion that would bring one ball into my mouth at a time. I would alternate between hard and gentle depending on the physical reaction Uncle John was giving me.

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I felt his throbbing cock rubbing all across my face as I worked his ball so much that they were covered in spit and it was dripping back to his asshole. I couldn't resist any longer. I slowly kissed his shaft from balls to head. When I reached the head, I licked off all pre-cum as I twirled my tongue around it.

I worked my way down his dick a quarter inch more with each bobbing motion I made on it. After several bobs, I had his throbbing nine inches stretching the back of my throat. I went down one last time when he turned off the tv, grabbed me by the hair and said, "Your ass is mine, but first you are going to lick mine." He stood up and bent over the chair and forced my face firmly into his ass cheeks. I began to French kiss his ass and tongue fuck him while I massaged his balls and jerked that magnificent manhood that stuck out like a tree branch.

When he had enough, he dragged me by my hair to the bedroom. He laid on his back and pulled me on top of him. He rubbed lube all over his cock before I climbed on and began to slide down slowly on his cock. He said, "ride it. You will ride until either I cum or you wear yourself out." I began to slide up and down on his dick while facing way from him. I could feel every lump and every curve of his cock as it slid in and out of me. I situated myself on my knees in the reverse cowgirl position.

I began slowly and built up my speed so that my ass cheeks were clapping as I rode him into a frenzy. He would occasionally slap my ass as hard as he could and say, "Thatta slut!" and "Keep it up, cunt.

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You're pleasing daddy so much!" I began to run out of steam and he realized it. He pulled me back by my hair and placed me on my side and then on my stomach. He planned on finishing me off the way he did the first time today. He laid on top of me with his rock hard member inside of me as he spread my legs with his knees and began to thrust. The harder he pounded the louder I begged for his cum. He began to pound me as hard as he could when he bit down on the back of my neck.

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When he bit down, I screamed, "daddy, please give me more! Daddy!" When he finally released his juice inside of me, he said told me to put on the sports bra and panties in the bag labeled "sleep" and that I had to go to the living room and sleep on the couch. I walked to the living room, undressed and dressed. I slipped on the yellow spandex sports bra and blue satin panties. I laid down and said, "goodnight, daddy." To which he replied, "goodnight, fuck toy." I fell asleep as the cum from my ass soaked the satin panties, and I wondered, what could tomorrow hold?

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