CBT wax on balls and cock ballbusting with a spatle to take off the wax

CBT wax on balls and cock ballbusting with a spatle to take off the wax
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A few months ago I had been out shopping during the day looking for some sexy lingerie to surprise my boyfriend with that night. I looked at every costume and outfit I could find, but in the end settled for a sexy little black and pink matching bra and panties set.

When I got home, I posed in front of the mirror and checked out how hot I looked in them. I took a few pictures (of course!) and when the evening came, I called up my boyfriend to invite him round my house. He was due to arrive around six, but when half past six came, I called him up to see why he wasn't here. 'Sorry love, I'm going out with the lads. I can see you tomorrow though.' he said. Needless to say I was more than a little pissed off.

He didn't even let me know beforehand! But I didn't let it bother me. Instead, I sat down at my computer and logged onto MSN and Facebook. I started chatting to a friend of mine for a while, and then I noticed one of my boyfriend's friends was online. I started up a conversation with him.

'Hey, how are you? :)' I said. We started talking. I asked him why he wasn't going out with the rest of them, and he said he was planning to, but changed his mind in the end.

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He said he would probably end up watching a movie since his girlfriend was out that night. Seizing the opportunity for a little fun, I invited him round mine. 'I'll watch the movie with you if you want :)' I said. 'I've been left alone too!' I said.

'Oh?' he said, 'I might need a little convincing.' Without hesitating, I sent him one of the pictures I had took earlier of me in my new lingerie. There was a moment of silence, and then he finally said, 'you look really hot.

Changed your hair since last time? You look a little different.' 'Well I just straightened it,' I said, 'and my boobs are a lot bigger than the last time you saw me!' I think I shocked him, so I asked him again if he wanted to come round.

'Of course, what time do you want me?' 'Any time you want.' I said. 'I'll be over in an hour.' I told him my address. I got very excited, and immediately went to get ready! An hour later, there was a knock at my door. I opened it, and sure enough there was this extremely hot guy who I hadn't seen for a while standing on my doorstep. I had put on a tight little black top which showed my bra strap, a short denim skirt, and of course my make up, with sexy red lipstick and eyeliner.

'Come in,' I told him. As soon as he entered my house, I could tell that he wanted to fuck me. However, I still had a boyfriend, and didn't want to be too naughty! We sat on my sofa, and started talking about the usual stuff. I put the TV on and turned off most of the lights.

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It was extremely cosy on my front room with him, and I started edging closer towards him. His aftershave made him smell really sexy, and I kept debating in my head as to what I was actually going to do now he was here. He was sitting against the arm of the sofa, so I adjusted myself between his legs to stretch out.

I moved right up to him and sat up against him, both of us facing the same way, to try and make him a little frustrated. His hands found his way to my waist, and I placed my hand on his leg.

He started cuddling me from behind, his hands running over my pierced belly button.


I could feel him growing harder in his pants as I moved up against him. I could practically feel his cock touching me. I lent my head back, looked him in the eye and gave him my most slutty 'fuck me' eyes!

He moved his hands up to my boobs and kissed me. The excitement of everything had made me extremely soaked by now. He moved his lips down to my neck which drove me wild. I pushed his head down into me and told him to do it harder, which he did. I vaguely remembered I had a boyfriend, so I didn't want to go all the way, but his lips against my skin and the smell of his aftershave tempted me a little too much! I turned around and got on top of him.

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His hands found his way to my ass, feeling it beneath my skirt. I began kissing him all over. 'Rich,' I said, 'we shouldn't be doing this.' 'I know,' he said. 'It's quite dangerous. Your boyfriend might find out.' 'It's not that,' I said. Between his kisses against my neck, he managed to say, 'what then? You mean my girlfriend?' 'No, not that.' I said.

'It's my neighbors.' 'What about them?' 'Well, when my lips are wrapped around your cock, and you're about to shoot your hot cum into my mouth, you'll be screaming my name so loudly that they might hear you!' I said, and stood up, grabbed his hand and led him upstairs. 'But they won't hear us if we're in my room.' Within seconds, he was on top of me on my bed. He undressed me down to my slutty little lingerie, and asked me to keep my bra on because of how sexy I looked.

I got him completely naked, and guided his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. The excitement made me orgasm twice straight away. The feel of another guy's cock inside me felt so good compared to my boyfriend's. I demanded that Rich bite my neck lightly as he was fucking me, and he did, which made me orgasm a third time. He gave me a good fucking for quite a while.

By the time he was fucking me in my favorite position (from behind whilst lying down) I could feel the juices dripping down my leg. Lust had completely took over. I had forgotten about my boyfriend, and the only thing I was concerned with was being this guy's slut for the night. He rolled me onto my back and entered me again. Within thirty seconds, I was holding on the bed rails and screaming his name when he said 'oh Kate, I'm going to cum.' I pulled him in to kiss me, I wrapped my legs around him.

His hands ran up and down my body, feeling my sexy lingerie, and then he held me by the waist and shot his hot sperm deep inside me. It came out in five spurts, filling me completely. It felt so good. So naughty. It was one of the biggest loads I've ever had shoot in me. He slowly withdrew from me, and then we lay on the bed. We put the TV on, and talked about how we should probably not tell anyone what we just did.

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It was a simple fling and temptation took over. After half an hour or so of cuddling, I got thinking about my boyfriend.

I was still a little mad, and wanted to finish the night off in style. I asked Rich how the sex was and he said I gave him the biggest orgasm he's ever had. He said I had the hottest body, the tightest pussy and the sexiest big lips he's ever seen.

'Oh really?' I said. 'My lipstick turn you on?' 'Very much so.' 'Hmmm. Think you can manage again?' I said. 'Why don't you find out?' I lowered my lips to his cock, which was hard again.

I started right at the tip and started blowing using my best technique, no hands involved! I looked up and saw how much he was enjoying it, which turned me on even more.

It didn't take him long, and he certainly screamed my name loud enough.

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When we were done, I went and removed my makeup and lipstick, and Rich went back home. Apparently his girlfriend would be back by now, so we finished just in time.


I just really hope his girlfriend didn't want sex anytime that night, because her boyfriend's cum was all used up on me!