Boys ng boy gay sex tube first time Blackmailed Bottom Bitch

Boys ng boy gay sex tube first time Blackmailed Bottom Bitch
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The Monster #1 His Story Part One An Introduction and seduction This is a story about our introduction to swapping.

We're 50ish and our neighbors are in their 30ies. Me, Frank WM, 6', 210 lbs with a 6" dick & my wife Bonnie WF, 5', 140 lbs with soft 38 D'S Roger & Shellie he's a WM, 6' 4", slim & tanned with a really big cock she's a WF, 5' 8", about 140 lbs with hard 42 DD'S It was about 6:30 in the evening and we were sitting at the table having just finished eating. The phone rang and my wife answered it.

"Hey, the kids are gone for the weekend. We just finished dinner and I want to know if you two want join us in the hot tub?" It was our neighbor Shellie. My wife answered "Sure, I'll get Frank and some Champagne and we'll be right over." When we walked into their back yard they were already in the tub. While my wife knows that I don't really enjoy sitting in hot tubs, but she knows that I love to look at Shellie's huge tits.

They're so big and full. I've wanted to get a good look at them from the day they moved in next door, but have never gotten the chance. It's been 5 years and they're still driving me crazy. Whenever I see her I always have to make a concerted effort to look her in the eyes. The fact that these two are about 15 years younger probably has something to do with it. She's about 5' 8", 140 lbs with these full and hard looking 42DD'S. Every time I see her, no matter what she's wearing, I go nuts.

She's not only huge but well proportioned. And, if she's wearing her suit top, wow! While Shellie was being very talkative, Roger was being unusually quite. After a short while the champagne was gone and Shellie sent Roger inside to get another bottle. I was mesmerized by Shellie's figure and didn't notice anything amiss until my wife said "Oh my!

What's up with that?" Of course Shellie and I had to turn to Roger to see what she was referring to. Then I couldn't help but notice that he was sporting a hard on under his trunks that he couldn't hide without using a towel. And I must say it was quite impressive. He smiled and said "I've been taking Viagra whenever the kids are going to be gone over night and I didn't know that Shellie invited you two over." My wife's pretty perceptive so she said "So would you like us to leave?" Shellie said "No way!

I invited you guys over so that I could hold him off for awhile." To my surprise my wife was just staring at his trunks and she finally said "So how long will that last?" Shellie told her "Honey, it will last a lot longer than you or I will." My wife looked at her and while pointing at Roger's hard on she said "Why would you want to wait to have that?" To which she replied "Roger honey, why don't you go ahead and unleash the beast so she can see why I'm not in any hurry." Roger looked at me and said "Should I?" I didn't know where this was going but I figured it couldn't be bad.

I said "Hell yeah! Now we're both really curious!" Well Roger pulled down his trunks and showed us a cock. This wasn't a penis, and it certainly wasn't a dick. This thing was about 10" long and thick like a tube of salami. Shellie said "Look at that thing! When he gets through with me all I want to do is roll over and sleep. If he started in on me now I'd be up working that thing for hours!" "Really," said my wife.

"It lasts for hours 'eh?" "Oh yeah! I start out by jacking him off. I lick it some to lubricate it and once I get started I really get excited. So I reach down and touch myself so I can get a little more lube. And all the while I'm hoping that once he cums it will go down. But it doesn't. So then I suck on it for awhile, but that doesn't last long. My mouth can't take it. So then he sticks it inside me. And he goes and goes and goes some more." "I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound so bad!" was my wife's reply.

"Look what I have to work with. Show her yours." OK. So I've been sitting here listening to Shellie talk about doing her husband. I've got a raging hard on because I'm imagining her doing these things to me.

My wife catches me by surprise with this command. I look at her and said "Do what?" My wife says "Show her yours. You can't match him, but show her anyway." So I stand up and take off my trunks. Shellie says "How cute!" I'm thinking "Oh that's just fucking great." But I guess that next to Roger my 6" dick does look "cute". "You shave?" she asked.

"Yeah, ever since I had my vasectomy. Bonnie seemed to like it that way. She's been giving me more head since I've kept it neat." "I can see why. I could probably work with that for hours." was Shellie's reply. Bonnie says "Shaved is really quite nice. It's so soft and I don't have to pick hair out of my mouth!" To my surprise Shellie says "Can I feel it?" Bonnie replied "If I can feel Rogers." Shellie said "Sure, go right ahead." The girls aren't concerned about our opinions.

Roger and I look at each other and just grin. We sat down on the edge of the tub in front of the women. My wife is looking at this huge cock and is oblivious to anything else.

She puts her hands around it and starts to stroke it. At the same time Shellie takes my dick in one hand and my balls in the other. "Wow, you're right. They're so soft without hair!" "Would it be alright if I try to put this in my mouth?" my wife was saying to no one in particular. Roger saw his chance and said "Sure." This got Shellie's attention and she looked over at her husband and then at my wife. Bonnie leaned forward and stretched her mouth over the head of Roger's cock. Shellie started to stroke my dick and looked up at me, with this wicked little smile.

While I watched I thought "This is gonna' be the night I get to see her tits! And, that probably won't be all I see. . ." She took me by the hand and brought me around to the other side of the tub.

"You can watch them better from over here." Funny thing, but for a moment I had forgotten about those two. Bonnie had stopped trying to suck on Roger's cock. I could see that she was working her jaw back and forth, probably trying to get it back into place. But she was stroking his rod like it was an idol she was polishing.

Then Shellie leaned forward and, while winking, she took my entire little dick into her mouth. She started to suck and moved up and down. After a few seconds she raised her head and pulled me a little closer. Then she lowered her head and started to lick my balls.

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Oh my god! This is way too good to be true! She gets me to scoot a little further forward and takes me into her mouth again. I leaned back with my arms behind be and threw my head back. I was thinking "I should take some Viagra!" Then I feel her pull off of me, spread my legs wide and she uses her tongue to probe my ass hole. Roger was smiling down at my wife and said "Oh yeah, that's great! I hope you're ready for this." And then he started to cum.

And it was an unbelievable gusher. She kept stroking and cum kept coming. She leaned forward and started to lick the head of his prick, tasting some of the treat that she had worked out of him. I look down and Shellie's looking up at me, smiling, with my dick in her mouth once again. Now she's probing my ass with a finger. I raised my butt just a bit and then she quickly shoves her finger in.

When she started to stroke in and out and moved it around I couldn't hold out any longer! I start cumming in her mouth. She keeps sucking for all she's worth, and it feels so good, but I'm thinking "I can't believe it's over!" Even as she continues to play with my dick, I start to loose my hard on.

Shellie looks up and says "How was that?" "Awesome!" was my reply. But I look over at Roger and Bonnie and she's still caressing his huge hard on. She's smiling, he's smiling and Shellie says to Bonnie, "See what I mean?

You're not done yet!" With that said my wife stepped out of the tub and slipped off her bathing suit and showed Roger her body. At 5', 140 lbs with soft 38D'S she looks good. She took Roger by the hand and led him over to a lawn chair.

"Lie down." was all she said. She stood to the side of the chair and stepped over him so that she could drop herself down onto his still very erect shaft. I watched as she put her fingers to her opening and pulled it wide as she started to contact the head of his cock. "I'm sure she must be very wet!" said Shellie while she still had her hand on my limp dick. "How long do you think it will take her to get him inside?" "Who cares?" was my response. I looked at Shellie and said "Maybe you should go get me some Viagra." "You won't need it." was her reply.

With that said she stands up and takes off her top. When it falls away I just can't look anywhere else but at those beautiful breasts. I catch myself and look her in the eyes. She says "Is there something you don't like about my tits?

Whenever I run into you, you never look at them." Now I had nothing to lose so I say "Oh, there's absolutely nothing wrong with these!" as I place each hand under them. "I've fantasized about fondling and kissing them for as long as you've lived next to us. And that's not all I've thought about.

. ." "Well then, isn't it about time that you quit fantasizing and start doing?" She was cupping her breasts and smiling. "Here they are." Where do I begin? I had her change places and it was my turn to work on her. I couldn't resist. I wanted to try to get the most out of this opportunity. I leaned close and started to kiss her. She turned her head just a bit and said "Bonnie isn't going to be able to take that thing all night. You better pay attention to my areas that matter most before the bubble bursts!" I smiled and started to use my tongue to run down her neck and find one of the breasts that I had so often dreamed of.

As I started to suck on a nipple she lowered her head and asked, "Do you still need some Viagra?" I realized that once again I was rock hard. I brought my head away and smiled at her. I returned my attention to her breast. They were so firm! Her nipples were getting hard as I licked and sucked one and used my fingers to tweak the other. I ran a finger along the inside of her thigh and started to fondle her through her bottoms. She whispered in my ear, "Take them off." She leaned back onto her elbows and raised her butt to help me.

I set them aside and she spread her legs. I couldn't help but stare at her. She was clean shaven and had a clit that looked like a little cock surrounded by big lips. Without hesitation I went forward and began to suck on her. I sucked her clit and used my tongue to flick it.

I moved down and sucked on her lips. I used two fingers and entered her. I used 3, then 4 fingers. She was huge! "You can use your whole hand if you want." With little effort I was able to fist her. This allowed me to easily search out her g-spot and I returned to sucking her clit. She was so wet! I felt her buck. She put her hands on my head and drew me tight.

"It's been so long!" She said. "Oh suck me, suck me, and don't stop!" After what seemed like just seconds she started to cum like crazy! Then she tried to push me away but I was having none of that! I pulled my hand out, reached up with both hands to tweak her nipples. Her hands covered mine and I was free to keep on licking her clit. Oh man, I was in heaven! I stopped just long enough to raise my head and tell her "I could eat you all night long!" She replied, "Oh please do!" I kept on through what must have been 10 orgasms in just a few short minutes.

She said "Time out! Please wait just a second!" I stopped and she leaned forward, grabbed me by the head and started kissing me with more passion than I've seen in a long time. She said "That was so great! It's been so long since anyone has gone down on me and made me cum so much.

Look at them. Bonnie loves that huge cock, but she'll soon realize that it's all about him! It won't be long before she'll find that making love is more than a big cock.

It's more than letting him pound away looking for the next orgasm. He'll just lay there and let her work on him." I looked her in the eyes and told her that "I could go down on you for hours! I just love making a woman cum! And it's been so long since I've been with anyone other than Bonnie." She kissed me again. As she kissed me she reached down and felt my hard on.

"It seems that you're ready to go again. Are you?" "What ever you want." was my reply. With that said she took me by the hand and pulled me up and away from the tub. We walked into the house and she led me into the bathroom of the master bedroom.

She put her hands on the vanity and leaned forward. "Fuck me!" I put my dick at her hole and entered her. I grabbed her hips and started to stroke in and out. Slowly at first and then I picked up speed. But she was so big, not tight like my wife. I thought about what she'd done to me and licked my finger. I probed her brown hole and when she didn't react, I stuck my finger in. Now unlike her cunt, this was tight!

I worked it in a little and then a little more. She reached into a drawer and brought out a tube. She took off the top and said "Use this." I pulled out my finger squeezed a little on the tip of it. I spread it at her hole and entered her again.

It slid right in and I stroked deeper and deeper. As my knuckle entered her and then it was all the way in. She said "Oh yeah, that feels good! Press down. Can you feel your dick?" I could, this felt better. She looked at me in the mirror and asked, "Do you fuck Bonnie in the ass?" "No, I've never had anyone that way." "Would you like to take my virginity?" I said "If that's what you want.

. ." She pulled away and grabbed the tube. She squeezed it into the palm of her hand and then she began to cover my dick with lube. "Roger's dick has made my pussy so big that I don't think you're enjoying it.

But he's never been in my ass. I think it's the least I can do for you." Then she turned her back to me and again leaned over the vanity. "I've thought about doing this for some time but I'm afraid Roger would rip me wide open.

Fuck my ass!" Well, it took me all of two seconds before I stepped forward and began to press my dick head against her. As it started to enter she gasped and said "Easy! It's my first time!" Holy shit! I enter her, going as slowly as I can.

It's so good! She is so tight! It's been an awfully long time but it's what I remember a virgin feeling like. It's so incredibly tight and I'm so hard.

I can see her face in the mirror and she's grimacing. And she's trying to relax but it feels like she's bearing down. So I just wait, holding still. Once again I reach around and start to lightly rub her nipples. I can see her face start to relax.

"Pull it out." She says. Oh no, is it over? I do as she says and she tells me "Put some more lube on and try it again." Kewl!

I can do that! I stroked myself a few times while I add more KY and ask her "Are you ready?" "Yes. . ." I moved forward and placed it against her opening once more. I slowly advance and she's not making faces. Her eyes are closed and she's smiling. It slides in with a little less resistance. I start to slowly stroke in and out, going just a little deeper each time.

Oh man, I haven't been this hard for this long in quite a while. I ask "How does it feel?" "It hurts, but I like it. Roger keeps trying to talk me into letting him fuck me like this but I can't imagine how I could take his cock like this. Your cute little dick is more appealing. How does it feel for you?" "It's wonderful!" I'm thinking OK, so "cute" isn't such a bad thing after all.

"You're so tight. And this is so exciting. I've been curious about anal sex but Bonnie told me long ago that it would never happen. I'm so glad you invited us over." As I pushed more she said "Ooh, it hurts!" "Should I stop?" "No, keep going. How far are you in?" "I'm almost half way. Just a bit more and I'll be all in." I was going deeper each time and within eight strokes it was all the way in.

"There, that's all!" "Fuck my ass!" I began to slowly move in and out as she was pushing back into me. "It feels so different. I'm so full. Do you think you can cum in me?" "Oh I don't think that will be a problem!" "I really didn't plan this," she said, "but I like the way it turned out. I wonder how those two are getting along." "I'm sure they're just fine." Within a minute I was getting ready to cum. "Oh yeah, this feels so good!

I'm cumming!" I pushed all the way in and was using little strokes to milk my dick. "We're doing just fine." It was Bonnie, standing in front of Roger with her hand wrapped around his still hard cock. "I needed a break and we were wondering what you two were up to." "She likes it from behind." was Roger's comment. "But you're probably lost inside of her.

She's kind of big after all of our years together." "He doesn't seem to mind." was Sherrie's reply. She looked at me in the mirror and asked "It feels ok, doesn't it?" "Oh yeah!" was all I dared to say. Sherrie suggested that we all take a break and return to the tub. I pulled out as Bonnie and Roger turned to leave. Sherrie reached for a wash cloth and wet it.

Then she began to clean me off. She whispered "This will be our little secret, alright?" and she gave me a peck on the cheek. "I don't have a problem with that." When we returned to the tub my wife was putting on her suit. She said "I think we've had enough fun for one night. Let's head home and let these two be alone." Upon entering our house my wife got naked and came to me. "I hope you're still horny. I need you to make me cum! He fucked me good but I'm not satisfied." She sat on the stairs and spread her legs.

She started to finger herself and said "Come over hear and make me cum!" End of part one The Monster #2 Her Story Part One An Introduction and seduction This is her story about our introduction to swapping. We're 50ish and our neighbors are in their 30ies. I just found out from my wife that that fateful Saturday night wasn't an accident.

Here's her story. My husband showed me his accounting of that fateful Saturday night. He thought that reading it to me would get me hot! I had to tell him. Men are so funny! Do you really think that no one planned this ahead of time? OK, Sherrie and I didn't sit down and go over details of what we were going to do, but I had planted the seed some time ago. . here's how it all started. Frank and I have been married for almost 30 years.

We're a happy couple and our sex life is ok. We don't make love as much as when we first met, but when we do it's just as good as it was then. But lately I've had an itch that needs to be scratched. I've decided who should do the scratching; I just needed to determine when it would happen. We've known our neighbors, Sherrie and Roger, for about 5 years.

Sherrie and I have sat in our yards talking girl talk many times. As girls are known to do, we often get around to talking about sex. I've told her about my husband. He's a man who doesn't fuck often but when he does he always makes sure that I cum before he does.

He'll finger me, eat me, and use a dildo or vibrator. He'll do whatever it takes. And he doesn't often let me settle for just one orgasm; he fends off my attempts to push him away and gets me off again and again. Only then will he worry about getting himself off. In all the years that we've been married I can honestly say that I can count on one hand the times that we've had sex and I haven't had at least one orgasm. And I've described Frank's penis and how he shaves it and his balls.

I told her how soft it is to the touch and how sexy it looks. Sherrie's story is different. She said that Roger will fuck her any time she wants, but it's always about him. To quote her, "The only thing that man has going for him is a huge cock! It's quite beautiful when it's angry!" I've asked her "What exactly does "huge" mean?" She described it as over "10" long and as big around as a tube of salami!" I asked her if she gave him head.

She said she did. She said the head fills her mouth and he loves it when she plays with his helmet. I was getting so hot I wanted to finger myself. I asked her "How much can you get in your mouth?" She said she's never been able to come anywhere close to taking the whole thing but she can take a lot of it before she starts to gag! So whenever Sherrie calls and asks us over to sit in the hot tub I always say "yes!" I love to sit with those two and imagine what he looks like naked.

I also know that Frank loves to look at Shellie's tits. When the phone rang that Saturday night, I had no idea that I'd get to realize my fantasies. I grabbed some champagne and my husband and once again went next door to sit in the hot tub and fantasize. . It was another typical Saturday night next door.

Blah, blah, blah. OK, sure, I'll have another drink. Roger got out of the tub and went inside for more Champagne. When he came out of the house and I looked at him I couldn't miss the hard on he was sporting. I couldn't believe my luck. He's such a stud. Tall and tanned, not a bad build.

It really did look huge! I got so wet just thinking about it and when I said "Oh my! What's up with that?" I didn't mean to say it out loud! I was so embarrassed! And then I couldn't believe it. Here's Shellie telling him to whip it out and my husband agrees. I was in heaven! When I saw his cock I was amazed. It was awesome!! I wanted to play with it, lick it, feel it inside of me, but I didn't think my husband would allow it.

From the moment I saw it I knew that I needed to have it in me. So, I played along as if I didn't have a plan. I acted as though I could just walk away by saying "So would you like us to leave?" But I was hoping that they wouldn't see through me. As luck would have it, Shellie played right into my hand. I followed her lead and told Frank to show them his. While he's no where near as impressive as Roger, his shaved dick and balls are kind of sexy.

And then Shellie stepped right into my trap! She looks at it and asks "Can I feel it." It was then that I knew I was going to get a hold of that huge cock and I was determined to get laid. . I said "If I can feel Rogers." Shellie went to my husband and started to play with him. I had Roger sit on the edge of the tub and caressed his massive cock. I asked Shellie "Can I put it in my mouth?" Roger answered "Sure!" When I tried to take it in my mouth I couldn't believe how hard it was to open wide enough!

As hard as I tried I could barely get any of it in. But I used my teeth on his helmet and used my fingers to tickle his vein. Try as I might, I couldn't get much into my mouth.

So I just stroked it and licked it hoping it would cum. I once again put my mouth over his helmet and tried to suck on as much as I could.

Roger started to help. He used one hand to stroke himself and the other to push my head onto his cock. I could feel Roger increase the speed of his stroke, and then he was cumming. I tried to swallow it but there was so much! I pushed myself back so I could keeping stroking along with him and watch him shoot his load. He must of spurt 7 or 8 times! I ate as much as I could and licked his beautiful cum covered cock. I knew then that I would use the rest of that cum to make it wet so I could get it inside me.

I wanted to be filled with this gorgeous cock, ride it for as long as it stayed hard. I was so wet and so taken with Roger's cock that I hoped that Frank wouldn't notice what was happening and somehow prevent me from getting fucked by it. But then Shellie tells me I'm not finished and I realize that they're watching.

So I figured I'd just go for it! I stood up and took off my suit. I took Roger's hand and moved away from the tub. I had him lay down on one of their deck chairs and straddled him.

I held my cunt lips open and lowered myself onto his beautiful cock. It filled me in a way that I'd only ever imagined. I worked up and down, letting him penetrate a little deeper each time. "Oh my god Roger, you feel so good! I've never felt anything so big!" "Just work it Bonnie. I can keep this up all night long. You feel so good! I haven't fucked a pussy this tight in a long time. I'll fuck you till you can't take it any more." I looked over and noticed Shellie taking off her top and new that I'd be free to continue to do whatever I wanted.

Frank has looked at those tits longingly since forever. He thinks he's so sly but I've seen him staring every chance he gets. So I worked on Roger's cock for all I was worth. I tried to take his hand and have him play with my clit but he put his hand behind his head and just laid there.

So I took matters into my own hands and fingered myself. But as hard as I tried I couldn't quite get myself off. I stood up and knelt between his legs. I put my finger to my clit and started to lick him and as I tasted myself on him I felt myself getting close. I looked over at the tub and saw my husband with his head between Shellie's legs. I knew then why she was willing to share this cock. She had her head back and was thoroughly enjoying my husband's attention while her husband was enjoying mine.

I tried once more to get down on his cock. I started to cum and kept slowing pleasuring myself. When my "O" subsided I looked over at the tub and noticed that Frank and Shellie were gone. I leaned down to Roger and asked him if he'd go down on me. "Sorry, but I don't do that." was his reply. So I bent over and placed my arms on their patio table and told him to fuck me from behind. It went in a little easier this way and he got a bit aggressive as he shoved his cock in and out of me.

He was trying very hard to get it all in! At first I moved forward because I was afraid he would hurt me. But then I started to push back and he got a rhythm and I followed his tempo. Oh, he felt so good! And it's been many a long year since I've had a hard dick inside of me for this long. And he isn't showing any signs of fatigue. This is wonderful! While he's filling me I fingered my self some more.

My clit is so hard and it's so sensitive. I only need to work a minute before I'm cumming again! And he's still pounding away. I asked him if he was close to getting off and he said that it would be awhile. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help and he said he'd like to fuck me in the ass. I told him there was no way that was going to happen and asked if there was something else I could do.

He said that I was so tight that he'd just keep fucking me and if he got close I could suck him off again. So he slows down for a bit and then he speeds up again. This went on for about 15 minutes before I told him that I had to sit down.

So he pulls out and lays back down. He grabs his cock and stroked it. "Sit back on here!" So I did. A few minutes later he said he was getting close so I raised myself off of him and started to lick, stroke and suck him again.

I still couldn't get much of him into my mouth. When he came there wasn't much and it was not as thick as the first time. I licked him clean and then I stood up. I reached down and grabbed his still hard cock and led him into the house. As we approached the master bathroom I could see Frank fucking Shellie from behind. I'm just a little bit jealous. He's obviously enjoying himself more than I am. So I stopped and pulled Roger close.

I gave him a kiss and asked him "Can you meet me in the city on Monday? I'd like another chance to fuck that huge cock of yours." "Sure!


We've never mentioned it before, because we didn't know how you two would take it. But we swap with several couples we know. Now you're in "The Club" if you'd like. And, if you want, I can arrange for a couple buddies to come along on Monday. You've met them before, at one of our summer parties, and I know that they're dying to have their way with you!" "Are any of them hung like you?" "You'll have to wait and see.

. ." "I can hardly wait!!" Then I asked, "When and where should we meet?" "I'll arrange for us to meet at one of their houses. Plan to be there around 1:30. Just in case, should I have Shellie set up something for Frank? Just to make sure he's busy and maybe she can entice him to join our club?" "Yeah, that would be OK.

And I won't feel as guilty. But after the way he went after her the tonight I don't think she'll have to try very hard." End of part 2 The Monster #3 His Story Part Two His Party This is a continuation of our story On Monday morning I was taking a shower and the phone rang. I grabbed a towel and answered it. "Hi, this is Sherrie. Is Bonnie there?" "No she's not. She went into the city to meet her girl friend for lunch and the afternoon theatre. She'll be home around 6:00." "Well that's good news.

Can you come over for a while? I have some friends who would like to meet you." "Sure. I'll be right there." When she answered the door she had a robe on. She said "Yesterday we got together with some other couples. While the boys were out back smoking cigars the girls gathered in the kitchen. The talk got around to sex and I told them about what happened Saturday night. They kept asking for more detail. It was really hot! When I got to the part about you saying that you could go down on me for hours, they asked if you did.

I told them that we didn't have time but that I thought you would. Two of them asked if they could meet you. I new you wouldn't mind." I started to get hard thinking about where this might be going.

She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom and there were two women sitting on her bed. They stood up and Shellie said, "Do you remember Donna and Kathy? You met them at one of our parties last summer." "Of course I do. Hello ladies. It's nice to see you again." I was smiling, looking at one and then the other. Their figures were no where near as impressive as Sherrie's. Neither of them had tits that came close to her size and fullness, but neither of these women is as wide in the hips as Sherrie.

Kathy was taller, almost my height, with one of those "I have had two kids" figures. She was wearing a lightweight ankle length summer skirt with a loose fitting white armless top. I could just make out her nipples showing through her bra and top. She looked to be at least 40 D'S. She has a full figure, the kind that combines full hips, long thighs and, full breasts.

Donna is a little woman, maybe 5 feet tall. She was wearing jeans and a halter top. She has short hair, a flat tummy and her tits were small with great big stiff nipples pushing against her top.

Donna said "It's nice to see you again. Sherrie told us that since we last saw you she found out that you were "cute". Can I see what she's talking about?" Sherrie opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. "When I told them about you, I said that if they didn't mind we'd start by letting them watch us. Then, if they took good care of you, you'd probably return the favor.

So, are you "up" for it?" Kathy said "It looks like he is!" She was looking at my crotch. I took off my tank top, stepped out of my shorts and took off my underwear. "Is this what Sherrie was talking about?" Sherrie walked to the bed and sat between Donna and Kathy. She spread her legs and said "Come to me!" I knelt in front of her and started to play with her pussy.

She was already wet. "So you've been looking forward to this? " "Oh yes!" was her reply. I leaned forward and started to kiss her cunt. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her lips. She tasted so good! She lay back and put her hands to my head.

"Work my clit! Make me cum. . ." I spread her lips and took her little dick into my mouth. I sucked her in and tongued her quickly. She started to moan and said "Oh yes baby, that's so nice!" I used one hand to enter her and felt inside of her going for her pleasure spot.

If I can make her cum quickly, maybe I'll get to play with the other girls. So I concentrated on her and the thought of 3 women!

It took just a few minutes before I felt her hand move to her mound. She was pressing hard just above her clit. Like the other night I felt her stiffen and she said "Oh yeah! You really know how to get to me! Oh that feels great!" As I licked her I looked to each side to see the other women. Donna had her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself.

Kathy was rubbing her breasts. "Yes, yes, I'm cumming!" Wham! She raised her pelvis and started to push me away. Unlike the other night I didn't try to keep my place.

I moved back so that I could watch her rub her slit with her other hand. She was shuddering and moaning "Oh yeah, that's so great!" Sherrie told us that after we're through she has something special planned for you." I thought "She's planning something special? What could be more special that this?

Class six shool girl sex vedio

She set me up with two other women. How is she going to beat that?" Donna stood up and asked if I wanted to undress her. I went to her and asked "Where should I start?" She lifted her arms and I pulled her top up over her head. Her perky breasts didn't move. They were small and each one could be covered with one hand.

I brought my mouth to one of her nipples and started to lick it. I used a palm to stimulate the other. "Oh, he is good!" I used my free hand to reach between her legs and rub her through her jeans. I started to unbutton them. I pulled away and knelt down so I could pull her jeans down and found she wasn't wearing panties.

I looked up and our eyes met. "I figured that this might happen so I didn't bother to wear too much. She stepped out of them and reached for my hands and said "Stand up." She got onto her knees and moved her head towards me.

She cupped my balls and put her free hand on my dick. "You're right! It is cute! And it's so soft, just like you said." She took me into her mouth and began to suck me, in and out.

She made an "mmmm" sound and lightly stoked my balls with her finger tips. I looked down at her and then over to Kathy, who had her skirt pulled up, legs spread and a finger was working her clit.

She began to unbutton her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She unclasped her bra and her breasts dropped just a bit. They were lovely. And unlike Kathy, I would be able to lift them and fondle them as I worked them over. She pushed her skirt down. Now everyone was naked. "Donna, don't be inconsiderate. It's all about you, isn't it?" Kathy said with a little pout. "Why don't you let him get comfortable?

Bring him over here and let him lie down!" Donna pulled away and said "Oh, alright." She stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to the bed. She said "Why don't you make yourself comfortable." I stretched out on the bed and looked at these 3 lovely ladies wondering how this was going to work out.

And I looked over the bodies of both Donna and Kathy, I couldn't help but think to myself, "You know, Sherries' got great tits but compared to these two her butts kind of big. . ." Kathy said "That's better. Now you can suck on him while I sit on his face." She knelt on the bed and leaned down and started licking my nipples.

"I'll do to you what I'd like you to do to me." After a few moments she slid her tongue up my chest and rose just a little so that I could suck on her nipple.

Soon she straddled my face and said "I can't wait any longer." Donna was doing wonderful things to my erection. Licking my dick from top to bottom and back. Then she'd take me into her mouth as far as she could. I could feel my head hitting the back of her throat. And than she would start to lick again and she took my balls into her mouth and sucked them while she stroked me with her hand.

So on Sunday morning I was thinking that the night before was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. I figured that if I waited for the right moment, Sherrie would ask me to come to her so that we could pick up where we left off. And now, here I am with two women working me over and Sherrie standing on the side waiting for another turn. Before I started on Kathy I said "You know ladies, I think that the 3 of you won't have any trouble keeping me hard.

But Donna has me close to cumming. If that matters to you, you had better take advantage of it now." Kathy told me "I'm here for one thing and I'd like you to get to it.

I'm going to have to leave to get the kids soon and wouldn't want to leave disappointed." With that I started to lick her really wet cunt lips. Before Saturday night I'd forgotten how much better young women seem to taste. Then I started to wonder how Donna was going to taste. . As I started to suck on Kathy's clit I came! And Donna didn't bother to bring it to anyone else's attention. She just kept on sucking and swallowing. When she determined that I was done, she pulled off of me and said "That was nice!

Who wants to be next?" I said "I have a better idea. Why don't you ladies lie down and let me work on all of you. I've cum and it will be awhile before I can cum again." So Kathy rolled over and said "That's fine with me but I expect you to finish what you started.

So come to me. . ." I moved to her and started to lick one of her very erect nipples. And then I began to suck. Softly at first, then a little bit harder and harder. Just the way she had done to me.

As I fondled her breast my teeth started to close on her nipple and I pulled my head away so that they lightly scraped her. "Oh, that's perfect!

I love it when a man pays attention!" "What?" asked Donna. Kathy replied "Shut up and wait your turn!" I went down to her pussy and licked my way around until I got to her clit.

It was so hard! I moved down and used my tongue to probe and lick between her lips. I could feel her juices covering me so I crawled up to her and kissed her. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she went nuts! I put my hand to her pussy and used my finger to stimulate her clit.

I thought she was going to suck my tongue out of my head! She wouldn't let go! I heard Donna say "Are you almost finished? When is it going to be my turn?" Kathy let loose of my tongue and gently lifted my head away. "Eat me! Make me cum!" I moved down to resume working on her clit.

This was so much fun! While I was concentrating on getting Kathy off I felt a light touch on my back. Fingers were tracing their way towards my ass. They would get close to my hole, pull away, and then start back where they had begun. I figured it was Donna trying to be a pain in the ass. And then I felt Kathy start to stiffen. She was getting close. I tried to ignore the fingers on my back and concentrated on Kathy. . I stuck a finger inside of her and pressed up against her g-spot.

Then I lightened my tongue's touch against her clit. . she went from rigid to shuddering. . WHAM! She took off like a rocket! Her hands hit the sides of my head so hard I thought I'd hurt her. I started to pull back when she grabbed me and pulled me back to her cunt. "Don't stop!! This is fucking great!!" She came and came and came some more.

I continued to lick her clit and she was pushing me away and pulling me against her at the same time. She didn't know what she wanted. "Oh my god, that was fucking incredible!" Kathy held my head between her hands and pulled me towards her as she sat up. She looked into my eyes and said "Thank you!" Then she started to kiss me. She was gentle now, sucking on my lower lip and licking me all around my mouth.

Then she put her arms around me and pulled me close. She whispered in my ear. "That was the best! I love the way you made me feel. You are too good to be true!" She kissed me once more and then she looked over to Donna and Sherrie. "OK Donna, now it's your turn." Donna was right there. She was already lying on the bed and reached out with both hands.

"Come to me." I reached out and took Donna's hands in mine. She pulled me down upon her. She started to kiss me and said "You taste good! Are you ready for some more?" I just smiled and started to run my tongue over and around her lips.

I kissed her mouth and then moved up to kiss her eyes. As I moved my head to the side I breathed into her ear and said "Are you ready?" I put my hand between her legs and started to fondle her pussy. "You're so wet! I guess you are ready." I continued to use my tongue and I worked my way down her shoulder to her breasts.

I licked her from one to the other, making sure to pay attention to her nipples. She was trying to stroke my penis but I pulled just out of reach and said "This time is not about me, it's all about you." And with that I licked downwards, stopping to tongue her belly button, before I moved all the way down to her pussy. I put my mouth over her and licked from her opening to her clit. Then I moved down and stuck my tongue into her and fucked her for a few strokes.

I made my way back up to her face and said "I want you to taste yourself. It's so wonderful!" Donna started to suck on my tongue and I knew that she was ready. I asked her, "What do you want first?" "Fuck me!" was her reply.

So I reached down and guided my dick into her. I pulled myself up and tried to use my dick to stroke against her clit. She had her hands on my waist and was controlling my rhythm. She liked it nice and slow. I brought my mouth down to her ear and said "I want to make you cum! Can I lick you now?" She said "Oh yes!" I pulled out and slid down until I was at her cunt. I started to lick her, between her lips, and then to her clit.

She was so wet and her juice was thick! I used my fingers to probe all around her pussy and anus. A little lube from her pussy to get a finger wet and then I slid it down and gently probed her ass. She didn't object. I thought "OK, so the butt's not off limits". My finger easily entered her so I tried two. Again, there was no problem. I concentrated my mouth on her clit and kept my other fingers in her pussy, trying to find her sweet spot.

I felt a nibble on my ear. Then Kathy said "I have to go. Can I have a kiss goodbye?" I leaned back to give her a kiss and I knew that she would be tasting Donna. I wondered how she'd react. She sucked on my tongue, then my lips. She brought me mouth close to my ear and whispered "No wonder you like doing this.

That tastes so nice. Do you think we might be able to get together again sometime?" "Whenever you'd like." I replied. She stood up and said "It really was a pleasure to see you.

You guys have fun!" Then, to Sherrie she said "Call me later and tell me about his "surprise". And with that she left the room. Donna used both hands to grasp my head and directed me back between her legs.

I had left my fingers inside of her so I resumed licking her clit and trying to find her pleasure spot. I took my fingers from her ass hand reached up to massage one of her petite breasts. I palmed her gently across the tip of her erect nipples. I could hear her moaning soft sounds of pleasure. Then I felt those fingers on my back again. They were tracing a line down my spine from my neck to my ass.

I now knew that it wasn't Donna who had done it before. It's Sherrie. So as I'm trying to concentrate on the job at hand, and mouth, I feel those fingers move further down to my cheeks. And then I feel pressure and one starts to penetrate my ass! Another hand reaches between my legs and fondles my balls. The finger very slowly penetrates my ass. In and out, going just a little deeper each time. The other hand moved up a little further and started to stroke my dick.

These women were really making it hard for me to concentrate. Donna said "Are you still hard? I want you inside of me! Fuck me and kiss me, please?" Oh yeah, like these women have to beg me to do these things.

As I moved forward Sherrie pulled her finger out of my ass but moved with me as she kept hold of my dick. "Let me help you put it in. . ." I said to Donna, "You're so tiny! It's going to be hard to kiss and fuck you at the same time. So let's start with a kiss. . ." Then Sherrie said, "Here, let me help." She reached over to the bedside dresser and opened the drawer. She pulled out a couple of dildos and as she showed them to Donna she said, "Which one would you prefer?" Donna looked over and said "The one that's the size of Frank." Donna moved next to us and told me to move over so that she could help.

I went back to kissing Donna and I felt her tense up as I envisioned Sherrie inserting her toy into Donna's pussy. Donna was moaning while she sucked on my tongue. Then she said "Can I change my mind?

Lick my clit while she uses that on me." So I moved down to her pussy and once again sought out her clit. She reached for my dick and started to stroke it. It wasn't a minute before Donna started saying "Oh yeah! That's it, oh yeah, keep it going, just a little slower. I meant Sherrie, not you! Frank, lick a little faster, yeah like that. Lick me lighter, lighter, perfect!

Oh yes, yes, here it comes!" She raised her hips and grabbed my head as she had what appeared to be a powerful orgasm. "Oh Sherrie, you said he was good but you two as a team are incredible! Wow, that was the best!

I haven't cum like that in as long as I can remember!" She gently pushed me over and gave me a soft but very passionate kiss. She reached down and stroked my dick as she made her way down my chest with her mouth. She started to take me into her mouth once again and Sherrie said "Hey, I think it's my turn?" "Oh yeah, sorry. Do you mind if I stick around and watch?" "No I don't.

As a matter of fact you can help with his "Surprise" if you want." "If it involves pleasure, I'm in!" was Donna's reply. As Sherrie walked the bedside table and took out a huge dildo, a tube of KY and smiled at me.

It was bigger than Roger, maybe 14 inches and very big around. She walked towards the bathroom she said "Follow me." She took out a beach towel and spread it on the floor. Then she lay on the towel. "I've fantasized about a double penetration but I've never had the chance to do it. She looked at Donna and said "I want you to put this in me." Donna said "Sure, but why don't you have Frank do it while I watch?" "I have other plans for him.

Frank, why don't you make yourself comfortable? We shouldn't be too long." I sat on the side of the tub and new what she had planned for me. Donna knelt at the bottom of the towel, leaned forward so that she was between Sherrie's spread legs, and carefully began to insert the dildo. She would put in a little and pull it out a little, and then put it in some more. And Sherrie kept looking over at me with a mischievous grin. This was great to watch. I was lightly tickling my very hard dick.

Then Sherrie said "Donna, would it bother you to have Frank inside of you while you work?" "No, not at all! This is so much fun! I'm getting so hot again!" I quickly knelt behind Donna and put my very erect penis into her very wet hole. Sherrie put her hands between her legs and said "Mmmm, that feels so good!" Donna started to move forward and back, working against my cock, as she pushed the cock deeper.

It was now almost all in. Sherrie asked me, "Is she just incredibly wet? Can you feel her juices flowing over your dick? Pull it out and let me suck them off!" I pulled out of Donna and moved around so that Sherrie could suck me. She sucked and licked and then she said "Donna, you taste so divine! Let him cover his cock with your taste and suck on him. You'll love it!" Donna rolled onto her back and I didn't have to move far in order to enter her again. I stroked into her a couple of times, pulled out, and moved up so she that could take me into her mouth.

As she was gently sucking me, savoring the flavor, I felt her spasm and was surprised when I looked back and saw Sherrie kneeling between Donna's legs, lapping away at her cunt! This was too fucking great! Donna started to suck a little harder and one of her hands went to Sherrie's head like she was afraid that if she didn't hold on to her she might move away.

I pulled myself away from Donna and she didn't argue. She put her head back and now had both hands on Sherrie's head. She was moaning sounds of pleasure and I was sure she was very close to cumming.

I grabbed the KY and smeared it on my dick. I moved behind Sherrie and stuck my dick in her ass. She was tight and I pushed forward, going in a little at a time. I could feel the dildo through her thin wall and reached down to hold the end and started to stroke it in and out.

Donna was cumming! She was talking to Sherrie, directing her. "Oh, that's it. Faster, use that tongue on my clit! Oh fuck, that's perfect!" Sherrie pushed back into me. As I pushed forward, Sherrie moved with me. She was now lying on the floor with her head on Donna's tummy.

Now I had a perfect angle as I slowly worked on my friend's nearly virgin asshole. I was trying to be careful, to make sure I was gentle. And it was so tight that I didn't stroke too many times before I started to climax!

The pleasure was there but the cum wasn't. I held myself inside of her for a few moments and pulled out as I started to soften. . By now we were all spent. Then Sherrie told me about "The Club". "I'm afraid I didn't tell you the whole truth.

When I said we were with some friends, we were at a "Club" party. Before anything got started Roger just has to tell them about you and Bonnie and our hot tub party. Donna's husband Shawn and Kathy's husband Craig got very excited and asked if there was a chance that you and Bonnie would be joining "The Club". They find Bonnie very attractive and have wanted her since our party last summer.

So we planned our separate seductions. Don't be mad, but Roger asked Bonnie to meet with the boys at Shawn's house. They're probably there right now. And, like us, they're very good at what they do.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if like me, your wife is no longer an anal virgin." I asked "Do you mean that Roger intended to take her?" "Oh no, I'd be surprised if that happened the first time. The boys usually work the new members slowly.

They start with toys, try to get Shawn's 7" in and maybe push towards Craig's 8". So far, Roger and I have been the only anal virgins. Now Roger is the only anal virgin, because of the rules of the club. No one else has ever tried to take me because their wives wouldn't let them.

It's a little late, but you need to know the rules: - Everyone needs a recent medical certificate showing that they've tested negative for HIV and STD'S. - What ever you do to a spouse, the partner has the right to do it to yours! I said "Oh, that's not fair! Bonnie might not be too happy!" The women just smiled. End of part three The Monster #4 Her Story Part Two Her Party When I met Sharon for lunch I told her that I wouldn't be able to make the theatre.

Something had "come up". She asked "Is everything ok?" "Yes, I just have something important to do." "Well I'm not going to let you stand me up without knowing why.

Tell me what's going on." "I'm meeting someone." Then I told her the story about Saturday night. "So just how big is it?" I held up my hands and said "It's this long and I needed both hands to stroke it!" "I've heard about big dicks but have never really seen one. Isn't it kind of scary?" "It was more exciting than scary. When I saw it I couldn't believe the size and I couldn't imagine not trying to get it inside of me. And when I did I was amazed at how it felt.

When I began to ride up and down, I went into a trance. I felt so different" "Do you realize what you're doing to me? I'm so wet that I'm afraid to stand up." "And you haven't even seen it! Imagine how you'd feel with it either in front of you or inside you!" "That's a great idea! Take me with you!" "No way!" "Oh come on! It's not like sharing your husband.

It's a cock!" "Well, there's something else. He's bringing some friends. . ." "You're kidding!?" "No, I'm dead serious. I asked him to meet me and he told me that he and his wife belong to a swapping club.

He called it "The Club". And if I wanted him to bring some friends, he would. I was so horny and he didn't do much except let me play with his cock. I asked him to go down on me and he said 'I don't do that!' So the thought of several men was too much to pass up. I told him sure! I figured that there's got to be a cunt licker among them." "Well, wouldn't you like some company?

Just to be safe?" "Are you sure you want to do this with me?" "I'm absolutely sure! I'm too curious, not to mention horny! After getting me all worked up you can't just leave me like this. Come on, take me with you! But let's go to the ladies room first. I need to take off this wet underwear." Roger had given me the address of his friend's house.

When he answered the door, he saw Sharon at my side and asked, "Bonnie, what's going on?" She stepped through the door and said "Hi, I'm Sharon. When Bonnie told me about your cock I made her bring me along. And when she told me that you were bringing friends, I told her she shouldn't go alone! So, let's meet your friends." He closed the door and I said "I hope you don't mind.

She insisted on coming with me and I figured that if you liked fucking my pussy that you'd enjoy hers too!" I reached down and put my hand on his pants and felt his quickly rising cock. "Did you take your medicine?" "We all did!" two nice looking younger men were sitting on the couch, cocktails in hand. They stood up to greet us. I immediately recognized them.

I'd met them at a party at Roger's during the summer. They were smiling and said "Hello Bonnie. It's nice to see you again." "It's nice to see you. I'd like you to meet my friend Sharon. Sharon, this is Craig, and this is Shawn.

Do your wives know about this?" "Sure they do. Didn't Roger tell you? They're over at Roger's with Shellie and your husband." "My, my, you guys really thought this over, didn't you?" "More than you know!" Sharon said "Hello boys. Are you sure you fine young things are interested in women our age?" Shawn replied, "I've learned long ago not to worry about a woman's age.

I've found that older women appreciate what us younger men can do." Sharon smiled and said "Oh Shawn, I think we're going to get along just fine! But I must admit, Bonnie's told me all about Roger and I can't wait to see what she's been talking about.

Why don't you two have another drink while we get acquainted?" Shawn said "Let's go upstairs to the playroom." He led us up to a bedroom that has two king size beds side by side.

There were hand towels and assorted toys spread out on its surface. All around the bed, facing it, were overstuffed easy chairs.

I walked over to a vacant chair and said "Roger, come over here and let's get comfortable." I had him sit down. I knelt in front of him and slipped off his shoes. I undid his belt and then I pulled down his zipper. He stood up so that I could pull down his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear and he was now shaved!

I asked "When did you shave?" "After you guys left us on Saturday night Shellie decided that she loved Frank's hairless dick. She shaved me right then. Do you like it?" "Oh yes! Now it's even better! Now I can do this!" I started to lick his huge balls and sucked one into my mouth. I looked up and saw that Roger was looking Sharon over. In her suit you couldn't really see much about her figure. The jacket covered her top but the short skirt showed promise. She's built better than me.

A little taller, slimmer and her legs look great! Without waiting for an invitation Sharon walked over to us and knelt next to me, slyly moving me out of the way. "Oh my god! It's fucking huge!! I can see what you mean! This is beautiful!" And then she reached out and placed both her hands around his erection. She leaned forward and put her mouth over its head and she began to run her hands up and down its length.

She took one hand away and shoved it under her skirt. She touched herself for a moment and when she pulled her hand out it was glistening! She switched hands and started to smear his cock with her juices.

When she had both hands back on his member she pulled back and looked up at him. "I love to taste myself!" And then she started licking him from the base of his shaft all the way to the head of his cock. I was watching him look at me with a huge grin on his face. I pulled my skirt up and pushed my panties aside. I put my hand between my legs and started to finger myself. I wanted to get good and wet so that my new obsession wouldn't have any trouble filling me.

I raised my voice and said "Hey! Don't be a bitch! Is this how you thank me for bringing you along?" Sharon stopped licking him and turned her head. "I'm so sorry!" She smiled and said "Not! You got me all worked up and everything you said is true! I never imagined anything like this!" I stood up and quickly shed my clothes. I walked my naked self towards them.

I told her "Just back off and get undressed. I've got some business to attend to." She stood up and fumbled with her outfit. Like me, she couldn't take her eyes off of his cock. I walked to him and gave him a deep kiss while I felt his member. I turned my back to him, put my hands on the chair's arms and lowered myself onto his cock. It was hard to get started. I pushed down and his cock head stretched my cunt. I licked my fingers and rose up so that I could try to make myself a little wetter.

I tried again and gasped as he started to enter me. I threw my head back and tried to get him as deep as possible. Roger was not paying attention to me but was watching Sharon undress. She seemed to be enjoying the attention. She was trying to be coy but I could tell she was in a hurry. When she undid her blouse and unhooked her bra I heard him say "Nice!" And when she pushed down her skirt and stepped out of it I could swear I felt him get harder.

"Here, let me help." Sharon was in front of us with her hands between my legs, fingering the base of his cock. "I've got to try this." I looked down and she was licking his enormous balls. I touched her cheek to get her attention. She looked up and I asked her, "Is it just like I said?" "It's even better!" was her reply. And then, I was surprised by what she did next. As I watched her, she looked into my eyes and started to lick his shaft.

And she licked all the way up to me! She started to lick my cunt lips, and then she gave my clit a slight tease. She pulled her head back and used her finger to tease my clit. "You taste awfully good.

If I make you cum will you let me have a turn?" I couldn't help but smile. "Sure!" Sharon leaned forward and put her lips to my clit. I knew that I wouldn't last very long while riding this huge cock and getting licked at the same time. I couldn't decide what was better. My pussy being filled by his cock or the gentle stimulation of my clit. I didn't have long to think about it as I felt that warmth and tingling start to well up inside of me. Oh Jesus! This has got to be one of the most intense orgasms that I've ever experienced!

I grabbed Sharon's head and held it tight. I couldn't keep up the movement. I pulled her against me and had the most wonderful climax! I didn't have much time to enjoy the moment as Sharon pulled away and said "My turn!" I pushed myself up and had to put my hand to myself to try and hold onto the feeling. As soon as I had I stepped away Sharon moved forward and began to stroke him again.

She said to Roger, "Would you suck on me to get me ready?" "I don't do that." was his reply. Sharon raised her eyebrows and said "I'd heard that but didn't believe it. How can you not eat women?" "I will!" It was Shawn. He and Craig both had dicks in their hands and were watching us. I looked at them and they both had promising dicks. Craig looked like 8" and Shawn was just a little smaller. Shawn stood and quickly got undressed. He moved behind Sharon and started to run his hand along her back moving down towards her ass.

"Why don't you suck on him while I suck on you?" With that said, she once again turned her attention to the monster. Shawn tried to find a way to get to her cunt but was having some trouble. "Let's move to the bed." He pointed and said "Lay on the bed. Roger can feed you while I lick you silly." Sharon got on the bed, lay down on her back and spread her legs giving him easy access to her cunt.

Roger had no problem with kneeling on the side of the bed and was stroking his cock as he presented it to her willing mouth. Like me she was having trouble with his size but he wasn't hesitating as he tried to pump it in and out of her mouth. Sharon seemed to be having a great time. She had one hand on Roger's cock and the other was on Shawn's head.

I walked to the bed and sat down so I could watch. Shawn was licking her lips and sucking her clit. He started to tongue fuck her and brought his hand up so he could finger her.

After just a couple of minutes she let loose of Roger and grabbed Shawn with both hands. She started to moan and talked to Shawn. "Oh yes! That's perfect! Oh please, oh, oh yes!" And she went into shuddering spasms as she came! Roger now lay on his back. "Sharon, are you ready for this?" Well, she was obviously fired up so she began to straddle him.

I could see that like me, she was having just a little bit of trouble with getting him inside her the first time. She got up and rolled over onto on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder and said "Come fuck me!" Roger stood up and moved behind her. He licked his hand and smeared it onto the head of his dick. He pressed forward and tried to work himself into Sharon. He pushed forward and she began to gasp. "Oh, I don't know how I'm going to be able to take this." I could see that she had to be awfully wet because each time he pulled his cock back it was glistening.

He was only in a couple inches in but each stroke was going deeper. Sharon had her eyes closed and was concentrating on pushing back, trying to help him. Then she looked in my direction and smiled. "I'm so wet! And like you said, this is so exciting!" Craig was now undressed and standing behind me.

His arms came around me and he began to massage my erect nipples. I could feel his 8" hard on between my ass cheeks, slowly stroking up and down. He whispered "I'd love to fuck you! I was so disappointed when we met and Roger told me that you weren't part of "The Club". You've got a great ass and I'd love to cum in it!" I turned and gave him a great big kiss.

I pulled away and sat down in a chair. "I want you to lick me first. Work my clit! Get me off and we'll see what happens next!" He knelt before me and started to kiss my tits. He was sucking my nipples and using his teeth to nibble them. His hand was at my cunt and he was fingering me.

He started to move down licking and kissing me from my belly to my thighs. He finally settled in on my cunt and tongued me. He moved his tongue up to my clit as he worked two fingers into my cunt. Oh, it felt really good. Then, with his free hand, he started to finger my asshole. I stopped him by pushing his hand away and saying "No! Please don't do that!" He pulled away, looked up at me and said "Have you ever tried it?" "No!

It seems so disgusting! Frank always wants to play with my ass and I keep telling him no! What is it with guys and asses?" Craig smiled and softly said, "Well, it's like you girls and Roger's big dick! And after he's had his way with you us smaller guys have trouble trying to fill you like he can.

So we go to the alternative. And anal foreplay really can be quite pleasurable. Most people find that anal stimulation intensifies an orgasm. It's not like I'm trying to stick my dick up your ass. I'm just trying to use my finger to make you feel good." "How would you like it if I did it to you?" "I love it when a woman sucks on me with her finger up my ass!" He went on. "Have you ever had an enema? The nozzle is like a long finger and when it's lubricated it doesn't hurt. If I give you a good cleaning, and if I promise to be gentle, will you at least try it?" He stood up and reached out to me.

"Come with me." I decided to go with it. He was being patient and not pushy. He led me into the bathroom. There was an enormous tub that was big enough for at least two people.

These guys obviously know how to party. "Lay in the tub and I'll clean you up." He placed a gel type pillow under my head and said "Relax! I promise that you'll enjoy this!" He turned on the water it wasn't long before it warmed up.

Then he used his hands to spread the warm water over my pubic area. He soaped me up and gently washed me. I watched as Craig pulled out an enema kit. He filled it up and used some KY to lubricate the tip. Then he spread some KY around my asshole. "Put your legs up here on the sides of the tub." Then I felt him slowly insert the nozzle. He was very gentle and smiling as he finished the insertion. "Now, I'll fill you up." I felt the warm liquid fill me and the sensation was pleasant.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on relaxing. "Now I'm going to pull it out and I want you to empty yourself." When I was done he washed me again. He reached down, pulled me up, helped me out of the tub and then he toweled me off. "Now, where were we?" He led me back to the bedroom and had me sit in a chair. He knelt down and started to finger my pussy. He inserted two fingers and began reaching for my g spot. He said "Let me know when you are close to cumming." And he went back to work.

I scooted down and opened my legs wider. His tongue searched out my clit and I held his head. He felt good. He was gently probing my clit with his tongue. He put his hands under my legs and lifted them over his shoulders.

Then he started to finger me again. I looked over to the bed and found that things were progressing nicely. Now it was Shawn who was lying down and Sharon was playing with his prick. She was kneeling with her ass in the air while Roger was pounding her from behind. From here I had a perfect view of his beautiful cock as he stroked in and out.

He was pulling almost all the way out before he pushed it all the way in. The strokes were long and every couple of strokes he would pull her hips close and hold her tight like he was trying to get as deep as he could.

As I watched him fuck her I began to tingle as I remembered how awesome it felt to have his cock fill me up. Then Shawn said "I'm getting ready to cum!" Sharon pulled her head away and stroked him. He started to squirt and she stroked faster.

She took him in her mouth again and sucked him some more. Then Roger pulled out and walked over to me. He was quickly stroking his cock and put it next to my face. "I'm getting close.

Will you suck me now?" As he put it to my lips he started to cum. He shot his load and I had cum in my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed and said "Oh, Craig! That feels so good!" I was now coming very close to getting off and told him so.

I started to run my hands through his hair and pulled his head in just a little tighter. As I started to arch my back it happened! This time he didn't give me a warning. I felt a finger at my ass and wham! It was in me! He pushed it all the way in and it felt like he was trying to fuck my ass as he stroked it in and out. That's when I found out he was right! My orgasm was intense! "Oh my god!" was all I could say. He continued to suck my clit and his finger now moved slightly side to side instead of in and out.

After a minute he pulled his head away and slowly pulled out his finger. "So, was I right?" I looked at him and said "I hate to admit it, but yes you were! That was incredible!" Sharon asked "What was incredible?" Craig said "I introduced Bonnie to something new.

Are you interested?" She asked me "Am I?" I said "Oh yeah, I think you are! Craig, I think its Sharon's turn." Craig took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. Shawn came over to me and knelt down. He leaned forward and started to lick and suck my tits. His touch was gentle, giving me goose bumps. I felt his hand on my thigh and he moved it toward my pussy. He slid his fingers in and curved them up searching for my pleasure spot.

His thumb was softly stroking my clit, which was now so sensitive. I felt like there was a connection between my erect nipple and my clit! Oh, he's good! I could feel yet another climax coming on. . I grabbed his head and asked him to suck me off. He used his free hand to tweak my nipples.

He licked his way down until he reached my erection. He slipped his tongue up and opened up my slit. He sucked ever so gently and then he used his tongue to replace his thumb and stimulate my clit. Then he pulled his fingers out and started to probe my butt with his wet fingers.

He started to slip one in and I didn't resist. This made him bolder and he said "I've got another idea. Wait right here." He went to the bed and picked up some toys. He returned with a couple of items and said "These are plugs. They're better than fingers. Pick one." I looked at the different sizes and found one that was not too long or too wide. As I looked at it he said "Do you want to put it in or should I?" I handed it to him and he covered it with KY.

He knelt in front of me and began to eat me again. "Ready?"' he asked. I nodded and he brought the head to my ass and slowly inserted it. I closed my eyes and he began to lick me. It felt wonderful. When it was all the way in Shawn stopped licking me and said "I can't wait any longer." He pulled me up out of the chair, turned me around, and bent me forward.

Then he shoved his cock into my pussy. He said, "I've wanted to fuck you for so long!" He started to pound away and lost all interest in what I wanted. He was pounding away and then he pulled out and turned to Roger. "Here you go! You've stretched her so much I can hardly feel a thing!" Roger walked behind me and put his cock against my cunt lips. Once its head was in he quickly plunged forward trying to get it all in. He was really giving me a good working over.

Shawn was standing next to me and he started to play with the plug. He moved it in and out, just a little at a time. It felt strange, but it didn't hurt. Since I wasn't protesting, he started to lengthen the strokes.

All of a sudden Roger stopped and pulled out of me. "Come over here." was all he said. He led me to the bed and got on his back and reached for my hands. "I want you on top facing me. I want to look at your eyes while we fuck." I straddled him and sat on his dick. Shawn came up behind me and whispered in my ear. "I want to fuck you in the ass." I said "Tell you what.

I'll let you fuck my ass after I see someone fuck yours." "OK." was his response. "I rather enjoy it, especially when it's done while I'm getting head or fucking someone. It really makes my climax so much more intense! I let Craig fuck me when I fuck his wife. We'll pretend Sharon is his wife!" I said "I don't believe it!" "If I show you, then will you let me fuck you there?" I thought "Uh oh, what have I done!" He again started to play with my plug.

He pulled it out and pushed it in. He was using it to fuck my ass. These two were working together. I had a feeling that they had a plan. Then I felt it being pulled out and away and he said "Let me lube it up a little and put it back in." He replaced it with a bigger one! I felt it touching me and it started to push into me.

"Whoa! What are you doing?" "Just helping you get ready. Craig and Sharon are coming back." I heard Sharon say "Be gentle!" I looked over and Craig had moved behind Sharon and she was bent over an arm of one of the chairs. He was fucking her from behind. He had his hands on her ass and said "OK Sharon, are you ready?" He pulled back and as he thrust forward he slipped his finger in her ass!

I heard her gasp and she went rigid! She looked over at me and said "I'm so glad you let me come with you! This is more sex than I had all year!" Shawn walked towards Sharon and said "Craig buddy, how'd you like to fuck me while I fuck her?" "Sweet!" was his reply.

Sharon said "What does that mean?" "Bonnie says that she'll let me fuck her ass if she sees someone fuck mine!

So stay right there. I want to make sure she gets a good view." Craig pulled out of Sharon and Shawn took his place. He pushed his dick into her while she was still bent over the chair. He looked at me and smiled while he was licking his thumb. I watched as he brought to Sharon's asshole and slowly pushed it in.

"Now I'll give you what I gave Bonnie." He took one of the plugs from the chair and lubed it up. He inserted it and said "OK man, I'm ready!" He leaned forward until he was touching Sharon's back. She said "Oh my, I feel so full!" I watched Craig as he took some lube and smeared it on his dick. He looked at me as he walked behind Shawn and lined up to penetrate him. "Can you see ok?

Why not come over here and watch?" I rolled off of Roger and noticed how full I felt trying to move with the plug in my ass. I reached down and removed it. I knelt next to Craig and he said "Here, why don't you hold it and guide it in." As I looked at Shawn's ass I still couldn't believe that something this big would fit in that small hole. But it did! Craig put his hands on Shawn's hips and pulled himself forward until he was all the way in!

"Oh man! I still say your ass feels better than my wife's cunt!" "That's because Roger's fucked your wife and he's never fucked my ass! Would you do me a favor? Cum quickly so I get back to Bonnie." Now the boys were developing a rhythm, and watching 3 people together like this was wild! I started to regret what I had said but it was too late now! Roger said "Bonnie, come back over here." I went to him and he pointed his erection to the ceiling and smiled.

I walked around the bed so that I could play with it and watch the show. I started to stroke it and lick it then I felt Roger's hand sliding down my back. He slid a little sideways to get closer to my ass. Then I felt him stick a finger in me while his thumb went into my pussy. He was rubbing his thumb and finger together, then he started to move them slowly in and out while maintaining contact.

Wow! Craig was right. I thought I enjoyed sex before, but this experience was marvelous! I could see that Craig was speeding up. Then he said "Oh yeah! Oh fuck me! God I love your ass!" he was now all the way in and holding still. He must have cum. Shawn looked over and said "Are you ready?" Roger said "Can I play too?" I said "Oh no, there's no way you're going to fuck me there too!" "Take it easy!

That's not what I meant. Sit on me again while Shawn gets ready." Once more I straddled Roger and put him inside of me. Shawn walked to the edge of the bed behind me. He climbed up and bent down. "Why don't you give Roger a kiss?" I felt hands on my shoulders as he gently pushed me forward. He kept them there and I felt him at my hole and then Shawn was pushing his cock up my ass! Roger held my arms and said "Relax!

You'll love this!" I felt Shawn pushing, a little at a time! I was being penetrated by cocks in both of my holes! Roger pulled me closer and started to kiss me, sticking his tongue into my mouth. I wanted to scream but it all felt so good and strange at the same time! I had this cock in my cunt and my clit was on fire! Shawn was pushing his dick into my ass and I was torn between feeling violated and fulfilled!

I Said "Stop!" and both of them held still. I tried to relax and didn't know what to do. Roger said "I can feel Shawn's cock. Please let me stroke while he holds still. I Think I can cum again!" Shawn said "Wait, I'm almost all in." He pushed forward. "There! Go ahead Rog!" Roger started to flex his hips and I could feel the two of them rubbing against each other.

Shawn was on my back and he whispered in my ear. "You feel wonderful! I owe you big time and I always pay my debts." He began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear.

Then Roger started to cum! He pulled my hips down and held himself in as far as he could. I swear I could feel him shooting. And then Shawn started moving again, slowly, seeing how I would react. He said "Now it's my turn." Since I didn't protest he got bolder and lengthened his strokes. "Oh yeah, you feel great! I'm going to cum!" And he pulled out and jacked off onto my back.

He bent down and kissed and licked my asshole, and as he got off of the bed he said "That was fucking great!" I pulled myself off of Roger and rolled onto my back. "Shawn, will you make me cum one more time?" "Of course love, anything you want." And he came to me, kissed me and kept kissing me as he worked his way down to my cunt. It didn't take long. He was so gentle and was tonguing my clit ever so lightly.

Oh I love being a woman! I came and pulled him up to me so that I could kiss him and taste myself. "I think I've had enough!" was all I could say.

I looked over to Sharon and Craig. He was fucking her from behind and working a plug in and out of her ass. She had her hand between her legs and was working her clit. She said "Oh yeah, oh yeah! Ooh yes, I cumming!" As we were getting dressed Craig said "The club has two rules: Everyone needs a recent medical certificate showing that they've tested negative for HIV and STD'S.

What ever you do to a spouse, the partner has the right to do it to yours!" I said "So Frank is with your wives. Do their plans include letting him fuck their asses?" Shawn said "Maybe. They've only had one rule: Neither of use can even think about sticking our dicks in Shellie's ass because they don't want to have to deal with Roger.

I understood them to say that there was a surprise in store for him. Roger do you know what they're up to?" "Yeah, Shellie told me all about it and she'll confirm it when I get home. I sure hope she was successful." I had to ask. "What were her plans?" Roger smiled at me and said "Shellie was going to get him to take her virginity. If she did, then next time we meet, you're all mine!" End of part 4 The Monster #5 His Story Part Four Their Party My wife came home from her trip to the city and told me about her rendezvous with Roger and his friends.

She told me that Roger let her know that Sherrie had planned a surprise for me and she said "I'll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours." She was very excited and when she described her seduction by Craig and introduction to anal sex. She was rubbing herself and admitted that she had really enjoyed the experience. She told me about her comment to Shawn and how he had let Craig fuck him.

I told her about my time with the girls. I admitted that my seduction also included an introduction to anal. She asked "Who let you do it to her?" "It was Shellie." "Did you know about "the rules"?" "No! She didn't tell me until after we were done!" "Well, the boys did the same thing with me." The next afternoon we were still discussing how exciting our parties had been.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She gave me a kiss and began to undress. Then she took her dildo and the KY out of the bedside table. She started to suck it as she lay on her back. She handed it to me and said "Put it in me, lick me and make me cum!" She has always loved it when I used her toy and licked her at the same time, but I was never able to play with her brown hole.

Now however, she was holding my free arm and guiding it to her backside. My finger easily entered her. Our love making had reached a new level. She pressed down on her mound and had a rousing climax. As I sat up she turned onto her stomach and said "Leave it in and fuck my ass!" I lubed myself up and slowly entered her.

I was thinking about how our lives had changed in just one short week! As I was fucking her ass I asked her "What does it feel like?" She said "It's hard to describe. You have to experience the first time to know the pain and then the pleasure.

Want to try it?" I was curious so I said, "Why not?" She had me lie on my stomach and said "Spread your legs and relax." She smeared her finger with KY and put it to my ass. She was stroking my dick and she started to put it in. It felt weird but it didn't hurt very much. "That's not so bad, is it?" After getting her finger all the way in, she progressed to two fingers.

When she got both of them all the way in she pulled them out and she took her dildo and started to coat it with jelly. As she started to put it in me I could tell it wasn't her finger!

It felt much bigger and I felt like I was tearing. A sharp pain and she pulled it out. She put more jelly on it and started again. The pain was less. She was pushing slowly and then it got to what I guessed was my sphincter. She pulled it out again and started over. When it got there again she said "Relax!" And she pushed harder.

Relax? I felt like I had to take a dump! It hurt but I was hard enough to drive nails! She said "It's almost all in! There! Now roll over." She started to stroke my cock and suck me. It felt awesome! She was stroking the dildo in and out. Not too much, maybe just an inch or so. It wasn't long before I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life! She sucked me and swallowed all of my cum!

She looked up and smiled. She reached down and pulled out her dildo. "Well?" All I could say was "Wow!" A few days later we received a letter: Dear Members; We are happy to announce the introduction of 3 prospective members to our club.

We cordially invite you all to a gathering at "The House of Pleasure" on Saturday, February 7, at 7:00 pm. We have a special night planned and hope that our prospective members will agree to attend. As always, the prospective members will be asked to begin the evening by choosing a partner and performing for the pleasure and stimulation of everyone else.

And we want everyone to understand and agree to our two rules: - Everyone needs a recent medical certificate showing that they've tested negative for HIV and STD'S. - What ever you do to a spouse, the partner has the right to do it to yours! We're looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Roger and Shellie Bonnie and I talked about what the "special" indication might mean. And we discussed "the rule". I sex with Shellie, Kathy and Donna. Shellie had introduced me to anal sex so Roger could claim Bonnie. Bonnie had sex with Roger, Craig and Shawn, and Shawn had her ass, so Kathy's was mine if I wanted. I had to bring up the fact that Sharon had eaten my wife, so did I get to eat her?

Bonnie said "Sure love, I'm sure she'd love that. And if things progress the way I think they will, I may be ready to try Roger." She was no longer an anal virgin, I was now able to take her in the ass anytime I wanted, but did Bonnie really think she wanted Roger to fuck her ass?

All she said was "After Shawn, Craig isn't much bigger. If I let Craig take me, the move up to Roger shouldn't be too bad." She said "I'll take the lead." On our way to the party Bonnie told me that we were to pick up Sharon. After their party with the boys Sharon had decided that this was a club that she would like to belong to. When we picked her up I was drooling.

She was wearing a black tube top with a micro mini and it was apparent that she was not wearing a bra. She looked hot! As I watched her get in the back I saw that she wasn't wearing panties. Oh boy, this was going to be fun! When we arrived at Shawn and Donna's house were greeted by everyone. Besides the ones we knew we were introduced to 3 other couples.

They were about the same ages as the others; Jorge and Peggy; he was well built and she had a great figure. John and Jen; both were very ordinary. Carlos and Betty; he was a little overweight and she was thin. We were offered a drink and we settled into the living room. As we were the last to arrive, we had barely gotten comfortable when Shawn announced that it was time for everyone to adjourn to the "Pleasure Room".

We followed the gang as they headed up the stairs. The room was just as Bonnie had described. The bed was huge, two king size beds together as one. It was covered with towels, and scattered around it were hand towels, tubes of lubricants and assorted toys. It was surrounded by overstuffed chairs. The bed was like a stage and there wasn't a bad seat in the room. Once we were all in the bedroom, we were asked to take a seat. Roger began, "Good evening everyone!

As always, it's nice to see you all. And I can't wait to see more of some of you!" As he said this, he was looking at Bonnie and smiling. "With the exception of our prospective members, everyone one of us has had the pleasure of everyone else. So we all know "The Rules" and have abided by them. This has dictated who does what to whom and we all have respected that. To clarify, whatever someone does to someone else's spouse, the respective spouse can do the same to their spouse.

So going forward, tradition dictates that our prospective members start off the evening. I'd like to ask Frank, Bonnie and Sharon to begin the evening. Would each of you choose a partner and entertain the rest of us?" Sharon quickly stood up and walked to Roger. She took him by the hand and led him to the foot of the bed. She unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants and pushed him onto his back. She pulled her tub top off and pushed down her skirt.

I was impressed to see her without her clothes. She looked awfully good for a woman her age. I was getting hard remembering the story my wife told about their last get together. She reached forward and began to stroke Roger's cock and fondle his balls. I heard her say, "I've thought about your huge cock every day." Bonnie walked over to the edge of the bed, sat down and looked over at Shawn.

She pulled the hem of her skirt up to expose her bare pussy and spread her legs. "Shawn, come over here and make me happy!" I looked at Sherrie and held out my hand and then to Donna and held out my other hand. I put my arms around Sherrie and pulled her close.

We started to kiss and I reached behind her and found the zipper of her dress. I pulled it down and stepped back as I pulled it forward and off of her. She was naked in a heartbeat and I began to caress and kiss her big beautiful breasts. I turned to Donna and did the same. Both of them were fondling my dick. We stood in each others arms and watched what was unfolding on the bed. I looked at Sharon and she was stroking and licking Roger and he was hard.

Jesus, his cock is huge! And now he was shaved. She had a lustful look and both of her hands were slowly working up and down his massive member. She leaned forward and started to suck his cock. As I watched her I thought about how long I had known her and realized how little I knew about her. Being a man, I always appreciated her figure but I'd never thought I'd have sex with her, let alone see her with someone else.

I was impressed with her naked body and her figure, it was awesome! And she looked like a woman who knows how to suck cock. She had his head in her mouth and was using one hand to stroke him while she caressed his balls.

I knew I wanted her to suck on me and enjoy her body. I looked over to Bonnie. She had her hands on both sides of Shawn's head. He was lost between her legs. His hands were at her hips and moving back to caress her ass. He was licking her and looking up to see her staring back. He pulled away and his right hand moved to her pussy. He stuck his finger into her and began to search for her g-spot.

He stuck in another finger and said "You're so wet! Taste this." He pulled his fingers out and reached up to her mouth. She sucked on his fingers and started to moan.

He began to lick her clit and suck her lips. He took his other hand and used it to probe her asshole. I could see him sticking his finger all the way in. She was arching her back and playing with her tits. Shawn was really going now. He pulled his hand from her mouth and put his fingers in her again.

He was really working her good. She put her hand at the top of her mound and pressed down. Just that quickly she put her head back and said "Oh yes! I'm so hot! That feels so good! Slower, slower, yeah, just like that!" And then she arched her back and I could tell that she was having an orgasm! Wow! That was quick! She pushed his head away and he said, "How about another one?" And then he pulled his fingers out of her cunt out and stuck two fingers in her ass!

He immediately went back to clit. She arched her back again and said "Oh God! Do me!" He crawled up and placed his cock at her pussy. He entered her with one thrust. He started stroking her and after a minute he pulled out. He moved up to her face and said "Suck on me, taste yourself and make me feel good!" Sherrie pulled away from me and sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs and stroked her cunt lips. "I'm so wet! Eat me!" was her command. Without hesitating I slid down and began lick around her bald lips.

She tasted so good! I was so turned on! Watching the others having sex had made me so hard and so excited! I stuck my finger into her and began to look for her spot. After watching the others, and wanting to watch some more, I wanted to make her cum quick and cum hard.

I took my wife's lead and used my free hand to press down on the top of her mound. I searched out her engorged clit and lightly licked it. Her hands went to my head and she said "Oh yes! That is so good! Oh yeah, make me cum!" I was thinking about everyone watching and what I had already seen.

I didn't want her to draw it out. I could sense her arching her back and I knew she was about to cum. So I lightly licked her clit, just the way she likes it, and she came hard!

"Oh my God, that's so great!" I licked her little hard on until she pushed me away. Donna was sitting next to her and said "Now it's my turn!" I moved to her slit and began to work on her. Following Shawn's lead I moved down to lick her asshole, got my finger wet and put in her ass. I put it all the way in as I sucked her clit. She was stretched out and I could see her tweaking her nipples.

I was fingering her ass and cunt, enjoying her taste and thinking about taking her in the ass. I peeked over and saw that Sharon had crawled up on top of Roger and was straddling him.

She was fucking him for all that she was worth. She slowed down and pushed down as she worked his length all the way in. Then she got up and stood at the edge of the bed next to Bonnie and bent over. She said "I want you to take be from behind." Roger rolled off of the bed and got behind her. He lined up his cock and pushed into her. "Fuck me hard!" Roger was holding her hips and started pounding her. "Don't cum in me. When you're ready I want suck you off and taste it." Then she began to eat my wife while Bonnie was sucking Shawn.

Roger slowed down a little, licked his finger and slowly put it in her ass. He worked it in, bit by bit, until it was all the way in.

"Is tonight the night you're going to let me fuck your ass?" Sharon didn't answer. Boy, did I want to hear the answer to that question! Shellie was now turned around so that she was on her hands and knees next to Donna. She told me she wanted me to fuck her! I looked over at Bonnie and she was lost in lust as she was sucking Shawn and Sharon was licking her.

I pulled away from Donna and stood behind Shellie and slid my dick into her. I used my hand to continue to play with Donna's clit. Shellie said "Not there, I want you to fuck my ass!" I leaned onto her back and grabbed some KY and coated my dick. I pushed into her ass and was all the way in with just two strokes. She said "Cum in my ass!" I said "Not yet. I want to do Donna first." I pulled out and turned Donna over and moved behind her.

"I've been as patient as I can be." I put my dick in her pussy and stroked a few times and then put it in her ass. God she was tight! I found a rhythm. Roger said "Sharon, I'm going to cum!" He pulled out of her and she turned around and started stroking his cock as she licked its head. After just a few strokes he was cumming. Sharon tried to take it all but I could see it coming out of her mouth and dripping down her chin. Roger was holding her head and keeping her from pulling away. Bonnie pulled off of Shawn, pulled her dress off and removed her bra.

She had Shawn lay on his back and she mounted him. Her ass was open to everyone. She started to kiss him. She was so excited! She was sitting up, head back, working him over. She turned her head and looked over to Craig. "I want to be full of cock!

Selena gets her ass gaped

Come over here and fuck my ass!" He went to her in a heartbeat. He was stroking his cock and started to lick her asshole. He spit on it and stuck a finger in. Then he went to two and then three fingers.

He pulled them out and began to insert his cock. He grabbed a tube and put some jelly in his palm. He smeared his cock and put it back in her ass. He pushed and pushed and without even stroking he was all the way in!

He and Shawn were working her good and she was taking it all. Roger moved around to get next to Bonnie and offered her his cock. She started to lick him as he stroked himself. He pushed forward to get the head into her mouth.

After a few minutes I heard Craig say "Oh, that's so great! Take it all! Oh yeah, you're so good! Hey Shawn, how does it feel?" Shawn said "Oh yeah, that's it!

Stroke her Craig! I can feel you! I don't even have to move!" Craig said "I'm right with you buddy!" as he was deep in Bonnie and was now stroking in and out. "I'm cumming so good! I knew you'd feel great! I've dreamed about how good you'd feel." Shawn said "That's perfect!" He flexed his hips and I knew that he was filling her with his cum.

Then Craig slowly pulled out of her and she rolled of off Shawn. Bonnie was turned on her side and said to Roger "I want you to fuck me!" She rolled over onto her stomach, reached up for a couple of pillows. She piled them up and laid her stomach on top of them as she got up on her knees. She had her ass exposed for everyone to see. The she said "Be gentle." Upon hearing that, everyone stopped what they were doing. They began to gather around the edge of the bed. This was the first time anyone had let Roger close to their ass and everyone wanted to see it.

It was so exciting! Someone handed Roger some KY and he smeared some onto his cock. He stepped forward, and placed the head of his dick at my wife's ass. "Are you ready?" She replied "I want you!" He slowly began to push forward.

The room was so quiet! She started to push back and he began to enter her. "Easy!" she said. He pushed a little more. "Oh, god, you're so big! Please, take it slow!" Ever so slowly his cock stretched her opening. "Please, go slow!" I looked around and people were mesmerized.

Everyone was touching themselves or someone else. But their attention was focused on Roger's cock and Bonnie's ass. Roger continued to push forward and Bonnie was whimpering while saying "It's so big!

Oh my god, it hurts so much but it feels good!" He continued to push forward and he said "Oh man, you're so tight! This is fucking great!" His cock was slowly going deeper into my wife's ass! He was less than half way in and she had now fallen off of her elbows and her chest was supporting her. Roger was excited and said "I haven't felt anything this tight since the first time I fucked your cunt!" He kept pushing forward and you could tell that he wanted to start stroking in and out of her.

He pulled back just a bit and pushed forward. You could see by the determined look on his face that he wanted to get his full length into her. He was taking his time, getting a little deeper with each push.

Bonnie was making noises indicating that she was experiencing something between pleasure and pain. But she would encourage Roger with intermittent moans of "Oh yeah!" Then she said "Someone give me a dick to suck!" I watched as Jorge took advantage of the situation and climbed onto the bed. He was holding his erection and put it into my wife's mouth. She was so turned on that she got back up on her elbows and sucked his dick while Roger continued to try and get his cock into her.

Then John climbed onto the bed and took one of her hands and placed it onto his cock. He moved closer to Jorge and my wife as he used her hand to stroke his dick. With his hand behind Bonnie's head Jorge was trying to get his whole dick in her mouth. His hips were pushing into her, slowly at first and then he started to speed up.

It wasn't long before Jorge started quickly stroking the base of his dick he came in her mouth. I could see my wife backing off of him with cum dripping down her chin. Jorge backed away and John took his place as Bonnie starting sucking him.

He put his hand to her head began to fuck her mouth. He pushed his whole dick into her mouth and she started to gag. He began stroking in and out and said "Suck me girl, suck it good! Oh yeah, that's it, let me help" He was helping her by stroking himself.

He said "Oh you're good. I'm going to cum!" Bonnie pulled off of his dick and he wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked himself. His cum was now spurting onto her face. Bonnie opened her mouth, trying to catch his cum! She was possessed! Roger said "I'm almost there!" I looked at them and saw his pelvis finally touched Bonnie's backside. He was all the way in! I looked around to see the others as Roger's cock disappeared.

The spectators were now all naked. It was obvious that they were all excited and they were all playing with someone. The women were stroking cocks and the guys were fingering clits. Everyone was hot! I was so excited that I was reaching underneath and flicking Donna's clit while sliding in and out of her ass.

Hindi boys gay sex video Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a

She was moaning and I was feeling great! So much to do and watch at the same time! Kathy came to me and said "Lick me, suck me, and make me cum." She got onto the bed and spread her legs, her arms reaching in my direction.

I pulled out of Donna and moved to her and started by kissing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and I fingered her as I nibbled her. I moved down and began to work on Kathy's pussy. I felt hands on my back, soft hands, a woman's hands. Then lips were kissing me on my neck. Sharon said "Let me help you." She got on her knees beside me and when I pulled back she took my place. I saw my chance and I moved behind her and reached around to massage her breasts as I pressed my hard on between her legs.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. She leaned forward to resume her work on Kathy and as she opened her legs and I was able to take her. Now I was able to watch my new lovers being pleasured and my wife and her new friends.

Roger pulled out and turned Bonnie over onto her back. He reached over a grabbed a dildo that was about 8" long. He put it at her pussy and slid it all the way in. He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Bonnie put her legs up so that they were on Roger's shoulders. Roger put his cock head at her ass and he slowly pushed his length into her. He began to take long and slow strokes in and out.

He was now getting all of his huge cock in her ass. Bonnie said, "Someone give me another dick to suck!" With that Craig came to her and knelt so that he could feed her. She grabbed him and started to go nuts on his cock. Her eyes were closed and she was possessed! She was sucking him with all her might. Roger was in heaven, slowly stoking in and out. Shawn had Donna get on the bed next to Bonnie.

I watched as Shawn grabbed a tube of KY and lubed his cock. He took his finger and stuck in her ass. I watched as he got ready to stick his dick in her and his wife closed her eyes and said "Oh yes! That's what I want!" Then Shawn removed his fingers and put the head of his dick at her brown hole. He pushed forward and entered her. I got emboldened by all this and decided to take Sharon like the other men were taking the other women.

I licked my finger and slid it into her ass. I easily pushed the entire length into her. I got some lube and I pulled my dick out and covered it again. I moved up to her little brown hole. I slowly pushed and she didn't resist. This was too much! I pushed in a little at a time and soon I was all the way into her and she was squeezing my dick. It felt so good and this was exciting. I reached around and massaged her tits. It only took a couple of minutes and I was cumming in her. I pulled out and walked over to get a closer look at Roger as he fucked my wife.

I saw that he was all the way in and was pulling almost all of the way out before he pushed himself all the way in again. He looked at me and said "I'm so glad you two decided to come.

Your wife is so hot!" And then he started to speed up. He began pounding into her. He started to grunt and said "Here you go babe! Here's a little more cum in your ass!" He pushed all the way in and held it there, and then he pushed forward with small strokes, milking his cock.

He pulled out of her, grabbed a towel and he began to clean his dick. He said "Bonnie that was great!" I just smiled and couldn't believe that I was still hard. I stroked my dick and looked around for my next victim. As I looked back to Kathy and Sharon I saw that Peggy and Betty sat on either side of Kathy. They were watching her being eaten by Sharon and started to massage Kathy's tits. The thin one, Betty said "I've never been eaten by a woman before.

Can I be next?" Sharon moved to her and started to kiss and lick her cunt. Peggy kissed Kathy and said "Let me help." She kissed her way down Kathy and moved down to get between her legs.

I moved behind Peggy and reached down to finger her. She raised herself and spread her legs. I knelt down and began to lick her from behind. I started at her pussy and worked my way to her ass and back. I pulled up and put my dick in her. She wasn't very tight. Jorge had moved behind Sharon and was fucking her. I couldn't tell which hole he was in but I guessed it was her ass as he was slowly stroking in and out and had a big smile on his face.

Carlos came up behind me and said "You have to fuck Betty's ass. She's so small and very tight!" Then he went over and whispered in his wife's ear. She looked over to me and smiled. She raised a finger and gave me the "Come here" signal. Then she reached down and held Sharon's head.

They made eye contact and Betty said "There's something I have to do." She moved to the side of the bed and bent over so that her ass was in the air. As she looked at me I pulled out of Peggy and went to her.

She said "Eat my ass!" and I did. I tongued her and she started to moan. I could easily get my tongue in and added a finger for good measure. I used my free hand to finger her cunt and clit.

Her clit and lips felt like they were huge! I told her "I want to suck you before I fuck you." She turned over and sat at the edge of the bed. I knelt down and saw one of the most intriguing set of lips ever! I took a lip in my mouth and sucked. I put a finger in and used my thumb to massage her clit. She was so hard that it felt like a small penis. I took it in my mouth and sucked for a second and then I tongued it.

She grabbed my head and said "Oh yes, that feels so good. Can you make me cum?" I thought "Sure!" and kept at it. I used one hand to enter her and look for her g-spot. The other was fingering her asshole.

It wasn't long before she said "Oh yeah, that's good. Keep it up!" I sucked her clit and started to flick my tongue against it. She said "Suck it, ooh yes, I'm cumming!" and she bucked into my mouth. She was squirting! I'd never experienced this before as my face became drenched!

She pushed my head away and said "Fuck my ass!" She turned over and I mounted her. He was right. I didn't have trouble entering her but she was so tight. And she was matching my stroke, pulling away and pushing back in perfect rhythm.

I knew that I was going to cum again. And to think that I never believed that it was possible to stay hard for so long and cum so many times. I looked over to my wife and saw that Roger had been replaced by Carlos. He was behind my wife and I could only assume that he was in her ass. He was looking at me and smiling.

He leaned forward and pushed my wife forward so that she was now flat on her stomach. He had his hands on each side of her and was pounding her unmercifully! After I came I pulled out and looked around the room. Most of the action had stopped. People were once again sitting in the easy chairs. I saw Roger and walked over to him. He looked at me and smiled. I asked him, "So, how was it?" He said "That was my first ass and it was so great!

I think she liked it!" "No shit!" was my reply. "I've never seen her so hot! Too bad you didn't get a chance to have Sharon too." "I saw that you did. I think I'll save her for next time." Then he asked, "Are you enjoying yourself?" I replied "Myself and many others! This is incredible!" He asked "So, do you two want to become regular members?" I laughed and said "I'm not sure. You'll have to wait until my wife is through so I can ask her." End of part 5 The Monster #6 His Story Part Five Old Friends, New Lovers Each year we take a sailing trip with our friends Michael and Kathy.

We've been friends since our college days. Bonnie talked about trying to seduce them. She new that Michael was a real horn dog, Kathy says he fucks her every day. And she says that Kathy thinks I am attractive. "Boy, have you ever changed! A couple of months ago you would flirt with our friends with no intentions of letting it get out of hand.

Now you're lining up people you'd like to fuck!" I thought about how when we visit Michael & Kathy, we always end up in their hot tub naked. Michael waits until just after dinner and says "Let's get naked and jump in the tub!" He likes to sit next to Bonnie and check out her tits and bare pussy. He never fails to say "Kathy, I think you should shave yours too!" Kathy seems to linger outside of the tub and I like to think that she wants to give me a chance to check her out.

And her little gymnast type body is nice to look at. Her flat belly, sparse bush, and those small tits with their long pencil eraser nipples!

I've often imagined sucking on them. And Michael loves Bonnie's I had to ask "Do you really think it's a good idea? It might endanger our friendship." She said "Like it did with Roger and Bonnie?" "OK," I said "I'm willing!" Last month we were on a bare boat charter out of the port of Canouan in the Caribbean. We had arranged to take out a 38' Catamaran. It was a 7 day trip, visiting just 4 islands.

I love these trips because they're so casual. We wear bathing suits or shorts and tank tops almost all of the time. While we're on the boat the girls love to go topless. It so happens that we were moored off of Union Island on Kathy's birthday. We made arrangements with our local boat boy, Tiger, to have a lobster feast in her honor. We told Tiger that we wanted a secluded cove for the evening. Following his directions we made off in the afternoon and sailed to the back side, a more deserted part of the island.

We anchored about 100 yards off shore in 30' of water. Michael and Cathy jumped in the dinghy to explore. That usually means they're going to find a place to fuck!

Bonnie decided that the time was right. She said "We can set the stage by letting them see you fucking my ass. When we see them coming back, I'll kneel on the deck and you can take me from behind. They'll have a great view from the transom and there will be no mistaking which hole you're in." I started to get hard just thinking about it.

Then she said "Let's divide and conquer. If you can get Michael away from the boat, you can tell him about our adventures with "The Club" while I talk to Kathy. I'll tell her all about Roger's cock and then see if she's willing to help me with an enema. And I'll see if she'll let me do the same for her. If Michael knows he can look forward to doing all the things you talk about, I know he'll jump at the chance!

It's Kathy I'm not sure of. When we get back together, wink if you think he'd be receptive to sharing. I'll do the same." Bonnie went to her bag and took out her lube and dildo. She handed them to me and took off her suit. "Why don't you get me ready?" Then she climbed onto the galley table and turned over onto her back.

She raised her knees and put her feet and ass on the edge of the table. I pulled off my trunks and went to her. I leaned down so I could eat her. After a little fore play I lubed up her toy and put it to her ass. I pushed it all the way in and went back to licking her. I began to stroke myself and worked on licking her lips and clit. I had her cumming in no time. She had me leave the dildo in her as she climbed off of the table had me sit down.

She knelt down and began to give me a blow job. After a quarter hour or so we could hear the dinghy across the cove. We quickly changed places and Bonnie got on all fours with her ass pointing towards the stern.

I pulled out her toy and left it on the deck. I didn't need to lube myself up as her ass was ready. I squatted behind her and easily entered her. I took log deliberate and deep strokes. I could hear Michael kill the dinghy motor and knew that he could see us.

I figured he would try to drift towards the boat quietly so that he could get a good look before we realized they were back. I moved forward as far as possible so that he'd be sure to see me fucking Bonnie's ass. I heard Kathy say "Michael! You're so bad!

Hey guys, we're back!" I acted surprised as I pulled out of Bonnie and tried to cover myself. Bonnie quickly grabbed her suit and headed below deck. I followed her. A little later I talked Michael into taking some supplies to shore so we could get ready for the birthday bash. We landed the dinghy on the beach and off loaded the supplies. It was a great spot. The cove was at least a mile wide. The sides were rocky cliffs that worked shoreward and ended with had about a half mile of sandy beach extending from side to side.

We saw the hut and BBQ pit where Tiger told us to meet him. I said "Let's relax and have a couple of beers before Tiger gets here. Then one of us can go get the girls and bring them ashore." We started talking about this and that and Michael said "Were you fucking Bonnie in the ass?" "Yeah I was. Sorry about that. We were so into it we didn't hear you coming." "Does she suck your cock too?" "Of course, and she swallows!

Doesn't Kathy suck yours? .Michael answered with what has become a standard response. "My woman hasn't given me a blowjob since we've been married!" I said "That's too bad!" Then I told him about our night with Roger and Shellie. I described her tits and his huge cock, and then about the further adventures of "The Club". I didn't go into great detail about most of our experiences, but talked about getting sucked, fucked and my intro to anal that first night with Shellie.

It was obvious that he had a hard on and he kept adjusting his dick. And when I mentioned the other women as he was saying things like "No way!" and "Holy shit, really?" Then he stopped me during my description of Bonnie's party and asked, "Aren't you afraid one of you might catch something?" I told him about "The Rules".

He asked "Doesn't it bother you that these guys were taking liberties with your wife?" I had to tell him "The first night watching her with Roger and his huge cock really turned me on! I was amazed as I was watching her work on his unbelievable cock.

And I was more concerned about being able to have Shellie than I was about what Bonnie was doing. Then, at the party, I was amazed at how she reacted to the other men and was excited watching her with the other guys.

Besides, it's only sex!" Then I went into a very detailed description of Bonnie being Roger's first ass fuck. He questioned me. "She really took his huge cock in her ass? That must have been unbelievable to watch! So, how has all this affected your relationship?" I was honest and told him "We are having sex more often and loving it more! Bonnie has become an animal! Now she's the one who suggests anal sex! I know she'd let you have a go, if you wanted to.

And, like I said, she swallows!" He said "Really! She'd let me do her in the ass? Well. . I don't think Kathy would go for swapping." I had to ask him "If she did, how would you feel about me being with her?" He thought for a moment, staring off at the boat. "I can handle it. If you can get her to agree, I'm in!" Just before sunset Tiger arrived and we helped off load the supplies. He started a fire and I told Michael to wait on shore while I went back to get the women.

When I pulled up to the boat Bonnie was there to handle the dinghy's landing line. She looked at me and I winked. She smiled but didn't wink back.

She just shrugged and said "I didn't get a reaction. So I don't know what to tell you." I said "Oh well, let's go ashore and see what happens." Kathy came to the transom and stepped into the dinghy.

Bonnie got in and we were off to the beach. The sun had now set and it was a calm moonlit night. We were sitting around a picnic table that was set under a thatched roof open sided hut. We had been picking at fresh grilled lobster and vegetables. After dinner we paid the Tiger and thanked him for a great dinner. We helped him pack up and he was off. Several bottles of champagne later, it was time for the cake that we had our boat boy had gotten for us.

We sang to Kathy and drank yet another toast to her birthday. She asked "Who arranged for the cake?" When I told her that I did she came around the table and gave me a kiss. I was a little surprised when she started to stick her tongue in my mouth. She had never done that before. She replied "It's so nice that you thought about getting me a cake." She sat down next to me and put her head on my shoulder.

Then she said "You're so sweet!" Kathy turned to me and once again put her tongue in my mouth. She stopped kissing me and said "All afternoon I've been thinking about what Bonnie told me about your new friends. At first I was shocked, but I must admit that the stories made me very horny! And now, after all this champagne. . ." Michael said "Frank told me all about it and it did the same to me." I put my hand under her shirt and reached up to fondle her breast.

I started to tweak her nipple and asked "I've often thought about doing this. I'd love to suck on these." "But there so small." "They're small but beautiful!" Her hand was on my thigh and as she kissed me again she slowly slid her finger tips up until they were on my now hard dick. I took that for a "Yes!" She passionately kissed me while she took hold of my cock and started to stroke it through my bathing suit. I used my other hand to pull up her shirt and exposed her breasts. I pulled away from her kiss and began to lick and suck her erect nipples.

She bent her head back and started to moan. Bonnie got up and moved around the table until she was behind Michael. She put her hands on his shoulders and moved them forward and down his chest, pressing her breasts on his back. She reached down to his crotch. She was nibbling on his ear and said "Someone's excited! You're so hard! What do you want?" He replied "Would you suck on me while I watch them?" "Sure! Take off your shorts." She took off her suit while he slid his shorts down and kicked them away.

She moved beside him and made him straddle the bench. She went right to his cock and began to suck him. I moved a hand between Kathy's legs and fondled her through her suit. She had her hands on my head and was holding me while saying "That's wonderful!" I pushed her bottoms aside so that I could feel her lips and clit.

Then I said "Sit up here on the table." She moved up and I pulled off her suit pants. "Lay back!" I went to her and began to lick her. God she tasted good! I was massaging her breasts and she covered my hands with hers, guiding my tempo. I pulled a hand away and brought my fingers down across her flat tummy and slowly started to finger her lips. I sucked a finger and put it inside of her. I worked it in and out while nibbling, licking and sucking her clit.

I glanced sideways and saw Michael smiling as he was watching us. I could see the back of Bonnie's head as it bobbed up and down over the opposite edge of the table.

Bonnie came up for air and said "Michael, sit on the table.


I want to watch too!" So Michael moved up to the table's edge and Bonnie sat on the bench. She was stroking him while watching me eat Kathy. She said "I want you to cum in my mouth." She again started sucking and stroking Michael.

Now he was leaning back with his hands on the table enjoying his blow job. I was searching out Kathy's g-spot and her clit was hard! She was moaning and had a hand on the back of my head, holding me in place. I started lightly flicking her with my tongue and she began to whisper "Oh, yeah, that's it, oooh, keep it up, just like that!" I released her breast and brought my hand down to her mound.

I was pressing down, right above her g-spot. She arched her back and now had both hands on my head. She started to buck and I knew she was having a powerful orgasm!

I withdrew my finger and slowly licked her lips, tasting her juices. I heard Michael say "Oh man that feels good! Here it comes!" I looked over to see Bonnie taking his entire dick, moving up and down, eating his load. She licked him from the base to his tip, cleaning him thoroughly.

He looked pretty happy. I helped Kathy sit up. I moved to her and we kissed. I asked "Was that good?" "Yes!" was her reply. I said "I want to be inside of you." I had her move to the end of the table and while she sat on the edge, I removed my trunks and slowly stroked myself as I moved to her. I placed my dick at her opening and easily slid inside. I kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered "I've wanted to do this for a long time!" I stroked slowly, not wanting to rush.

She had her hands clasped behind my neck and she was looking me in the eye, smiling. "I have to admit, Bonnie's told me that you were a great lover. I've often thought about sex with you. I was torn when she told me those stories this afternoon, but I decided I'd like to have you eat me and fuck me. I just felt funny and couldn't admit it to Bonnie." I looked over her shoulder and Bonnie was now sitting on the table with her legs spread wide. "Now Michael, I want you to return the favor." Michael sat down and put his head between her legs.

He said "It's been a long time since I've done this. I hope I remember how. Oh man, your shaved pussy looks so good! Honey, maybe we should shave yours too!" Bonnie looked over at me and smiled. "So honey, how does she taste?" I said "Her taste's marvelous! Want a taste?" "Sure!" was her reply. I pulled out of Kathy and climbed up on the table so I could feed my dick to Bonnie. She moaned while she sucked me. I pulled out and she said "She does taste good.

Kathy, have you ever tasted yourself?" Kathy replied with a resounding "No!" I moved back to in front of her and said "You really should give it a try." I fingered her and I saw Michael look up as I brought my fingers to her mouth. She hesitated as I held out my finger. She looked me in the eyes and opened her mouth.


I stuck it in and she began to suck on it. I asked "Do you like that?" She nodded her head on response. I removed my finger and used two fingers to enter her. A few deep strokes and I returned them to her mouth. She started to suck them and now she had her eyes closed. I said "I've got a better idea." I moved forward and entered her with my dick.

God she felt good! After a couple of strokes I said "Would you suck on me?" I pulled out of her and she climbed off of the table and knelt down and took me in her mouth. I looked over at Michael and said "See? You just have to understand what a woman likes!" Kathy was greedily sucking on my cock and stroking me at its base. She looked up at me and said "Please don't cum in my mouth." I replied "Okay." And she resumed my blow job.

She was so gentle as she was slowly sucking me in and out. Bonnie pushed Michael's head away and said "I want you to fuck me!" He stood up and she climbed off of the table, turned around and bent over. Michael quickly got behind her and started to fuck her from behind. I looked at him and stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it.

Then I pulled it out and gestured in such a way as to indicate that he should stick his thumb in her ass. He caught on right away. He lubed his thumb with a little pussy juice, placed it at her brown hole and slowly pushed it in. Bonnie said "Oh Michael, that feels good!

But your thumb is so small! Don't you have something a little bigger? Frank, can you get the lube from my bag?" Kathy tried to look around me to watch them. I pulled out of her mouth and I said "Let's move over a little closer so we can watch." I took her by the hand and led her around the table until we were next to them.

I searched Bonnie's shoulder bag and found her tube of KY.

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I handed it to Michael and said "Use this." Then I moved behind Kathy and said "Hold on to the edge and bend over." As she watched her husband, he pulled out of Bonnie. Then he took the top off of the tube and put some lube into the palm of his hand. He stroked his dick and covered it with KY. "That's right big boy, make it ready and fuck my ass!" He stepped forward and lined up the head of his dick with Bonnie's asshole.

He pushed forward and with one stroke his dick went right in, all the way to the base! "Oh man, I can't believe I'm doing this!" I entered Kathy and began to stroke into her. Her pelvic bone against the vein of my dick felt great!

She was tighter than I was now used to. I slowed my rhythm, not wanting to cum yet. As he fucked my wife's ass I listened as Kathy said "How can you let him do that?

Doesn't it hurt?" Bonnie replied "The first time is the worst. Then it feels so good! I couldn't believe how intense it was when I have a finger up my ass and my lover brings me to orgasm!" Michael said "This is great, but I thought it would be tighter!" I couldn't resist, so I said "Welcome to Roger's world!

After his cock, they're never the same." Bonnie asked "Do you want to stop?" "No fucking way!" was Michael's reply. As we were all just savoring the feelings, Bonnie said "Michael, if it's a tight ass you want, you'll have to fuck Frank or Kathy." Michael asked "Frank, has someone fucked you?" I said "Not yet, but Bonnie has done me with her dildo! I asked her "What does it feel like?" She had trouble explaining it so I thought I'd give it a try. She did me and then sucked me off.

It was awesome!" I said "There is another way to make her tighter. Michael, get her big dildo out of the bag and put in her pussy. Put it all the way in. Then you'll love it!" He smiled and said "Sure." He pulled out of her and I watched as he took her toy and played with her. He was teasing her by putting in a little and pulling it out. She leaned forward and said "Come on Michael, shove it in and put your cock back in my ass!" He was stroking himself as he shoved it in.

He lined up his dick and pushed himself into her. "Oh yeah, that is tighter!" Bonnie said "So Kathy isn't this exciting?" "More than I ever would have guessed!" was her reply. I had my hands on Kathy's hips and I started to stroke faster and was going as deep as I could.

Kathy said, "Do you like it? Are you going to cum in me?" I stared to have an intense orgasm. It must have started building when I first thought about finally being able to fuck Kathy. I pushed as hard as I could and felt myself pumping my load into her. Michael said "I'm going to cum again!" and I saw him push all the way in! He had a huge smile on his face! Michael pulled out his now limp dick and said "That was too much! I haven't cum twice since forever." We decided that we'd leave most of our gear on the beach and get it in the morning.

We didn't bother to dress as we got in the dinghy and headed back to the boat. As we were boarding Bonnie said "Michael, come take a stern shower with me. I'd like some help cleaning up." Kathy and I sat in the cockpit and watched the new lovers wash each other. When they were done they toweled each other off and when they came to the cockpit Bonnie said "I think they like it. I thought they would. When I told Kathy about Roger she said she'd like to see his cock. She asked if Roger and Sherrie liked to sail.

You know, after tonight our sailing trips with them will never be the same." Then she took Michael's hand and led him inside. She turned and said "See you two in the morning." After Bonnie and Michel went below I asked Kathy if she wanted to shower. I took her by the hand and led her to the stern. "Sit here, I'll be right back." I went to my cabin and got my kit bag.

I returned to Kathy and set it down next to her. I opened it and took out my beard trimmer. She was sitting on the top step of the hull with her feet on the second step. I knelt between her legs and said "How about a little trim?" Kathy replied "I wouldn't mind a trim, but I don't want to be bald." "OK, so let me do just the bottom. I'll trim it all close and then I'll shave between and around your lips." She spread her legs and I turned on the trimmer.

"This thing vibrates so your sensitive little clit might just get hard." She was watching intently as I began to fluff up her bush with one hand and trimmed the long hairs away. Then I spread her lips moved in for a real close trim. When that was done I turned the trimmer around and used the base to tickle her clit.

"That feels so good!" "Why don't you let yourself go? Another orgasm and you'll be so wet that I'll be able to use your juices to shave you." She put her hand on her pelvis and pushed down.

Now her eyes were closed and she was concentrating. She started to shudder and bent slightly forward. It was only a minute before she came. I had her lay back and used the shower nozzle to wet her down.

I spread some soap around her lips and rinsed her off. I soaped her up again and used the lather to slide my razor across her sensitive skin. I was really enjoying this so I took my time.

When I was done I rinsed her off and said "There, feel how soft you are." "That does feel nice. Thank you!" I leaned forward and kissed her fingers as she felt herself. She took her hand away and I began to lick and suck her lips and clit. "Would you like another orgasm?" "Do you really have to ask?" I took a finger and slid it between her juicy wet lips.

I used another finger and leaned forward to begin again. Oh she tasted good. I removed my fingers so that I could tongue her and suck on her lips. I held her by the hips and said "Scoot forward a little. I want to get more comfortable." She moved towards me so that her backside was just on the edge of the step.

I worked on her some more and she said "That's so good! I'm going to cum again!" As I took to licking her very erect clit, I pressed my finger to her anus. She moaned so I continued to enter her while I worked her clit. I had my finger in just past half way when she shuddered through a very powerful orgasm.

When she calmed down she said "Bonnie was right! That was awesome!" I stood up and she looked at me seeing that I was erect again. She said "Now it's your turn. You sit here and let me suck on you." We changed places and she began to suck me. She stood up and said "Let me make you a little wetter." She straddled me and directed my hard on to her slit. She lowered herself on to me and bounced up and down a few times.

"There, that ought to do it." She returned to her step and began again. I was so hot that it only took several minutes before I was ready to cum again. Remembering what she'd said before, I warned her "Your making me cum!" I tried to lift her head and she pushed my hand away. I couldn't wait any longer and started to explode. She didn't miss a beat and was sucking me off while I came. I started to soften and she let my limp member leave her mouth.

She looked up at me and was licking her lips. "I thought you didn't like to swallow." She replied "I didn't, but now I do." She stood up and reached for my hand.

She said "Let's see if we can get some sleep." End of part 6 The Monster #7 Old Friends, New Lovers Chapter 3 I awoke with the sun after a great nights sleep.

It was early, about 06:00. I looked over and saw Kathy sleeping next to me and had to smile as I recalled the previous evening. The warm Caribbean nights keep us from using bed covers, so there she was totally exposed. As I looked at her I began to get hard but fought off the urge to begin fondling her and take her once again. As gently as I could I moved to the edge of the mattress to get off of the bed. I didn't bother to put my trunks on, because after last night, why bother?

I really hoped that our relationships had indeed changed and that we would continue our new found openness. After quietly closing the cabin door, so as not to disturb my new lover, I made my way to the head to begin my morning routine.

I noticed that the door to the other cabin was open and couldn't resist peeking inside.

Michael and Bonnie were cuddled together and sleeping soundly. I closed their cabin door as quietly as I could before I stopped to take my morning pee. While making coffee I couldn't help but rehash the events of the previous evening. My wife is way too savvy about other people's psyche. Prior to yesterday there was no way that I could have accurately predicted how our old friends would have responded to the situation that they were presented.

And now, after how things ended up, I was unable to make myself believe that they would choose to accept what had happened and pursue the course that we had set. After my second cup of coffee I was bored of sitting alone and decided that I would head to shore to retrieve our things. Since we didn't take too much to shore I could do it alone pretty quickly.

So as not to disturb anyone I decided to row to shore instead of motoring. No sense waking the others without reason. I beached the dinghy and walked to the shelter. I laughed as I saw how we had left our things. There was our cooler, Bonnie's duffle, and her Roger Roadie and the lube tube were still lying on the table.

I thought that it was a good thing that this beach was so secluded. Our rap would have been blown by anyone who had ventured upon this scene. It took just two trips from the table to the shoreline and all of our belongings were in the dinghy.

I pushed away from shore and casually rowed back to our boat. When I tied off of the stern I wasn't surprised to find that no one else was on deck. I had to assume that they had not yet stirred.

I off loaded our things and poured myself another cup of coffee. I let my curiosity get the best of me and ventured forward so that I could peek down into the deck hatches of the cabins. Kathy was still soundly sleeping. And she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, her body looked awfully inviting. Looking at her now sparse bush and bare labia I fondly remembered the process of trimming and shaving her last night.

As I stepped across the deck and looked into the starboard hatch I could see Michael's back and saw that he was pounding away at Bonnie. He was sweating as he worked on Bonnie. She was face down and her arms were extended against the inner hull. I saw that she was bracing herself as he thrust into her. I thought to myself, it's true, Michael is insatiable! I walked back to the cockpit and sat down.

As I sipped my brew I wondered what the day would be like. How would our new lovers be like today? Looking westward across the bay I saw a cloudless sky and new we'd have a beautiful day.

A little while later I heard noises in the galley. I turned to see Kathy's naked backside as she poured herself some coffee. She turned and brought the pot into the cockpit and filled my cup. She looked at me with a smile and said "Good morning!" She bent down and kissed me, a tender, lingering, tip of the tongue kiss.

She stood erect and took the coffee pot back to the galley. When she returned she sat down next to me. I asked her "How did you sleep!" "I slept really well. And my dreams were delightful. Thanks for letting me sleep in. And what about you, how did you sleep?" "I slept well also! It's the best night's sleep I've had in awhile." We sat in silence as we waited for the other to decide where to go next. I began to get concerned and had to say "I really enjoyed you last night.

I hope you're okay with what we did. How are you feeling?" She waited a few moments before she responded. "I'm surprised about the way I acted yesterday. Bonnie and I are talking about what's new in our lives and all of a sudden I'm listening to her telling stories about how you guys got sexually involved with your neighbors, and then their friends. I was caught off guard.

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My first reaction was negative, but I couldn't bring myself to say so. And the more she told me, especially about your new club, the more aroused I became. Then she said that the both of you found it all so exciting and she asked me if, given the chance, I'd fuck you. I was dumbfounded. I really didn't know how to respond." "But what were you thinking?" "When she asked me about you? For the last few years I've been curious about what it would be like to have sex with you.

Bonnie and I have always gotten around to talking about our sex lives for like forever. And since you two have been together she's always made a point of saying that it's great to be able to orgasm every time you she has sex. That's not the way it is with Michael and I. I usually have to pleasure myself if I want an orgasm. He wants a blowjob but he won't go down on me. Where's the fairness in that? So I just stopped doing it. So for a lot of years now he gets hard, sticks it in, pounds away, cums and then we're done!

So I've been envious of Bonnie, and of course, curious about you. But I couldn't get myself to tell Bonnie "Oh yeah, I'd really like to have sex with your husband!" So I didn't say anything. " "So you don't regret last night?" "Oh no, not at all. I really enjoyed everything. I haven't been with anyone but Michael for so long. You were so wonderful, sensitive and gentle. I have to admit that last night was the most real pleasure I've had in a long time. It reminded me of when I was dating.

I bet Michael would say the same thing. He was able to do what he's been bugging me about for so long." "That's sort of how we felt when our neighbors seduced us.

We've been likes kids in a candy store where everything is free! So nothing's wrong. You're happy, he's happy, and everything is out in the open." "Yeah, I guess. Will this affect our relationships? Will we act differently towards each other?" "Well, I can honestly tell you that I've often fantasized about doing what I did last night. And if we hadn't been seduced by our neighbors, this trip would have ended up being like all the others. And now, if you'll let me, I'll make love to you every chance I get." I turned to her and looked in her eyes as she turned her head and accepted my kiss.

My hand went to her thigh and she opened her legs as I slowly brought my hand upward to caress her. I was just starting to spread her labia and insert a finger when we heard noise coming from the direction of the galley.

We turned to see Bonnie coming towards us. "Holy shit Kathy, how can you stand that guy? He hardly slept a wink and wouldn't leave me alone! I didn't know a man could keep an erection that long! I guess I should have knocked first. Kathy, it looks like you're having the same problem!

Should I come back later?" "No, it's okay. We were just talking and, you know, passing the time until you two decided to join us." "Passing the time. . I'll need to remember that one!" And right behind her was Michael. He walked up behind her and hugged her from behind. "Michael, are you hard again?" "Fuck yeah I'm hard!" He stepped back and started to stroke himself.

"I haven't been this hard this long since I don't know when. What do you say, want to do it again?" "Michael, you are such a horny bastard. Why don't you take a break? We've got 4 more days together. Take a swim and cool off." Rejected, he walked to the stern and jumped into the water. Bonnie said "I can't believe his stamina. I don't think I got 2 hours of sleep.

He wanted to fuck all night!" Kathy said "He's like an animal when you let him get away with it. I just tell him 'NO' and make him leave me alone." "So, what about you two, did you guys sleep or have you been out here all night?" I replied "Yeah, we did.

We went to bed right after you did and slept beautifully." "So Kathy, did you enjoy last night?" "I did, your husband is a good lover." Bonnie came over and gave me a kiss. "Yes he is, he's such a good boy!" She leaned and kissed Kathy and said "Come with me. Let's go make the boys some breakfast and we can talk." I watched the girls head into the galley and wondered what their conversation would be like. Michael climbed back on board and sat down opposite me.

He had a huge smile on his face. "Did you get Kathy to take it in the ass?" "No Michael, I don't think she's ready." "So what did you do?" "Check out her bush. I shaved her. She's pretty clean now, and her clit is so fucking sensitive. She came so many times that I lost count. How can you NOT like to lick that thing?" "Fuck man, she won't blow me so I won't lick her!

Besides, I've been trying to get her to go bald for a long, long time! I've always told her that Bonnie's bald thing looks great! Let's make yours look the same. But no, she wouldn't do it. So case closed!" "Michael, you are such a dick head! Well, now she's shaved, and she likes to swallow. You owe me big time! What about Bonnie, isn't she great?" "She's fucking unbelievable!

Whatever I tried she didn't object! I couldn't sleep because I didn't want the dream to end. You're one lucky fucking guy!" "So, isn't this kind of exciting?

Imagine being in a room with a bunch of Bonnie's! The only problem is trying to decide who to do next. So, don't press her! She's a different woman today than she was yesterday, and she may surprise you tomorrow. So be patient and just see what happens." "Well you've been right so far so I'll try to be patient." A little while later the girls brought us food and fresh coffee.

I ate a few bites then went into the galley to make Mimosa's. Bonnie began to talk about what we should do today. Go into town or just hang out. The consensus was we would just hang out. Michael looked at his wife's lap and put his hand on her leg. He said "I like your trim!" He moved his hand up between her legs and started to caress her sex. She slapped his arm and said "Down boy! Finish your breakfast like a good little boy." After cleaning up the cockpit and washing the dishes, we all went for a swim.

There was a little grab ass going on and it wasn't hard to guess what our hands were doing beneath the surface. When we got back on board we gathered our day bags and retired to the fore deck trampoline to soak up some rays. The girls spread out the seat cushions from the cockpit and covered them with towels. The laid down and began reading their books while Michael and I played some dominoes.

After an hour or so Michael said "So Bonnie, I just remembered. You promised to shave me today." She looked at him and said "Are you sure you want me to have a razor that close to your dick? I didn't sleep very much last night and might be looking for revenge!" "Okay, okay, I'll do it myself." He got up and went to get his stuff and sat on the stern to take care of business.

The rest of us just relaxed, enjoying the day. 10 minutes or so later he returned. Loudly he stated "I'm hungry!" He went over to his wife and gently spread her legs as he moved towards her.

He started to finger her and said "Can I eat you?" "Are you sure it's me you want?" "Oh yeah lover, you look so sexy with your bush trimmed and I've tried to be patient but I just can't wait!" She put down her book and said "Bonnie and I were talking while we put breakfast together. She suggested that I try something new. . use this on me while you eat me." She reached into her bag and pulled out Bonnie's Roger Roadie.

She handed it to Michael. His eye's lit up and he said "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talk'n about!" This looked like it might be fun. I moved over next to Bonnie for a better view. He began to lick his wife's labia and worked up to her clit. Then he brought the toy to her opening.

He began to shove it in and she said "Whoa boy, how about a little more foreplay before penetration?" So he stopped and went back to just working with his mouth. Bonnie said "Michael, you have the sensitivity of a pimp and the touch of a gorilla! Here, let me show you how to do it." She moved towards Kathy and Michael moved aside. "Is it okay if I show Michael how a woman likes it?" Kathy looked Bonnie in the eye, hesitated and then said "After all you've done for me so far, I wouldn't think of saying no." Bonnie crawled closer to Kathy and said "Michael, a woman is delicate.

Try a little tenderness. . ." She moved forward and used her tongue to separate Bonnie's labia. "Uuummmm, you taste divine!" Then she sucked on one lip, licked again and sucked on the other.

Michael and I were both hard again and I began to lightly stroke myself, glad to see that Kathy was still going with the flow. She had her eyes closed and it sure looked like she was enjoying Bonnie's attention. Now Bonnie was working on Kathy's clit. Alternating between flicks with the tip of her tongue and sucking her.

"Now Michael, let me have Roger. Like I said before, I think you'll enjoy this." She brought the head to Kathy's opening and lightly moved it up and down between her labia. Man was Kathy wet! "Michael, don't just shove it in, tease her. ." She inserted the helmet and held it there while she went back to suckling Kathy's clitoris.

Now she began to slowly insert a little more of her toy and worked it in and out, just a little at a time. Kathy was tweaking her nipples and making pleasure noises. Now Bonnie had about 1/3 of it in her and Kathy opened her legs wider. "It's so big! Oh yeah, that feels so good! More, more, give me more! Don't stop licking me!" Now Michael and I were both stroking ourselves aggressively, loving this little exhibition. Bonnie increased the rate of penetration.

2 strokes, 2 more inches. . Now over half of it was in and it would all be in before long. She lengthened the strokes so that it came half way out and then went another inch deeper. Now she had 10" in! Kathy had reached behind her and was bracing herself against the edge of the hull to push against the penetrations. She was really getting into it. Bonnie lifted her head and used her finger to stimulate Kathy's clit.

She said "Tell me when you're going to cum." She moved her finger down and soaked it with Kathy's mucus. When it was soaked she pulled it away and returned to licking Kathy's clit. "Oh yeah, that's it, nice and slow. I'm almost there!" Bonnie's finger moved below the dildo and I knew what was coming. As Kathy tensed and raised her pelvis up into Bonnie's face, Bonnie used her soaked finger to enter Kathy's ass. Slowly but deliberately she pushed it all the way in.

Kathy reacted by saying "Oh my god that feel's so fucking great!" She grabbed Bonnie's head and held on tight as she bucked and humped Bonnie's face and had a powerful orgasm. When Kathy settled down and released Bonnie's head, Bonnie withdrew her finger and moved up to Kathy's mouth. She tenderly kissed her and I watched as they seductively tongued each other. Bonnie rolled over onto her back and said "Now Michael, it's your turn. Let's see if you learned anything." She spread her legs and fingered herself.

Michael moved between her legs and used his tongue to replace her fingers. I watched as Kathy reached down and slowly pulled Roger out of her self. "It's so fucking big!

I've never felt anything like that before." "Bonnie, how could you take one like this up your backside?" As Michael worked on her, Bonnie was lying there with her eyes closed. She said "The boys were so gentle when they first introduced anal sex.

After that first time I learned that I liked it. And it was then that I realized that if they were willing to seduce me so gently, I wanted to please them. And why can't a woman use men as toys the way they use us?" She pushed Michael's head away and sat up. "So once I decided that I was going to let Roger have me I just worked my way up to him by letting bigger and bigger guys have me first.

Then it was just so sensual and fulfilling. I was so turned on by the attention all of the men were providing me. It was such a turn on to have everyone's attention on me. Buy the time he decided to enter me I knew I could do it." Michael reached over to pick up her dildo and said "Can I use on you?

I'd love to see you take it all!" Bonnie said "Sure, but this isn't about you so I expect you to get me off." She reached into her bag and brought out her lube. "Remember Michael, slowly, gently." She handed him the tube. His eyes lit up as he accepted it.

He opened it and spread some onto the tool. Bonnie rolled onto her stomach and rose up onto her knees. She spread her knees apart and leaned back. Michel was on his knees and he moved close behind her as he brought the head up to her anus and rubbed it around, spreading the jelly. He slowly pressed it forward and we watched the head slip in. He pressed it forward and it was funny to see the look of concentration that showed on his face.

Kathy had turned around and was lying on her side. She had positioned herself so that her head was now behind Bonnie and she was watching with obvious interest. I moved behind her, took her hand in mine and moved it to my penis. She absent mindedly began to slowly stroke me.

"Michael, pretend that it's you who's in me. Stroke it like you would if you were fucking me." He began to push it further in and pulled it back just slightly. With each stroke he was penetrating more than he was retreating. "Oh yeah Michael, just like that. Now play with my pussy!" He used his free hand under her and fingered her.

"Oh yeah, that's it, fuck my ass!" Now his eyes were wide as he inserted more and more of her toy into her. It was over half way in and I felt Kathy increase the speed of her strokes. He was intent on his take and it wasn't long before the whole of it was inside of her. She reached back and held it in as she rolled over onto her back. "Hold it in while you lick my pussy Michael, make me cum!" He was stroking his dick as he lent down and brought his free hand to the base of her toy.

Then he put his mouth to her sex. He opened his mouth and greedily began to suck on her lips as he ate her. "Slowly Michael, tenderly, make love to my pussy." He slowed a bit and used his tongue to split her labia. "That's better, oh yeah baby, that's better. I'm so full and it feels so good!" I reached forward and began to fondle Kathy's tit. Then I let my hand move slowly down her front towards her cunt. She spread her legs as I got close and I slid my fingers between her drenched lips.

I inserted a finger, then two and then I brought them to her lips. She greedily sucked on them.