BLonde Mom Enjoys Her Vibrator

BLonde Mom Enjoys Her Vibrator
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"You smell good." Spicy, sweaty, like a man who had been using his body until his natural musky odor was at its strongest. The irresistible beat was picked up by their hips and Cason let go as they moved together like they were fucking right there on the dance floor.

He no longer cared who saw what was going on in his pants. Vince's ass pressed against his cock again and again. The tempo set him on fire, each song building on the last until Cason felt as if they were ablaze with lust and need. Cason was grinding against Vince.

He'd already yanked off Vince's shirt so that his hands could roam the muscular pecs and tight nipples. His sub's hands were locked behind his neck, holding on like Cason was the only solid thing in the universe. His moans were so loud the only thing keeping him from making a complete spectacle out of them were the wailing guitars and screaming vocals from the lead singer.

The agony of his jeans pressing against his cock was intense. His need was overwhelming and for once, Cason wasn't going to hold back. "Come home with me," he said directly into Vince's ear. His hand cupped and rubbed hard against the bulge in Vince's jeans. "Now." His lips were on Vince's neck, sucking up a dark mark as the sweet sub agreed frantically.

Icy wind outside slapped against his overheated skin as they rushed outside. Vince laced their fingers together and dragged him to the car. He shivered but it wasn't cold enough to completely cool his ardor. Cason caged the smaller man against his car by placing his palms flat on the roof. He went in for a kiss, dominating Vince's mouth as surely as ever. His tongue thrust in and out until Vince went limp against him.

He sucked Vince's bottom lip into his mouth and then bit down. Cason laved the swollen flesh with his tongue gently, leaving the reddened flesh slick when he let go. "Please." Vince thrust his hips forward, shuddering and moaning. "Home," Cason murmured against his lips. CHAPTER ELEVEN Their coats fell to the floor in the tiled entryway.

Cason squeezed Vince's ass when he bent over to pull off his boots. He toed off his own shoes, not wanting to give up his grip. "I love your ass," he groaned. Vince got caught up in his shirt. It tore with a loud rip as Cason yanked it over his head and tossed it on the couch as they rushed past the living room. Cason backed up the stairs, his hands undoing Vince's belt and unbuttoning his pants. As soon as they reached the top of the stairs he pushed them down Vince's hips. Cason got a very good surprise when Vince's cock sprang out unrestrained.

"Commando." He approved. His hand stroked Vince's shaft once, squeezing the slick head hard. Vince's hands fumbled with the button and zipper on Cason's jeans. Vince dropped to his knees right there in the hall. Cason paused for a minute to let Vince get Cason's pants the rest of the way off, pushing down his underwear at the same time.

Stepping out his pants, Cason slid a hand into Vince's hair. He pulled him slowly toward his cock. Vince's lips parted and his pink tongue came out, slipping and sliding in small circles around the crown on Cason's cock before he pushed forward into the warmth to bury over half his length at once. Vince sucked eagerly when Cason pulled back and the next time he thrust back in, Cason went all the way to the back of Vince's throat.

Nothing had ever felt as good as that tight vice gagging around the tip of his cock. No sub had ever looked so supremely blissed out as Vince did staring up at him with his gray-blue eyes nearly obscured by his lust-blown pupils. Cason pulled out before he lost control. Vince tried to capture his cock again but Cason fisted his hand tight in the soft blond strands of his hair and held him still.

"Not tonight. Tonight I want everything." Vince gasped in a quick breath as his eyes squeezed shut.

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"Yes." Unwilling to get the beautiful man up from his knees, Cason led him into his room slowly. Vince followed, never complaining, his expression eager.

"Up." That pert ass up in the air on the bed was like waving a red flag in front of the bull. Cason crawled after him, massaging and spreading Vince's cheeks. He trailed his fingers down the crack to circle that pink hole, making the sweet sub squirm.

Cason leaned forward, blanketing Vince's back with his chest. "You want me in here?" He tapped on the winkled flesh, barely touching the sensitive ring in small circles. "Are you ready to let me inside?" "God, yes, please." Vince was already panting. He arched his back and thrust back toward Cason's fingers.

Cason reached higher and pulled open the drawer in the nightstand. He fumbled blindly before getting what he needed. Sitting back, he dropped the condom in front of Vince but kept the lube. He didn't speak; he didn't need Vince to either. Every tremble and thrust of Vince's hips as he sought more sensation guided Cason and told him what the younger man needed from him.

Every scrap of Cason's focus was on his slippery finger as he slid it inside Vince's body. He'd penetrated that tight ring before but this time he wasn't going to stop there. This time he'd get to feel that tight muscle clamping down on his cock and then sucking him in to the root. Vince groaned. He tried to push back but Cason smacked him hard on one cheek.

"Stay still. No restraints but your desire to do what I demand." His desperate sub stilled, though his thighs quivered, exposing exactly how hard it was for him to do what Cason wanted. To reward him, Cason thrust his finger the rest of the way inside. "Ahh!" Vince toes curled but he didn't move.

Smiling, Cason bent his finger down and pulled it back, grazing Vince's prostate. He was pleased when Vince dropped his head to the bed but kept his hips still and didn't attempt to get more sensation when he pulled his finger out. The lube was cold on his fingers, so Cason took a moment to warm it before returning to preparing Vince. Every hot, slick inch surrounding his fingers made his cock harder, his balls achier.


Cason shuddered as he slid his fingers in and out until Vince was moaning continuously. With his fingers still gliding in and out, Cason leaned forward and licked a path up Vince's spine. He reached one of those smooth shoulders, a few hidden freckles distracting him. He tongued the marks, then closed his mouth over the smooth skin and bit down, sucking fiercely while probing the depths of the man under him.

Vince cried out. "Please!" Cason picked up the condom and tore the package open with his teeth. He had to think of unsexy thoughts and struggle for control as he slid the thin latex down his cock; his own hand was almost too much sensation for him to endure. Pulling his fingers out brought a wordless sound of protest from Vince, but he wouldn't leave him empty for long.

More lube, then Cason was watching as the round head of his cock was squeezed between the tight, round cheeks of that perfect ass. He used his thumbs to spread Vince further, then pressed forward, barely breaching Vince's hole. A deep grunt was forced out of Vince as he slid in just to the flared rim around the head of his cock. He pulled back. Vince's hands clenched on the sheets, but he didn't lose control.

Cason could see how hard he struggled not to move his hips. This time, Cason stretched Vince with his thumbs in his hole, then stuck the head of his cock in between them. It was so tight; he watched a bead of sweat on Vince's temple slide down his caramel skin.

Cason's entire body was tense. He was poised, his control held by the tips of his fingers. literally. He was poised on the edge; he knew what this would mean, but he couldn't hold back. He needed to be inside Vince as far as he could go. Nothing short of total possession would satisfy him, even if it was only for one night. He wanted Vince to be his and when he slid inside, he knew he wouldn't last long.

It was a fight between two desires; his need to drive them fast and hard to orgasm or take it slow and deep to make it an experience they would never forget, one that would last forever in his memory. He slid out and then back in again, pausing at the brink once more. Vince's body was done with the teasing. He had been tense, trembling, fighting his needs but he suddenly relaxed his entire body.

Cason's cock slid inside him, sucked in deep. He had to pull his thumbs out and catch himself, unable to stop until he bottomed out. The urge to pull his cock out and thrust back in until his balls slapped against those hairy thighs was almost too much for Cason.

Pressing his forehead against Vince's shoulder just below his mark, Cason shuddered, feeling his balls drawing up already. He held on, putting one arm around Vince's stomach, pulling him up on his arms and stroking his smooth skin. His hand slid down and grazed the leaking head of Vince's cock, erect and rubbing against his lower belly. It was hard enough to resist being pulled down, but Cason wanted to feel those muscles flex around his cock again, to have the vice grip of Vince's pleasure milk him as he began to come.

He could easily come that way. It let him gain a measure of control, the rhythmic pulses slowly building in intensity as he drove Vince crazy with small rolling circles of his hips. "Cason, please ." Vince begged finally. That was what he wanted; his name on Vince's lips was so sweet. He braced his arm next to Vince's and lost all control. He gripped Vince's cock tight and let the motion of his hips pounding hard against Vince's ass drive that dripping shaft through his fist. Sweat dripped down his face.

His thighs ached but he was approaching a moment of bliss he knew would be unlike any other. Nothing had ever felt as good as the ass he was pounding into. Cason relished the sounds he was forcing from the sensual man as he shifted his aim and nailed Vince's prostate. "Fuck." His gasps became a moaning wail as Vince began shuddering in his arms.

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Cason suddenly had to see it. He jerked out and flipped Vince over, picking up his legs and separating them so he could drive back into that slack hole and watch the feelings roll over that expressive face. Those lust darkened eyes stared up at him. Cason felt their connection as he stared back down into the gray pools as Vince locked their gazes together. "Stroke your cock," Cason demanded through clenched teeth. He lifted Vince's legs higher and pushed him back. He could feel the firm lump of Vince's prostate as he used short strokes to drive the exquisitely sensitive head of his cock against it.

Vince's hand stroked up and down fast, turning that dusky pink head beet red. Vince tensed, his ass squeezing Cason's cock so tight he could barely move, and then his entire body went stiff.

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Pulse after pulse of thick cum spurted from the slit of Vince's cock. Cason pulled back and slammed in hard without a rhythm, desperate to follow as Vince's muscles rippled around him. He gave a huge grunt, and then felt his cock swell slightly as his balls shot hot cum to fill the condom. Cason ground down hard, moaning and grunting. The pleasure forced him to shut his eyes as it overwhelmed him. Each shot of cum sent a wave of pleasure shuddering up his spine.

He collapsed sideways, not wanting to crush Vince under him. Struggling for breath, Cason left one hand on Vince's chest. He could feel the man's heart pounding against his palm, racing like his own.

He wanted to say something, to do his usual aftercare for the sub he'd just enjoyed, but he couldn't. Cason was wrecked, unable to do more than struggle to breathe and move one hand in short strokes on Vince's chest.

Cason blinked, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe he didn't want to move and throw away the cooling spunk filled condom, or get a warm washcloth to clean them up, because that would mean admitting it was over. How could he face that the end had come, just as it always did? Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes and Cason closed them. His voice was rough when he said, "Give me a minute and I'll get up, I promise." "Shh." Vince rolled over and kissed his shoulder.

"Let me take care of you. I want to." Objections rolled through him, but then Vince was already pulling off the condom and tying it off. He slid off the bed, staggering a little as he walked over to the bathroom. It had been a long time since a lover had taken the time to clean him up; even when Cason wasn't being a Dom he did not give up control to his partners.

He was always the one that took care of them. He didn't move as Vince used a warm washcloth on his cock and balls, stroking them slowly and carefully until he was clean. Vince stood beside the bed after he tossed the washcloth into the hamper. "I can stay the night, right?" "Yes.

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Please." Tonight would be the last time Cason was able to hold Vince in his arms as they slept; he ached to savor it. They pulled up the blankets from the foot of the bed and curled up together. Cason's chest hurt and his eyes burned. He fought to remain quiet as tears leaked out of the corner of his eyes. Vince began a quiet snore against his throat, the air tickling him. Cason stroked his cheek against that soft hair and then he began to let go and move back. He couldn't do it; he had to get up.

Vince's arm tightened around his back and he threw one leg over Cason's thigh, muttering against his skin. A bittersweet smile spread across Cason's lips.

He could taste the salt of his tears as he dropped another kiss on Vince's head and nuzzled that soft hair. He'd be going to his grandparent's for dinner and maybe his Pappous could help him figure out how to turn the ache in his heart into acceptance for the path of the one man Cason couldn't see inside.

He wouldn't even get that small comfort of knowing he'd helped Vince find who he was really meant to be with, since it wasn't him. Exhaustion dragged his swollen eyes shut in the end and Cason slept. **** Vince crawling out of bed woke up Cason. He went from loose limbed sleep to rigid tension.

He opened his eyes, just a small slit, and watched Vince through his dark lashes. It was agony to wait silently for him to come back out of the bathroom. Cason knew he'd leave then and he had no idea how he was going to watch Vince walk away without making a fool of himself.

Cason jerked back in shock when the shivering man climbed into the bed and burrowed under the covers. "Cold," Vince complained as he invaded the small pocket of warm air around Cason and tucked his chilly body against him. "What .?

You're not leaving?" Cason frowned. "I don't ." Vince tilted his head back. "Leave? Why would I leave? It's freaking snowing outside and I don't have to work today." He shifted back a little.

"I thought we could spend the day together, just hanging out." "I have dinner with my family tonight." Very carefully, Vince asked, "What does that mean?" "It means I'm having dinner at my grandparent's tonight." Unable to stay still, Cason shook his head, threw back the covers, and got up. Vince sat up with his knees tucked up to his chin, pulling the blankets up to cover his body. "I don't understand this." Cason grabbed a pair of underwear off his dresser and pulled the striped blue and red boxer briefs on.

"Why are you still here? No one stays." He was muttering and not making much sense; he knew that, but he was so confused. None of the subs he'd ever done a scene with had wanted more from him before Vince, it didn't make sense. Even before Cason had learned how to be a Dom or when he'd explored partners outside the lifestyle, he'd never had a man want to stay in bed with him beyond that. much less spend the day with him. Not after they'd had sex and whatever epiphany they experienced led them out his door and to the men that could fulfill their needs.

He spun around and faced Vince. "You want to hang out. just as friends? Is that it?" He'd shown Vince what it meant to submit to a Dom that knew how to respect a sub's limits, while still pushing them into new experiences that expanded their boundaries.

From the beginning, Cason had known this would be how it ended. He'd buried the fact that more than anyone else he'd ever been with, the sight of Vince walking away would seal his fate to be lonely and alone. There was no one else he wanted.


Vince had been the only one for whom he'd be willing to risk the utter agony he'd faced, the near certainty that the sub would walk away, and take Cason's heart with him. "What the hell are you talking about, Cason? You're not making any sense." "We had sex, but you're still here. I don't know why." Cason ran a hand through his hair and tugged, trying to figure out exactly what Vince wanted from him now that their chance to be together was over.

Vince's jaw clenched and his lips pressed together. He pushed the covers away and sat silently for a minute, breathing hard. Cason could see the curve of his back, smooth skin rippling over the sleek muscles, as Vince sat facing away from him, his head hanging low.

"I get it," he said in a strained voice. He pushed away, getting out of bed. Vince walked out of Cason's bedroom without saying another word. There was a pause in the angry steps, and then he heard loud stomping as Vince must have shoved his feet into his boots. Cason collapsed on the floor next to his bed when he heard the front door slam. What was he going to do? CHAPTER TWELVE He called his grandma and begged off from dinner that night.

He'd gotten a horrible guilt trip, but Cason couldn't stand the idea of facing his family when he was so completely lost.

Instead, he curled up in bed all day, hugging the pillow Vince had used that held a faint echo of his spicy cologne. All week Cason went to work each day, barely paying attention to the students that came to him for help. He was so tired of giving out advice to make everyone else happy when he was so unhappy. It was lucky for him that Tiffany was out on maternity leave, because no one else was willing to brave his surly attitude to question him about was wrong, preferring to avoid him instead.

Brandon called on Monday, Tuesday, and twice on Thursday. Cason deleted the messages without listening to them. Page had probably told him about his weekend with Vince, and Brandon was calling to check on him. He didn't want to hear the pity in his best friend's voice when he'd realized that Vince hadn't been just another sub for Cason.

Friday night Cason came home, exhausted and ready to open another six pack for a night in front of the TV, but Brandon's car was in his driveway. Worse yet, his friend was already inside. "Damn it. I knew I shouldn't have given him a key." Cason considered just driving away but the front door opened and Brandon stared at him until he shut off the engine.

Gathering up his briefcase, Cason got out of the car. He trudged through the path he'd made in the snow from the freak storm last weekend and went inside. The warmth was welcome and Brandon had even lit a fire. "Hey man, what's up?" Brandon looked concerned. Cason shrugged. The kitchen was spotless when Cason walked in to get a drink.

Brandon followed him, already drinking a beer. The top rack of the fridge was empty except for an old take out box and a shriveled pepper in a produce bag. Cason looked over his shoulder at Brandon.

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His friend took a long drink and then set the empty bottle on the counter. "I had a six pack in there," Cason said. He glared at Brandon and then grabbed a bottle of water. "No, you didn't. That was your last beer. You had about four empty six packs on the counter and in the sink, though.

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I recycled them for you." Cason went over to the cupboard and grabbed an energy bar out of the box. "So?" "So, care to tell me what has you drinking like a fish, ignoring my phone calls, and looking like a bear with a thorn in its paw?"