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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 11 It was still only mid-morning so I had to decide what to do for the day.

As I'd spent quite a lot of time sunbathing the previous day I decided to skip the beaches and go into town to have a look in some of the shops. I also wanted to see how long I could wear the butt plug for without it getting uncomfortable. I thought about putting my other butt plug in my pussy but decided to keep that pleasure for another day. Instead I decided on a dress. If I was going to try clothes on I wanted to have to get naked, not just topless or bottomless.

I decided on a thin, cotton summer dress with spaghetti straps and 4 buttons down to the hem that finished millimetres below my pussy.

With my shoulder bag in my hand I headed off to get a taxi into town. There was a slight, warm breeze that was blowing my skater type skirt part of the dress out and I felt like I was naked from the waist down. The taxi dropped me off at the opposite corner of the bay and I started wandering around, having a leisurely look at the shops and Ibiza life.

Judging by the number of shops that were closed I came to the conclusion that not a lot happens in the mornings so I stopped at a café and sat outside having a coffee and watching the world go by. I was also letting the world see my pussy, if the world cared to look, as I had one foot up on the bar under another chair.

When I started proper shopping instead of just windows shopping, I went in to lots of the little clothes shops that I found.

There wasn't much there that I liked but I did find one little shop that reminded me of Celeste's shop except that I didn't see a pedestal or anyone fitting clothes. What I did find in that shop was some lace tops that were long enough for me to wear as dresses. I wanted to try them on so I looked round for somewhere to change but couldn't see anywhere.

The young sales girl wasn't talking any notice of me so I thought, "Sod it; I'll try them on right here in the shop." And I did, I took my dress off right there in the middle of the shop in full view of anyone who passed by and cared to look.

I don't think that anyone saw me but there again, I wasn't looking. The sales girl did look up and at me one time that I was naked but she just turned back to whatever she was reading. I wondered if getting naked to try things on in that shop, or maybe even all of Ibiza, was normal. I decided to leave the tops but remember where the shop was, just in case. At another shop I liked a pair of shoes that they had on display and the young woman got an eyeful of my pussy as she helped me try them on.

She may even have managed to see part of my butt plug, I'm not sure. She didn't say anything but her eyes did seem to linger on my pussy for quite a bit of time. I bought the shoes.


My meandering took me away from the centre and as I wandered down one street I saw a little gym; that made me think about my fitness. Okay, I'm anything but over-weight but I know that fitness is important and that I should really take some regular exercise, so I stopped and looked through the window. As I was looking a youngish man came out and said, "Are you thinking of taking some exercise? Would you like to have a look around?" I was a little surprised but agreed and I followed him in. First he showed me the main exercise room that had about a dozen machines in there.

There was one cute looking man using one machine.

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Next he walked straight in to the changing room to show me the lockers and showers. The place didn't look too bad so I asked him for some details and told him that I might be back. Just as I was leaving I asked him if there would be anyone who could show me how the machines worked because I'd never been to a gym before. Assuring me that there would, I put the leaflets in my purse and continued wandering. Daddy's Black Amex card came in handy again when I realised that I'd need some trainers if I was going back to that gym.

I got the trainers in a big shoe shop where customers select and try on the shoe unaided. I was a little disappointed that there was no one to help me but I spent plenty of time bending over and reaching up to get different boxes and, judging by the odd gasp or two, some other customers got a good look at my butt plug and pussy.

That was enough shopping for one day and I headed back to the port area to get a drink then a taxi back to the boat. The café that I chose was on a busy street and the table that I sat at, and the position of the chair, after I'd moved it, and the way that I sat, gave pedestrians and people in cars and unobstructed view of my legs right up to my stomach. I only sat up straight when a waiter came my way. I had a very pleasant hour sat there. When I got back to the boat I changed to an ultra, short skirt and a tube top and went looking for the nearest beach.

That was only a 10 minute walk and it isn't what I would call a 'nice' beach but it is a beach and I could lie out in front of the people who were walking along it. I chose to tan my back and struggled to cover it with sunblock and was disappointed that no one offered to help the naked girl.

I lay on my stomach for well over an hour with my legs open and (I guess) the fake diamond sparkling in the sun. After a while I moved my right hand underneath me and the fingers slowly played with my pussy; only visible to anyone who looked directly at my pussy. When I got back to the boat I showered then phoned Pau. I was a little apprehensive because I wasn't sure how he would react to his boss's 18 year old daughter, whom he'd been charged with keeping safe, asking him the questions that I was about to ask; namely: - 1.

Where are the lap-dancing and strip clubs in Ibiza? 2. Are there any places where I can go to get sexually humiliated? 3. Are there any places where they put on live sex shows? 4. Are there any places where girls can get fucked by machines? 5. Can you get me an I.D. card that would be accepted in all the clubs? I explained that I didn't want to have to carry my passport around with me.

I wanted to know the answers and locations of any such places, and how I could get into them. I decided to be bold and just ask these questions as if it were quite normal for an 18 year old girl to want to know the answers. After saying 'buenas tardes' I just asked all the questions in my normal, calm voice.

There was a few seconds silence before Pau told me that there are place like I had described and that he could take me to them but did I really want to go to places like that? I replied saying that I just wanted the names and addresses of those places, not that I wanted him to take me to them. He agreed to give me the details but urged me not to go to any of them without him. I thanked him for his concern then reminded him about the I.D.

card. He told me that I'd have one within 24 hours. Then I asked him not to tell my father about this conversation and wondered if it would have been the same if daddy hadn't been paying him.

I wondered if he went to these places and if he took part in humiliating and fucking young women. Pushing that thought to one side I asked him to drop a list and a map with them marked on it, at the yacht the next day. I told him that I probably wouldn't be there and to just leave it where I would find it. He said that he would but asked me to let him take me to any place that I decided to go to.

When I'd terminated the call I wondered if he wanted me to take him with me to protect me or if he wanted to fuck me. That last thought worried me because of the size of the man. If he were to lie on top of me I'd probably be crushed to death.

Feeling happy, I decided to go and have a laydown for a while; I didn't know where yet but I expected it to be a long night. When I awoke it was dark. I thought about where I was going to go to eat, and to spend the evening. I decided to go to the Lio again. Okay, not very adventurous but there was plenty of time to be adventurous and going to somewhere that I'd been to before, albeit with daddy, would give me a bit of confidence.

Then the decision of what to wear. After a trawl through all the clothes that I had with me I decided on a little see-through top that's barely long enough to cover my tits, and an ultra-short, silky, skater skirt that just about covers my butt; another skirt that I can easily forget that I've got it on. I decided against any vibrator or butt plug but pushed my steel balls up my hole. I looked in the mirror and could easily see my nipples and areolas I couldn't see my slit, but I could just see the bottom of my butt cheeks.

Happy with my appearance, I set off. One of the doormen the Lio asked me if my father was joining me and I told him that I was on my own. He spoke to one of the hostess' and I was led to a small table near the stage where I ate and enjoyed the show again, forgetting what was in my vagina. Then I went to the dance floor. It wasn't long before men tried to dance with me and talk to me.

I just ignored them all; it was fun watching and listening to them and the steel balls soon reminded me where they were. As my arousal slowly grew I decided to reveal a little more and slowly turned the waist band of the skirt over.

It was only a couple of centimetres but that was enough for my slit to be visible all the time and for anyone who looked to know that I didn't have any knickers covering my butt. I was feeling good about myself when I saw a raised area where people had moved to and were dancing. I worked my way over to it and climbed on. As I danced near the edge I watched a few men, and a couple of girls, looking at my legs and up to my pussy.

I started dancing with my feet further apart. At one point I saw a man walking around the dance floor taking photographs and handing cards out. When he came over to where I was he looked up at me and started taking photographs. I spread my legs a bit more and smiled at him.

His response was to take photos looking up my skirt. After a few up the front I turned and let him take some of my bare butt.

When I turned back to face him the camera was right in front of my pussy. I wished that I'd put one of my butt plugs in my pussy before coming out. He smiled at me and gave me a red card. I didn't know the significance of the red card but I did note the other people were getting white cards.

Whilst I was dancing a few men came up to me and tried to talk to me and dance with me. I wasn't really interested and either fobbed them off, or just ignored them. All the movement was keeping my Ben Wa balls busy, I didn't actually cum whilst I was dancing but I got real close. So close that at one point I had to take a break and go to the rest room where I locked myself in a cubicle and made myself cum. When I went out of the cubicle a drunken girl leaning against a sink asked me if I'd just cum.

I just said that I had as I checked my hair and confirmed that my slit was still visible. The girl just replied, "Good for you girl." When I decided to leave I didn't bother unrolling the top of my skirt and just walked out. No one said a word so as I walked so I rolled it over one more time. Except for a couple of drunks on a bench, no one saw me and I got back to the boat not that long before dawn. I got in the shower, rubbed my clit until I orgasmed, then squeezed the steel balls out before going to bed.

It was nearly mid-day when I woke up, and after a shower I raided the fridge then went and sat on the deck to eat. After that I was still a little tired so I put some sunblock on and went and lay out at the back of the boat not caring if anyone saw the naked me. I must have dozed off because I got startled by Pau, "Excuse me Miss Georgia." Was the first thing that I heard; I opened my eyes and saw Pau towering above me. "I've brought the details that you wanted." I got up and invited him onto the deck.

Not even considering covering-up, I followed him up and to the table where he unrolled a couple of maps. There were about a dozen 'X' marks on the maps with the name of the place written next to the 'X'.

He pointed to each one in turn and described what the place was about. Just about all of them sounded good and my pussy was already anticipating the visits. Then Pau pulled a credit card sized object out of his pocket. When he gave it to me I saw that it was headed: - "Dancer's I.D. Tarjeta." And appeared to have been issued by the Ibiza Town Council.

It also had details of my name, date of birth, nationality, an address that I didn't recognise, and Pau's phone number. It also had a passport style photograph of me on it. "That's my address," Pau said, "I thought that it was best that I was the contact if it became necessary." "Fair enough." I replied then turned the I.D. card over. I was a little surprised to see a full frontal, naked photograph of me.

Okay, it was a small photo but I could clearly make out my nipples and slit. "Where did you get the photographs Pau, and do all these cards have naked photos of the holder?" "No Georgia. They all have photos of the holder but they are usually dressed. I only had a full photo of you whist you were like you are now." "How did you get it?" "A drone yesterday Georgia." "Oh yes, I seem to remember a buzzing overhead at one point.

Okay, no problem." Pau then gave me the same talk about me not going to those places, and that if I really wanted to go then to only go with him. I told him not to worry then went and got a couple of 500 Euro notes for him.

Giving it to him I said, "Gracias, muchas gracias Pau, eso es justo lo que quería." He left, reminding me to phone him before I went anywhere.

I took the I.D. and put it in my little cross body bag. When I opened it I found the red card that the photographer had given me at the Lio.

At first I thought that it was just a business card asking the recipient to contact the photographer to get prints of the photos that he'd taken. When I turned it over I saw that the photographer was looking for models that needed a portfolio. This got me thinking, "Could I go and get him to take lots of mainly naked photos on me?" The more that I thought about it the more I liked the idea. I put the card in my 'toys' drawer intending to phone the man sometime.

I was wide awake by then so I thought about what to do for the rest of the day. I got out the map that the man in the marina office had given me. I scribbled some beach names and bus numbers on a piece of paper and packed a backpack with the things that I'd need for a trip to a beach.

My next problem was what to wear. I chose a see-through, string bikini top and a beach wrap skirt that is just a rectangle of material that isn't long enough to go all the way around me. It's held together by strings that I tie in a bow. The short side of the rectangle is just about long enough to cover my butt and pussy. I guess that the manufacturer intended the gap to be over a hip, which is where I put it, but I could easily wear it with the gap at the front leaving my pussy exposed.

It's obvious to anyone who looks that I have nothing under it. The only other material that I took with me was a towel. I also took my egg, inside my vagina, and I put the control in my backpack.

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When I got out of the taxi at the bus station I looked at the piece of paper with bus numbers on it and discovered that the next bus leaving to go to a beach was the number 11 to Salines. What's more there was a big queue of people waiting to get on it. I bought a ticket and joined the queue. The woman selling the tickets didn't seem to notice that my nipples and areolas were visible through my top and neither did the people in the queue.

Being near the back of the queue I had to stand in the aisle on the bus sandwiched between 2 men that were a lot taller than me. On one side of me, and on the seats, was a young couple, the man next to the aisle. On the other side were 2 men. As soon as I thought that I wouldn't have to move, I opened the backpack, switched the remote control to slow vibrate then put the backpack down on the floor between my feet.

As the bus started to move I looked for somewhere to hold on to, the grab straps hanging from the ceiling were way out of my reach so that left the backs of the seats or a pole that was going up from the back of one of the seats just in front of me. I turned sideways and shuffled my feet around the backpack so that I could look out of the side windows.

This meant that my front was right beside one of the 2 men, my pussy, albeit covered, centimetres from his head. As the bus trundled along the slow vibrations of the egg combined with the movements of the bus started to make me feel good. I looked down to the man in front of me and so wanted to lift the front of the cover-up skirt when I saw him turn and look at me; but I didn't.

What I did do when the bus stopped to let someone off, was to gently slide the skirt round so that the gap was just to the side of my slit. There was virtually no chance that anyone would be able to see my slit but the remote possibility made me feel a bit daring and added to nice feeling that the egg was giving me.

I also thought about loosening the bow that was holding the skirt up in the hope that I'd have a wardrobe malfunction, but I didn't. After all, I'd be taking it off as soon as I got to the beach. The other thing that added to my arousal was the bikini top. It's see-through and not only did I catch the sitting men staring at my tits a few times.

I caught one of the standing men looking down at them. Of course, ever since I'd left the boat my nipples had been rock hard. Just before the bus got to its destination the egg and the vibrations from the bus finally got the better of me and I orgasmed surrounded by men that I didn't know. I'm sure that I moaned a little but the noise of the engine drowned that out. I have no idea if any of them saw me shaking and the odd involuntary jerk.

I was just getting control back when the bus pulled off the road near the bar and shop. I followed the other bus travellers down onto the beach and stopped to take my shoes off. I also took the bikini top off and stuffed them all into my backpack. I looked along the long beach and could see lots of people, all of the adults looked to be wearing swimsuits or parts of them. The only naked people that I could see were a couple of young kids. Still feeling 'happy' from my recent orgasm I thought, "Sod it." and pulled on one of the strings of my skirt.

It immediately hit the sand leaving me totally naked.

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Scooping it up and stuffing it in my backpack, I set off walking along the water's edge. No one took any notice of me, that I could see, and I kept walking until the sunbathers thinned right out. I saw a naked man stood with a topless woman and could see quite a few fully naked people ahead of me.

I decided to stop a bit further along where there was a big, unoccupied space. I got my towel out and spread it out then sat down and leant back on my elbows, I looked out to sea and felt good. The sun felt good, the air smelt good, I was naked, and I didn't have a care in the world. I'd only been there a couple of minutes when some people walked passed me, the man taking a quick look at me.

Looking around I realised that there was a gap in the bushes just near me with a path that, presumably, led to a car park. Not caring about that I lay back to enjoy the sun and tranquillity. About 15 minutes later, 2 things happened. Firstly I realised that I should really have some sunblock on me, and secondly, a couple of noisy young men appeared from the path.

"Fucking hell mate, look at that." I heard one say. "Cute." Another said. I was spread out about half way between the bushes and the water's edge and the 2 young men went and spread their towels directly between me and the sea. It was obvious that they intended to keep looking up at me hoping to see more of my pussy.

My feet were about shoulder width apart and as they got themselves organised they kept looking up my legs to my pussy. I could tell that because I was up on my elbows watching them. When they lay down both were of their fronts on their elbows.

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I smiled at them then lay back myself. After a couple of minutes I remembered that I was going to put some sunblock on so I got to my feet and got it out of my backpack. Then I started putting it on my back. Obviously I wasn't finding this easy and before I knew it one of the young men was stood beside me and saying, "Would you like some help with that, I know how difficult it can be to reach everywhere." I turned to look at him, me totally naked and him just wearing a pair of swimming short; and he had a growing bulge in the front of them.

"Oh yes please; thank you." "My pleasure; it will be much easier if you lay down." "Yes, of course it will." I replied. I got down onto my towel and lay on my stomach, my feet about a 25 centimetres apart. He started at my shoulders and I have to say that he was gentle. As he got to just above my butt his hands moved to the backs of my arms. Then he moved to the backs of my legs. As he got close to my pussy I couldn't help but let out a moan.

When he had done both legs he stood up and said, "There you go, all done." "No you're not, you missed one bit; well two actually, will you do my butt for me please?" He didn't say anything but got back onto his knees and did as requested. As his hands slid down near my pussy I let out another moan then said, "That's nice." Then he stood up again. I turned over and looked up at him then said, "Would you like to do my front as well?" The young man just stared at me for a couple of seconds while I looked at the large bulge in his shorts.

Then he said, "Are you sure? I mean &hellip." "It needs doing and if you're volunteering then go ahead and do it.

And don't miss anywhere please." The young man put some sunblock on his hands and started with my right arm. "Are you a professional masseur by any chance?" I asked. "What? No, I'm a mechanic actually. My name's Jake by the way, and that ugly sod over there is Lenny. We're just holiday makers." "Well hi there Jake, I'm Georgia and I'm unemployed and I too are here on holiday.

And thank you for helping me with this; I'd hate to get some delicate places burnt. Perhaps Lenny would like to help you?

He's been staring at you all the time that you've been here." Jake waved to Lenny and Lenny looked like he couldn't get to me fast enough.

Looking up at him I said, "Hi Lenny, I'm Georgia and I was wondering if you'd like to help Jake put sunblock on me." "Hi Georgia, I'd love to." Lenny knelt to my other side and before long both my arms were getting covered in sunblock.

Jake was the first to finish and he moved to my shoulder then my chest below my tits. "Everywhere please Jake." I said, giving him permission to put some on my tits. And he did, a bit hesitantly and first, but when I moaned as his fingers lightly touched the tip of my nipple, his confidence grew and started properly massaging the sunblock onto me. Soon Lenny was working on my other tit; it was heaven. That and the egg soon got the better of me and I orgasmed. I was a little less quiet than the previous time and more physical as my body twitched and jerked and my butt rose up off my towel.

I vaguely remember seeing both Take and Lenny looking down at me. They were still staring at me as the waves receded and I got control of myself back.

"Sorry about that guys, I just couldn't help myself." "That's okay," Lenny sad, "Are you okay?" "Did you just cum Georgia?" Jake asked. "Yes, sorry." "Hell, don't be sorry Georgia;" Jake replied, "you go for it girl." "I didn't think that girls could cum just by having their tits rubbed." Lenny added.

"Oh they can Lenny." I said, "Well most girls can if the attention that their tits are getting is right." "I guess that we must have that magic touch then." Jake replied, "Do you want us to finish your front or will you be doing it?" "Go ahead please guys, let's see if your magic works again." The guys started to move down to start at my feet but I stopped them.

"This may help you guys." I said and I lifted my legs up until my feet were pointing to the sky. "Wow." Lenny said. "You're so flexible Georgia." "That's nothing." I replied, "Watch this." I brought my legs right back until I had to twist my shoulders so that I could get my legs behind them.

Then I said, "How about that then?" "That's awesome Georgia." Jake said. "Can you keep them like that while we do the backs of your legs?" "Sure can." I replied; even though I knew that Jake had already done the backs of my legs. They took their time and I watched them as they lingered around my very exposed pussy.

They seemed a little reluctant to put some sunblock on my pussy so I said, "Everywhere please guys." That must have been what they were waiting for because I watched one hand from each of them taking it in turns to rub my pussy. After a minute or so they progressed to rubbing my clit and finger fucking me.

I had to tell them to stop at one point because some people were walking by. Jake and Lenny's response was to shuffle round so that their bodies blocked their view of me; and they kept their hands busy. "Okay, that works." I said as I felt another orgasm building. It wasn't long before it hit me and as soon as I started shaking both guys stopped to just watch me. "Keeeeep gooooiiinnng" I managed to say; and the guys did, managing to keep me up there for goodness knows how long.

When I finally managed to tell them to stop I twisted my shoulders and let my legs fall back to my towel. The guys watched me slowly get back to normal then Jake said, "Do you know that your pussy convulses and looks like it's trying to pull something in to it when you cum Georgia?" "Of course she does, she must have watched herself cum.

All girls do don't they?" Lenny said. "Yes, I know; it's awesome isn't it?" I lay there a little longer before saying, "Are you going to finish my front guys? I don't want to burn." Within seconds 4 hands were rubbing sunblock all down my front. This time they didn't hesitate when they got to my pussy.

"Finish with the sunblock before you go there again please guys." They did, then soon had me moaning again as they attacked my pussy from a different angle. I came again quite quickly but it wasn't as intense as the last one. Shortly after that I said, "Are you bringing your towels up here or am I moving mine down there?" Neither of them said anything, but they both got up and moved their belongings either side of me then lie next to me.

Three sets of feet facing the sea. We talked for a while with them asking me lots of questions. I lied to them and told them that I was staying in a hotel in Ibiza town but the rest of what I told them was true. They told me that they were staying in a hotel in Playa de en Bossa. Then the talk got round to the subject of my orgasms.

Did I cum that easily all the time? Do I normally cum that often? Have I cum whilst on the beach or even outside before? I told the truth but didn't elaborate. What I did tell them was that I was currently having a little help, apart from their fingers.

"What do mean? Have you had an orgasm shot or something?" "What orgasm shot?" I asked. "The O-Shot is an injection that's supposed to increase the size of a woman's G-spot, clitoris and labia and gives you multiple, prolonged orgasms." "Well that sounds interesting but no, what I'm talking about is an egg." "An egg?" "Yes, a vibrating plastic egg and I've got one inside my pussy right now." "Fucking hell Georgia, I never would have guessed.

I can't see any egg." "You're not supposed to see it, just control it with a little black box." "Let's have a look at it; the control that is." Jake said. I sat up and got it out of my backpack. Giving it to Jake I said, "Be careful with that or you'll be giving me those multiple, prolonged orgasms." "That sounds good to me; what do you think Lenny?" "Sounds good to me Jake." "No please Jake, don't; it's bad enough with it set as it is, on low vibrate." "So it's been vibrating inside you all along?" Lenny asked.

"Yes." "So what happens if I turn it to 'high'?" Jake asked; and did it. "Oooooh, oooooh." I said and gave a little shudder. "This looks like fun Jake, leave it on." Lenny said. By then, both Jake and Lenny were up on one elbow watching me. They kept watching me as the orgasm built and then hit me. I was shaking, jerking about and lifting my butt up in the air. On and on it went. Just as I started to think that the waves were going down, up I went again. Finally, Jake switched the egg off and my body relaxed.

Well I say relaxed but for the next few minutes I kept getting sort of after-shocks and my body reacted by my pussy muscles clenching and my butt lifting a little bit. "Wow Georgia; that was totally awesome." Lenny said, "Can we do it again?" "No. Well not now, I'm knackered; maybe later." "So just how big is this egg thing?" Jake asked. "I'll show you." Both guys guessed what I was about to do and the both sat up and looked at my pussy. After a couple of deep breaths I squeezed and the egg started to see the sunlight.

"Awesome." Lenny said. I picked-up the egg, took the control from Jake and put both of them in my backpack. Then I turned onto my stomach and told them that I needed to rest for a while. Sometime later, no idea how much later, I started to feel refreshed, turned over and said, "Who's coming for a swim?" We all went and before long the 3 of us were swimming about.

A game of tag turned into a game of grab and grope and both guys were grabbing my tits, butt and pussy. In turn, I was grabbing at their cocks and managed to get my hands inside their shorts to their cocks. At one point I was stood between them with a hand on each of their cocks, all under the water. When it got a bit crowded we got out of the water and went back to our towels; only to find that were now surrounded by groups of other people who wanted to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

Most of the men were naked and about 75 percent of the women were as well. Of the 25 percent of women who weren't naked, most were topless, leaving only a few that had both parts of their bikinis on or were wearing a one-piece.

The 3 of us dried off then sat down. After a while Jake said that he fancied a drink and asked if Lenny or I were going with him.

The 3 of us went to a beach bar and managed to find a table. I saw other topless women there but I was the only bottomless woman. No one complained and I enjoyed being the only one totally naked. We enjoyed a long drink and an ice cream, that Jake paid for, with me sitting very lazily and letting the 2 guys, and anyone else who cared to look, and some did, look at ALL of my body. I felt good and was very happy.

Back at our towels Lenny asked, "Is that egg of your waterproof Georgia?" "Of course it is," Jake replied. "Have you ever seen a dry pussy?" "Good point." Lenny replied. I smiled. "So can we put it back inside you please Georgia?" Lenny said. "Yes, I guess so." "I'd like to do it here but I guess that that would be a bit out of order, even for a nude beach." "I think that you're right mate." Jake replied.

"Let's take it into the water." I got it out of my backpack and held it in both hands until we were up to our waists in the sea. "So who's doing this?" I asked.

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"Me please?" Lenny announced. I handed the egg to Lenny as Jake went round behind me. Putting his arms around me he grabbed my tits and pulled me back. My legs went up to the surface and Lenny moved in between them.

"Pointed end first mate, and take it slow, you don't want to hurt her." I didn't think that the blunt end first would hurt me but I didn't know how rough Lenny would be so I kept my mouth shut; other than to moan as the egg started to open me up. As the egg disappeared and Lenny's fingers pushed it deep inside me, I moaned again and said that it felt good; which it did; the egg and the fingers. After that we messed about for a while, grab and grope being the game; then we got out and went back to our towels.

After I'd dried off I lay down and asked if one of them was going to put some sunblock on me again. I also told them that they should put some on each other. "No way;" they both said and Jake continued, "I can manage by myself thank you." I smiled and thought, "Men, but maybe I can understand why." They both applied sunblock to first my back, then my front and I was disappointed that they didn't linger when they did my tits and pussy.

I could understand them do doing that because it's one thing them making me cum when there's hardly anyone around but doing it when there's lots of people all close by. Someone was bound to object and call the police.

But there was nothing to stop them making me cum using the remote controlled egg. As we all settled to enjoy the sun I reached into my backpack and got the control out. Giving it to Lenny I said, "Take it easy Lenny we don't want people to know what you're doing." I was on my back with my knees about shoulder width apart and I was going to enjoy what they were going to do to me.

Both guys got on their sides to watch me as Lenny switched the egg to low. A smile appeared on my face and I let out a little moan. "So what are all the settings on this thing?" Lenny asked. "Play with them and see what happens." Jake replied. I started to worry a little. The idea of cumming whilst in amongst all those people really appealed to me but writhing about in pleasure and screaming 'yes, yes' or whatever; was bound to cause problems.

For the next 30 minutes or so, Lenny teased my body something rotten. He'd take me to the edge then switch it off for a while then start again. If he didn't think that I was getting there fast enough he'd put it on full throttle until I did look like I was about to explode. In the end I just got to my feet and ran into the sea screaming, "I'm cuuuummmmmiiinggggggg." I was still up there, struggling to stay on my feet in the waist deep water when both Lenny and Jake appeared beside me.

"Turn it off." I slowly managed to say. "I can't," Lenny replied, "The control is under your backpack." I leant over to Jake and he put his arm around me to stop me from drowning. "Go and switch it off mate, we don't want her to pass out here." I think I heard Jake say. I was still violently shaking when I realised that the egg had stopped vibrating. A couple of minutes later I managed to support my own weight with my legs, but Jakes arm was still around me holding my right tit firmly.

Lenny arrived back and I managed to say, "You bastard; I loved every second of that; thank you." Jake helped me back to my towel and I lay on my back to recover. When I woke up Jake asked, "Do you know that you play with your pussy in your sleep?" "OMG; I don't do I? Did I cum while I was asleep as well?" "No, no such luck." Lenny added. I looked around and saw that about half of the people around us had disappeared. "What time is it?" I asked. "About 5." Jake replied; "We were thinking that we should be going.

Do you fancy coming with us to get something to eat and them maybe a bit of fun? We could spit roast you if you like Georgia." "Cool; that sounds nice." I replied. "How did you guys get here?" "We've hired scooters.

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It's okay, they're both 2 seaters." "What about a helmet?" "They both came with 2; I guess that the hire shop woman was expecting us to pick up some girls." "I've never been on a scooter before." "No prob, just hold on tight and lean the same way as I do." "Okay then." All 3 of us got up and packed our things. As we waked off Jake said, "Are you going to ride there undressed like that Georgia?" "Do you think that I can?" "Probably, well at least to the outskirts of Playa de en Bossa; we've seen quite a few cop cars cruising around there." "Okay, let's do it." We walked off the beach, along the path through the trees and to the car park.

A couple of people who were also leaving on 2 wheels stared at me as Jake got his machine out and started it. I put my backpack on and climbed on behind Jake. As he pulled away Lenny followed us, I didn't know if following us was so that he could watch my butt or if he was trying to hide me from passing cars.

I say passing cars because Jake went quite slowly. After a mile or so I started to relax and enjoy the feeling of the wind hitting me. I wondered what it would be like driving the thing and having the wind hit my bare pussy. A couple of cars did honk their horns at us, probably when they saw that I was naked.

It was more fun, and probably more risky, when we had to ride along a main road for a short distance but we soon pulled off and Jake stopped just as we got near a lot of buildings. I opened my backpack and got my skirt and bikini top out. As I put them on Jake said, "Is that all you came out in? Nothing that covers you tits or some knickers." "No, the bikini top covers my tits and this skirt covers my butt and pussy." "But the top is see-through and the skirt, the slightest movement and I'm sure that your pussy will be on display." "And?" I asked.

"And good for you girl," Lenny replied; "the world needs a lot more girls like you Georgia." "Right, let's go." I said. Daddy had never taken me to Playa de en Bossa before and I could see why; definitely not a place that daddy would like, but me, it looked lively and full of people my age.

The guys parked the scooters at a hotel and Lenny said, "Food or fuck, which do you want first Georgia." "Food I think. I'm not trying to put you off guys; it's just that I'm hungry." "Okay, I believe you. Where do you want to eat Georgia?" "I saw a Burger King as we rode in.


I've never been to a Burger King before." "You've never been to a Burger King Georgia. Wow, you have had a sheltered upbringing. Okay BK it is. You okay with that Lenny?" "Sure, just as long as I can look at Georgia's pussy while I eat." "I'm sure that I can manage that for you Lenny." I replied. "I might even flex my muscles as I eat just to make you even hornier." "I don't think that that's possible, I'm sure that he'll have had a hard on all day like I have." I giggled and put my hands on their crotches.

"Keep them warm for me guys." I said. When we'd got our food we found some table along one wall. Just as I got there I used my empty hand to slide my skirt round so that the gap was right in the middle at the front.

I found that I could sit on the long bench between 2 tables and the guys could sit one on each table. That gave them both an unobstructed view of my pussy when I perched on the edge of the bench and leaned back. It also meant that anyone looking between the guys could see me as well. A young couple walking by did look but they didn't say anything to me. My eyes followed them and they started talking to each other; then the guy looked back at me. I smiled to myself. "So do you do a lot of this flashing your goods to people?" Lenny asked.

"I only left school a couple of weeks ago and the teachers only let us out at weekends. There was the odd time at clothes shops but that was it." "So you're making up for it now then." Jake said.

"I guess so; you're not complaining are you?" "Fuck no." They both replied. Jake added, "What normal man wouldn't like looking at that?" I looked at his eyes and saw that they were still staring at my pussy.

I decided to have a bit of fun and started to squeeze the egg out of my vagina. I waited until it was just visible then I sucked it back in.

Gebunden trägt Socken

"Bloody hell Lenny; did you see that?" Jake said. "Yeah, can you do that again Georgia?" "Probably, I've never done it before, it was fun." I did do it again and twice more before I decided that I was risking trying too hard and that it might end up on the floor.

"Really cool trick that Georgia; and a great party piece." Jake said. We finished eating and left. As we walked down the street I saw a few people coming the other way looking at my skirt. After about the fourth one I looked down and remembered that I'd slid it round at the BK. "Sod it." I thought, "Let them look;" and kept walking. We walked straight through the reception at the guy's hotel and got into the lift.

As soon as the doors shut Lenny pulled on the strings of my skirt and top. By the time the doors opened I was total naked, apart from my shoes.

We weren't the only ones on the corridor and we all got a few comments from the others. There was only one derogatory comment and that was from a slightly over-weight girl. When I asked Jake what her problem was he told me that he'd got off with her a week ago and that it was like fucking a sack of potatoes. I laughed and asked him how many sacks of potatoes he'd fucked. In the guy's room were 2 single beds separated by a bedside cabinet. I pointed to it and said, "That needs to go." As I walked to the glass doors, opened them and stepped out onto the balcony.

"Great view guys." I said. It wasn't Jake of Lenny that replied, "Certainly is." An unknown voice said. I turned to see another young man wearing just a pair of boxers.

"Oh hi," I replied. "So which of the lucky bastards has just had you?" "Neither yet but they're both about to." "Cool, good for you. If they can't satisfy you just knock on the next door along when they give up.

I'll take good care of you little lady." "Sure, I'll see how it goes. Stay there and watch if you like." "I might just do that." With the guy still watching me I squat down and squeezed the egg out of my vagina into my hand.

"Cool." The guy said as I turned and walked back into the room. I put the egg into my backpack then got onto the nearest bed on my hands and knees and said, "Right guys, who's fucking which end first." For the next 30 minutes or so I was taken at both ends and I drained Luke and Lenny. Neither of them could believe how far down my throat I could take their cocks. The guy next door was right, they didn't really satisfy me, but I was knackered. What's more, they were too and they both fell asleep when we took a break.

I had a shower, collected my backpack, shoes, skirt and bikini top then left. It was only when I got into the lift that I thought that I should put the bikini top and skirt on.

I took a taxi back to the boat and decided to have an early night.