Giovanni Lovell And Carson Evans

Giovanni Lovell And Carson Evans
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her heart beat solidly in her chest. she couldn't breath properly and all because he was watching her. her body moving in slow motion as she walked to the mirror he had indicated. Her eyes glassy as she glanced upwards to see herself reflected there. Tonight she was his and he would take her where ever he pleased, even if that meant deep into herself.

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Biting down on her soft bottom lip she watched him move behind her, to sit upon the bed and watch her from behind, and in the mirror. She didn't turn to look, he wouldn't want that.

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"Strip" the word was soft and she trembled a bit, just the very sound of her fantasy making her pussy grow wet. Her hands trembled as they lifted to her pants… quickly before she could lose her nerve she unbuttoned them and let them fall to her ankles. carefully she stepped out of them. Her sweater was long and covered her down to her thighs, he still couldn't see anything, but he was patient. Mily lifted her eyes to his in the mirror for a long moment before she dropped them again.

her long arms reaching upwards to grab at the bottom of her sweater, dragging up slowly. Revealing more of her soft thighs, her rounded hips… the flat belly and perky breasts encased in cotton and lace.


She stood in front of the mirror and him now in her underwhere and bra… her body trembling harder as her courage ran away from her. She stopped for a moment… her hands shaking and her face turning red. He simply waited and Mily knew, she wasn't getting out of this one… with a heart thundering in her ears Mily reached behind her, unhooking her bra and letting if fall forward on creamy shoulders.

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Revealing her breasts, letting them spill out in glorious freedom. The nipples were hard and tight, the breasts themselves a soft cream. Her eyes sought out his own as she started to slide the panties off her hips, letting them slide down her long legs on their own.

"No. Bend down, bring them down." again his voice was soft and eerie after the silence. Mily didn't consider disobeying even though her blush now spread from her breasts upwards in a flair of red. Slowly she bent down, her fingers trailing softly against her legs as she pulled the bit of lace down her legs. Feeling the coolness of the lace against the heated flesh of herself Mily moaned softly.

Behind her he may have made a sound. She glanced over and he glared… turning her eyes away Mily stepped from the panties. "Display" Straightening her back Mily let her shoulders roll back, thrusting forward those same creamy breasts. Her breathing catching in her throat as she lifted her arms .

placing them behind her neck. She lifted the fire red hair before clasping her hands behind her neck, letting it drift down to cover her face and breasts slightly but when he glared she threw her head back, showing her obedience to him.

Her thighs parted slightly as she spread her legs a bit, letting her left one roam a bit farther and turned her toes, pointed them so the long muscled thighs could be seen from a pleasurable view point. Mily closed her eyes lightly, feeling his gaze take her in. Knowing that from where he sat he could see everything from the front and back. She heard him stand and then his soft laughter when she didn't open her eyes.


"You don't want to see? That's fine." He whispered a mere moment before she felt a soft cloth slide over her face, resting upon her eyes as she tied a knot around the back. Suddenly she desperately wanted to be able to see, but when she opened her eyes she could only see red from the cloth he had tied. Her breathing became almost painful as she held her position before him… her ears perked to hear him should he move, but the carpet under her feet was thick and she couldn't place where he was.

Suddenly she felt his heated breath against her shoulder and realized he was standing right beside her. She tensed slightly wondering what he was going to do, what he was planning or whatnot. She almost jumped out of her skin as his fingers trailed down lazily to her ass, caressing her flesh gently, tenderly. His hand felt cool against her flesh, which was heated from her arousal. he gently slapped her ass .

so gently that when he suddenly slapped her ass fully she almost jumped out of her skin. her moan was torn from her throat as she arched a bit.

holding the position just the same.

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Suddenly he whispered. "Nadu" in her ear and she dropped gracefully to her knees.

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the world seeming to be made around her. she peered through the cloth, but not a sight came before her. she felt the rough carpet under her knees. the brush of it against her pussy as she spread her thighs widely.

her back straightening as she thrust perky breasts forward. wishing she knew which way she was facing. Was she right before the mirror. what could he see. Curiosity was driving her nuts, and she could feel his hot gaze upon her. she felt a heated blush touch her cheeks as her pussy tightened.

The wetness of it making her squirm a bit before she rested stil. her palms landing lightly upon her thighs. She felt his hands settle in her hair. pulling lightly at it before leading her lips to his cock.

she moaned as she felt the heat of him come to her lips. Mily spread those lips for him, but he just brought the head of his cock to her lips. not moving closer. holding her hair tightly to keep her from being able to move closer. Mily moaned and leaned down towards the heated organ. her tounge darting out.

tasting the single bed of moisture upon the head of him. He jerked her head back slightly. frustration making her whimper. "Please Master" and suddenly he thrust forward. claiming her mouth harshly. she eagerly licked and sucked at him. her tounge darting around the head of his cock before dancing against the shaft. leaving kisses down to his balls. before she once again takes him wholey into her mouth. moaning against the flesh as he grabbed hold of her hair and fucked her.

her pussy felt wet and tight. throbbing eagerly for its turn . Mily slide along the leangth of him until suddenly he pulled out and lifted her upwards. she yelped slightly and clung to him. the world rushing by unseen before her blindfolded eyes. suddenly she was dropped onto the bed. rough hands seperating her thighs. spreading her wet pussy lips.

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she felt hot breath against her clit before his tounge darted out to touch at her. she felt herself unexpectedly tighten and cum. her body trembling as his hot kisses and breath send her over the edge. the heat of his soft laughter making her squirm. lifting up he spread her thighs wider, Mily arching up against him, desperate for him. moaning the moment before he thrust into her. claiming her pussy as he fucked her. hard and fast. each thrust entering her . sliding deep into the deapths of her.

Mily trembled under the display of power. her body re-acting to him. primitivly as she begged with her body to be dominated. her thighs falling open wider. her body arching to take him deeper into herself. He reached down and slapped her tit, once twice. then cam hard. deep inside her pussy. making Mily cry out as she came as well.

the slap sending her to the edge. the heat flowing through her as he cam sending her over. she clung to him for a moment as he buried himself deep inside of her. his balls resting against her ass .