Daddy Fuck My Ass Please

Daddy Fuck My Ass Please
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Bang! I jumped at the sound of a slamming door. I saw my twin sister Danielle standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes. I fell to my knees as I realized that Daddy was gone. She had been at the hospital with our mother, but if she was back, it meant Aunt Trudy had brought her home to tell me the news.

I had refused to go. I couldn't bear to see him like that. We were only 7 years old, and little did we know that everything had just changed. The next few weeks I walked around in a daze. Danny was always by my side making sure I would get through everything. Soon we were back in school. Years passed and this new routine became normal.

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Then Mom started dating. Some of the guys seemed nice but none of them lasted. Then she met Bob. I hated him from the moment I set eyes on him. I always felt his eyes on me, watching as I walked around the house. Then came the news: Mom and Bob were getting married.

I couldn't believe it. The night they broke the news to me, I fled to my room. Moments later Danny entered to find me crying on my bed. "Hey Sweetie, are you alright?" "No I'm not alright! Mom is marrying Bob! I hate him. He stares at me whenever I enter a room as though I was a dish he wanted to eat. I don't want her to marry him!" "I know hun, but we don't have any say in this.

Let's just go hang at the park ok?" I nodded and wiped my eyes. After the wedding we started spending as much time outside the house as possible. This way we avoided Bob as often as we could. Danielle knew how uncomfortable he made me, so she would find excuses to get me out of the house, or out of the room if we couldn't go outside due to weather.

Then one day I had to run back home to grab my jacket. I ran into the house without looking around, and went straight to my closet. When I entered the kitchen, Bob was there waiting for me. He stood between me and the door.

"Came back to see me, kiddo?" I glared at him and looked for a way out. "Where's Mom?" I asked, stalling for time. "She went to the store. She'll be gone for a few hours. And I know your sister won't come searching for at least an hour. So I have you all to myself. And if you say anything, I will hurt her.

So don't even think about saying anything to her or your mother." I closed my eyes and nodded. He led me to my room and forced me to strip.

Then he pushed me down onto my knees. I stared at the floor as he unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. He then pushed it in my face. I resisted, turning my head so that he hit my cheek. "Think of Danny, you bitch, and suck my dick." Tears began to fall as I allowed him to penetrate my mouth. Grabbing my head, he began to fuck my face. After a few minutes, he tensed up and began shooting his cum down my throat. I choked as he finally pulled out. As soon as he let me go, I sprinted to the bathroom to clean out my mouth.

As I got dressed in my room, I heard Danielle come in downstairs. Entering the room, she knew something was wrong. "Did he hurt you?" My silence was all the answer she needed. That night he came to my room again. She was asleep in the bed beside mine, unaware until she heard my soft crying after he left. She climbed into bed with me and held me as I shook.

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This became our ritual until we reached 18. By then she had gotten a job and saved up enough money to get a small apartment. We finally moved out and got away from him. But I still cried every night, shaking, sometimes waking up screaming.

And always she was there, holding me and comforting me. Tonight Danny was working. I fell asleep waiting for her to get home, waking up crying in a cold sweat. I lay there crying quietly, wishing Danny was there to help, until I heard the front door close softly. I closed my eyes as she slipped quietly into the room. I felt her lift the covers and softly slide in beside me, trying not to move around too much, thinking I was still asleep. I knew I couldn't hide the wetness on the pillow where my tears had fallen.

She looked at my still form and gently kissed my forehead. "Baby I know you are awake. What's bothering you?" She whispered softly, while reaching up to push my hair out of my face.

I opened my eyes hesitantly to see her concern etched on her face. I leaned into her and softly sniffled as she reached around me to pull me closer. "I am here now. It is ok. You are safe." She held me close rocking me slowly as I clung to her. "I love you sis." As I looked into her green eyes I whispered softly, "Danny, I don't want to be scared anymore." She looked deep into my eyes. "I know he won't hurt me here.

But I still get scared. But I also feel so many other things, things I am scared of even more. Even though I hated what he did, my body liked it sometimes.

Danny, what I am trying to say is I am afraid of sex, but I need it so much it hurts. I don't know what to do." I began sobbing again as I clung to her, looking for comfort, compassion, and something else I wasn't aware I wanted. "Shhhh its ok baby I am here now. Don't cry. I love you so much sis and I want you to be ok. Anything I can do to help you feel better I will. Let me help you. Let me stop the hurt." She whispered softly into my ear as I quieted my tears. I looked up into her eyes and slowly we came together, both looking for something in the others eyes, some sort of resistance or acceptance.

Our lips touched and there was a passion in the kiss neither of us was prepared for. Both of us pulled back, hesitant, then slowly went back for more. This time neither of us help back. Soon my tongue and hers were dueling as I continued to hold onto her for dear life. Her hand began rubbing my back as we continued to let our tongues dance. Finally we pulled apart to breathe. I looked into her eyes and saw only love.

"This is wrong Danny. I want it so much, but it is wrong." "Shh don't speak. Just let it happen. You need this. Don't fight it. Just let it happen." And so I laid back and let her take control. She moved over me and pulled off my shirt. I sat up a bit to help her then laid back onto the bed.

I looked into her eyes, fearing what I might see. My breasts were scarred from things he had done to them when he was angry. I brought my arms up to cover them, but Danielle stopped me. "You are beautiful," she whispered as she looked down at me with a smile.

She leaned down and kissed my shoulder blades down to my elbows, moving across to kiss all over my breasts, avoiding the nipples. I tensed up as I watched her and she stopped, looking up at me with concern.

"Just relax. I won't hurt you." I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and focused on the sensations she was giving me. Suddenly I felt her mouth take in my nipple.

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I felt a twinge in my pussy as though it was one with my nipple. I gasped audibly and Danielle switched to my other nipple smiling at me as she did. After spending some time on my breasts she began to kiss her way down my stomach to my panties. Again I tensed up as she kissed her way over scarred skin.

I was afraid of what she would see when she got low enough. My legs snapped shut and I held them closed with all my might, looking down at her with my lust forgotten in my panic. Danielle understood and moved up to kiss me. "I know he hurt you baby. It is alright. You are beautiful to me no matter what. I love you. Do not be afraid of what I will think.

I just want to help you feel better." As she talked she slowly snaked her hand down my stomach to the top of my panties. Slowly I let my legs relax enough for her to slide her hand between my legs. I looked her in the eyes as she began to rub my pussy though my panties.

I moaned softly then bit my lip looking away to hide my embarrassment. "Don't be ashamed.

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It is ok to feel good. I like hearing you enjoy this," she whispered as she reached down with her other hand to pull my panties off. This time I lifted my hips to help her, glancing at her with nervousness as she pulled them off.


Slowly she moved between my legs, looking into my eyes the whole time. "Relax baby its just me." Listening to her voice, I spread my legs slowly, finally allowing her access to my pussy. She leaned in and breathed in my scent. "You smell wonderful," she stated before reaching out with her tongue and running it between my lips.

I moaned softly and looked down at her, wanting her to continue, but afraid to ask. She sensed my hesitancy and smiled up at me. "Do you like that?" she giggled as she repeated her actions.

I moved my hips towards her and continued looking down at her, pleading with my eyes. She stopped teasing and ducked down, pushing her tongue deep into me. I began to move my hips against her face as the pleasure rose within me. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, unable to do anything except enjoy what she was doing. Suddenly my eyes shot open as Danielle pushed a finger into me, watching me to make sure it was alright.

I gasped and pushed against her finger as I began to cum. I thrashed and Danielle held on, allowing me to fully enjoy the moment. Finally I began to relax, curling up into a ball and crying softly.

Danielle moved up next to me, worried, until I turned and began kissing her, whispering over and over, "I love you.


Thank you so much. I love you Danny." She smiled and kissed my tears, holding me close. Finally I calmed down and looked at her. "I want to make you feel good too." She smiled and stroked my hair. "You don't have to if you don't want.

I just wanted you to feel better." "I know I don't have to. I want to. Please let me make you feel good," I pleaded softly, afraid she would say no, wanting so badly to reciprocate. She nodded smiling at me, her eyes filled with love. I kissed her softly and smiled.

I lifted her shirt off her, staring down at her breasts, her nipples standing out proudly.

I leaned down and sucked one into my mouth, hearing her moan as I took the other one between my fingers. I sucked back and forth between her nipples, occasionally nipping them, hearing her moans grow more insistent until finally she begged me, "Lower baby, please, go lower." I sucked her nipple one last time with a grin as I began to kiss down her stomach, stopping to push my tongue into her belly button with a smile.


I reached her panties and noticed that they were wet. I smiled up at her. "Someone is a little excited I see," I grinned. "Please just take them off!" Danielle begged as I teased her. I pulled them off quickly, eager to see and taste her. She spread her legs, looking down at me. I moved closer to her, smelling her musky scent. I tentatively reached out my tongue, afraid that I would not like the taste. My tongue pushed between her folds as I slowly tasted her.

As soon as her juices hit my tongue I knew I was hooked. I pushed my tongue deep into her to get as much as I could. She moaned and reached down to pull my head into her. I moved up and flicked her clit with my tongue as I brought my hand up to slide a finger into her.

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She began to moan louder, "That's it baby, just like that. Oh god baby keep doing it, just like that, yes!" Her hips began to push harder against me. "Add another finger baby, please I am so close, so close baby!" She moaned and I obeyed, sliding another finger into her and fucking her hard as I sucked her clit into my mouth.

She cried out as she gripped my finger hard, "I'm cumming baby don't stop, oh don't stop, oh god yes!" She moaned as she came hard on my fingers. I licked up the juices that leaked out as I removed my fingers, then moved up and kissed her as she came down for her orgasm.

"That was wonderful baby. I love you." We lay together in the afterglow of our orgasms and smiled at each other. "I love you Danny." "I love you too sis." ********* This is my first submission so please vote, comment, give advice, etc. I want to improve and am open to any and all constructive criticism. If I get enough positive feedback I will consider making this into a series.