Stranded girl nailed in public

Stranded girl nailed in public
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Debbie was an attractive Asian American girl who had just turned 18. I say Asian American because her mother was from Japan. Her dad had met her mom when he was in Japan on a business trip.

Debbie was born in the US and other than her almond shaped, slightly slanted eyes you would never know that she was not pure American. Her voice and language, her dress and everything else about her was straight American.

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She was 5'2" and weighed about 95#. She had small but well formed 32b tits. Her hips were almost as small as her waist. Debbie was shy and had only dated a few guys from her school. She was still a virgin but had popped her own cherry with a dildo that she found in her mom and dad's night stand. She was very much interested in sex and thought about it very often. She had found that she loved to masturbate by rubbing her clit till she came but she had not been with a boy till she met David.

Debbie had gotten her first job about three months into the school year. It was part time after school as a checker at the small neighborhood market. Shortly after she started work a young man came through her line. He was about 6' tall and slim.

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He had short brown hair and Debbie thought he was cute. For the next week he came in to buy something every day and always picked Debbie's check out line.

They started smiling at each other and saying hi. At the end of the week he introduced himself as David. The next day he asked Debbie if he could take her to a movie.

Her reply was that she would like that and they made a date for the next day. Debbie got off at 8 pm and David was to pick her up when she came out. David picked her up and took her to the local theater where they watched a comedy movie. They both laughed a lot and by the end of the movie he was holding her hand. After the movie they went to a local fast food restaurant for burgers.

As they talked she found out that he was 22, working at the car dealership as a lot boy and had lived in that same town all of his life.

When they got back into his car he leaned over and gave her a firm kiss on the lips. She was shocked that his kiss made her pussy tingle. As David kissed her, he put one hand on her breast. She pushed it away and said no. When he walked her to her door he kissed her again. He put his hands around her and on her ass cheeks. The kiss was over before she could object to where his hands were.

Debbie did not get much sleep as she spent most of the night thinking about David and rubbing herself to a hard climax. On their second date David took her for a picnic at a spot that overlooked the town. It was often referred to as lover's lane. Dinner was sandwiches, chips and a six-pack of beer. Debbie had two and David had four.

Debbie was not a drinker so the two had her feeling funny. They finished as the sun was going down. They got back in the car and watched what Debbie thought was the most beautiful sunset that there ever was.


As the lights in the town came on David started kissing her. After about five minutes of passionate kissing that had Debbie very relaxed and hot, David took her hand and placed it on his crotch. She started to pull it away but he held it there.

Whether it was the beer or something else, she didn't fight him but squeezed his hard cock and kissed him harder. She had never felt a cock before and she liked what it felt like. David softly asked, "Debbie, can I fuck you tonight?" "No" was her quick answer as she sat up and removed her hand from his crotch. "Then I want you to give me a blow job because that is not sex anyway. Remember what Bill Clinton said." Debbie had seen oral sex in a porn movie that she had watched so she knew what he wanted.

Lots of the kids at school talked about doing it, even in school. Again, maybe it was the beer but she said, "Can I see it?" He told her to take it out so she unzipped his fly and reached in and managed to work his cock out of his pants. It was about 6 inches long and hard as a rock. Debbie was mesmerized. David told her to kiss it and put his hand behind her head and pulled her to his cock. She shyly gave the tip of it a little kiss.

"It's wet and sticky and salty", she said as she tasted his pre-cum for the first time. David took his cock in one hand and rubbed it back and forth across her lips. Debbie liked the feel of his soft but hard cock on her lips. She parted her lips slightly. David, sensing this pulled her head down more firmly pushing his cock head into her mouth.

"Do you know what to do?" David asked and Debbie nodded yes and opened her mouth and pushed her head down on David's cock. She went too far the first time and gagged but remembering the movie she had seen she pulled back up till just the head was in her mouth and tickled the underside of his cock head with her tongue.

David's cock twitched and he moaned and she shoved it back in. In and out, in and out, Debbie found that she very much enjoyed doing this and liked the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. It was warm. The skin was soft and smooth but the inside was hard and it was neat how the skin slid up and down over the hard inner shaft. She enjoyed running her tongue around the head and making his cock twitch. After a couple minutes she stopped long enough to tell David not to come in her mouth but as his climax arrived he held her head firmly down on his shaft and squirted load after load of his thick hot salty cum into her mouth.

Debbie was mad and sat up but before she could spit it out David was passionately kissing her and sharing his cum. She melted to his kisses as he slipped his hand under her blouse and bra and started rubbing she small firm tit. After several minutes of kissing and petting they had to call it a night and her took her home. Again thoughts of sex and David keep her from getting much sleep.

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Over the next couple weeks they dated almost every night. For a couple more times all Debbie would do was suck David's cock. She learned to love doing it and she looked forward to the taste of his cum as he filled her mouth when he climaxed. Soon David was able to get her to start letting him fuck her in the car. It was a wonderful feeling to have his cock pumping into her pussy and when he shot his load she orgasmed every time.

Debbie bought her own dildo and when she would get home in bed she would often give herself another orgasm till she was finally ready to sleep. Rubbing it on her clit and pushing it deep into her cunt was not as good as having David inside her but it was good enough to get her off, especially while thinking about having a real cock in her. A month or so went by, full of wonderful fucking and sucking. Sometimes they would go to lover's lane and other times to David's house.

He lived with his dad but she had never seen him. David liked to do things like blindfold her and tie her up loosely. He liked to spank her lightly and bite her nipples. Debbie found that his little perversions really turned her on and gave her stronger orgasms.

Debbie was in love and looking forward to the time when they were married and could fuck morning and night anytime they wanted. One night they were at David's house.

David had Debbie lay over a small table and he tied her arms and legs to the table legs, a little tighter than usual this time. David was slowly fucking her face. She could now take it all the way down her throat without gagging. David calmly said, "Debbie, I want you to let my dad join us." Debbie was shocked and shook her head no. She could not answer with his cock in her mouth.

He took her by the chin and shook her head up and down. Debbie glared at him and tried to get his cock out of her mouth without success. She thought about biting him but was afraid that he might hit her. "OK Dad, come on in." David's dad John came into the room naked.

Debbie wiggled and tried, with no luck, to get loose. John was almost 50. He had a pretty big beer belly and was about half bald. His cock was already erect. It was about the same 6 inches long as David's but it was a little thicker.

David pulled out of her mouth and stepped back. Debbie shouted, "Let me loose. I want to leave. I don't want to do this.

Keep away." John stepped in front of Debbie's face with his cock in his hand and pushed it towards her mouth. Debbie kept her mouth shut tightly.

John held her nose shut till she had to open her mouth to breath and then he shoved his hard cock down her throat all at once. He grabbed two hands full of Debbie's hair and fucked her face hard, fast and deep. She wanted to bite it off but did not dare. Meanwhile David went around to the back, got between her tied open legs and shoved his cock hard into her cunt.


David and his dad got into a rhythm so each was shoving his cock hard into her at the same time. As mad as she was she found herself building to a huge orgasm. It hit her hard and she yelled out around John's mouth fucking cock.

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She almost passed out, and as she slumped the guys pulled out and switched ends. John picked up a bottle of baby oil that he had put on the end table, poured some in his hand and rubbed in up and down in Debbie's ass crack. He pushed one lubed finger into her asshole.

Debbie had never had anything in her ass and was afraid. "Stop, don't do that." David slapped her face pretty hard and shoved his cock into her throat. As he did that, John rubbed some of the baby oil on his cock, lined it up with her asshole and shoved his cock all the way home with one push. The pain was intense and she screamed around David's cock but he just shoved it in further.

A brief thought came to her of her father splitting firewood with a wedge and a sledgehammer. They fucked her ass and throat hard and fast. The more her ass was fucked the less pain there was and it was being replaced with pleasure.

John came first with David close behind. David usually liked to come with just the head of his cock in her mouth so his cum filled her mouth. She would show it to him before she swallowed it. Sometimes he would kiss her sharing his cum. This time he came with his rod deeply in her throat so his cum shot straight into her belly. They pulled out and David backed away. John came around in front and shoved his cum and shit covered cock into her mouth. She was in shock and did as he said when he told her to clean his cock.

As John's cock deflated in Debbie's mouth he told David to go get Denver. John pulled out and Debbie just laid tied on the table and cried. A minute later David came back into the room with a big dog on a leash. Debbie did not know much about dogs. She just knew that this was a big male dog. David said, "This is Denver". It never crossed her mind that her might have been brought in to fuck her, till he was lead over to her crotch where he proceeded to start licking her crack.

She wiggled her ass trying to get him to lose contact and yelled for them to get him away but his long rough tongue went deep along her slit and rubbed over her clit causing an electric feeling shock to race through her body.

After a little of this John went around behind and pulled Denver away. He lifted the dog's front paws up onto the table on either side of Debbie's waist. "No, No, No, Get him away from me. Get that fucking dog down." The dogs hot slimy cock made contact with her and started rubbing up and down her ass crack trying to find the entrance to this bitches cunt.

John pulled him down again and he brought him to the front and put his paws up on the table. "We want you to get a good look at Denver's cock before he fucks you." It was right in front of her face and it was huge. It must have been almost a foot long and as big around as her wrist. It was bright red and pointed at the end and it was just dripping of pre-cum. "Put it in your mouth." John said.

"No fucking way." yelled Debbie. John hit her hard on the ass. "Put it in your mouth." "No." John hit her again. Debbie opened her mouth and David shoved Denver forward. Debbie felt her lips going around the dog cock. It was hotter than a human's cock and slimy. His per-cum leaked from the tip, almost in a steady stream and it tasted awful. Denver started to fuck her mouth but John pulled him down and took him to her back again and helped him up on the table and guided his monster cock to her cunt hole.

Denver plowed deep into her with the first push. He was huge and it hurt like hell. Debbie screamed but David and John just smile and said "Good dog, fuck your bitch." Denver slammed harder and faster than either of the men had ever done.

Soon Debbie felt something slamming against the outside of her fuck hole. She had seen dogs fuck before and she knew that it was his knot.


She hoped that he could not get it into her but soon he forced the almost orange sized ball into her wildly stretched cunt and kept fucking. She half passed out from the pain of the stretching and the pounding of her cervix by the huge dog cock. Then Denver came. Huge spurts of almost scalding hot dog cum filled her belly. Not much leaked out because the knot was keeping it sealed in.

John cut the ropes holding Debbie to the table. Denver tried to pull out but they were stuck tight till his knot went down. Denver turned so that they were ass to ass and dragged her off the table by the cunt. Debbie fell to the floor. She tried to pull loose but there was no chance yet. They lay there for about 10 minutes till Denver's knot went down enough to slip out of Debbie.

When it did a gush of dog cum poured out of the dog fucked girl's pussy.

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Denver turned and licked it up and licked her pussy clean. The dog went over to the corner of the room and laid down licking himself. Debbie just lay there unable to move. David came over and with his foot rolled Debbie onto her stomach.

"I haven't fucked her ass yet" he said to his dad. David got down between her legs and shoved his cock into ass. It went in easily as her ass was still lubricated and stretched by his father's cock. Debbie never moved or made a sound. After David came in her ass he picked her up and carried her to John's king sized bed where they put her between them and gentle kissed and petted the motionless girl. David whispered in her ear, "Debbie, in the morning I'll help you get your things so you can move in here with us.

Welcome to the family." . 906