Milf squats and masturbates after a long workout

Milf squats and masturbates after a long workout
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My name is Luke. I guess I'm just a regular 16-year-old kid: brown, scruffy hair, brown eyes, fit build. I also have a pretty decent-size cock for a 16 year old, about seven inches at full mast. I go to an all-boys school, and I'm in tenth grade this year. I have a girlfriend at the moment, Jess, who I love being with.


She's got a great personality, a great body, and man she is great in the sack. But this story isn't about her.


It's about the school camp I went on a few months ago. It was only about fifteen of us who went, and it was pretty full on. Mountain-biking, white-water rafting, mountain climbing, the whole deal.

Not only that, we were all outside, in tents. We had to wash outside under a cold shower, and we had to go to the bathroom in a. well, you probably don't want to know. As I said, it was an all-boys school, so we weren't afraid to get our kit off in front of one another, and the school camp was no exception.

On the first day, we went rafting, which was awesome, but we ended up with mud all over us by the time we got back to the campsite. Because there were only two outside showers, we had to wait in line to wash ourselves off, which meant we had to stand there totally nude in front of each other.

I guess we could have showered in our jocks, but once the first guy gets everything off, we all follow. It was freezing that day, so we were all standing around laughing at the size of each other's dicks. One guy, Joe, was the only one who was cut; the rest of us were uncut.

We'd seen his cock before, but Matt, one of the louder boys of our group, decided to bring it up again. "Man, how do you feel anything without a helmet on?" he laughed, stepping away from the shower and reaching for a towel on a peg near the water tank. He started to dry his scruffy, blonde hair.

He was actually quite a good looking boy. "Well I've never had any skin there, so I wouldn't know," replied Joe. "Still feels awesome when I'm boning a chick." It was Joe's turn under the shower, so he stepped forward and started scrubbing down his body.

"Anyway, man, it makes your cock look bigger if you're cut." "If that's the case, then how do you explain Luke's massive donger?" Matt pointed to my cock, which was not looking huge at the moment, but it was still respectable. "He's got so much skin on his head it'd take him a week to pull it back, but he's hung like a fucking donkey." I laughed.

"I would be if it wasn't so fucking cold out here." "Arrogant prick, too," joked Matt. A few laughs came from the couple of boys that were taking any notice of the conversation. "I bet if you pulled your skin back, Luke, you would look bigger," said Joe.

"It's just the way it is." Joe stepped away from the shower, which gave me the chance to finally wash off. Most of the other boys had already gone back to their tents.

"Nah, I doubt you could make this monster any bigger," I laughed. "The girls love it the way it is." "Come on, man, just try it," said Matt. "I wanna see if Joe's just fucking with us or not." "I'm not fucking with you," said Joe. "It's true. You make your Johnson look heaps bigger." "Fuck this shit, man, I'm not gay," I said, starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

I stepped away from the shower, and reached for a towel. Matt walked over to me, still completely naked and wet, laughing. He reached for my cock. I pushed his hand away before he could touch it. "What the fuck, Matt?" I laughed.


"You're the biggest fag I know." I started to dry my hair, and the towel fell over my face. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand touch my cock, and before I could even push it away, Matt had jerked my foreskin back.

I pulled the towel off my face, and saw Matt and Joe laughing uncontrollably. So were the other boys. For some reason, I didn't feel uncomfortable any more.

In fact, Matt touching my cock felt kind of good. I started to laugh. "Man, you're a fucking cocksucker," I said.

I looked down at my cock, head exposed. "Doesn't even look any bigger anyway!" "Oh come on, there's at least 2 inches there," Joe laughed. "Nah, still the same tiny cock he's always had!" Matt said. I ran over to Matt and punched him in the arm playfully, then threw him on the ground. "My cock could never be as tiny as yours," I laughed. "No matter how much foreskin you've got to pull back!" * * * Later that night, we were all sitting around the camp-fire, drinking the alcohol we'd smuggled in.

The teachers had all gone back to their tent about a half mile away. I was sitting further away from the fire with Matt.

Joe was up closer with a few other boys, toasting marshmallows.

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Typical boys, we were talking about sex. Sam, the youngest boy, only 15, was telling us how he'd never boned a chick. "Man, when you first get your cock in there, it'll feel fucked," Joe was saying. "No matter how tight she is, you probably won't even feel anything. You have to work your cock off to get it feeling any good." "Says the bloke who doesn't have any skin on his cock to feel anything with anyway!" yelled Matt.

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"Oh, here we go!" said Joe. A few of the boys laughed. Matt turned to me. "Man, I'm gonna take a slash, I've been guzzling this shit like there's no tomorrow." He put down his beer and stood up. "Wait up," I said. "I gotta go, too." We walked about twenty feet away from the campsite, into some trees. We could still hear the other boys at the site, but couldn't see them anymore. We both unzipped our jeans, pulled our cocks out and let loose.

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"Fuck, that's better," I said, eyes closed, head to the sky. "Man, it's cold tonight," said Matt, over the sound of both our streams of piss hitting the rough ground. I looked towards Matt. "I know what'll warm you up," I said. "Draw swords!" I jerked around and directed my piss stream towards Matt.

I got his jeans. Matt laughed. "Don't, fuckhead!" He turned, as well, directing his warm piss onto my jeans. "Oh, you love it!" I laughed. I directed my piss up to Matt's chest. Some of it splashed up onto his face. Matt was so smashed, I wasn't sure he even noticed, but he must have liked it, because he suddenly moved his mouth into the stream and started to drink down my warm piss.

He took a few gulps before I aimed my cock back to the ground to finish off.

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Matt was nearly done, and he shot a few last streams of piss down my jeans. It was making me feel horny.

"Well, Lucas, my man, I think I won this round," said Matt. "Oh, fuck off, I reached three feet higher than you!" I laughed. "Into your fucking mouth as well, you filthy prick!" "Tasted nicer than that other shit we're drinking back there." He thumbed back towards the campsite. We shook our cocks and put them away. "Fuck, that was fun," Matt said. "And at least I'm not freezing my arse off anymore." "Yeah, but you smell like piss." I laughed. "So do you, fuckhead.

We better go and shower before the others see us." * * * Back at the campfire, it was pretty late, and the only guy left was Joe. He was clearly smashed and didn't even ask where we'd been. Joe was staring into the fire. Matt and I sat down on either side of him. "Hey, man," said Matt. "We miss anything good?" Joe looked up.

"Nah, same old. Fuck, I'm horny though, after talking about boning hot chicks all night." Matt laughed. "Well, my cock is always looking for some action." Matt pulled his cock out over the top of his jeans and jerked it around a bit. "Put it away, fuckhead," Joe smiled. "I need a chick." Joe stared back at the campfire.

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I noticed Matt's cock was getting steadily thicker and harder. I was starting to get horny, too. "Come on, Joe," I said. "It's only a bit of a fun." I started to push Joe's head towards Matt's cock.

Matt was still laughing. "Look, I think he wants the cock!" Joe didn't even fight back this time. Matt took his hand behind Joe's head and pulled it down onto his cock. Joe took Matt's whole cock down his throat, all five inches. Matt was smiling. I felt my cock getting hard in my jeans, and I had to let it out. I unzipped, pulled it out and started jerking up and down. Matt moaned. "Fuck, this is awesome. I can't believe this guy is all over my cock." "I don't even think he knows what he's doing, man," I said.

"But I do." Matt looked at me. "Huh?" "I'm so fucking horny. And Jess isn't here to get me off." Matt looked down at my hard cock. "Fuck, man, this is too far! I'm not gay, I thought we were just fucking around." Joe had stopped pumping Matt's cocked. In fact, it looked as though he had pretty much passed out. Matt pushed him off and Joe's head fell onto the log he was sitting on.

"Well, he's down and out," I laughed. "And now it's time for you to get down. on this." I stood up and pushed my cock into Matt's face. He looked up at me with his blue eyes. He didn't say anything. He just took my cock into his mouth. He went down slowly, but finally he had all seven inches in there.

He started pumping it in and out, and man did it feel fucking awesome. I hate to say it, but he was way better than Jess. I grabbed onto Matt's hair and started to thump his face into my cock. I could see him jerking himself off. It was the biggest turn on. I could hear him gagging on my cock, but he didn't pull away at all. I could feel myself about to cum. I pulled Matt's face away from my cock, and started jerking myself.

He just sat there looking up at me. I kept jerking until I finally felt my balls clench up, and before I knew what was happening, I felt thick ropes of cum surge out of my cock.

I looked down at Matt's face, and could see him smiling while he was being splattered with my warm cum. I shot about six times before I pulled Matt's mouth onto my cock one more time to clean it off, then I wiped the head on my jeans, pushed my foreskin back over the head, and put my cock away.

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We never told anyone about that night, and Joe never remembered it anyway. I've never been gay, and I'm not turned on by men at all, but even Jess has never done if for me like Matt did that night.