Petruse mature pussy speculum gaping and masturbation

Petruse mature pussy speculum gaping and masturbation
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The Power Ch. 3 I had been out for a while, searching for a new girl while Carol absorbed the cum that I had left in her last night. She hadn't been able to get off her back when I left, leaving her flat on her back in a pool of cum, drool, and milk, her belly wobbling and sloshing with my congealing cum. I didn't know how many children she'd bare, but I knew that soon there would be several more strong, healthy boys with powers like mine.


As much as I would have loved to fuck her abused pussy more, I had to leave her plumbing as nature intended if I wanted the pregnancy to work; I hadn't found my way around that problem quite yet. That always left her delectable ass, but sometimes you want the pink stuff. That leads me to now, perusing the shopping mall for suitable victims. I already had Miss "prim and proper," so now I wanted someone desperate, someone who needed me in them at all times.

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And that's what I found in my new latina flavor, Maria. Maria was taller than Carol, but unlike Carol she had a delicious body and knew how to flaunt it. She had a ripe ass, perky DDs swinging loosely in her shirt, and plump red lips, begging for a thick rod between them. Her hair was luxurious, hanging in tight curls, and her eyes were a rich chocolaty brown. I walked to Maria as if I knew her, implanted myself in her mind as her master, and within minutes we were driving toward my house.

Luckily, there were two bedrooms in the dungeon. Tonight was going to be a fun one.

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-------------------- We got back home and I lead Carla down the other staircase to her own room, watching her ass sway in her tight miniskirt.

I had gotten lucky with this one; all I'd have to do were some minor adjustments and we could start having fun. "Master, please, I need your cock, now!" Carla cried with a light accent, opening the door to her new home.

She quickly began stripping, and I allowed her, taking off my own clothes and laying them neatly on the floor.

"Now, now, Carla," I said, reprimanding her as she tore off her flimsy g-string, "Patience is a virtue." With that she was frozen, and I quickly went through all of the internal changes I would need to make for her to fit me, and then added thousands of nerve endings all over her body, all wired to make her go crazy at a light breeze.

I focused in on her nipples, making it so that getting them to stop standing up would be nearly impossible. She would always be aroused the perfect slut that I wanted her to be.

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Her breasts were firm and large, but not the perfect globes I wanted from her. I willed her breasts to grow larger, easily reaching the size of basketballs before they stopped.

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Her caramel nipples grew to match, nearly the same size as Carol's were. Her ass I left alone; its natural heart shape would look perfect enveloping my cock.

I took my true form, my heavy cock swinging 20 inches from my body, and my cannon ball sized testicles nestled in a sack that nearly reached my knees.

Her eyes widened as I released her, allowing her to collapse to the floor, already needing the thick log that swung like a pendulum before her eyes. She longed to speak to me, whipped into a frenzy by her new-found sensitivity.

"Shhhh, my pet," I murmured into her ear, "In time, my pet, in time." I allowed her to move and speak, and immediately she fell to her knees, cradling my cock in her hands and planting sloppy wet kisses all long its thick mushroom head and soft veiny shaft.


"Adios mio, you're so big!" She cooed, nestling her cheek against my hanging balls. "Do you like that?" I asked, teasingly. "Of course!" She cried, continuing to lovingly stroke my cock along her silken skin. "Let me gulp you down my little throat." She winked coyly and placed her throat on my cock before humming strongly, sending vibrations along my slowly engorging shaft.

"Do you think you've earned it?" I asked, hefting my weighty cock up and letting it fall with a satisfyingly heavy smack on her forehead.

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It looked monstrous riding atop her face, my soft sack draping across her throat while my balls came to rest atop her ultra-sensitive nipples.

"Please papi, give me your huge cock so I can worship it with every hole I have to offer you!" she said, forcing her soft tongue into a tight point and tracing her way sensually along my shaft.

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She stretched her mouth obscenely over my bulging head, swirling her tongue around it and making it rise to full attention within seconds. She was now over two feet away from me, but because of my modifications to her gag reflex and her throat, was slowly inching her way down my turgid pole. "Fuck!" I shouted, grabbing her wavy hair roughly and forcing her down faster, "Take every inch you little Latin slut!" She murmured into my throbbing shaft her approval, looking up at me innocently with chocolate brown eyes that screamed for more.

I forced her further along the shaft, watching her neck bulge outward with my cock as I slowly made my way down her throat and into the amazingly tight tunnel I had made for myeslf. I could see myself bulging out from her stomach and I bottomed out, my heavy balls lightly tapping her chest as she took me to the hilt. "You'll do," I said with a smile, lifting her with my rippling arms effortlessly as my shining cock slid from her mouth, leaving strands of her spit and my precum along my length.My head left her mouth with an audible pop leaving her gasping for air.

"No Master," she cried, lunging forward, "I'm not finished!" I pulled her up to my face and walked toward the iron door, swinging it open, and placing her gently next to Carol, whose wobbling stomach was beginning to empty of my seed.

"Eat, love. Tomorrow we'll finish what we started." ------------------------------------------ From the author: That is all for now, a teaser if you will. I haven't contributed to this story in around a year because I have hit every writer's nightmare: writer's block. At this point I've hit most of the things I originally wanted to, and don't know where to go. Therefore, I want to make this story more interesting by giving you, the reader, a direct input into what I write about.

I was originally planning on an eight chapter story, and I would like your help. Please, feel free to write your own new chapters, send some ideas about where to go next, fantasies you'd like me to encompass in the following installments of the saga: anything you'd like to have an impact on the story being told. All of it will be published under my profile, but if you had a hand in its creation, you will be cited in the introductory paragraph right after I warn all the pre-teens to stop reading now.

This is the time for a story to serve its readers in the best way possible. Any and all criticism is welcome, and any and all suggestions will be closely considered.


Sorry to tease with this introduction, but hopefully I'll be able to publish a real story soon. If you send a PM or e-mail, please put "Power" in the heading so you won't get marked as Spam!