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Waif big ass sax free film
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This story was originally a part of a long story called Britney. It was a huge mess and I broke them up in several stories. This ones called The Threesome. I have turned off the comments section in my stories. People can say some pretty mean things, when there identity doesn't have to be revealed. I still read all my PM's and emails, so feel free to drop me a line.

Thank you. The Threesome by Britney [email protected] I work at a fitness center. I like working at gyms because I get to work out for free, and there is good opportunities to move up into management. It is my second week, and my main job is to smile and greet people coming in to work out. I am twenty eight and just went through a bad divorce.

It is finalized, and I just bought a small condo close by where I work. A cute guy works there named Chad. He is a fitness consultant, that teaches people how to work out. In the late mornings, and early afternoons it is pretty slow and Chad and I don't have much to do.

Which has given us plenty of time to get to know each other. It was a typical slow Wednesday morning. Chad and I were in a heated game of computer golf when my sister Cara walked in.

"Hey guys, how's it going this morning." she said in her usual friendly tone. "Cara this is Chad." I said. Chad stood up and he shook Cara's hand. They began chatting and he seemed a little flustered by talking to her. Chad is a shy person. He has a muscular build with dark brown hair and soft brown eyes. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met.

He was one of those people that you feel comfortable around. He is not cocky or full of himself, although he could be. He is just the opposite, with a soft spoken voice and a very easy going peaceful nature about him. "It was very nice to meet you Chad." She said smiling. "And you Cara." He said "Hey Britney, we are going to Brad's family reunion this weekend.

I will be back Monday afternoon. Brad is going to be back on Wednesday morning. Would you mind house sitting for me? I just need you to stay there and watch the house." She said Brad is my sisters husband to be. They have a wedding planned two months from now. They have been together four years. They live together in a nice house in the country up on a hill where the nearest neighbor is at least ten miles away from them.

I told my sister that I would be happy to house sit for her. My sister grabbed her gym bag. I glanced over at Chad and noticed his eyes wandering down to my sisters butt as she walked toward the ladies locker room. Cara and I are a year a part. She is twenty eight now, and I just turned twenty seven. Cara and I look almost exactly alike. We both have long thin light brown hair, and hazel eyes.

We are built just alike. She is more of a fitness nut then I am, she usually runs three miles a day, works out with weights, and does her yoga class twice a week. I usually get on the treadmill once a day for a few miles, and try to get it over with as quickly as possible. When Cara came out she was wearing red spandex shorts that showed off her tight figure.

Her panty line showed through her shorts, and her white tank top brought out her smooth tanned skin. Her spandex were skin tight and wrapped around her tanned legs and showed camel toe.

Chad stared at my sister as she got on the stair stepper. I have caught Chad a lot checking out all the pretty girls that come in the gym, but he seemed to be especially interested in Cara.

His eyes were glued on her as she moved up and down on the stair stepper. When she was done working out she came to the desk to chat with me. Chad sat next to me and stared at her. Her face was wet with sweat and her shirt was soaked down to her nipples making them stick out. Chad's eyes worked from my sisters erect nipples down her tanned stomach and to her crotch where the outlines of her cunt stuck out in her spandex workout shorts.

She turned around and looked at him, his eyes quickly met hers. Chad was embarrassed knowing that she caught him checking her out. She gave him a smile and he shyly smiled back. "It was nice meeting you Chad." My sister said as she walked out the door. I looked over at Chad and every time he gets done having a conversation with a girl at the gym he seems to get a frustrated look on his face.

I always think he is going to ask them out but he never does. The thing I love about Chad is his shyness, he is a well built good looking guy, but girls make him shy.

I have had several dreams about fucking him. Chad has never made a move on me. Either he is not attracted to me, or he is too shy. It didn't matter to me. I considered him a friend, and I enjoyed his company. Still I would get really jealous when he looked at other girls.

"Your sister is really pretty." Chad said "Yea I could tell that you liked her, your eyes were glued to her ass the whole time she was here." I said Chad paused for a moment and his face turned red. "I was just thinking her ass looks just as perfect as yours, I guess that makes since, being sisters and all." He said "You think my ass looks as good as my sisters?" I asked "Oh yea better actually." he said "Thank you Chad that is really flattering coming from a guy as good looking as you." I said.

I blushed, it had been along time since I had a compliment. I felt bubbly the rest of the day. It made me feel like I did when I was in the fifth grade and I found out a boy had a crush on me. I went in the bathroom a few times just to look at my ass in the mirror. It was Saturday morning now and I showed up at work. I had a six hour shift in front of me, then I was going to my sisters house. Chad showed up about ten minutes late and sat down rubbing his eyes looking like he just got out of bed.

"You look tired Chad you must have had a hot date last night." I said In the few weeks I have known Chad I have never heard him talk about any kind of girlfriend, I know he lives alone in an apartment.

I wondered what he does at night cause he always comes in looking tired. I also wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend. He was a real cute guy, and guys like him usually have a pretty girlfriend they go home too. He seemed a little secretive at times he never talks about what he does outside of work. I know he's not gay, because he never has missed an opportunity to check a girl out.

"Nah I just didn't sleep very well." He said "When was the last time you had a date Chad?" I asked "I don't know it has been a while I guess." he said He looked a little angry at my question at first.

I told him that I didn't mean to offend him, I was just curious about his love life. He told me that he was in love with a girl, and she broke up with him a few weeks ago. "Why did she break up with you?" I asked "She didn't really give me a reason. She just said that she wanted to be friends. I call her sometimes but she is always real casual with me. She doesn't call me very often, I always have to call her.

I feel stupid for calling, but I can't help it. I just want to hear her sweet voice." he said "I know exactly what you mean, but I never want to see my husband again. He hurt me so much. I am not interested in dating, but I get really lonely sometimes." I said We talked for another hour about our failed relationships. The rest of the day went by, and it was almost time for Chad and I to go home.

Chad and I clocked out and walked each other out to the parking lot. I thanked him for talking to me today and being a good friend. He gave me a hug, and when it broke, we looked into each other's eyes. "Chad, I'm going over to my sister's to house sit, and they will be gone for a few days. I figure since we are both lonely, maybe you could come over and we could be lonely together." I said "Yea I would like that." He said as his face lit up.

"I'll give you a call when I get there and give you directions ok." I said softly to him. His eyes moved down my face and he studied my mouth. He leaned his face even closer to mine and paused. I looked at his lips and moved my mouth close to his to where we could feel each other breathing, but I didn't let them touch teasing him. "See you tonight?" I whispered.

I got to Cara's, and their car was loaded with suit cases. Brad, and Cara walked out, and gave me a hug, before they got in the car. Brad started the car and I waved at them as they drove off. I went inside and called Chad and told him the coast was clear, and gave him directions.

I walked in the bathroom and got naked. I stared at my body in the mirror. I grabbed my small but firm breasts and ran my hands down my tanned tight stomach and rubbed my pussy. My sister had a double mirror and I looked at my back side and I was very happy with the way my ass was looking. I grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart and slapped my butt admiring myself. I continued rubbing my cunt looking at my body imagining Chad was standing there watching me.

I sat on the toilet and I took a shit, and waxed my pussy at the same time, till it was as smooth as the day I was born.

I got in the shower and washed my hair I used my favorite body wash and covered my whole body in it. I shaved my legs, then douched my asshole. I got out of the shower and put on my favorite pair of panties and some tight jeans and put on my cutest shirt that showed all of my tanned arms, and a little cleavage. I did my hair and put on my makeup while I waited for Chad.

I finally heard a knock, and I gave myself one last glance in the mirror then walked toward the door. I opened the door slowly, and my eyes met his. I gave him a big smile and his face immediately lit up and he looked me from head to toe. "Hey come in." I said We both looked at each other and we started giggling and blushing.

"How's it going?" He said still laughing. "Not bad." I said. We stood there and stared at each other I couldn't stop fidgeting. "This is a kind of awkward" he said. I nodded my head still moving my body nervously. "Why don't we just break the ice." I said. I stepped up to him and put my hands softly on his cheeks and slowly moved my face up to his till our lips met. We kissed softly for a moment, then I opened my mouth inviting his tongue in.

His hands came down on my hips. He began rubbing my hips and stomach and worked his hands up my shirt. His kiss became more aggressive and I grabbed his shirt and broke our kiss. I pulled his shirt off and grabbed the back of his head kissing him again. We both worked each others clothes off. He was down to his boxers and he pulled my jeans off and he looked down at my sexy panties.

I pressed my bare breasts against his chest and I could feel his hard on poking my stomach. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and he walked me over and laid me down on the couch. He got on top of me and continued kissing me, and he pulled his dick out his boxers and pulled my panties aside and pressed it on the opening of my vagina and slowly pushed in.

I winced in pain as my pussy stretched. He held his position for a moment, and the muscles in my vagina started relaxing and squeezed around his penis. He slowly pushed in more and more until the full length was inside. I have not had very good sex in over two years and my pussy has gotten real tight.

He just held it still in me for a moment as my pussy adjusted to a much bigger cock then it was used to. My cunt relaxed and moistened I let out a soft moan and he began moving himself in me.

I started moving my pelvis to match each trust and we moved faster and faster. My whole body tensed up and I put my legs around him and pulled his lower back toward me with all my force.

My abdomen muscles started twitching. It kept building and building till I had and orgasm that seemed like an explosion in my pussy. I was cumming as hard as I've ever came, and my loud scream turned into a grunt like someone possessed. I could feel my cum all over both of our stomachs as they slapped together. "You just clawed my back crazy women." He said. I tried to say I was sorry but I was too out of breath.

Chad continued fucking me slower "I'm going to have to pull out soon Britney." He said "No Chad don't pull out I want you to cum inside me, I'm on the pill. I want to feel your cum inside me." I demanded I screamed louder and louder till finally I felt an orgasm coming on again. I screamed as loud as I could and as the orgasm roped through me. Chad's dick tenses up and his warm cum pumped inside me. He slowed down his pace, and with each thrust he shot more and more semen in me till he jammed it in as hard as he could and I felt the last of his cum against my cervix.

I relaxed my muscles, and closed my eyes and he held his dick inside me and I could feel all the pulses racing through his cock. His cock was still rock hard and he waited for a moment then his dick continued moving again.

He fucked me really slow for a few moments, then he fucked me as hard as he could.


I felt another orgasm coming and this time as I came my body cramped up. Chad pumped another load of cum deep up my cunt. His dick remained hard and I finally had to push him away from me.

I never had three orgasm's in a matter of minutes like that and I was completely exhausted, and I couldn't move. I laid there trying to catch my breath.

Chad got off and looked down at me. My eyes were closed and my face was soaked in sweat. "You are so beautiful." He said "look at your body it is perfect" I sat up a little and rested the back of my head on the couch. I tightened the muscles in my lower abdomen and pushed till the cum spurted out and ran down my inner thigh and landed on the couch. I cooked Chad dinner and invited him to stay the night with me. My sister was not retuning till Monday late in the morning. I made the bed up in the guest room and as I crawled in my body was totally soar.

Todd crawled in and kissed me and held me in his arms. I fell asleep feeling totally happy, I have not had good sex for a long time. I think I had a smile on my face the whole night as I slept. It was morning and I was in a deep sleep, when I felt something, I opened my eyes and could only see blur, but Chad was licking my pussy as I slept.

I began moaning and I repositioned myself spreading my legs letting his face to have easier access. My eyes finally focused and I looked down into his eyes and he moved his tongue up and down my folds very slowly. "Good morning." He said looking up at me then returning his tongue. "No one has ever woke me up like this before, it feels so wonderful." I said in a groggy voice. "I have something else for you." He said He got up and grabbed a tray, that had hot oatmeal, orange juice, and milk on it.

He positioned it under me to where I didn't even have to move. My throat choked up and my eyes started tearing and I rubbed my eyes and laughed in embarrassment. "Why are you being so nice to me." I said. "I don't think anyone has ever given me breakfast in bed." "To thank you for being nice to me, you don't have any idea how depressed I was, and you are just what I needed." He said kissing me softly on the cheek and whispering again. "thank you." I pulled the covers over me and began eating my breakfast.

Chad grabbed the covers and pulled them off me again. He started licking my pussy again as I ate my breakfast. Chad's tongue continued up and down my slit stopping at my clit with each upstroke. I finished the last of my oatmeal. "Can I make you something to eat?" I asked "I've already got something to eat." he said smiling His lips pressed against my pussy.

I moved the tray aside and sat up and grabbed the back of his head moaning. He lifted his face up and rubbed his cheek against my pubic area. "How do you get this so smooth?" he asked "I waxed it." I said "I waxed it just for you Chad." He moved his face all around my vagina and I could feel his hot breath on it. "Your pussy smells so nice Britney" he said putting his nose up between my folds.

"Thank you." I said smiling down at him "You have something else that smells nice too." He said He lifted my lower back raising my ass in the air. He touched his nose on my pussy and then ran it slowly down my cunt and then stopped and sniffed my asshole. He put his nose on my asshole and wiggled it around, then he lifted his face up. "You smell so nice Britney." He whispered looking up at me He kissed my pussy, then he moved down and softly kissed my asshole.

He looked up at me and stuck his tongue out moving it in circles around my anus. "Ohh that feels so nice Chad." I whispered "Do you like that" he asked "Yes do that more." My legs were spread up in the air and Chad was holding my butt up, and he continued eating my ass for several minutes.

"I have never licked a girl there before." He said "Why not?" I asked "I have never been with a girl that was hot enough that I wanted to do that too." He said I blushed and I smiled at him.

"Do that all the time okay, that feels really good." I said. "You got it" he said "I got to get ready to go to class, I'm going to be late." He said as he continued rimming my asshole. "I'll wait for you all day ok." I said I brought my finger up and massaged my clit. "Your tongue feels so good on me, I wish you could stay and do this to me all day long." I said "When I get back I will pick up right where I left off.

Then I want to fuck you." He said "I want to fuck you here where my tongue is. You going to let me do that to you?" "You can fuck me anywhere you want Chad, I will get it ready for you while I'm waiting." I said He stopped licking and he gave my asshole a soft kiss, then kissed my pussy, then worked his way up kissing my stomach, tits, then a soft kiss on my cheek then finally gave my mouth a long gentle kiss.

He stood up and I layed naked on the bed and watched him get dressed. I blew him a kiss, and he blew me a kiss back and then blew me another kiss between my legs. I laughed as he walked out the door. I heard the front door close and his car drive off. I got out of bed and walked in the kitchen naked.

I was still pretty sore. My stomach muscles were killing me. I sat at the kitchen table, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face Chad was making me so happy. I started thinking of something I could do to surprise him. I took a shower and got dressed and I headed in town to visit an adult book store that I passed after work each day.

I never been in one of those stores and I was always curious and I knew they had sex toys, and I wanted to get something for Chad and I that night.

When I arrived I pulled up in the back. I went in, and there was a women working the counter and there were a few old guys looking at the movies.

I walked over to the sex toys. I looked around and became fascinated by all the varieties. I have never even owned a dildo before. I always wanted one but was always too shy to walk in the adult store to get it. I went and grabbed a hand cart and filled it up with a few different size dildos, a vibrator, some anal lube, a butt plug, a strap on dildo, and an easy restraint system that locks your wrists to your ankles.

I walked up to the counter to pay and the lady smiled at me. I grabbed my sack of toys. The old men were all staring at me at me as I was walking out. I smiled at them as I walked out the door. I got back to Cara's house and I went in the bathroom, and douched my asshole again. Then I took out the anal lube and squirted it on the butt plug and worked it up my ass. I didn't like it at first and then I started getting used to it.

I kept it in for a few minutes then I shit it out. I replaced it with a dildo. It felt really good as I pumped it up my ass and fingered my snatch at the same time. Chad called me and he said he was going to be late and he didn't know how long. I waited for him what seemed like forever and I finally fell asleep on my sisters couch at 10:00. I woke up and heard Chad walk in the door and he walked over to me and kissed me.

"Britney I have been thinking about your sexy body all day." He whispered kissing me working his hands up my shirt. My eyes were really heavy and my body felt weak, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep. "Chad I am so tired, do you mind if I go to sleep and I will have sex with you in the morning." I said Chad's face changed a little, I could tell he was really disappointed. "Yea that's fine." He said. He kissed me softly and picked me up and carried me in the bedroom, it has been along time since a guy has carried me to bed, and brought me breakfast in bed, and treated me like a queen.

In fact I don't' think I have ever been treated this well. Chad laid me in bed. He pulled the covers over me, and climbed in next to me and held me close to him. I woke up, and the clock said 5:00 am Chad and I have to be at work at 8:00. I looked over at him and he was sound asleep. I went to the bathroom and got out the sex toys and I took off my clothes and stepped in the shower.

I got out and dried off, and lubed up the butt plug and stuck it in, I put on a pair of cotton panties on, along with my shorts that I work out in, and a gray t-shirt.

I quietly walked back in the bedroom where Chad was sound asleep. I sneaked in very quietly and lifted the covers. Without making a sound I ran my tongue gently on his balls. I kept my eyes on his face and he still didn't wake up.

Then a little bit harder I ran my tongue up his balls and up his soft dick. His face moved slightly but he still didn't wake. With my saliva on him now, I blew on his cock and balls till his eyes slowly opened and his dick began to grow. He looked down at me and smiled and he moaned as I took his cock in my mouth and rubbed his balls. I sucked him for several minutes then I started licking his balls and jacking him off at the same time. Then I went down farther and put my tongue on his asshole.

Chad repositioned himself so I could stroke his cock and eat his ass at the same time. "Britney whatever you do please don't stop doing what your doing right now." He said I started moving my tongue faster around his asshole. My left hand rubbed his balls and my right hand jacked him off faster and faster.

I could feel his body tense up and I jumped up on my knees and with both hands I squeezed his dick hard. His dick was jerking and he was trying to ejaculate but I squeezed his dick so cum couldn't come out. "Why did you do that?" he said "Because we have a lot to do before we go to work and I want you to keep that tasty cum inside you for a while." I said Chad smiled at me as he stretched his arms.

I kissed his neck then whispered in his ear. "I want you to pick up where you left off yesterday." "Where was that?" He asked "You know." I said shyly "If you refresh my memory I will do it." He said "I want to feel your warm tongue on my asshole again.

I want you to kiss it and lick it like you did yesterday, and this time I want you to stick your tongue in it. I want to feel your tongue up my ass, then I want to feel your big fat hard cock slide in my asshole." He was listening to my words rubbing his dick. He kissed me then grabbed my arms to repositioned me.

He gently pushed my shoulder and I slid down the side of the bed landing on my shoulders, and my ass sticking in the air in the pile driver position. He pulled off my shorts and worked my panties off with his teeth, then looked down at my ass. He looked at the butt plug then he smiled at me. "I went and bought it yesterday, I told you I was going to get ready for you." I said. He grabbed it and slowly pulled it out watching my asshole stretch around it. It popped out and he pushed it in and back out again, then set it on the bed.

He watched my asshole close and I relaxed it till it opened up. He stuck his tongue out and guided it in my open hole. His tongue felt wonderful going in and he was moving his tongue around the walls of my ass. He pulled his tongue out and ran it up to my pussy and back down to my asshole several times. He kissed my asshole and looked down at me, where I was studying his face.

He stood up and guided his dick in my asshole. He pushed in slowly and it slid in very easy. He pushed all eight inches of his cock up my ass and slowly pulled it up watching my hole squeeze around his prick. He rubbed my pussy as his pace got faster and faster I began screaming, and cum gushed out my pussy dripping on my face, I kept on screaming as his dick exploded deep in my ass.

He milked all his semen in my asshole, until he popped out and his warm cum gushed out my asshole, and ran down my pussy and dripped on my face. Chad grabbed his camera and shot a picture of his cum leaking out of my gapping asshole. I turned around and laid on my stomach and Chad helped me to my feet and he kissed my mouth. "That was so incredible. I have wanted to do that my whole life." He said We laid back on the bed and fell asleep again.

I woke an hour later and It was almost time for work and Chad was all ready sitting on the couch. I walked in my sisters bedroom to make sure I didn't leave anything in there. Chad got off the couch and came in to see what I was doing.

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He picked up a picture of my sister standing next to Brad, off the dresser. "Your sister is so hot." He said. "You guys look exactly alike." He laid down on the bed holding the picture in the air. "I love watching her working out at the gym, her ass looks so good in those spandex." I sat down and watched Chad laying on my sisters bed.

"You are so naughty Chad, you turn me on so much." I said as I stuck my hand down my pants and fingered my pussy. "Does me fantasizing about your sister turn you on?" He asked I bit my lower lip like I always do when I'm turned on.

I nodded my head at him. Chad walked over to me still holding the picture, and kissed my lips softly and then ran his fingers through my hair and started kissing my neck. "Keep talking dirty to me Chad, I love it." I said as I sucked on his ears. "I want to fuck your sister, Britney." He said. "I want to fuck her up the ass, just like I did you, and I want you to watch and finger your cunt just like your doing now." he said He lifted my shirt and rubbed my tits and sucked on my nipples.

"Chad I'm horny again I want you to fuck me." I whispered. I laid down on the floor and started working my clothes off.

Chad took off his shirt, and he leaned on the closet door knob to take his pants off. The door came open and Chad saw my sisters gym bag. I sat on the floor naked and watched him take the dirty clothes out of the bag. They were the same clothes that she wore when Chad met her the other day at the gym. He took her dirty pink panties out and put them up to his nose. He walked over to me, pulled his cock out and stood over me. "How do you want to get fucked Britney?" He asked "Fuck me wherever you want Chad." I said "fuck me hard I want it rough." I turned around on my hands and knees.

He got on his knees and pulled my cheeks apart and berried his face in my ass. Then he stoked his cock till it was fully erect and shoved it up my ass. He pulled my hair, as he fucked me. "Fuck me hard, Chad I love it rough." I shouted.

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He pulled my hair harder pulling my face up. He stopped fucking and kept his cock in my ass, he grabbed my sisters panties and pulled my hair till my face pointed up at the ceiling. He stuck my sisters panties up to my nose. "Smell your sisters pussy while I fuck your asshole." He said I stuck out my tongue and he rubbed her panties on my tongue where her pussy goes. I could smell my sisters asshole and I could taste her sweaty pussy as I licked her panties.

I felt his body tense up against my body, he grabbed my throat and choked me hard and pounded my asshole as hard as he could till I felt hot cum squirting up my ass.

He kept fucking and I was trying to scream and his hands were cutting off my air and my body felt like it was going to explode. I tapped his leg, and he released me and I fell over on my back and I quickly put my hand on my pussy and rubbed my clit hard.

Then I held my breath and my back involuntary arched in the air and my cum squirted straight up in the air at least 4 feet and landed on my face soaking my hair. I collapsed on the ground, and Chad turned me around on my stomach.

He spread my ass open and cum was leaking out my ass again, he spooned it back in with his finger and packed it back in. I laid there catching my breath again. "I want you to wear your sisters dirty panties to work, so my cum will leak out your ass into them." He said I looked up at him and before I could answer he took my sisters panties and put them on me.

"Your so fucking dirty Chad, I love it." I said I got up and we were now running late and I quickly put on my work clothes and grabbed my purse. I gave Chad a ride to work, when we arrived it was pretty slow at 8:00 in the morning.

We both sat next to each other behind the desk and we took every opportunity to stick our hands down each others pants. Jennifer the owner of the gym came in about 10:00. She was a beautiful women with long dark hair, she used to be a pro volleyball player and I don't think she has ever gone one day without working out.

She was in her mid 30's. She and her husband invited all of the employees for dinner once a month at her huge multi million dollar home. I was over at the other end of the gym putting the weights back in their place when I looked over at Chad behind the counter.

He was gazing at Jennifer on the stair stepper. I walked back over to the counter and walked behind Chad. Where he was rubbing himself under the counter. "You like what you see over there Chad." I said He jumped and turned his head. "Oh, Britney you scared me." He said "yea she is so hot." "You want to use my head to jack off with while you fantasize about her." I whispered to him in his ear. He nodded and pulled his dick out of his pants under the counter.

I got under the counter and rested my knees with a seat cushion. "I'm going to suck your dick while you stare at her, and you tap on my head if any one is coming." I said I was under there 10 minutes, and Chad had his right hand on my head pumping his cock in and out of my mouth like a sex toy.

He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and forced his cock down my throat, and he started cumming down my throat until is balls were drained. I wrestled away and got on my hands and knees and began choking. I was furious after almost being choked to death, and I stood up and spit the cum back in Chad's face. "What the fuck was that for!!!" I shouted "I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that your mouth just felt so good." He said. I grabbed a towel and wiped the cum off my face. I calmed down and I threw the towel to him.

He cleaned off his face and put his dick back in his pants. He leaned over and gave me a soft kiss.

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"I'm sorry please don't be mad at me okay." He said "I'm not mad at you but please don't ever do that again." I said A few minutes later my cell phone, and I picked up. "Britney its Cara." She said She asked me if I was there the whole time she was gone and she sounded upset.

She was home now and she said she thinks that someone broke into her house while she was gone, because she looked in her gym bag and it looked like someone took her underwear. "I'm going to call brad and tell him, and then I'm going to call the cops." She said My heart was racing.

"No you can't do that!!" I said sternly "why not." she questioned "because I'm the one who took them." I said "I didn't have any underwear so I borrowed yours." "Brit" she said laughing "those were not clean." "oh" I said "I'm going to come by the gym, today do you want to go to lunch?" She asked I hung up feeling nervous and I began thinking of stories I could tell Cara so she wouldn't know what happened.

Chad walked back to the counter with a big smile on his face and showed me his cum on Jennifer's panties. He stuck them in his pocket. I told him that my sister called and what she said. My sister came in around noon, Chad was nervous around her hoping she wouldn't find out that he stole her underwear. I clocked out and went to lunch with her. We sat down and I tried to keep the conversation on anything but the weekend over at her house.

"If you needed some underwear why didn't you just, take some out of my drawer, the ones in my gym bag were wadded up, you had to of know they were not clean." She said I didn't know what to say, and I tried to change the conversation.

"Britney I know your not telling me something, we have always been best friends, and best friends don't keep nothing from each other. Now tell me what's going on." She said I told her that I was having sex with Chad, and that he spent the weekend over at her house with me. I thought she was going to be mad at first, but she was really happy that I was dating again after my nasty divorce.

"Wow, I am really happy for you. He is really cute, and he seems like a nice guy." She said "I wouldn't say that I was dating him, I am not interested in a relationship after my divorce. I would say its more of a sexual thing." I said. "So how is he?" she asked smiling "He is amazing, he can keep going after he orgasms." I said "Brad is not that good in that department." she said "I have never told you this before because I'm embarrassed about it." I looked at her curiously.

Last April I found out that Brad cheated on me with his ex girlfriend." I opened my mouth in shock. "You didn't leave him?" I asked "No I love him too much.

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He told me that he will never do it again, and I guess I believe him. It just really pisses me off every time I think about it." she said "Why don't you get back at him." I suggested "I don't think that is the answer." she said I thought about it for a minute.

"We could do a threesome with Chad." I said nervously. Cara stared at me and started laughing thinking I was joking. "You are being serious?" she asked I nodded my head, and she sat there thinking.

I could tell she was becoming aroused at the idea. I told her how bad Chad wants her, and that he was the one that found her dirty panties.

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"It would make you feel better getting even with Brad." I said. After a lot of thought Cara agreed. We made plans for her to come over and surprise Chad when he was sleeping. As Cara drove me back to work, I could tell her brain was spinning on what we were planning to do. I was still wearing her panties and they were absorbing my juices, as I thought of my sexy sister and I fucking Chad at the same time. She dropped me off. "Is everything alright?" Chad asked "Yes, I told her that I was the one who borrowed her panties." I said "And she bought it." I invited Chad over to my condo after work.

When we first got to my house we went straight to the bedroom and we ripped off each others clothes. We fucked, then we layed on my bed talking for a few hours. We both got in the shower. We dried off and went and watched TV cuddling together on the couch. I fell asleep in his lap and he carried me to my bed. When he got there he kissed me softly on the lips.

I worked his clothes off and he rolled on top of me, parted my panties and began fucking me slowly. He gently kissed my mouth the whole time. I started moaning and I felt an orgasm slowly go through my whole body and down to my pussy, at the same time Chad shot a nice load in me. He rolled off and continued kissing me and a few minutes later drifted off to sleep.

It was 6:00 in the morning when my cell phone vibrated. I got up slowly to not wake Chad. The room was pitch dark and I walked to the front door and opened it slowly. I saw my sister standing at the door. "Good morning" she whispered "He's in the bedroom sound asleep." I said We tiptoed through the living room to the bedroom door. Cara was wearing her gym shorts and a t-shirt. I was standing in front of her wearing my robe.

I watched her take off her shirt and bra, then she pulled down her shorts, taking her panties with her. There was a little light from the moon glaring through the window. I stared down at her perfect body. Her tits were small and her pink nipples were sticking out. Her pussy was completely shaved and it stuck out a little and looked exactly the same as mine.

The last time I had a good view of my sisters cunt was when we were young and used to take baths together. "I'm nervous Britney, I don't know if I can do this." She whispered. She stood there and thought for a few minutes. "If you don't want to, you don't have to Cara." I said She looked in the bedroom and saw Chad's sleeping body, laying on his back with the covers over him. She looked at me again and gave me a smile. She tiptoed toward the bed, Cara slowly pulled the covers off of Chad's leg and she looked up at his face hoping he wouldn't wake.

She eased the covers more until she reached his limp sleeping penis. I watched from the door, peeking my head inside the room and I saw Cara put her mouth on his dick. Chad breathed hard and his eyes came open. His cock grew in her mouth, and I put my hand inside my robe and circled my fingers up and down my slit watching my sisters head go up and down Chad's cock.

"Oh, Britney I love waking up with your warm mouth on me." He said. The sound of those words turned me on, and I had to bite my lip not to scream as I felt juices dripping out my pussy. Cara held his dick in her right hand and she moved up the bed keeping her head down and climbed on top of Chad swinging her leg over straddling him.

She put her face down next to Chad's head so he could not see her face. Her ass was facing me and I watched Chad's cock slowly disappear in my sisters pussy.

"You feel so good Britney." Chad moaned Chad's hands grabbed my sisters ass and helped her move up and down on him. My sister was not making a sound, just keeping her head down in the pillow. Chad's pace started getting faster and faster until he was fucking her with all his force. The bed was shaking making lots of noise, and I could hear their skin loudly slapping together. Then Cara let out a loud scream. "I'm going to cum." He grunted "I'm going to fucking cum in you Britney." My legs grew weak and I fell to my knees, my robe fell off and I was biting my lip.

I looked up and saw Chad's balls bouncing against my sisters ass, and my pussy exploded, squirting a long stream of cum.

Chad's hands were on my sisters ass and he pumped my sister until his balls were completely drained. Cara stopped moving and layed on top of Chad and his dick popped out of her. They were breathing hard, and my sister still had her face down. I sat their on my knees feeling the strength come back in my body as I looked up and saw Chad's cum leaking out of Cara's pussy. "You are incredible Britney, Your pussy just seems to get tighter and tighter." He said still catching his breath.

I stood up and walked quietly in the room. "Thank you Chad you are incredible too." I said smiling. Chad quickly sat up and Cara rolled off of him with her head still down. Chad just stared at me in confusion for several seconds. Then his head turned and looked at Cara. Cara lifted the hair off her face and her pretty eyes opened up meeting his. I walked over and sat on the bed next to my sister. Chad was still speechless, he pulled the covers over him and kept looking at us both.

Cara and I were both sitting on the bed naked. "Surprise." Cara said. It took Chad a while to realize what just happened. At first his body was shaking. He seemed really nervous. "Wow" he finally said after a few minutes.

"Your so cute Chad." I said laughing. I pulled the covers off of him, and my sister and I looked down at his semi hard on and his tanned tight six pack stomach. I took his prick in my hand and I ran my tongue up and down till it became fully erect. Cara layed on her stomach next to me, and I looked at her with Chad's dick in my mouth. Cara put her fingers on his balls and massaged them in a circular motion, as I sucked him.

I pulled my head up and the head of his penis popped out of my mouth. Chad looked down at us, as my sister and I were taking turns sucking his cock. "Chad likes when I lick his asshole." I said to Cara as we were exchanging his dick back and forth. Cara moaned and pulled her head off him and stuck it up to my mouth. She licked his balls for a moment, then Chad spread his legs, and lifted his lower back. Cara got off the bed, and got on her knees and put her lips on his hole kissing it a few times then stuck her tongue out and began circling it.

I threw my leg around Chad and scooted my bottom up his chest and berried my cunt in his face. I put my head back down on his shaft, to where I was doing sixty nine and watching my sister tongue his asshole while I sucked him and played with his balls. Cara stood up and she straddled his legs in front of me. "Put it in me Britney." she said. I looked at my sisters bald pink pussy in front of me. I wanted so much to run my tongue in it, but I thought I should wait and talk to her about it before I do it.

I pulled it out of my mouth and put it against her vagina. Cara lowered herself and I watched Chad's cock disappear in my sister.

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I laid next to Chad and rubbed his chest and kissed him as my sister rode him. I stood up and I smiled at Cara while she bounced on his cock, and I sat on his face. As he was getting ready to cum I smothered his face, not letting him breath as he pumped his sperm up my sisters snatch.

She quickly got up and started putting her clothes on. "I got to get to work. When you guys get off work, come over to my house?" She said as she hurried out the door. It was after work, and we walked to the parking lot. Chad got in his SUV and I told him to meet me over at Cara's in a few hours.

I headed over to Cara's house. When I arrived Brad was just leaving. We both waived at Brad as his car pulled out. "So is he coming over?" she asked "He should be here in about an hour." I said We went into the bathroom and we were both standing side by side looking in the mirror putting on our makeup.

We walked in her room and she showed me her wedding dress. "You know what would be really hot." I said "If you put it on and let Chad fuck you in it." "Ok." She said smiling. We pulled the dress out of the plastic sleeve. She took off her shirt and bra and she had her back turned to me and I stared at her ass as she bent over and pulled her panties off. She sucked on her finger and brought it down and worked on her clit. I walked in front of her. "I love watching you play with yourself Cara." I said "You have such a nice pussy." She moved her other hand down and opened her pussy.

"You want to lick it Britney." she asked "I was really hoping you were going to ask that, but after you left the other day Chad said he wanted to watch us do that. So lets wait till he gets here." I said I helped her as she put new panties on and slipped on her wedding dress. I walked up to her and looked in her eyes. "You look so pretty in your dress Cara." I said I closed my eyes and I kissed her softly on the lips.

She wrapped her arms around me and opened her mouth, and I played with my sisters tongue. My pussy was leaking through my panties, at the taste of my sisters mouth.

I couldn't wait till I got to taste her twat. We went in the bathroom and I helped her with her hair and we put the finishing touches on her makeup. Cara agreed to let me wear her gym clothes for Chad.

She fingered herself watching me as I got naked and put on her tight red spandex, with no panties underneath. I put on her tight white tank top with no bra. We heard a knock on the door and we stood next to each other giving ourselves on last glance in the mirror. She looked gorgeous in her dress and I had on her tight spandex shorts and I tucked them in the crack of my pussy making my camel toe very visible.

My nipples poked out of my sisters tight white cotton tank top that showed my belly button and my tight tanned stomach. "Stay here and I'll call you in ok." I said Cara nodded, and I headed for the front door and opened it up and let Chad in. I kissed him softly on the lips and pulled back.

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"I have a surprise for you." I said pulling him in the living room. "You can come in now!!!" I yelled. Cara walked slowly out of the bathroom, and Chad's face lit up.

She stood their and looked at us, she was fidgeting nervously. All Chad could say was."Wow." "Here's your bride for the night Chad." I said Chad stared at Cara, and I walked over by her.

"You like my outfit too Chad." I said Chad stood there speechless, then he smiled when he looked at me and noticed my camel toe. He quickly took off his shirt and jeans and Cara and I watched his hard cock spring out as he bent over and pulled his boxers off.

I watched Chad's tight ripped body walk over and Cara touched his hard dick as he got to her. She grabbed his cock and, they started making out. She adjusted her dress as she got on her knees. She looked at me and smiled, as she slowly opened her mouth and took Chad's dick in.

Chad looked down at his cock disappearing in my sisters mouth. "Cara I want to see you lick Chad's asshole in your wedding dress." I said She pulled his dick out of her mouth, and looked at me as saliva dripped down her face. She smiled and nodded her head.

Chad turned around and Cara kissed his left butt cheek.

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She ran her tongue up his crack and she reached under his legs and massaged his balls as she stuck her face in between his cheeks and ran her tongue around his asshole. Chad looked at me and started jerking off as my sister rimmed his ass. He picked her up and carried her in the bedroom. I followed them in and he layed Cara on her bed. She got on her hands and knees and Chad moved behind her and pulled her dress over her back. He parted her panties and worked his dick up her wet cunt.

He fucked her harder and harder. The bed was rocking and the sound of Cara screaming and skin slapping together filled the room. "Can I stick it up your ass Cara?" he asked. She put her head on the bed and didn't respond for a second, then she said ok with uncertainty in her voice.

His dick popped out of my sisters twat and he positioned the head of his prick on her asshole. He pushed slowly and her hole started to open when Cara pulled away. "Ouch that hurts" she cried "Chad you can't just stick it in like that." I said "let me get it nice and ready." I walked up and spread her butt cheeks and I slowly ran my tongue up her legs teasing her till my tongue reached her slit.

I ran my tongue up and down her folds flickering my tongue on her clit each time. "Your cunt is so tasty Cara." I said I lowered my lips to her pink asshole. I kissed it softly then opened my mouth and softly ran my tongue around my sisters asshole. I tried to stick my tongue in but it was too tight and would not open by the strength of my tongue. I ran my tongue back down to her folds, and I slowly worked my finger in her asshole.

I kept my finger in her ass, and with the other hand I grabbed Chad's cock and brought it up to my mouth. Then I took my finger out of my sisters asshole and I put my mouth a few inches away from it and let saliva drip from my mouth onto her asshole.

I worked her hole open with both fingers and watched my saliva run in her ass. I held it open until the muscles started to relax and I stuck my tongue on her ass and was able to push it in as far as it could go. I circled the walls of her asshole then I moved my head up and down and fucked her ass with my tongue. I pulled my head up and she was gaping open and I grabbed Chad's hard shaft and guided it in my sisters ass.

I rubbed her lower back with one hand and circled her clit with the other. I watched my sisters ass as it seemed to suck his cock inside inch by inch. I went up to her face and leaned my face close to hers.

"Does that feel good up your asshole." I said to her She nodded and smiled at me and I touched her cheek softly and brought my lips to hers. My panties were soaked as I was making out with my hot sister while my new boyfriend was fucking her up the ass.

"I want to taste you Britney" she said I turned around and pointed my ass in Cara's face. She pulled down my tight shorts and I felt her hot breath on my pussy and asshole as my shorts came down. Her tongue ran up my cunt folds, then I felt her warm tongue press on my asshole. Chad butt fucked my sister faster and faster until he pumped his hot sperm up her shit hole. Chad pulled away and Cara repositioned herself and I watched her pussy lower to my face, putting us in the 69 position.

We were licking each others cunts and white cum was dripping out of her ass landing on my nose. I saw Chad's dick touch her asshole again and I watched it go in all the way and he pulled it out making her ass gape. He lowered his dick to my mouth and I sucked his cock right out of my sisters ass. My tongue was inside her cunt and I spread her cheeks with both hands and she pushed hard and cum spurted out her hole oozing down her pussy to my face. Cara got on her knees, and Chad picked me up upside down and brought my pussy up to his face to where we were doing 69 standing up.

Cara came up and stood in front of him and they both looked into each others eyes as my sister rimmed my asshole and Chad licked my pussy. We took a break and I went outside naked and grabbed my strap on dildo out of the trunk in my car. I put it on and I walked back inside where Chad and Cara were naked making out on the couch. I walked up to them and layed down, and I was on top of her and with my tongue in her mouth as I worked my plastic cock up her. She moaned as I fucked her. Then we rolled off the couch and landed on the floor and she was on top of me riding me.

Her soft silky skin rubbed against mine, and I could feel her warm breath against my neck as she screamed. Chad watched me fuck my sister. Her body started shaking and I felt her cum running down my leg.

Chad got behind Cara, and eased his cock up her ass till she was being double penetrated with Chad's cock up her ass, and her pussy riding my plastic dick. We stayed in this position for a long time and Cara came several times, till I begged to switch positions. Chad was on his back on the floor and I got on top of him and fucked him.

Cara put on the strap on and she worked it up my ass. They both thrust there cocks in me as hard as they could till Chad and I both came at the same time. It was getting late and we all crashed on Cara's bed. When morning came I woke up and Cara and Chad were cuddled next to each other. I lifted the covers and woke my sister by slowly running my tongue up her cunt.

She woke up moaning then Chad's eyes opened and I brought my mouth over to his cock and gave him my usual morning suck. "Good morning guys." I said My left hand finger was going in and out of my sisters cunt, and my right hand was stroking Chad's dick.

We all got up and walked in the bathroom and we all took a shower together. Chad got dressed and Cara and I walked him out to his car. I stood there naked with my sister in the drive way waving to him as he drove off.

We stood in the drive way and talked while we fingered each other. She said she feels a little guilty for cheating on Brad, even though he did the same thing. I suggested that she tell him before she got married so they didn't have any secrets. Cara thought about it and she became nervous and scared. "I think he will get really mad, and want to leave me." she said. I thought about it, and I started thinking what it would be like to fuck my sister's fionse.


"Maybe we could have a threesome with him to ease the tension." I said. Cara looked at me and smiled. I got on my knees in front of her. "What do you say.Can I fuck your husband?" I asked I put my tongue on her cunt and looked into her eyes and waited for her answer.