Busty MILF cuckolds her imprisoned husband

Busty MILF cuckolds her imprisoned husband
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It was the middle of May and school was almost out. Everyone was ready to escape the tortures of learning and kick back and relax for the next couple months. But no one wanted to leave more than Shannon, a freshman cheerleader at Waterloo High.

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She was indeed the most attractive girl in the entire school, complete with straight brown hair, suade blue eyes, full pouty lips, and the most bangable ass. Any boy's dream. But what was her reason for wanting to get out of school? Simple. so she could devote all of her time to fucking her older sister Maddi.

Maddi was the only other girl in the school whose looks could compare with Shannon's. She was a sophomore and had a body that even Aphrodite would and probably did envy. It should therefore be pretty clear why in their spare time, the two sisters were quite inseperable. No one knew about their attraction to one another. Hell, no one knew they were even lesbians. Until one day after cheerleading practice. All the girls had gone home except for Maddi, Shannon, and Jamie (another cheerleader).

However, Maddi and Shannon didn't realize they weren't completely alone and preceded to strip and hop into one of the shower stalls. The room steamed pretty quickly. They lathered eachother up and began exploring eachothers' privates with their fingers. Shannon began licking Maddi's lips and slowly moved down her neck. Maddi let out a sigh when Shannon reached her tits.

Her nipples hardened and Shannon amused herself with them for a while. "You like that do you?" "Mmmmhmmm! Oooo, fuck I love you!" Maddi breathed harder and faster. Shannon reached behind Maddi and inserted a finger into her asshole.

She yelped but Shannon quited her with a kiss. Maddi loved nothing more than to rub her tongue over the roof of Shannon's mouth. Shannon finally had to push her sister away so she could breath. Maddi was really getting into this. She dropped to her knees and bid Shannon to spread open her pussy. Then she darted her tongue in and out and ate every drop of juice Shannon excreted.

It wasn't long before she erupted with an enormous orgasm, the sounds of which didn't escape Jamie's ears. She wandered over to the stall and poked her head around the corner. The sight of the two girls fondling eachother made her wetter than the sisters. She tried not to stare, but her eyes wouldn't look away. "Am I a lesbian?" She couldn't help but wonder. After all, she was watching two hot, sexy, naked girls rubbing and licking and stroking eachother. and enjoyied it.

She didn't ponder the question too long, after all, this show wasn't going to last forever. She wanted Shannon and Maddi so badly. But how could she get them? How could she include herself in the sexual experience the sisters were sharing?

She frantically searched through her mind for a solution that would allow her to both ask the girls if she could join, but at the same time not worry about anyone else finding out. Then it hit her. She tip toed to her locker and opened it, revealing her uniform and a fun-saver camera she used to make her end-of-the-year scrapbook. To her delight, it still had a bunch of film.

She closed the door and returned to her previous spot. The lesbians were so interested in eating eachothers pussies, they didn't notice Jamie photographing them. After the role finished, she crept to the exit and trying to act innocent, called accross the room, "Who's in here?" Maddi and Shannon revealed their identities and asked what the hell she wanted. "Nothing it's just.umm." Maybe she should have thought harder about what she was going to say.

Not knowing Jamie knew their secret, the sisters continued their meals. "Well. a few of the cheerleaders are coming over to my house a little later, how'd you like to come around six." "We can cum right now, the-" "No, I mean.


I have to get the house ready and everything, come around 6ish." "Alright, we'll be cumming around 6ish." Jamie left. The conversation broke the sisters' mood. It didn't matter. After all, they had a whole three hours to complete their fuck session at home. and they did.

Meanwhile (while Shannon and Maddi were screwing eachother senseless) Jamie took her camera to the nearest 1 hour photo developer. She walked home and it was on her way, so no bother. She sat at home waiting, until she decided to call the girls to make sure they were still coming. The phone rang and Maddi had to remove her tongue from Shannon's asshole to answer it.

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"Hell-ooooooo." Shannon had begun stroking Maddi's 'hair'. "It's me, you two are still coming right?" "Ooooo, uhhh. I mean yea. we're still. mmmmm.

cumming." "Great! I'll see you at six." There was no question in Jamie's mind what Shannon and Maddi were doing. She was reminded of the locker room (not like she could forget). She plopped down on the couch and removed her hip hugger jeans which showed off her tight ass. She reached a hand down her black panties and began self-pleasuring. Then it occurred to her- she had to pick up the photos. She quickly wrapped things up, grabbed her purse, and ran out the door.

The lady behind the desk gave Jamie a strange look as she paid for the photos. After all, not often does a 15 year old girl get nude lesbian photos developed. She probably would have been questioned had she or the sisters looked their age.

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Their fully matured bodies made them look to be in their 20's. So she returned to her house awaiting the arrival of her future lovers. They arrived about half an hour late and Jamie nearly died of anticipation.

They had lost track of time, probably around their 21st orgasm. Having expected everyone to have arrived, they were surprised to find that the only people at Jamie's house (aside from Jamie) was them. "Yea. I'm not sure where everyone else is," she said struggling to keep a straight face. The last thing she wanted to do was give herself away.


It wasn't long before Maddi and Shannon got a bit suspicious. They could be at home taking a bath or playing with dildos or just plain kissing. "You did remember to invite the other girls right?" "Ummm. Hey! I got a wild idea! I heard about this game 'strip poker'. It's just like regular poker except instead of playing for money, the loser has to take off one item of clothing.

You wanna play?" "Not particularly," Shannon replied. While the idea was rather tempting, there was absolutely no way she was going to share her sister with another girl. "Why not, you're not in the mood? Or did you two just blow all your energy fucking eachother in the locker room this afternoon?" Maddi and Shannon exchanged nervous glances as Jamie revealed the pictures of them 69ing eachother. "You in the mood now? How about this, I'll give you the pictures to self-pleasure over anytime you want.

But someone's gotta do something for me. After all, fair is fair." The sisters knew where this was going. Why couldn't they resist eachother? At least until they got home. No, they had to satisfy their horny little selves at school. Right where they could be caught. and were. "Alright, name it." Jamie's face lit up. She knew she had them. Her own private puppets.

Her own sultry, hot and horny sex slaves, forced to do whatever she wanted.

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She wasn't about to let the opportunity slide. "Take your pants off. no wait. undress eachother." They did as she told them and were actually quite enjoying themselves. I mean, being naked with the girl you wanna fuck isn't that bad of a punishment.

In fact, Jamie was pretty hot. Fucking her might actually be fun. So they made a game out of it. They decided to see how horny they could make Jamie. Shannon reached into her purse and pulled out a porno magazine.

You never know when it might come in handy after all. She spread it open where Jamie could see it. Then they started to immitate the girls in the pictures. One was on her back on the ground. The other sat on her face and let the one on the floor eat her asshole.

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She in turn massaged her nipples with the palms of her hands. Shannon was the girl on top. She began to finger Maddi's naval while stroking her sides. Jamie couldn't stand it anymore.


She couldn't control herself. She tore of her clothes and began to self pleasure. "Don't you wanna join us," Shannon asked in a soft sexy voice. "After all, that's why we're here." Shannon removed her finger from Maddi's pussy and licked the juices. This sealed the deal. Jamie walked over to the couch. She barely had a chance to lie down and Shannon's pussy was in her mouth.

All she could think to do was suck it. "Ooooooo, mmmmm, Maddi, she's a natural!" Maddi was caressing Jamie's stomach and decided to taset her vagina. Jamie had never even masturbated before.

Earlier that day was her first time. So Maddi's tongue gave her an instant orgasm. "Shannon, she tastes just like you. Mmmmm, Jamie give me more!" Jamie consented and released more and more cum.

The sound of Maddi's pleasure made Shannon a little jealous. "You mind if I have a taste." "I don't if Jamie doesn't." Shannon lifted her pussy from Jamie's mouth so she could answer. "Yes! Go ahead! Just somebody fuck me already!" Shannon and Jamie got in a 69 position. Actually, Jamie didn't care what position she was in, as long as her pussy was being eaten. Well Maddi was the only one without a fucked a pussy, so she made a fist and moved it in and out of herself.

She got bored with that and then decided to help her sister along. She licked her asshole and reached her tongue in as far as Shannon would permit (which was pretty far).

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Shannon eventually reached her climax, but not before Jamie had a good dozen. The girls were screaming so loud, it was a wonder the neighbors didn't hear them. "So Jamie, how would you like to taste me?" Maddi waited long enough, she wanted in. While Jamie switched pussies, Shannon sat down to take a breather. Then, and idea popped into her head. She reached into her purse and pulled out a camera.

The lesbians were so preoccupied with eachother, neither noticed Shannon photographing them. Somehow, she didn't think Jamie's pictures were going to be a problem anymore. But then again, Jamie didn't need the pictures anymore. The three had many more sexual encounters after that night, but were always careful never to get caught.

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There were times when they pressed their luck. For example, skipping class to film a fuck session in the girls room. After all, they couldn't be expected to resist eachoher less than 3-4 times a day. But they agreed that if another girl discovered their secret, neither had any problem letting her join the club.