Petite suceuse ein tete de salope

Petite suceuse ein tete de salope
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The sun was beginning to set, and Kendra and her sister Dawn had been walking for hours. Thoughrally exhausted, they both decided it was high time to make camp. Their journey through the mountains had been treacherous; thankfully the small continent was not large enough to support gargantuan mountains. However Kendra knew that tomorrow they would need to cross the desert, which wouldn't be too awful as it was a mere 6 miles across, but would still test their limits. They acted as merchants, ferrying goods between their home on the western shore of Logos, to the city of Amaad on the other side.

The nation of Logos was not gigantic by any means, the distance only took about a week to traverse, but there was an enduring absence of reliable merchants to buy and sell between them. Rumors of young merchants disappearing were commonplace. The rumor going around was that these young men had been visited on their journeys by succubi, and were either maimed due to their guest's insatisfaction or carried away if haven proven themselves a desirable specimen.

The girls laughed at this, claiming that if this were the case, as women they were in no danger.


The journey was arduous, but kept them toned, fit, and wealthy. As they set down their equipment and her sister began gathering tinder for a fire, Kendra inspected their products. Lately they had been making bundles off of 'luxury goods', predominantly make-up and fragrances, with trade how it was they were one of the few merchants providing them in the larger city of Amaad and women were paying oodles for jewelry and silk from the west.

Kendra made sure nothing was crushed or melted and then took a long swig of water from her canteen. She was the younger of the two, but barely. The two were scarcely a year apart, and since their parents had died several years ago they had become very close, as the only family they had left.

Her hair was dark black, while Dawn's was brown. She was a little shorter than her older sister, but her body had more curve and she secretly delighted in the fact that her breasts were slightly bigger. Both were young women in their early twenties, prime targets for young men, however their careers had kept them from getting too involved, both had had their flings but they had been nothing more. As her sister returned with wood and started a fire, Kendra began preparing supper for them both.

They had few choices, but she had saved some fruit off of a tree they passed earlier and was also lucky enough to have come across a wild mushroom patch. She began frying them over the fire as her sister collapsed onto her bedroll.

"Mmm what a day. How much longer are we planning on making these trips?" Dawn groaned. Kendra spiced the cooking shrooms. "C'mon, you used to be way more into this than me." She smiled, stirring the pan. " Besides, what else do you want? To be tied down with some BOY?" Dawn stretched and yawned.

"Hmmm. Might be nice." Kendra snorted. "Yea right. You couldn't be content with one guy, and you know it." Dawn sat up indignantly. "What does that mean? Just because I had those two different dates on the same weekend doesn't mean I." Kendra put a finger to her sister's lips and pulled the sizzling shrooms off the fire.

"Eat up, I'm sure they're safe." Dawn immediately grabbed one and plopped it in her mouth. "Ahhh! Hot, but good." - As the girls ate, they were unaware of the lurking presence that watched them. In the growing darkness, several pairs of eyes watched them. A forked tongue silently licked the air, tasting not only the oils from the cooking but the girls themselves, who had obviously been perspiring from the long journey.

A hazel eye with a dark slit of a pupil focused intensely on the glowing heat signature of the warm bodies. This was Yanna, the lamia. Her naked female torso was strikingly beautiful.

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Her breasts were shapely, her hair long and dark. She had several scars, one running down the center of her chest the other tracing her left forearm. If one were to only view her from the stomach up, it would be easy to succumb to lustful desire, or infatuation.

But past her hips, the long coiled body of a snake stretched around, with iridescent red scales. Some short pubic hair adorned a cleft below her belly button where skin and scale met. The tip of her tail curled and uncurled as she evaluated the travelers. Her tongue flicked in an out of her mouth, almost hungrily. There was a rustle next to her as her partner grew impatient. Having four pairs of eyes does not necessarily imply improved vision.

Her other eyes besides her primary two were small, and could almost be passed off as makeup or jewelry. However, her four pairs of legs would be harder to hide.

Long, slender, and pointed, these were the legs of Jain, the Arachne. Her hair was a mossy green, and despite the black arachnid abdomen that held her, her female torso was also quite beautiful, and her breasts were massive. Unlike her companion, she kept them restrained with a small silk brazier, which barely helped. "What is it?" inquired Jain, shifting her weight anxiously on her stilt-like legs.

"Males?" Yanna smiled slightly as she withdrew her tongue, her sharpened teeth flashing. "No. Femalesss. Two. They about fit what he requesssted." Jain's disappointment showed, but she twittered her front legs excitedly nonetheless. "I see. This could very well redeem us in his eyes. Let's plan this carefully so as not to fuck this up." Yanna's eyes had not left the campsite. She saw the two girls lay down, their meal completed and their bodies exhausted.

"You go for the dark haired one. And you better not fuck thisss up or you're dead." Jain merely scoffed. "That's the kind of mentality that got you put out here in the first place.

I die, you die; Lord Thaddeus made that clear." - The girls had finished eating and were finally starting to relax. Kendra's feet were sore, and her shoulders ached from carrying goods. She knew it wouldn't take long for her to fall asleep. Confident that the fire would keep any wild animals away, she began to slowly drift off… As she began to become unconscious, she began to have a creeping sensation that someone was standing over her.

She felt silly, but opened her eyes to reassure herself. It was dark, but the glow from the fire lightly illuminated the glimmering body of a spider, and the yellowy light shone on what appeared to be the body of a young woman, which to Kendra's first response was in the spider's clutches. Though her eyes were wide, she could not scream; deep down she thought it a nightmare, and was too scared to move.

Her hesitation cost her, with surprising dexterity the Arachne leapt on top of her and began coating her with sticky webbing, sleep roll and all. She could hardly get out a squeak before her mouth was silenced. Her sister, on the other hand, let out a horrible scream. Kendra looked over to see her sister locked in the coils of a giant snake, the lamia wrapped around her legs to prevent escape and pinning her arms down with her own.

She could tell her sister's struggling was to no avail; this naga was ruthlessly strong. Yanna's eyes were fixed on her prey, she stared unblinkingly into Dawn's face with a wild look in her eyes. Weaker people would have met her gaze, but Dawn thrashed helplessly with her eyes closed, tears starting to form.


Kendra would have screamed as well if she could. However she was now in a nice cocoon of silk, held in the spider-woman's arms.

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She wanted to look away, but she was too scared for her sister. Dawn sobbed as the lamia licked her face with its long tongue. Kendra heard an odd wheezing noise and realized the Arachne that held her was laughing.

"Resisting just turns her on more. You should be lucky she's a lesbian, a normal lamia would be much more callous." Upon hearing this, Dawn opened her eyes, a foolish mistake.

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She locked eyes with the snake-girl, and almost immediately felt herself being overwhelmed. The naga's eyes danced hypnotically, and slowly she felt herself slowing down. Her arms felt like lead. Slowly Yanna's tail began to pry open her legs.

She was much too weak to resist. The lamia's expression was gleeful as she used her sharp teeth and strong arms to rip off Dawn's garments.

She then brought her face back to hers, careful not to lose the eye contact for too long. "You're going to enjoy thissssss…" Yanna whispered seductively into Dawn's ear, her forked tongue lightly brushed her ear.

Upon hearing this, Dawn's mentality changed. Deep down she was still horrified, but the naga had planted the thoughts in her head. She felt as though she was watching from outside her body as Yanna slowly licked her neck. Her arms were no longer being pinned down, but she could not move them.

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All she could do was gaze with forced admiration into the eyes of her rapist. Kendra couldn't believe it. Her sister's blouse had been ripped off, and that creature was ravishing her with its tongue, but Dawn looked as though she had accepted it; no, as she looked she could tell her sister was beginning to enjoy it!

Dawn stared, mouth agape, at the beautiful lamia on top of her. Yanna was a little more relaxed now, being in control, and started to caress Dawn's chest and breasts with her hands, never taking her eyes off of hers. When she made eye contact, not only could she send suggestions to her victim but could also read their thoughts. This girl still hated her, and she loved it.

She could feel her hatred becoming more subdued, however, as she groped her. Her tail wormed its way up against Dawn's pussy, which was delightfully smooth. She felt the spike of arousal in Dawn's psyche, and lowered her face to her ear once more. "Uhnn, you are enjoying thisss, aren't you?

Why don't you help ME enjoy it, darling?" Yanna hissed, gently licking her cheek as her coils shifted around her legs, setting up for better access to the girl's vagina. The words possessed her, no sooner had then been spoken Dawn felt her arms reach around the serpentine body and pull her into a lover's embrace.

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She felt her breasts mash against the snake-girl's, who she could feel had pierced nipples. The tip of her tail began teasing her pussy, gently stroking her folds and stimulating her clit. Dawn could still sense her rational mind's horror and disgust, but for some reason that just helped get her going. She strained forward without knowing what she was doing, trying to kiss her… WHACK The lamia slapped her across the face, and not so gently either.

Her cheek acquired a red glow, but rather than look away, she returned her gaze to her serpent mistress. "That wasss naughty, human girl…" teased Yanna, who was now immensely enjoying herself.

"You should know better than to initiate, that'sss why I'm on top." She slowly slid the tip of her tail into Dawn's now dripping pussy, only slightly. "Would you like another?" the naga woman asked, playfully teasing Dawn's hard nipples with her slender tongue.

Dawn couldn't speak so instead she simply nodded. WHACK "Sssay pleassse, bitch!" hissed Yanna, who started pushing her tail into Dawn's tight pussy, penetrating her.

"PLEASE! OH GOD PLEASE!!" moaned Dawn, her voice not her own. WHACK Dawn's face was red from the beating AND her arousal as she squirmed in pleasure. As the beast fucked her with its tail, she ran her hands ran down her back, and she felt the soft skin grow thick and leathery. Yanna knew she had total control. Like other lamias, sexual dominance and sadism was instinctual, however unlike other naga she did not crave human semen, despite its necessity for procreation (there are no male naga).

In fact she rarely pursued human males. She was an oddity, few lamias were physically attracted to others of their kind. She found human females satisfied her desires much more, they were so much more… helpless. Kendra couldn't watch any more, but she could hear. She heard her sister moan as the monster plunged deeper inside her, and though she tried not to she could not help but make out the sad, pathetic begging of "More, more, MORE". Yanna knew her victim would orgasm soon.

She slid upwards on her body, suppressing a giggle as the girl lapped at her tits as they brushed past her face. She licked her all the way down her stomach, until she felt her tongue lick at her mound. Yanna shuttered.

Lamia have very sensitive genitalia, and for a moment she let the girl eat her strange pussy while she pleasured her with her tail, loving every second. As Dawn began to slow down, Yanna slipped back down to re-establish eye contact.

The girl was so horny now, she loved having that effect on women who until then had been heterosexual. "Please…" she begged aloud and in her mind, "please I'm so close…" WHACK "You are quite a handful, misssss…" Yanna whispered, taking the girls hands and placing them on her breasts.

"Though I sssuppose I would like to finish asss well." Removing her tail, the lamia slipped down to face the girl's pussy. Her long forked tongue snaked out of her mouth and froze as she savored the anticipation.

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Then she attacked the girl's vagina, tickling her clit and tasting her sweet juices. Yanna lowered a hand to her own pussy, and started pleasuring herself. She could orgasm too, if she did it right at the same moment as the girl.

Dawn bucked and groaned whorishly as she had her pussy eaten. It was incredible; far better than anything she had shared with a man. This creature knew exactly what it was doing, exactly how to get her off. As it slipped its tongue deep into her, she felt its different nodes exploring her, pleasing her. She found her G-spot and began working it maniacally. Dawn clenched her hands and toes, knowing she couldn't take much more.

The hypnosis was beginning to wear off, but all it served to do was send her into the throes of orgasm. "Yes, YES, oh yes master" she sputtered, not knowing where the words came from. "Am I a good toy mistress, am I? OOOooooh please tell me I am!" she cried, her mind craving the mental domination that was receding.

Yanna tongue fucked her wildly, her tongue thrashing in time to her fingers. She pulled out her tongue and put the hand that wasn't on her pussy on the girl's. "Yessss, you are good…" sighed the lamia as she rubbed both their clits like mad. "You jussst have to do one thing… cum for me… right&hellip.NOW!!" demanded the naga, as her own orgasm overtook her. Her words sent Dawn over the edge, she came, and came… though she was not aware, she squirted and gushed all over her 'rapist', which served only to fuel Yanna's powerful orgasm.

After she came buckets, Dawn collapsed, overworked. She instantly passed out.

Yanna too seemed momentarily incapacitated, sprawled out on the ground with her tail slowly twisting. She had very much enjoyed herself. Kenda was sobbing noiselessly to herself, tears running down her face.

Jain set her down softly, feeling an unnatural twinge of pity for the poor thing. "Are you quite through?" she asked Yanna, who simply nodded. She crossed over and restrained the unconscious girl with more web. "Very well. Get up. We have a long trek north to look forward to, I guess we finally get to say goodbye to these awful mountains." The lamia rose on her coils, and sighed. "Yes, at least now I'll have something to occupy me on the way home." The Arachne rolled all her eyes, and slung the smaller girl over her back.

"Well, you get to carry that one. Let's get moving." Kendra could do nothing but wait, constricted. She was starting to lose consciousness, this whole ordeal had taken a toll on her as well.

As she drifted off, she could not help but wonder what further horrors awaited them both… TO BE CONTINUED