Fuck her from the back

Fuck her from the back
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"JACKIE, Hurry up, you're going to be late for school. Lets go." "Wait, I'll be down in a second." Jackie quickly finished brushing her teeth and tied her hair up. She ran down stairs, gave her brother a hug, gathered her belongings and started to walk to school. Jackie was a freshman at Dia High school it was an all girl high school, and she wasn't all too popular. People knew who she was, but never noticed her. She was drop dead gorgeous, but always hid her looks. She wore baggy jeans, and a sweater to school everyday.

Hair pulled back in a ponytail, no makeup, no nothing. So no one paid any attention. Her brother Jason, was the only family she had left, her parents both died when she was younger. Her mom of cancer and her father, plane accident. She lived with her brother in a pretty average sized, two-story house. Nothing special.

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Her brother was was 26 years old, he had a part time job at the nearby drug store. He didn't make a lot, but it was enough. It put food on the table and paid for Jackie's tuition. It didn't make sense to her how he could pay for all of this when he only worked part time, but she never asked.

Jackie made her way to school, she lived 3 blocks away, and just left the house. If she was fast, she would make it in 15 minutes, which was all the time that she had. Her brother waited patiently at home, cleaning and doing chores that he usually did everyday. He went to work at 10:00 am, and got home at 4:00 PM, and Jackie was always home by then. It was getting close to four, so Jason checked out and left. When he got home, Jackie wasn't there yet, which was odd, but he just thought she was hanging out with her friends.

Fifteen minutes later, he heard a loud bang at the door, he opened it and looked out.


He saw a van driving off in the distance, and an unmarked box. He quickly shut the door and went into the kitchen to get a knife to open the box. There was an envelope inside.

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He tore it open, and there was a message, "It's Time for Pay Back." he gasped, and thought about who it could be--oh no, he thought. He checked the box to see if there was anything else, and looked inside and found a locket.

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It belonged to his mother, and she gave it to Jackie. He opened it, and there was a picture of himself, and one of Jackie. What had he gotten her into? The phone rang, "five o'clock, the warehouse by the lake, don't bring any of your buddies, or you know what will happen." and then the line was dead.

He looked at the clock, 5:30, the warehouse was close, but he decided to go early. As he drove his car up to the entry way, a group of people surrounded his vehicle. "STEP OUT" one of them yelled, and he did, cautiously. He was searched to see if he had any weapons, and was allowed in. "Jason, long time no see." The man snickered. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH JACKIE? This is between YOU and ME." "HA. So what?" "Its been two years, Joe, TWO FUCKING YEARS, since it happened." "OH, YOU THINK IM GOING TO FORGET ABOUT IT?

You KILLED my brother." "It was an accident, i didn't see him." "You HIT HIM WITH THAT PIECE OF SHIT CAR OF YOURS, He texted me that he needed help and YOUR name, but by the time i got there--he was DEAD, laying in his own blood, all because of you. And i finally found out a way to get you back, take the one you love the most, and make her suffer, just like what you did to me." "Two years, why now?

WHY DIDNT YOU JUST KILL ME?" "I wanted to make you suffer like i did. To bear the burden of not being a good brother.

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Why now? Because, we finally thought about how to get you back, and the way that would bring you the most pain. We have been tracking you and watching you for quite a bit of time now." "Look, im telling you, I quit the Gang thing, im not in the business anymore." "Doesn't change what you did, oh and by the way, that sister of yours.what's her name--Jackie?

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Jackie, shes gorgeous. But you know what? She needs a good fucking." Joe left off laughing. "WHAT?! WAIT, What do you want from me?? I'll." All of a sudden, he was given a shot in his forearm, and quickly fell asleep, unconscious.

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Jason woke up still dizzy from the shot, he was tied to a chair with two big guys on either side of him. He looked forward, and there she was. Jackie was unconscious and tied to a pole, Joe was standing behind her playing with her hair, and kissing her neck. "oh, i see that you have woken up, just in time. Your little sister will be waking up soon too, and then we'll get the party started.

" Jason was still to dizzy to say anything, he mumbled words, but they didn't mean anything. He was just thinking about what he had done. Jackie woke up a few minutes later.

"Well hello princess." Joe said. Jackie was dizzy as well, she looked around and felt confused, she tried to move, but she was tied down hard. "oh there's no use trying to get out.

But let me tell you this, I'll tell you why you're here. Well, your brother, Jason, killed my brother two years ago, and now im getting him back, by making you suffer.

I know that you're the only family he has left, and the last person he wants to see suffer. Oops, i almost forgot to tell you, that he is the leader of a gang, and they do bad things." Jackie was regaining consciousness, "wait, what? What are you going to do to me? Leave me alone. Please" "Now why would I do that?

You're so pretty, and the only way to get your brother back—is to fuck you, and to fuck you hard." "Please, no. Im still—I'm still a…" "I know, you go to an all girl highschool, of course you are.

But the best part is, Jason over there will have to watch as a complete stranger takes away his baby sisters cherry. He has to watch you suffer." Jackie started to cry, and knew that no matter how hard she tried, it was useless. It wouldn't get her anywhere.

"Please don't do this to her, just let her go, I'll give you money. You name it, I'll try my hardest to give you whatever you want…but just please, leave her alone." "Money? I don't need money, i haven't had a good fuck in 2 years, I've been waiting all this time—to fuck her, so it would feel so good." Joe started to kiss Jackie, but she pushed away.

No one had ever kissed her before, and she wasn't going to let him be the first. He tried again, but she kept on pushing away.

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"ENOUGH." He signaled one of his men. "Mike, you know what to do." Mike stuck his gun at Jason's head, and cocked it, and put his finger on the trigger.

"What do you say now? You little fuck." He put his lips to hers and tried once more; Jackie started to cry but obeyed. He stuck his tongue in her mouth exploring every inch of it. The lip lock lasted for a while and he finally let go. Jackie let out a sigh of relief, and took a deep breath. "Why are you crying my dear?" He then licked the tears off of her face. Jason started to protest, so Mike ripped a piece of duct tape and taped his mouth shut, and hit him with the gun, his forehead started to bleed.

Jackie screamed and started to cry even more. "SHUT UP!" Joe slapped Jackie across her face and gagged her with an old rag and taped it across her mouth. He untied her from the pole and handcuffed her, and told her to take off all of her clothes. She refused, and shook her head. He demanded her to do so, but she kept on shaking her head no.

He was getting tired of her defiance and walked up to her. He took out switchblade, and put the cold steel against her neck, he traced the tip of the blade down her neck to her collar bone, and then cut her clothes into shreds and ripped them off.

All that was left was her bra and panties. He started to lick her al over her body, and put a hand at her pussy, she wasn't wet. Not at all. He was pissed of, most girls would be soaking by now, but she was completely dry. He then took off her bra and panties, and there was a loud cheer in the warehouse, all of his men were getting turned on, and Jason looking at her, and wishing he could help.

Now she was standing breast naked in the room with wandering eyes staring at her. Her full C cup tits were revealed and her bald pussy. Joe laid her on a table, and started to lick and suck on her tits.


She tried to scream and push him away, but to no avail. He played with her nipples and twisted them hard, and she started to scream. He then stuck his finger in her pussy and started to probe it, slowly.

He then moved his head and started to lick her clit, and began to eat her up. Jackie, was screaming in discomfort, and kicked him away. He fell to the floor, very angry and pissed off. She tried to back away, she jumped off the table and ran, anywhere she could, she tried to escape. But a big man caught her, and she was stuck in his grasp. He started to play with her tits and lick her slender body, but Joe told him to stop. "Hand the girl over" he exclaimed. Joe took off his pants and put his dick in front of Jackie's face.

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"Blow me." He said. She didn't know what to do, she was so sheltered from all of this sex, that she had no idea what to do. So she blew on his cock. "WHORE!" He slapped her hard across her face, her cheek was red and sore. She started to cry again from the sting. "I see how it is.

You don't want to? Well lets see how you like it when I fuck you, and pop that pussy of yours." He stuck his dick in her pussy. "Damn, you're tight." He spat on her pussy and rubbed it in, and started to ride her like a horse. She shrieked from the excruciating pain. Muffled screams was all she could do, nothing else.

Jason started to scream into the duct tape, he was jumping in his seat and felt so helpless, his sister lost it to a man he never knew, she was paying his debt.

To Be Continued.