Abdl Mommy Windel Veränderungen u0026 Infantilismus Ageplay 2015

Abdl Mommy Windel Veränderungen u0026 Infantilismus Ageplay 2015
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Maria was called into the manger's office at the diner where she worked. She was afraid that she was going to be let go, because the Diner had been so empty of customers lately.

She was a single mom of a fourteen year old daughter, a senior in her last week of high school because she had skipped a few grades back in her grammar years; she'd always been the brightest in her class. Maria needed this job! Carla, the other waitress, had been let go last week, due to a shortage of customers as traffic began taking the brand new bypass the city had just built, and deep in her heart, she knew why she was being called into Dan Malone's office before her shift even started.

He was the manager of this whole mall, not just the restaurant, and there were rumors that he owned the whole thing. "I have to let you go, Maria," he said, not even waiting for the door to close all the way. He held up his hand to stifle her protests before they even began. "Listen, I know how tough times are right now; especially for single mothers like yourself. That's why I'm willing to make you another offer before you leave." "Another offer?" Maria finally asked, after biting her lip and fuming for a long moment.

"What offer?" "I want you to come live at my house. You won't have to work an outside job; but I do expect my house to be kept clean," he said. "I have a daughter," Maria said. He smiled and held up his hand, palm up. "I know," he said.

"Her name is Sophia, and she's just about to graduate high school. She lives with you, and she would be welcome to live with me as well." Maria just looked at him, speechless. Her mind was flying a thousand miles an hour, She didn't know where this generosity was coming from. It wasn't in his character to be this kind, normally. He was expecting something, and she didn't know what. "I. I don't know. Why are you offering this?" "You're a beautiful woman, Maria," he said softly.

"I could never tell you that while you were an employee, but our relationship just changed three minutes ago, and I can be more free." "What? I don't." She watched, confused, as he stood up and moved towards her, slowly.

He took her left hand in both of his and raised it gently to his lips. "You would sleep in my bed, Maria," he said, then kissed the back of her hand. "I'm inviting you into my home. I'm inviting you into my life." "I. I don't know what to say!" she gasped. "Say yes!" he encouraged. "Please, say yes! You're so beautiful! I have to have you in my life, it's all I ever wanted, to have someone as beautiful as you!" "But. my daughter," Maria said, looking pained. "She's her own person, really.

I can't make this decision for her!" "She's only fourteen years old and you're her legal guardian for four more years. You can make this decision for her; you're the only one who can." "I. I don't know what to say," she repeated, her voice even softer. "Say yes," he said again, smiling. "Maria, I want you! I want you in all the ways a man has a woman; I want you to love me as much as I love you!" "You. you love me?" she asked, all the blood rushing from her face. "You don't even know me!" "You've been my employee for five years.

In all that time, I have seen how hard you struggle with money. I have seen you work doubles and go without eating yourself in order to have enough at home. In all that time, I have never seen you do anything illegal, even when you had the opportunity to get away with it.

I know you a little bit, Maria. I'd like to get to know you better." "I.

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yes," she said quietly. "Yes, I'll move in with you. I don't really have any other options." His smile broadened, and he stood up behind his desk, then came around and took both her hands in his. "Now that you're no longer my employee, I can touch you more in inappropriate ways and say things that I was not free to say before." "Sir?" she said, her voice confused and a puzzled look on her face.

"Call me Dan," he said generously. "Except for when you're on your knees, of course. But when you're on your knees before me, you'll be calling me "Master" instead of "sir." "On my knees before you?" she whispered, looking at him a little startled. "No, I'm not. I can't see myself doing that." "I can," he said softly, reaching up one hand and caressing her face.

"I can imagine you doing it right now." His other hand came up, and he was holding her shoulders. He kept looking straight into her eyes, then he kissed her. He felt her inhale through her nose, sharply, and her back stiffened in surprise, but his kiss coursed through her shock as he awoke a brand new feeling inside her. It was very pleasurable, and she melted into his embrace as the kiss went on. Their faces drew back, and he saw the sparkle in her eyes and knew what it meant.

He kept looking into her eyes and smiled, then moved his hands down to the opening of her blouse and pulled the two sides apart, bursting all the buttons off and exposing her plain white bra. She gasped and covered her breasts with both hands, looking at him in shock. "Wh- what are you doing?" she gasped. He reached up with both hands again and caught her head in his firm but gentle grasp, keeping her at arms length but making her look at him.

"You don't have to be shy in front of me," he told her. "I think you're very beautiful." As he kept looking into her eyes, he used both hands to gently move her hands down to her sides, then he moved back a pace and gazed upon her with open admiration and smiled.

"Chest out, Maria, don't be shy. Let me look at you; show them to me. Flaunt them, Maria, act like the little tart you've always wanted to be!" She covered her breasts with both hands and blushed, turning away and looking down at the floor. "I. I've never wanted to be a. I'm not like that, honest, I'm not!" He lifted he chin with two fingers and made her look at him again. "Maria, you've never wondered what it would be like to be up on stage, the bright lights shining on you and darkness all around?

You never thought about all those eyes looking at you, watching you put on a little show for them? The more you show them, the better they like you, Maria; you've never thought about what it would be like, even when you're alone at night, touching yourself?" "No, that's not what I think about. I mean, no, I don't do that!" she said quickly, blushing again.

"I didn't mean that, please, I didn't mean what I said!" "Don't hide yourself like that, Maria," he said, strongly. She looked up him, startled by the authority in his voice.


"Show yourself to me and remove that bra. I command it!" She inhaled sharply, but she reached behind her back and unclasped the strap, still looking at the floor. "Thank you, Maria, very nice," he said, smiling again and pushed the straps off her shoulders. "Now, would you please remove your skirt? I should very much like to see your ass, too." She again looked startled by his words, crossing her hands to hold the material in place, but all it took was one frowning look to get her to drop her hands once more.

She saw him stand erect in front of his desk, a stern look on his face because she was taking so long, so she quickly moved her hands behind her back and unzipped the skirt.

He sat back down and smiled at her encouragingly, letting her know with a simple look that he was pleased with her actions as she pushed the black Lycra to the ground and stepped out of it.


"Very nice," he said. "Now, turn around so I can see that perfect ass and take off the panties, too. Spread you legs a little wider than your shoulders and bend forward at the waist. I want to look at you like that, okay?" "I feel so embarrassed!" she said, doing as he said. "Why would you want to see me like this?" "You truly have no idea how sexy you are, Maria," he smiled. "Looking a you like this is making my cock harder than it's ever been before." Maria blushed and straightened back up, hiding her breasts with both hands again.

"You shouldn't say things like that.

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It's not right!" "Ah, well, I'm not going to make judgments on right or wrong, Maria. I can tell you for a fact that it's true, however. Come over here and take my cock out." Maria looked at him again, frozen in fear and shocked at his request.

He smiled at her discomfort. "Maria, do what I tell you to do. Come over here and kneel down before me." He spoke firmly, and watched as she hesitated only a moment before coming closer and knelt before him.

She had her eyes firmly fixed on the floor and her blush went all the way down to her shoulders. "Look at me, Maria. Doesn't it feel better to obey? Doesn't it feel right to do what I want you to do?" "Yes," she said, looking up into his eyes. "I know I'm not supposed to be doing ANY of this, but it's YOU telling me to do it. Somehow, that makes it all okay." "Do you love me, Maria?" he asked, quietly. She looked back up into his eyes, startled, then thoughtfulness came into them.

A slow smile crept onto her face and lit up her eyes. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes." she said again, more strongly. "I love you, Dan Armstrong. I really do; I love you!" Standing up again, he smiled down at her and stroked a lock of hair out of her face.

She tried to rise, but gentle pressure with his hands was enough to keep her in place. His left hand was twined into her hair, supporting her head as she looked up at him. His right hand was opening his pants, and when she looked down at the sound of his zipper descending, his fingers tightened their grip slightly and would not allow her to move away.

"Dan, I've never seen one before," she told him, watching as his hand went into the material of his boxers and adjusted the bulge tenting them out. "Please, I'm nervous! I don't know what to do." He looked down at her, a serious look in his eyes. "Maria, I love you. I promise to you right now that the things I do to you and command you to do to me will only bring pleasure. Only pleasure.

I promise this to you, now and forever!" "I trust you, Dan." she told him, then gasped as he pushed his boxers down and exposed his thick seven inches to her. His hand on the back of her head kept her from pulling away, and she looked up at him, terrified. "Only pleasure," he said again, rubbing his cock over her nose and both cheeks. "Open your mouth and suck on it, Maria. This is for MY pleasure, so open your mouth and suck on me. No teeth, and lots of sucking. Do it for me, Maria.

Show me how much you love me." It pressed insistently at her lips as she kept her mouth tight shut, then she looked up at him again. "I love you," she said, then opened her mouth and allowed his cock inside. She began sucking on it lightly, using her tongue to stroke the underside of the head. He let her do it this way for a long moment, then made her look up at him again with his cock still in her mouth. "Suck harder." he said firmly. She immediately obeyed, suddenly worried that she wasn't doing it right.

She was more afraid of hurting him than anything else. He pulled it out of her mouth and made her look at him again, one finger under her chin. "Maria, I know this is your first time doing this. I'll forgive any mistakes you make and teach you everything you need to know, okay? What I really want from you is to have fun with this. It's okay to enjoy yourself, Maria. I want us both to have fun." "I feel like a dirty whore," she said. "You expect me to have FUN being a filthy slut?" "Yes," he smiled down at her.

"In fact, I command it. I want you to do every dirty thing you can think of. You'll certainly be doing all the dirty things I can think of, my dear. Do you still love me?" She looked off into the distance a long moment, thinking about what this decision could mean for the rest of her life.

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She was VERY aware of her nudity as this fully dressed man gazed upon her with open lust, and she considered how this made her feel. At the same time she felt an overbearing shame and desire to hide herself, the way he was looking at her made her also feel a twinge of pride that she could inspire such feeling in another person. Unconsciously, she straightened her posture and flaunted her chest a little more, and made up her mind the moment she saw his eyes light up with appreciation.


She smiled at him, then opened her mouth and took half his length inside before closing her mouth and sucking, far more than she had done before. She also raised her right hand and gripped the base of it lightly. 'He wants a filthy whore?' she thought to herself.

'I can do that.

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I've never done it before, but I know all the things Mother warned me about, and if he wants me to do them, well, okay. At least he wants me. Nobody has ever wanted me before.

I wonder what it's like?' "Ohh,yes, Maria, just like that, oh, how I love you, I knew you would be delicious once you let yourself go, and you are! Oh, how I love my filthy little Maria!" His hands were stroking her hair and she could feel the love he had for her coming through the gentle caresses. "Can you do the whole thing? I want to feel your lips on the base of my cock, honey. Can you do that for me?" She drew her head back, and Dan moved his hand with her, allowing her freedom to move as she looked up at him.

"I love you, Dan. If you want me to be a slutty whore, I will. I'll do anything you want, Dan. Nobody has ever loved me before, and I find that it gives me pleasure to give you pleasure. I'll do anything you want, Dan. I love you, too." She opened her mouth and went down on him as far as she could, bu about an inch and a half away from getting all of it in, the head of his big cock started entering her throat and her gag reflex took over.

She pulled away and sat back, gasping and choking, wiping gobs of spit of her lips and chin to clean her face. She looked up him with tears in her eyes. "I can't do it; I'm sorry. It went into my throat and I couldn't breathe.

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I'm so sorry, Dan, please, I'm sorry!" He smiled down at her and brushed her bangs away again. "I told you, Maria, I love you. You will always have my forgiveness, especially while you're learning a new skill.

Just have fun with it, Maria, suck my cock and have fun. Just remember that I like it deep once in a while, but don't hurt yourself. I want you to have fun, too." She smiled at the kindness he saw in his eyes. "Yes sir," she said, but then a thought occurred to her. "Yes, Master." His smile broadened as she took him in her mouth again, and this time, his only touches on her head were caresses through her hair, because he didn't need to force her to do anything anymore.

She was sucking him all on her own, and doing it from a place of love and joy, and everything was perfect and beautiful. He felt himself getting close to coming, and warned her of what was about to happen. "Maria, I'm going to come in your mouth," he said. "I want you to swallow as much as you can, but it's okay if you can't. I love you, Maria, get ready. Unngh!" She felt him draw it back, until just the head was in her lips, then it throbbed and spat out a thick jet hot hot, sticky muskiness which instantly coated the whole inside of her mouth.

"Swallow it, swallow it, honey, swallow all of my love, Maria, swallow it!" By the time he had finished speaking, his cock had sent forth three or four bursts, which filled her mouth and began spilling out both sides and dripping down her chin, but then she realized what he was saying and tried to swallow the thick mouthful, but she knew what it was and her mind rebelled.

She made a face, spitting as much of it as she could out and turned her face to the side, beginning to cry. She looked up at him, betrayal written plainly on her face. "Why did you do that?" she wept, crying. "Oh, Dan, I thought you loved me? Why did you do that to me? It was awful!" "I did it because it was fun," he said. "I did it because you looked so beautiful with my cock in your mouth.

You were having so much fun sucking it that I didn't want the moment to end." "I liked sucking on it," she said truthfully. "I just didn't like the last part. There was so MUCH of it, and it tastes kind of gross." "The next time, I'll finish on your breasts. Would that be better?" He smiled down at her again, and she returned it, weakly.

"I don't feel right, all naked like this. Can I put my clothes back on?" She looked at her torn blouse with all the buttons gone, laying on the floor like the rag it was.

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She picked her bra up and straightened it out, ready to be put on. He wrote something on a piece of paper, then ripped it off the pad and gave it to her.

"This is my address. Go ahead and get dressed, then go home and pack everything into boxes. Movers will be by tomorrow to collect them. You are to collect Sofia after school and bring her home to your new house.

Our house." She took the paper, not reading it, and he could tell by the look in her eyes that something had died inside her. She looked back up at him, and something else was now alive. She slowly dropped her hands from her breasts and exposed her nipples. "Yes, Master." She looked up at him, her eyes filled with trust and love. Tears of happiness and excitement of what tomorrow could bring threatened to spill over as she put her underwear back on. "Thank you for this, Master.

I'm happier than I have even been in my whole life!" "Me too." Dan said, letting her get up and pull her skirt back on. Her pink rayon waitress blouse was ruined, all the buttons missing, but she put it on anyway and tied the tails together.

"I love you, Maria.

I'm happier than you know. I can't wait to see Sophia's face when she sees her own room. She's never had one before, has she?" "She has her own room?

Really? Oh, she's going to be SO happy, you have no idea! She's been wishing for us to get a two bedroom since she was old enough to wish for anything!" "My house has five bedrooms, Maria.

I have two servants, full time, and three cars. Welcome to your new life, my dear." "You have. servants?" Maria asked, breathlessly. "If you're that rich, why do you work here?" "I like to fill my time; the truck stop is only just ONE of my many businesses, my dear.

And as of now, WE have servants. I can't wait to see what you make them do to each other. They are married to each other, you see, and I have control over them, utterly, even in the bedroom." "You mean, I'll be able to tell them what to do?

When they're NAKED?" She looked at him, shocked even more, but his slow smile touched his eyes and became harder, more glinty.

She felt the first thrill of fear at what she'd gotten herself into, remembering the way he had looked at her while she was naked and on her knees. "Yes, just like I tell you to do things when you're naked," he smiled. "Won't that be fun? I can't wait to see what you make them do. I know Julia will like it, too.

You should go and meet them; they're both at home right now." He looked at her again. "You should pack first, though. The movers are coming tomorrow, and even though they can pack anything you don't, there might be some things you don't want them gong through." She was dressed again, and his pants were fastened back up.

They were both presentable once more, but she hesitated to leave his office and go out in public again. The bus was about fifteen minutes out, though, and unless she wanted to waste another hour waiting for the next one, she needed to leave right now. She kissed him goodbye, and he copped a feel of her breast before he let her go. "You can be topless in my house," he said. "It will be like a housewarming gift when I get home." He took a fat wad of bills out of his desk drawer and handed it to her.

"There's five thousand dollars. Take Sophia shopping at the mall this afternoon. I'm working until seven to clear my schedule for the rest of the week so I can be free to spend time with my girls. Be ready for me when I get home, okay?" "I'll be ready for you, I promise. You can tell me to do things when I'm naked." She smiled brightly and opened the office door to go. She stepped through and looked back at him. "I have some ideas already, things that might make you blush, too!" "Won't Sophia be surprised to see that?" he smiled as the door swung shut behind her.