Eine Frau fickt zu cp Finish ihr bf

Eine Frau fickt zu cp Finish ihr bf
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I had just turned fifteen. It was a long hot summer that year and amazingly, I had just had my first ejaculation in the form of a wet dream. I have heard of boys getting off even at the age of 11, but not me, I guess I was a late bloomer. After that morning when I woke up with my underwear full of cum I could not keep my hands off my dick. I was fascinated by cum, and the the feeling it gave me when it came out.

I was a pretty naive boy, never had sex with anyone, except when I was raped at thirteen by an older friend (another story) but I don't really count that because I didn"t really participate. Anyway, I was living with my sister and her husband and thier 9 year old daughter, and they decided to go visit my brother in law's cousin's family about an hour's drive from where we lived.

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"Oh, your going to love it " my sister gushed, "they have a son your age, and a daughter Allysa's age". I didn't know what to think on the long drive there but I figured It would be nice to have someone other than my dopey little niece to play games with. When we finally arrived, after the rounds of hugging, and the great to see you agains, I was introduced to Jimmy, thier son who was sixteen. He was a nice guy who made me feel welcome immediately.

Since I didn't know anyone there that made me feel good. They had a really nice house with a rec room that had a ping pong table, air hockey, darts and many other games.

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"Lets play ping pong" Jimmy said. "Cool" I said and we played for hours. It was really fun because we were equally good at it, and played some more after dinner. When bedtime rolled around, it was decided I would sleep with Jimmy who had a double bed, and my niece would sleep in thier daughter's room who had two single beds for sleepovers.

We went into Jimmy's room where we laughed and talked for awhile and then undressed for bed. it was still pretty hot so we both layed there in just our briefs on top of the covers.

I finally reached over and turned off the light, I was tired from a busy day. Just as I was falling asleep, I felt the bed shaking. I reached over, turned on the lamp, and I could not believe my eyes! Jimmy was laying there with his underwear pulled down, and was jerking his dick!

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I just stared because I didn't know what to say! He then begged me to suck it, and I said no way. "Please" he begged, "I'll do it to you". I don't know what came over me, but looking at his rock hard cock was stirring something in me. I had never seen an erect cock before, except my own. Even when I was raped two years earlier, I never actually seen the cock that did it to me.

Yes, I seen lots of dicks in the locker room, etc.

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But his dick was HARD! I felt the urge to touch it, so i reached out and took it in my hand. It was smaller than mine, about six inches long and smaller around. "Suck it" he said.


Again, I was strangely drawn to it and I leaned over and took it in my mouth. I had no idea how to do it but I knew enough to move it in and out of my mouth. I had only bobbed my head up and down on his cock three or four times when I felt his cum squirting hard in my mouth.It was so sudden!

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By the time I realized he was cumming in my mouth, and jerked my head off his cock he had already shot at least three long hard squirts in my mouth! And he kept cumming and shooting cum on my chin, neck, chest, and all over himself.

I did not think it was possible for anyone to shoot that much cum! Without thinking, I swallowed the mouthful of cum from the first squirts, and felt like, this is so dirty!!, I sucked a guys cock, and I am swallowing his cum!! Then it was my turn. I layed back and relaxed while Jimmy pulled down my underwear and popped my rock hard dick into his mouth. It was exquisite!!

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Jimmy had obviously done this before and the feeling was unbelievable! He could take almost all of my cock in his mouth, and the way he rolled his tongue around under my dick had me cumming harder than I ever had in my short few weeks of cumming experience. He swallowed all my cum and kept sucking till I went soft. I could not believe I did what I just did! It was so dirty! But at the same time I wanted more! The next day, I was a little embarrased, but again Jimmy put me at ease by acting as if nothing happened, but I couldn't wait to get to bed that night, and I know he felt the same.

It seemed to take forever, but we finally said our good nights and headed for Jimmy's room. As soon as we got there and locked the door we both stripped naked and jumped in bed. All I wanted was to suck Jimmy's cock again, and I hoped he would cum as much as he did the night before!

If I didn't jerk off for a week I could not produce that much cum! And I wondered how long it had been since Jimmy came last. "In the morning before you got here" he told me. WOW! In twelve or so hours he produced that much!

That made me so horny I went straight for his cock already rock hard and started to suck him.


After the blowjob he gave me the night before I knew how to do it! I took his cock as deep as I could in my mouth, which was all but an inch, rolled my tongue around as he had done to me. Slowly I went up and down, rolling my tongue, taking him in as far as I could, and within a minute felt his cum gushing into my mouth. I tried to swallow each squirt as he shot into my mouth, but there was too much! It poured out of my mouth as I gulped and gulped as much as I could.

I sucked him til he went limp, and then I actually licked all the leakage off his cock and balls til there was none left! I felt like such a dirty pig, but I loved it! To this day, I have only seen ejaculations like Jimmy's in pornos, and have wished I was there on the recieving end! What a cummer!


Never saw him again.