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Chapter 2 Tina's First Show Eddie quickly realized that if he was going to have Tina occupied putting on shows for the customers (and he was), he would have to bring on some additional help or resign himself to waiting a lot of tables. With the increased crowds he expected, he probably needed more than one waitress / entertainer anyways. With this in mind, when he woke up Saturday morning he placed an ad in a local free "entertainment newspaper" for an adult Waitress / Entertainer.

After accomplishing this chore he went over to the apartment to have a word with Toby. "Morning champ! How was school this week?" Eddie greeted as he walked into the basement apartment that Toby and Tina now occupied. Toby jumped up from where he was reading at the kitchen table and stammered, "goo good sir.

We really appreciate you letting us move in down here." "No problem at all Toby, don't get up I wanted to sit and talk with you while your sister is at work." Eddie replied. "You see Toby, I wanted to make sure you understand what your sister has signed up for and see if you might be interested in helping her out on weekends and maybe earning a little spending money." Toby definitely looked interested and said "Tina told me that she agreed to move to your X rated club.


I don't really like that she will have to be naked sometimes but I'm glad that you're giving her a job and helping us hide." Eddie hid a grin. This was going to be easier than he had thought. He hadn't thought that Tina would have told Toby what she was up to… "Yes Toby, it's a very grown-up thing your sister is doing and the mob will never think to look for your sister in an adult club with her being naturally shy and not quite 18 yet.

Us guys like looking at and playing with pretty girls like Tina but we'll make sure she stays safe and doesn't get into trouble. What I was thinking though, is that you're pretty mature also at 14 or 15, and as long as what we are doing with Tina doesn't bother you, maybe you could help Tina out at the Stuffed Pussy and earn some extra money during nights and weekends.

I could use someone to help clean-up and wash dishes and maybe do some cooking…" A phone call and an interview later I acquired Silvia, a late 30s hostess with strip club experience and very little modesty. She seemed to have enough moxie to keep order in the front of the house.

No one would pay her any attention standing next to Tina but she still had the curves and the flirtatious attitude that would keep the regulars coming back. Saturday Night "Tina, meet Silvia. Silvia, Tina is that sassy run-away I was telling you about.

Silvia will be our new hostess, waitress, and entertainer to help you out and…" Ed looked at Tina meaningfully, "Silvia will keep me from having to wait tables should you get tied up again." I looked up from the table I was wiping down. This was my second surprise of the day. My first was finding out that Toby was going to be doing dishes and bussing tables for Eddie. I argued vehemently with Toby and then Eddie. Mortified that my brother was going to get to see me running around wearing god only knows what!

I lost both arguments. I reached forward to shake Silvia's hand but to my surprise Silvia rushed forward and pulled me into a big hug. She was wearing a black cocktail waitress type uniform with purple and green accents.

The uniform had a deep cut halter top and a short skirt with fishnet stockings on her legs. It was far from modest but a good step better than the underwear that Eddie was forcing me to prance around in. Earlier Eddie had given me my uniform for tonight which was the same as last night's except deep pink panties and halter top instead of my stretched out yellow panties from last night.

These panties had a long pink "cat's tale" hanging down from the bum. To complete the outfit he handed me a head band with cat ears and a set of retro looking skates and pink knee pads. I felt a little thrill of excitement in my tummy as I looked at myself in the outfit. It was definitely cute and was a little more like an ice skater's costume compared to what I was wearing last night. "Aren't you adorable!" Silvia crooned. "No doubt you'll really get the boys wound up looking like that!" I blushed and said "I'm glad you're going to be with me tonight, it was really hard being the only waitress last night." "I bet." Silvia crooned.

"We'll show those men a thing or two tonight, won't we!" "Uhm, I guess so." I said, while thinking that showing them a thing or two was the last thing I wanted. Eddie walked away feeling proud of himself. He had a long conversation with Silvia earlier in the afternoon and had outlined her responsibilities and "incentive program". Silvia's job in a nut shell was: 1) Help him force Tina to do all the nasty things she didn't know she was going to be doing 2) Keep Tina from freaking out completely 3) Think up new, creative, nasty things to do to Tina and ways to have the patrons "interact" with Tina In exchange, Silvia would get a cut of the cover charge that the Stuffed Pussy would be instituting on weekends and for "special events".

For her part, Silvia seemed highly excited about this arrangement and had already started planning Tina's "18th birthday party" and, after meeting Bill, had suggested that maybe Tina should experience her first blow job on stage to celebrate Bill's birthday. Bill's birthday just so happened to be tonight&hellip. Good stuff! Eddie just wondered how Silvia was going to accomplish item #1 & 2 above while convincing Tina to give head.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< "Tina, come over here for a second hon." We were sitting in a make-shift "dressing room" that Eddie had thrown together in an oversized storage closet off stage. Silvia was now wearing some cat ears and had dabbed some "whiskers" on each cheek with some black make-up.

I got up and rolled over to the make-up table that Silvia had set up in front of the mirror and sat down on the bench next to Silvia.

"Turn your head to the left and let me see your cheek. I decided you need whiskers!" With that she quickly dabbed some black dots on each cheek giving me whiskers to go with my tail and ears. I smiled. "Thanks Silvia, they look cute!" "No problem chica!" Silvia put her arm over my shoulder. "Now, we need to have a little bit more serious talk. Did you know that Bill's birthday is tonight?" "Uhm… I guess I didn't" I responded.

"Well… it is, and I should probably tell you that Bill's probably going to be looking for a present tonight… maybe some help blowing out his candle if you know what I mean." I looked up at Silvia.

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I'm not completely naïve and had an idea where Silvia was going with this. "I'm not sure I do know what you mean, although I'm pretty sure it's not going to involve a cake." Silvia laughed and rubbed my back, "No hon… Eddie thought the appropriate appreciation for our best customer would be a blowjob… of course he would since he's not the one that has to wrap his lips around Bill's cock, is he?" "Silvia, I haven't ever given a blowjob before, I don't think I can ~" "Tina, Tina" Silvia laughed cutting me off.

"Don't worry, it's really not that bad and there isn't anything to it. Open up his fly and start sucking away with a lot of tongue… its one of those things where you just take a deep breath and get down to it&hellip. He'll be finished off before you know it.

Besides, at least Bill will be the one exposing himself tonight!" I sighed, I kind of knew this would be coming but I didn't figure it would be so soon. If I was honest, along with the abject fear I was feeling… there was also a tremor of excitement and curiosity. I'd never really seen a penis up close and didn't know what it would be like to touch one. "Silvia, will you help me… I'm kind of scared… I've never touched a penis before." 7:00 PM "Ladies and gentlemen; mostly gentlemen, without further ado I present to you the cutest kittens in town, Tina and Silvia ready to serve up your every need!" I rolled out waving enthusiastically to the crowd.

I was determined to play along and keep out of trouble tonight. I did a little pirouette spin as I came across the stage while Silvia walked out behind me. Most of the crowd was into their first drink and were cheering and whistling enthusiastically. Encouraged, I carefully stepped down the stage and started taking orders, rolling from table to table with my tail swinging along behind me.

"Hi boys, time for round 2?" I rolled to a stop at a table of late 30 somethings. Their eyes were glued to a flat screen on the wall. I followed their gaze and my face turned beat red. There I was on the screen with Bill and his friend spreading my legs and Eddie molesting my panty covered pussy while I hung from the column the night before.

I had no idea that Eddie was filming me the whole night! One of the guys turned to look at me "looks like you put on a good show last night, Eddie sure knows how to make his pussy purr." If possible, I turned a deeper shade of red. "I'm trying to be a good kitty tonight and keep you boys from getting thirsty," I replied, trying to change the subject back to serving drinks.

"In that case, another round of Miller Lites for the table and here's a little something for your effort." With that he deliberately reached down and pulled the front of my panties out while sliding a single down my belly button and over my pubic hair letting my panties snap back against my tummy. My cheeks still burning, I almost fell as I tried to backpedal on my skates and stuttered, "Another round coming up". I started skating back to the bar and had just gotten up to speed when my panties pulled tight and I was harshly dragged to a halt by my tail.

I squealed as I was unceremoniously dragged back to a table by my panties. My bum was exposed completely as the front of my panties dug into my crotch while the back was pulled away from my butt. I ended up rolling backwards until I came to a rough stop against someone's leg and was then hauled up onto what turned out to be Bill's lap. "Heya Tina, it's not nice to ignore the Birthday boy." I froze in fear and then decided maybe it would be in my interest to play with Bill a little bit.

"Bill!" I put my hands on my hips and looked back over my shoulder and acted playfully indignant. "Didn't your momma ever teach you how to call for a waitress?

You nearly put me on my bum and I don't want to ruin another one of Eddie's uniforms!" Bill gave a hearty laugh and put me back on my skates. He slapped the lower part of my bum and said "bring me another beer". <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I had gotten into a good rhythm skating back and forth from tables to the bar.

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The guys generally kept clear of me when I had a tray full of drinks but were forward about getting their feels in when I headed back to the bar with their empties. People had taken their cue from the first table of the night and singles were now hanging out of every inch of my waistband as the boys got more and more personal with their tips.

I was feeling pretty ok about the night when Silvia came up next to me and said, "Tina, I think its time we gave Bill his birthday present." The butterflies went right through my tummy and I felt my hands get all clammy. Silvia must have noticed because she quickly said, "don't panic hon, I'll be right with you… we'll take care of this one together!" Phil walked up and handed Silvia a birthday cake that had some kind of fancy candle sticking out of it.

"You gals ready?" I didn't respond but Silvia gave a quick "yep" and Phil handed me some matches before waving over to the stage where Eddie was standing at the mic. The music shut off then Eddie's voice came over the sound system. "Ladies and gentleman, the Stuffed Pussy would like to recognize a special day for a very special customer." With that a sultry voice started singing Happy Birthday over the sound system.

I skated next to Silvia as we made our way to Bill's table. Bill and his buddies were clapping and hooting. Silvia slid the cake in front of Bill and threw her arm around Bill and hopped up in his lap. I lit the candle on the cake which went up like a fireworks sparkler with an impressive array of flames and colors.

The music stopped and the candle burned low to a normal flame. Eddie's voice came back over the loud speaker "ok, Bill… you blow out your candle and then our pretty young pussy will see about blowing out your candle!" I wondered if my cheeks would ever go back to a normal complexion as they seemed to be burning bright red all night long. Before I knew it Bill had blown out his candle and Silvia had Bill's arm in one hand and my arm hooked in her other elbow as she led me up to the stage.

Eddie had a short stool set up on the stage and Bill quickly had a seat while Silvia pulled me down to my knees in front of Bill. I heard Eddie's voice in the background as I tried to gather my scattered wits.

"Now we know what them knee pads are for… seemed like a waste on such a graceful skater." Then I felt Silvia's hand between my shoulders rubbing my back and in a reassuring voice she said, "Why don't you fix your pony tail while I see what Bill's got in here for us.

Remember what I said, some things you just dive into and get through it". I took a deep breath and then reached back and pulled my rubber band out re-tying my pony tail. The familiar motion re-centered me despite the catcalls, hooting, and hollering coming from all sides of the stage.

When I looked back down Silvia had unzipped Bill's fly and his erect penis seemed to spring out through his pants. The head was large and bulbous with a thick vein running along the underside. It seemed menacing, all hard, angry, and red.


Silvia took my hand and brought it up to Bill's penis. Almost without thought I wrapped my fingers around it and gasped at how hot it felt in my clammy hands. I could feel Bill's pulse coming through his cock and I squeezed his shaft hard looking up at Silvia and Bill waiting for some sign of what to do next.

Bill gave a loud "Hooooweee! Girl you got some cold hands!

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Get your lips down there and let's see if your mouth is a little warmer or we're going to waste a perfectly good hard-on." Resigned, I gave a little shrug, and brought my head down and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I heard Silvia off to the side of me give a little "thatta-girl, now move your tongue around and get his shaft nice and wet." Bill gave an appreciative groan so I figured I must be doing something right as I started working my tongue in circles around his shaft.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. It tasted slightly salty, but not obnoxious, and Bill seemed to thoroughly enjoy every move I made. I felt Silvia next to my ear. "That's the way Tina. Start sliding your mouth up and down his shaft. Just like he's having sex with your mouth." Tina took my right hand off of Bills' penis. Confused, I used my left hand to balance myself against Bill's thigh and staring long slow strokes up and down his shaft with my mouth.

Bill gave a low guttural "aww ohhh" and started little humping motions in time with my strokes.

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I got into a good rhythm of long strokes with pauses where I swirled my tong around the head of his cock. After a couple of minutes of this, Eddie's voice boomed in the background. "Look at 'er go boys. That's one hungry cock-gobbler!

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Tell me Tina, are you a virgin cocksucker?" Embarrassed, I tried to pull back off of Bill's penis but his hands quickly went to the back of my head forcing me back down on his shaft.

"Tsk tsk tsk! Tina, hasn't anyone ever told you that it's rude to interrupt a good mouth fuck with talking? This is a case where it is perfectly proper to talk with your mouth full!" I started shaking with humiliation under Eddie's verbal abuse while Bill kept humping into my mouth, unperturbed.

I raised my eyes up to Eddie, trying to figure out what he wanted from me. Bill for his part used his hands to force my head up and down to meet his thrusting cock while giving satisfied grunts. "Now, how about an answer Tina&hellip. A simple nod of your head, or "I'm a virgin cocksucker" would suffice. You need to answer your boss' questions when you're asked." Scared, I mimicked Eddie's exaggerated up-and-down head nod carefully keeping Bill's cock in my mouth and mumbled "aimmma burjin ack ucker," completely mortified but too scared of annoying Eddie and hanging by my panties to not obey.

Talking into Billy's cock really seemed to get him going. I felt him stiffen and he gave a gasp "See?" Eddie laughed. "We understood you perfectly!

Now the second question is… do you know what deep-throating is?" I shook my head side-to-side on Bill's penis and mumbled "nuhuh". "Don't worry girl! Nothing to it… just take a deep breath and Bill will help you right along.

Just mind your teeth on Bill's important bits." Completely confused, I wasn't at all ready when Bill took a firm grip on the back of my head and thrust deep into the back of my throat.

I gagged and struggled to pull away and stand up. Silvia was instantly next to me with her hand on my back and her soothing measured voice saying "don't panic Tina; it's just like swallowing medicine.

Take a breath and act like the head of his cock is a big pill that you need to swallow." If anyone had bothered to ask me, I would have told them that they were all nuts!

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But of course no one did and the next thing I new Bill was again pulling me back down his hot shaft until it was again at the entrance to my throat. I gagged when it hit the back of throat but tried not to panic (if not quite relaxing) in the middle of "ackkkking" around his cock. Suddenly, it was like something gave way and his cock slide firmly down my esophagus into my throat. Bill's pubic hair was tickling and scratching my nose and it was a couple of moments before I realized that I couldn't breathe with a swollen cock blocking my air-way.

I struggled and went "ackkk ak ak ak" Billy ground his crotch against my face bruising my lips and went "oh oh oh oh oh you little slut so fucking good." Thankfully after a couple of seconds, that seemed like eons to me he let me withdraw, and take a breath but he kept my lips from coming off his cock completely.

And then Eddie's voice was booming in my ears again "Thattsa good slutty little girl. One more of those and you'll put that candle right out. The question is where should we have his candle blow? With my lips still wrapped tight around Bill's Penis I raised my eyes back to Eddie, trying to understand what he wanted from me.

"Do you want a big mouthful of man juice down your throat or are you going to stroke him off on your tits?" I had learned enough to know that if Eddie was giving me a choice, I had better choose one or he would think of something worse. Frantically, I shook my head side-to-side and mumbled around Billy's cock "nah my mooth, I wan my its." Eddie laughed loudly and I heard the crowd behind me laughing as someone called out "Hah, we all want your tits!" Eddie boomed, "Well then!

In honor of your first blowjob, we can maybe honor that request. One more good deep-throat and maybe we'll let you stop sucking and start stroking." I knew it was too good to be true but I also knew that Bill's cock would be going down my throat whether I helped it get there or not.

I took a breath and then started working Bill's cock to the back of my throat. Again I gagged when his head touched the back of my throat but Bill was already pulling my head the rest of the way down and all I could do was try to swallow.

Like before, something stretched and gave and then I felt his super-heated penis working its way down my throat while my throat started a kind of rhythmic gagging. This time instead of holding still with his cock buried in my throat, Bill started short hard thrusts pulling me tight to his crotch so that his balls slapped against my chin. "GA AH GA AH GA ACK ACK ACK GAH!" All I could do was choke and gag and hope that Bill let me up before I passed out from lack of air. I had both hands on Bill's hips but he was too strong for me to try to force myself back off his cock.

And then, thankfully, Bill let go and my throat and mouth were free of cock. Someone took my right hand and poured some kind of warm oily liquid into it before putting it back around Bill's cock while someone else pulled me upright on my knees.

I heard Silvia, sounding husky and breathless saying, "thatta way Tina, start stroking that dick. You're almost done… he's ready to blow!" I started wanking Bill faster and faster. His penis was inches from me and Bill was looking all tense and focused like he was pushing hard against something. He started a long slow moan and I got ready to duck out of the way.

And then his cock came alive and started jerking around in my hand! I went to duck but someone had my head and Bill had his hand over mine aiming his penis at my face. "Aieeeeeek!" I shrieked as the first shot of his cum hit me in the forehead followed by a second wave next to my nose and a third spurt on my chin.

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It was hot, thick, and sticky and I shut my eyes tight while the whole club broke into cheers and applause. I was mortified, as Bill hauled me up into his lap facing the audience. The whole room was cheering and applauding with most of them holding out cell phones to take videos or take pictures of my cum-covered face. I wanted to wipe my face with my hands but Eddie had both arms held tight.

"Well what do you think Bill, is that the kind of happy ending you imagined for your birthday?" Eddie exclaimed into the mic.

There was a collective snicker as Bill gave an enthusiastic "Hell Yeah!" "Well, Tina, since we don't want to insult Bill's gift to you, make sure you leave your new facial cream in place for the rest of the night!" I started shaking again, not believing that my humiliation could get any more intense.

Now I was going to be forced to skate around the bar with cum covering my face to avoid more punishment. And so my second night at the Stuffed Pussy came to an end, with me serving tables while Bill's cum dripped down my face and slowly dripped onto my shirt leaving wet spots across my breasts. ***********************End of Chapter 2***********************