Casado por fin se mete el dildo de su esposa por el culo

Casado por fin se mete el dildo de su esposa por el culo
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April and I had gone out for a few years by now. She's a 5'5", athletic built beauty with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

I'm not sure which I like more. Her big D-cup melons or her smooth shaved pussy. Just thinking about either of them makes me hard. One year during the week of Thanksgiving, we decided to take a little trip. The factory I worked at in northern Wisconsin always shuts down for the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.

So, we decided to drive down to Georgia to see some friends of mine.

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We made the trip down in a day leaving early Saturday morning. Over all the week went buy without any issues. The only thing that bothered us was that, since we weren't married, and we were staying in our friends house, they had us staying in separate bedrooms.

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Thanksgiving dinner was great. We had a good time catching up and seeing the sights. But the next Saturday came and it was time to drive home.

Once again, early Saturday morning, we set out on the road. We barely got out of Atlanta when April looked over at me and told me she was horny as hell. We hadn't had sex in a week. I think that's a record for us.

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I told her to pull her pants down so I could watch her rub her pussy. "What if a truck passes by and sees?" The little S-10 truck I was driving had all the windows tinted limo black. It was pretty hard to see in. "Besides," I told her after reminding her of the tint, "nobody here knows us. Who cares what they see." That was all the convincing she needed.

Without a work, April unbuckled her seat belt, unbuttoned her pants, arched her but up off the seat, and slid her pants and panties down together. After putting her seat belt back on, her right knee was against the door panel and I held her left knee as close to me as I could. Of course I had an instant hard on. I looked over to see her perfectly smooth pussy lips already gaping open and wet. Hell, she hadn't even touched herself yet.

As she started rubbing and fingering herself, all I could think about was getting my cock in there. I needed to shoot a load so bad. It only took a few miles before April was moaning and squirming. Then came the screaming and bucking.

I could tell she was really enjoying herself. April kept her pants off after she was finished and every once in a while she would rub her pussy a little with the palm of her hand. As we crossed over into Chattanooga, TN, I pulled over into a rest stop. It was still about 5 in the morning and dark out. "What's wrong?" April asked.


I didn't answer, just pulled into a parking spot in the furthest, darkest corner of the lot. I shut the truck off and locked the doors. Reaching behind the seats, I pulled out a small blanket and did my best to hang it over the windshield.

Then, flipping the center arm rest up and out of the way, I grabbed April by the legs and pulled her to me. She knew what I wanted and slid down onto the seat as she raised her hips to my face. That pussy never tasted so sweet.

I stuck my tongue straight into her waiting hole and tongue fucked her for a minute or so. It really didn't take long to get her wet again. While I tried to hold her in place, I was also trying to get my own pants undone. Once I got my pants around my ankles, I climbed up on the seat and between April's legs.

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My cock was almost on auto pilot as it found its way into her pussy. When I was all the way in, I went straight to high gear as I fucked her hard. April came again almost immediately. I didn't last long either. That's unusual for me, but it had been a week.

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A few minutes of full length stroking in and out of her pussy and I was gushing in her. I never came that much or that hard in my life. My cum was leaking out of her, down her ass, and onto the seat before I had even finished shooting.

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When I finally pulled out, April had her hands down by her pussy to catch as much cum as she could. Drinking it from her hands and scooping up as much as she could, she turned me on even more. "I'm going to get the bag from the back of the truck and go clean up," she told me as she pulled her pants back on. Carrying a duffel bag to the rest stop rest room area, her round ass wiggled back and forth.

Maybe 10 minutes later, April emerged from the rest room carrying the bag and wearing some short runner type shorts and a t-shirt. She threw the bag into the back of the truck and got in, this time putting a towel down first. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra due to her nipples sticking out against the thin shirt.

As I started the truck back up and got ready to go, April pulled her shorts back off again. No panties this time. Then she buckled up and said "Let's go." We drove for a few hundred miles until we got into Illinois. By now, of course, the sun was up and traffic was out.

We had stopped for fuel a couple of times. When we had stopped, April didn't get out of the truck, but she hadn't bothered to put her shorts back on either.

I couldn't take it much longer.

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I found another rest stop and pulled in again. This time I didn't bother with the blanket on the windshield. In fact, we cracked the windows a bit so they wouldn't steam up. Then I pulled her to me again. This time, instead of eating her out, I put 3 fingers right up into her and my thumb on her clit. I couple minutes of finger fucking her and I could tell she wanted to cum again. I replaced my thumb on her clit with my tongue and POW!

I know she did her best to muffle her screams, but we still got some attention from some truckers. As I slid my cock into her again, I looked up to see 2 truckers looking into the windshield. I whispered to her that I was afraid they thought I was raping her. Then, without warning me, April started moaning "Oh God, Yeah. That cock feels so fucking good.

I want every inch of it in me." Of course that put the truckers at ease, but that didn't make them go away.

But we didn't care if they watched or we would have put the blanket back up.


This time we both lasted a little longer. That little S-10 truck was rocking for at least 45 minutes. We drew a nice crowd of truckers too. With April screaming and me pounding her pussy across the seat of that little truck, we didn't care at all what was going on outside. Of course, as she came, April's screaming got louder and louder. With that, the truckers were also cheering her on. Then when I finally blew my load in her again, along with my grunts and moans came a loud cheering from the group outside.

"Come on out and take a bow honey!" came a shout from the crowd. April looked at me as if to ask permission. I gave her the nod, handed her her shorts from the floor board, and pulled my dick from her overflowing pussy. As she sat up on the seat, our combined juices were pouring from her pussy once again. April took her shorts, opened the door and got out, took a bow, and bent down to put her shorts on.

In doing so, she also took a hand full of cum and gulped it down right in front of everyone. That got another round of applause. What an attention whore.