Mature wife being felt up by strangers

Mature wife being felt up by strangers
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My name is Destiny and I am a vampire. Unlike those bullshit stories, I don't need blood to survive, I need cum juices. I am doomed to wander the earth alone for all of eternity, cat form when the sun is up and human form when the moon rises.

Day time I get stroked and night time I do the stroking. Male or female, it doesn't matter, as long as they cum so I can live for another day. I prey on the helpless and the young.

I prey only on those that are as beautiful as I am. I am not conceited. It's a fact.

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The more gorgeous they are, the sweeter their cum tastes. Every night I roam the dark lit streets searching. Sniffing the air for the smell of sexual heat and young hot hormones. Searching for that special someone that I could feed off and you never know one day, someone I could love. I have never met anyone yet who had the same sexual desires and stamina as I do.

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I just rounded the corner of the night club district about to give up on the search for this night, and that is when I found her. She stood outside the doors of a sleezy nightclub amongst a group of people. One quick look and I knew she met all my requirements and more. Her red silky shiny hair just reaching beyond her shoulder blades, curling ever so slightly at the edges.

Her mini skirt hugging her ass tightly and showed off her long slim legs that were tucked into thigh high come-fuck-me boots. Her squenced black backless top drapped over her braless small but perky breast. Her green penetrating eyes met mine briefly as she glanced around and smiled at me with those full red scrumptious lips.

When our eyes met I knew everything about her. That's one of my many vampire talents. Her name was Natasha and she was 18 years old. Her boyfriend Tim? James?

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no thats not right, ahhhh Jim, that's it!, was the big burly looking fellow standing on her right. Her friends stood to her left. I knew she had been with 5 men before her boyfriend but never once with a female.

I knew she had never touched herself. I knew she was hot and horny as hell.


I knew by the end of the night she would be begging me for more. I walked over to the group and grabbed her hand. No one dared to stop me. "Come with me Natasha" I said, tugging at her hand. "Yes" She said and no one questioned who I was or how I knew her name or why she was going with me. Not even her boyfriend. I led her through the dark streets, neither of us saying a word. We arrived at my appartment a short time later. As I led her up the stairs, I thought about the things I would love to do to her and her do to me.

My tight jeans rubbing against my clit as I took each step making the wetness on panties spread. As soon as I closed the doors, I spun her around and forcefully yet passionately kissed her, feeling her hot breath enter my mouth and heard her moan from the back of her throat. I pulled her head back by her hair exposing her bare shoulders and nibbled and sucked at her neck until she began to go limp in my arms.

I reached behind her hair and undid the ties to her top and then untied the back ones, letting her top drop to the floor. "Undress" I said and stood back and watched. Natasha bent over and unzipped her boots, taking each one off slowly, teasing and taunting me by taking her time. She smiled shyly as she undid her zipper and wiggled sexily out off both her skirt and panties. Involuntarily I sucked in a short burst of air, as I stared at her nakedeness. She was a beautiful woman with a bod to die for.

I could not find one flaw. "Come" I said as went to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and got undressed. I knew she was staring at my lean athletic body and that made me even wetter.

I stepped in and motioned for her to follow. When she was in the shower, I pushed her against the cold tiles and raised her hands above her head and held them there as I kissed her. I kissed her mouth, her neck and her arms taking my time and enjoying every moment. I grabbed both wrists with one hand and ran my hand down her smooth young body, down to her pussy and rubbed her lips with my fingers until I could feel her hip trying to press against my hand.

Her body was begging my fingers to enter her lips and to touch her love bud. "Please" she begged. "NO" I replied. I let go of her wrist and grabbed the shower gel and sponge and slowly went over every part of her body and then she did mine. Our bodies glistening from the shower gel and water. I held my breast in my hands and stepped closer to her and rubbed my hard nipples against hers.

Her moaning and groaning got louder as our nipples touched. Our slippery bodies grinding each other's. "Please" she begged again. "Not yet my love" I said sternly.

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I ran my fingers down her cheek to her lips and she placed two of them inside her mouth. Looking deepily into my eyes, she began to suck at them. The moisture and sensation of her mouth and lips around my fingers, the water on my back was making my pussy throb and scream for attention.

But I could wait. I could wait forever for that's all I have. I leaned forward and kissed those full lips once again.

As I did I reached down and ran circles around her clit. "Mmmmmmm, Oh God" she grunted. "No my dear Natasha, but close enough" I said as I entered her with my fingers. Her sweet hot pussy felt so tight and moist around my fingers that I felt like I was in heaven.

With my fingers inside her pounding away and my thumb rubbing her bud, I bit down on her shoulders with my vampire teeth bringing her to her first all girl orgasm. I could feel her pussy muscels contract against my fingers and her cum ran down my hand. I took out my fingers gently and raised them to my mouth and sucked and fed off her juices. We tenderly washed each other with the sponge washing all the soapy gel away.

I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off and then dried Natasha down. Slowly running the towell up and down those long legs and taking my time in between them. She followed me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I turned the CD Player on and heard the african drum music playing in the background. I laid her on the bed, her hair still dripping wet from the shower, and I reached for the drawer.

I pulled out my pink pearl vibrator and lube and kneeled between her legs. "Use it on yourself" I said handing it to her. She got the lube and rubbed it all over the vibrator.

"I have never used one before.

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But for you, I will my . I don't even know your name" She looked at me uncertain for a moment. "Destiny is my name and pleasuring you is my game, my sexy sweet Natasha" and with that she smiled. Natasha laid back on the pillows and closed her eyes letting the music engulf her. She ran her hands over her breast and over her hard pink nipples.


Her body arching as she did so. She cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them gently, moaning softly. There was still lube on her hands and now she spread it over her breast making them shine by the bedside light. Natasha placed her fingers again around her nipples and rubbed them as she pulled them to to point I knew it would hurt.

A good hurt. "Ohhhhhh that feels so good" she said huskily. She ran her hands together down the middle of her firm flat stomach and over her mound of red hair and into her sweet pussy.

Her ass lifting off the sheets as she raised up to meet her hands. Her fingers disappearing into her pussy twisting and turning only coming out to rub her swollen clit. I reached over and handed her the vibrator that she had placed beside her. She pressed the on button and it began to hum, the pearls going around in a semi circular motion.

She placed it against her pussy and slowly inserted it. Only an inch, then two and as she grunted she took the whole lot. "Oh my God, Oh my God!" she screamed. The vibrator disappeared deeply into soaking pussy, with the tickler rubbing at her clit.

She let it sit there for a couple of seconds then pounded the vibrator in and out, slow at first then fast. She would stop the vibrator so the pearls were just at the enterance of her pussy and let the pearls work their magic and then pound away again. The vibrations sending her body into spasms. She began to cum. As I sat between her legs watching her, I placed my own hand in between my legs and began to rub my own hard pulsating clit to the beating of the drums in the background.

My head fell backwards, my long hair brushing against my naked back as I too began to climax. We both came together. Her body twisting and bucking with her orgasm, mine sending my legs to jelly.

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I decided right then that I could not let her go. Let her go back to her former life and her boyfriend. I wanted my sweet darling Natasha as I have never wanted anything more in my long entire life. "Natasha, my sweet baby, do you want to stay with me forever or go back to your boring life?

Are you cumming or going?" I asked, no I dared her.


"Staying, cumming, what ever you so desire my Destiny" she smiled. I lent forward and I sunk my teeth into her clit and gently sucked her lingering remaining cum that was still around her pussy, tasting her sweetness. I moved over her body and kneeled above her head.

"Baby suck me, lick me, become me" I ordered, as I placed my pussy over her lips. "Yes, Yes, Oh god, YES please" she begged.

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She hungrily flicked her tongue around my clit in cirlces. And when I thought I couldn't take anymore, she then she fucked my pussy with her long tongue. She stopped and began to suck and lick my clit, bringing me to new orgasmic heights until I came again, this time all over her lovely face. When she finished tasting me, I moved my body down lower on hers, my still wet pussy and clitoris rubbing against her naked chest leaving a wet slimy trail.

I bent over and kissed her, letting both our cum juices combine in our mouths. That was I all I needed to do to make her mine. Combined juices makes her like me, just my juices alone would kill her.

I then sat up and watched her transform. I watched in fascination as her green eyes had turned into a crystal blue and her red hair darkened until it became black. She died as I watched her and then she sat up and sucked in a breath of air and became a cum sucking creature of the night. If it was possible, she was twice as gorgeous. We fell asleep in each others arms and woke as two cats and spent the day licking each other, waiting for the moon to appear so we could make love to each other.

She's only cumming for me now. And OH baby! she cums and she cums again and again. And each time she cums, I cum.

We never have to go searching anymore. We feed off only each other. Living off each others juices. Never needing another human except when we desire a hard throbbing cock, but that is another story. Cumming or Going? Trinity © December, 2009