Old man young woman Stranger in a ginormous palace knows how to

Old man young woman Stranger in a ginormous palace knows how to
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I was a quiet little girl who kept to herself. My dad was raising me alone. I didn't know much but I soon learned alot. It started one night when I was 8 years old. I was sleeping in my bed facing the wall with my knees drawn up.

Suddenly I woke with a start. Someone was touching my bare bottom. The sheet has been peeled back and my nightie had been raised to my waist and I felt a hand running up the back of my legs to my bottom. I didn't wear panties to bed because my dad had told me it wasn't good to sleep with them on and I always did what my dad said.

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I felt a finger between my cheeks touching my anus and then it was gone only to return moistened and probing into me. And then it was gone, my nightie pulled down and the sheet replaced.

I went back to sleep thinking maybe it was a bad dream. But it wasn't. Next night I awoke again and felt the hand on my legs. My nightie was pulled up above my hips and I was exposed almost to my shoulders. The hand ran up and down my legs feeling the soft downy hair that was too fine to shave at 8 years old.

My anus was probed again and I heard breathing close by. I felt a soft kiss on my hip. The finger was deeper inside me and I didn't move. This wasn't any dream. I felt another kiss on my ear and the side of my face as the finger worked in and out of my anus. And then it was over again just like before.

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The next night I was barely asleep when the door to my room opened allowing in light from the hallway. I kept my eyes closed and waited while the sheet was peeled back and my nightie raised above my hips again. Hands ran up and down the back of my exposed body. I felt a kiss on my face and then a tongue licking my ear and behind it while the finger rubbed my anus and found its way inside of me. I opened my eyes as the finger went into me and I heard him exhale.

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He laid down beside me with his finger up my ass and pushed my straggily blonde hair back from my face. He kissed me on the side of my face and licked my neck.


Turn over he whispered as he took his finger out of my ass. I did as he said.

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He placed his finger that had been inside me on my lips and said open your mouth and when I did he put his finger in my mouth and he told me to suck on it. It tasted funny but I did it because when my dad said do something I did it or else. He took his finger out of my mouth and ran his hand along the front of my exposed body holding a hand full of my long hair in his other hand. Then he began to rub my private area working his finger around my little vagina.

Open your legs he hissed and I opened them as much as I could with him lying there almost on top of me. His finger worked on my vagina and then he put the finger back in my mouth and said get it good and wet and when I did he stuck his finger up my little cunt making it quiver.

He kissed my forhead and around my face as he finger fucked my little pussy and then he sucked on my little exposed nipple making it hard and he sucked on my flat little chest and worked his finger in and out between my legs. I lay there in panic waiting for it to end and finally it did after he withdrew his finger from inside me and kissed my stomach. He didn't bother pulling my nightie down or replacing the sheet.

He just went to the bathroom and left me there wondering what had happened but knowing it wasn't right. The next morning I came down for breakfast and he fed me like normal and didn't say a word about what he had done to me last night.

My vagina hurt a little and I was sore between my legs but I kept quiet. He took me to school and as I got out of the car he smiled and said I'll see you tonight. I went to bed that night but couldn't fall asleep. He waited till late before he came in and he left the door open so the room was partially lit. He was wearing a bathrobe and he was all business.

He pulled the sheet off of me and told me to turn over on my back and to take off my nightie. I was used to him seeing me nude because until recently he had bathed me so it wasn't any big deal to me. He was my dad after all. He told me to turn on my stomach and when I did he staddled my body with his ass on my shoulders facing down. His big hairy ass was almost in my face. He had taken off his bathrobe and I could feel his hairy legs and body on top of me. He forced his moist finger into my ass and gave me a good finger fucking before having me turn over.

When I had turned over he was straddling me now facing me, his erect penis close to my face. Again I had to lick his finger clean as he worked his finger in and out and around my little mouth. It tasted funny again and not at all pleasant but I did what he said. He removed his finger from my mouth and rubbed his penis across my lips. I scrunched my face up and when I did he slapped me across the face and said open your eyes.

I did as tears formed and ran down from the corners of my eyes. Kiss it. I kissed his cock, Again, on the hole. I kissed his pee hole as he said.


Stick your tongue in the whole you slut. Now suck on it like its a lolly pop but I couldn't get it into my mouth so he propped my head up with pillows so I was facing right at his cock. Open your mouth and suck on it you little whore. What's a whore, I wondered, but I did what he said.

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He began to push his cock further into my mouth until I gagged and when I did he grabbed my hair and slapped me again. Keep sucking. As I was sucking on the head of his dick he pushed a finger up my cunt again only not nice like before this time really hard and he was moving his finger in and out of my quivering cunt while I was sucking on the head of his big fat dick.

I kept sucking and he kept fucking my little mouth with his cock and my quivering cunt with his finger and I kept gagging until he started to groan and breathe hard and he was saying oh yeah yeah here it comes (here WHAT comes?) and he thrust his cock into my mouth and shot warm salty goo into my mouth.

YUCK! I began to choke and spit out his cum onto my bare chest and he dragged me into the bathroom by my hair where I threw up into the bowl his sperm that was still in my mouth and down my throat. Not good, he said, not good at all. He stood next to me as I was kneeling over the toilet bowl spitting out the last of his cum. He staddled me kneeling before the bowl and began to urinate into the bowl getting some of his urine on the rim.

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Lick it off he said and he took the back of my head and began to move my face around the rim of the toilet bowl. Lick it clean you little bitch and I did again and again until he said okay and then he pushed my face into the toilet bowl water into his urine and his cum as he flushed the bowl. He pulled my head out sputtering and gagging, water running down my face from my hair onto my bare chest. God you are awful.

You don't know how to do anything right. I was crying quietly because I didn't know what I was supposed to do. You'll do better next time. And don't tell anyone about this you little whore.

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Don't you dare say a word. I nodded sullenly and he said now go back to bed and think about this and how you can do better next time. You were really pathetic tonight you little slut. And he left me in the bathroom to wonder what had happened and why it had made him so unhappy.

I would definitely have to do better next time. I wanted my dad to be happy.