Lesbians kissing and grinding first time girlbosss cant get enough of each other

Lesbians kissing and grinding first time girlbosss cant get enough of each other
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This is the next generation in the 'Hoosier Taboo??' series. Hopefully, this'll be a start to a new series. Those who read the first 'Hoosier Taboo??' series, would be familiar with all the mean characters. Three in which are no longer in this series, but will be mentioned.

This one begins with Cody and his daughter, Carolyn.


Please let me know what you think. Thanks. . ----------------- Sumer of 2014. My mother hasn't been feeling too well, so Carolyn and I had her admitted to the ER. That was when we all got some horrible news, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

At first, they said she wouldn't even last six months to a year. Then me, my aunt Deena, Carolyn and Darren all had a little sit-down during dinner early one evening. At that point, all of us were trying to decide about what to do about mom.

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Just three years earlier, we lost my sister Dana to advanced-stage colon cancer. We weren't gonna let mom go out like that, and time was a luxury that we didn't have much of.

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"Are you gonna get a second opinion elsewhere mom?" I asked her. Then she replied, "Not only that, but do another thorough exam to find out whether or not it's totally accurate." "I agree," Darren said, "I've seen on an episode of 20/20 that there've been a rash of misdiagnosed cases in the last several years." "Which is why your mother suggest doing another thorough exam," aunt Deena said.


"Is there anything we could all do in the meantime mom?" Carolyn asked. Then mom replied, "Just expect the worse, but pray for the best and be optimistic about all of this." "We'll do," Darren said. And so after our little chat, we all cleaned up. The only good thing about all of this is mom finally retired from her job after nearly thirty years as a school secretary.

At age 66, she's still a little spark plug. But now she has even bigger fish to fry. About a couple of weeks later, me, my mom along with aunt Deena went back to a different doctor for another exam and another opinion.

Sure enough, Darren was right. The cancer turned out to be in her stomach and NOT her pancreas, so that was better news. The real good news that it was in the early stages when they ran a biopsy through her stomach, so it was operable. The following week after, they went in and removed the cancer.

We were relieved that the surgery was a complete success. "Will mom be okay in the hospital for a week or so Cody?" Carolyn asked.

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Then I replied, "She'll be alright, but we've been through worse ordeals than this before in the family." So after we left the hospital, both me and Carolyn came back home while Darren, Deanna & aunt Deena stayed till visiting hours were over. But Deena decided to stay the night with mom as we all took turns for a week or so until mom came home. But one night while mom was still in the hospital, Carolyn began to get ever so emotional, knowing the hell our older sister went through before she died.

Carolyn couldn't sleep, in fact, neither could I. She stayed with me a couple of nights, so I was able to comfort her in more ways than one. That was when she asked me an interesting question, "Cody, is it true that incestuous taboos run in our family?" "What do you mean?" I asked her.

Then she responded, "Even though you're my older brother, you're also my father. I know you got both our mom and our aunt Denna pregnant." "Who told you?" I asked her. Then she said, "From my cousins who's also my half-sister, Deanna and my half-brother Jacob." "Where are you going with all of this?" I asked her.

Then that's when she made that magical request, "Cody, I want you to fuck me, your sister/daughter." Now, I've seen it all. Now for nearly 22 years, I've watched my little baby girl grow up to be a tall, slender kind of young woman who's built just like our mom. Difference is she has dark hair like I do. And now, this is the same baby girl I helped produce who wants me to stick my huge cock deep inside her twat.

"Can you even handle a big cock?" I asked her. Then she said, "I don't know, I'm still a virgin dad." Whoa!

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Daddy's little girl ain't a whore. "Have you had any kind of sex before with anyone?" I asked her. Then she said, "When Jacob came home on holiday leave from the Marines, I gave him a nice blowjob." "And how'd you like it?" I asked her. Then she said, "I actually did good. I manage to swallow his entire load." Then I asked her, "Why didn't you let him fuck you?" "Well to be honest," she answered, "I was nervous and I wasn't ready.

Besides, he fucked Deanna at the same time after I sucked him dry." "Oh, so you guys had a little 3-way action going then?" I asked her.

Then she said, "Precisly. But we didn't tell anyone. The only reason I told you is because you fucked mom and aunt Deena." "Well," I said, "you may be right. But are you sure you still want me to take your innocence away sweetheart?" "Absolutely dad," she replied.

So Carolyn and I went into my bedroom and we both undressed. She just washed up, so her body smelled like berries & creme. Like mom, her tits were nice and round and a C cup size. Then she lowered her thong, exposing a nice, clean beaver that has been neatly trimmed.

Then I said to her, "Damn sweetheart, you definitly learned from your mother." "And what is that?" she asked. Then I said, "Besides your amazingly, beautiful figure you got from your mother, you have a nicely trimmed bush." "Well," she said, "mom always said that men prefer a real, classic beauty with a nice snatch.

Not some teeny-bop who shaves theirs." So she then comes foward and begins unbuckeling my belt to undo my pants. After she did that, my pants just dropped- along with my boxers. "Damn dad, mom's right," she reacted in amazement. "Your cock IS fuckin' huge!" "Can you handle my size in your mouth first?" I asked her. Then she responded, "It's a tad bigger than Jacob's, but I'll try my best though." "Go slow & easy first, okay sweety?" I said to her.

Then she said, "Here goes nothing." So as I sat on the edge of the bed, Carolyn got on her knees and crawled up to where the head of my shaft was. She then opens wide to put my cock inside her mouth. She stretched her lips so she could get most of it in her mouth. As she began to suck, she started gagging and choking. But after a minute or so, she takes it out and takes a breather.

"Can you handle it yet?" I asked her. Then she replied, "It's bigger than I thought it would be. I don't know if I can deep-throat it like I did Jacob's." Then I said to her, "Just do the best So she takes a deep breath and puts my big cock back into ner mouth.

Then she starts to bob up & down slowly, but she didn't take it all the way in as I suggested.

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But before too long, she started to pick up the pace a little as she continues to bob. Then suddenly, she takes my cock out of her now-wide mouth. She then lick my balls to get me even more aroused.

Then I said, "Good girl, keep it up dear." So after she tongued my balls for a minute, she resumes the sucking by sticking my cock mack in her mouth. She got so used to my huge shaft, she begins to deep-throat. As she gags a little, she bobs ever so quickly. It's clear she's enjoying this as much as I am. But after just about a handful of minutes, my balls began to churn & boil. "Carolyn honey, I'm gonna cum!" I said to her.

But she either didn't listen, or she ignored me. She was having so much pleasure in blowing her daddy. After my cock swelled up in her mouth, it happened. "OHHHHHH., SHHIITTTTT!!!!" I grunted as rope after rope of my semen began to spew though my cock and into hermouth.

And from what I could see, she kept gulping as she somehow managed to swallow my entire load. For someone like me who's in his early forties, I can still shoot a mean load like I did when I fucked mom, aunt Deena & the late Laura Wilkins. After she finished milking and emptying my balls, I collapsed right on the bed. It was me who had to take a breather now. "So how did I do dad?" she asked me.

Then after I took another deep breath, I said to her, "God sweetheart! For someone who's only done it a few times, you acted like a pro." "Well," she said, "that's what happens after sucking on lolly pops.


Practice, practice, practice." "And practice makes perfect," I said. Then I asked, "Now., are you sure you me to bust your cherry dear?" "I'm dead serious dad," she replied.

But then I said, "Okay. But I got to warn you though, it's gonna hurt at first. So I'll be very gentle on you." "Could you be easy on me please dad?" she asked. "You know I'll take care of you," I said to her. But then she makes a stunning request to me, "Dad, I want you to cum inside of me." "Are you sure baby?" I asked her.

Then I added, "Are you on the pill?" "No," she replied, "I really want to have your baby. I want you to pump your gift of life deep inside of my womb. My young eggs are waiting." Then I said to her, "Okay, but you need to stop and think about what you're getting yourself into." "I'm ready to be a mother," she said.

"And besides, when you were younger than my age, you fucked and heeded mom and aunt Denna. As long as you'll be here for me." And she's right, I've fucked both my mom and my aunt.

And I've gotten great results, three wonderful kids- in which case one of them I'm about to knock up. So after her little request, I had her lay on the bed flat on her back. As I already noticed, her pussy was getting wet. So I knelt down on my knees so I could eat that virgin twat of my daughter's.

As soon as I spreaded her legs wideoped, I proceeded to tease her first by licking her slit, then her clitoris. By then, she was getting aroused. So I ate her out for a little bit, and also trying to stretch her pussy lips as much as possible. This way, I could put my cock in her slowly without splitting her open in two.

It didn't take long for her to reach her climax, because she started moaning while saying, "Oh dad., I., I'm gonna cum!" She must've masturbated before, because she knew I just threw her over the edge. Sure enough, it happened. Her pussy juices started squirting all over my face & in my mouth.

She yells and moans out with delight, " Yyeeesss., YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!" So I had her relax for a bit, then we began the breeding process. "Dad," my daughter said, "stick your cock in my pussy. Please!!" So I got up a little, I moved Carolyn up to the headboard and had keep laying flat. And so I got up and I was able to position my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I began to push my cock in her tight, virgin pussy little by little about an inCh or teo, then I pulled out.

She began to sigh as she took a couple of deep breaths. Then she said, "Dad, make me a real woman. But don't go slow, just push it in fast." She wasn't fucking sriund. And so I began to push it back in a little faster & a little harder I inserted my big cock back in. As I went deeper, I came upon her hymen. So with one giant thrust, I busted her cherry. She screams with pleasure., "OOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEEE., FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK., YYYEEEESSSSS!!!" So I pulled it back out when I noticed a little blood, I must've shredded her maidenhead in an instant.

So I placed my cock back inside of her. This time, I was able to pump my cock a little harder, even though she was still tight. But by then, Carolyn was starting to get used to it. She then moans out, "Ih., fuck! This., feels., so., fucking., good!!!!" As I began to pump harder, I could feel my balls churn again.

"I'm gonna., cum., baby!" Then she said, "Cum in my tight pussy dad!" And right after that, my cock began to stiffen again. And then I shot rope after thick rope of my baby seed inside of my daughter's tight young pussy.

I must've shot between seven to eight spurts of pearly white seed deep inside her womb. After I fire the last drops, I suddenly collapsed on top of her. Then i said, "Of all the women I've ever fucked, you're the first virgin," "Really dad?" she asked. After a couple of minutes, I pulled my spent cock out of her. Some of the cum mixed with a little blood, came oozing out of my daughter. "You're not to tell anyone about us," I told her. "If you do get pregnant, just say you had a one-nighter with some guy you knew.

Understand?" "Yes daddy," she answered. "Can't say anything to either mom or aunt Deena. That hot summer evening turned out to be better than I thought. But things got better after my mom came home from the hospital. After a couple of months, mom was cancer.free.

Carolyn & I dodge the stork. Incredibly, she was on time as far as her period went. So she went on the pill. But we would both have our escapades and mom would also join in with us. "Cody," my mom said, "maybe when Jacob comes back, you, Carolyn, Deanna & Jacob should have a little orgy." And that might happen soon enough. Hope y'all enjoyed it. Please leave feedback. Thank you. Speedinator72