Teen couple cam show stealing for the fuck of it

Teen couple cam show stealing for the fuck of it
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The next day was awkward for both Harry and Hermione. They still talked like nothing had happened the previous night. She was still oblivious to the fact that Harry was fucking every girl he came in contact with.

He still didn't have a date, but he was informed that Hermione had asked a mystery person tot he party.

Harry didn't think of it too much, because Padma came to him with news. She sat next to him in the Great Hall and whispered in his ear "Parvarti will meet you in your Common Room tonight at 12:30." than she left to join her fellow Ravenclaws. "What was that about?" asked Ron. "Nothing mate. Just told me a secret about Michael and Susan." "Oh?" asked Ginny "They broke up. Turns out the sex wasn't good enough for him. He wanted someone better." "Poor Susan." said Hermione. "Hope she's all right." "I'm sure she is." said Harry.

"She's stronger than we all think." Outside the entrance hall, Hermione got Harry alone and waited til everyone else was gone. She told him she knew about him fucking all these other girls since the year started and that she didn't approve.

Although, she really enjoyed the night they spent together. Harry made it worse by revealing something bad. "YOU GOT CHO PREGNANT?!" screamed Hermione, who made sure it was safe.

"I didn't want to do it, but she insisted! She says she's covering for me when it starts to show. Gonna say it is her home town ex-boyfriends baby." "Well. that's not that bad I suppose. What did Padma REALLY tell you?" "I fucked her a few days ago and I'm fucking her sister tonight in the Common Room.

Happy?" "Depends. Can I watch from a distance?" "You did that when I fucked Romilda, so yeah." "Yay!" she clapped. "Just don't get HER pregnant, okay?" "Deal," That night was somewhat normal for Harry. In the Common Room, he was sitting with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, who were all hard at work with their studies. Harry looked over at a small table and saw Parvarti.


She looked up from her books and winked at him. For once, he wasn't nervous. He had fucked so many girls so far that it wasn't scary anymore. As Hermione read, she licked her lips.

Harry saw this and began thinking that she enjoyed last night so much, she wanted it again.

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He would've fulfilled her wish, but his cock was going to be in use tonight, in the pussy of Parvarti Patil. The clock sounded and it stroked midnight. Mostly everyone went to bed except for Harry, Parvarti, and Hermione.

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"Harry, remember what I said." she whispered. "I know Hermione! I've done this quite a few times, remember?" "And. just between you and me, do you have romantic feelings for Ginny?" "What?" he said shockingly. "I noticed the way you look at her. She's told me she still likes you, so you two may fuck sooner or later if she breaks up with Dean." "Are they." "Intimate?


No! She's saving herself for you." "What?!" "Oops! Look at the time! Be d time!" she announced. She collected her books and proceeded upstairs, entering her dormitory.

Parvarti shut her books and got out of her seat. She sat next to Harry on the couch, putting her right arm around his shoulder.

He looked into her eyes and saw majestic beauty, just like when they went to the Yule Ball years ago. He looked up and down her body, admiring what God had brought into this world. "So Harry," she said. "Padma says you're quite.

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good when it comes to fucking a girls brains out. This true?" "She seems to think that, so it's probably true." he chuckled. "Wanna test out this ride for yourself?" "That is so corny Harry." she laughed. Parvarti grabbed his face and looked at him.

"But fuck yes!" her lips met his and it had begun. Her hands felt his chest and abs, her lips smacking against his, her tongue licking his. Parvarti removed his shirt so she could get a better look.

He was muscular and she admired that, thus pushing him down onto the couch, kissing every part of his torso. As she went down to his pants, she began admitting things to him. "Harry, if that Durmstrang guy hadn't asked me to dance, I would've taken you to a lone room and fucked your brains out! I would've been your first, but that's the past. I'm enjoying you as much as I can for now." "That's good to hear Parvarti." She undid his pants and removed them, unknowingly removing his boxers in the process.

His cock stood right up as they came off, making Parvarti giggle in excitement. Licking her lips, she felt a tingle in her special area. She felt it and rubbed it. Harry could sense that she wanted it in there asap. Taking his cock in her hand, she stroked it at a normal pace, but increased more as she grew hornier. It didn't take her long to stuff it into her mouth and to start blowing him. At that instant, Harry laid his head on the arm of the couch and moaned loudly.

Hermione peeked out of her dorm and saw them. Harry looked up and saw her. He winked at her and looked back to Parvarti. Hermione began touching herself, enjoying what was happening. "Ooh. Parvarti! Yeah." His hand gently touched her head and he slowly pushed down, making her deep throat it.

She didn't complain and continued sucking on his big dick.

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Her tongue worked its magic by licking his head throughout the blowjob. He could feel his very essence being drained out of him and into Parvarti. After another minute, he announced he was gonna come. Parvarti took it out and swallowed, enjoying the flavor.

She got up and began stripping down until her naked body was seen. Her B cups made Harry erect a little more, wanting to fuck those tits of hers.

"You like Harry?" "Indeed. You're so beautiful Parvarti! "You ain't fuckin seen anything yet!" She walked to Harry's face, placed a leg on the couch's arm and stood there, her pussy in his face. He knew what she wanted. He spread her lips and began licking. His hands grasped her ass cheeks and he began massaging them. It was like fucking Padma, but this time it was her sister.

Harry could see Parvarti's eyes closed, enjoying the licking of her pussy. He looked up and saw Hermione struggling to stay up from the intense masturbation she was giving herself.

"Harry." Parvarti moaned. "That feels so good Harry. Keep going." The more he licked, he weaker her legs became. He added to the experience by spreading her ass cheeks and sticking middle finger up her asshole. She opened her eyes and held her head back, giving short breaths and the intensity increased. The faster he thrusted his finger inside her, the louder she got. She was shouting so loud, it was luck that everyone didn't get out of bed. He took out his finger and she leg her leg down.

Parvarti climbed on top of him, her back on top of his chest. She rested a leg on the tall part of the couch and let the other foot touch the floor. She moved down and helped his cock to her asshole. She pressed it against her and let it in. The instant feeling of his dick in her ass was so good, Parvarti laid down, turned her head and began tongue kissing him.

Harry grabbed her legs and raised them high, making it easier to get in and out of her ass. His thrusts made Parvarti scream, but not as loud. "HARRY! HARRY! YES, FUCK! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT, FUCK IT! GOOD GOD FUCK!" He kept her legs up, kissing her beautiful lips and banging the fuck out of her ass. As they kissed, he saw her tits swaying back and forth, getting him more excited. Upstairs, Hermione was almost tempted to join them, but she retrained herself by reaching orgasm.

She slowly sat on the floor and sighed in relief. He kept on watching, enjoying it all. "HARRY!

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YES, FUCKING FUCK MY ASS! GOOD GOD! SO FUCKING GOOD HARRY!" It wasn't long before he stopped, preventing his orgasm from erupting. She got up and turned around, laid on the other side of the couch and spread her pussy lips.

Harry crawled over on top of her and quickly inserted it into her, making her moan. Her hands held onto his shoulders, her legs wrapping around him, pushing him in further.

"Okay Harry, fuck me good like you fucked Padma." "Okay," he smiled. "And if I have to cum?" "Come inside. Hermione gave me one of her pills." "Okay babe." He began thrusting in and out of her, making her moan as it progressed. He bent down and kissed her, thrusting as fast as he could. Parvarti moaned and moaned, biting Harry's neck as he hugged tightly. She smiled as the thrusting became natural and pleasant.

Parvarti could hear the impact sound made when he thrusted and the sound of his balls smacking against her ass. She loved it so much, she didn't want it to end. That was until. "Parvarti! I'm gonna.!" With a final thrust, he shot stream after stream of semen into her.

Parvarti moved her head back and laughed with pleasure. After the final stream was out, he removed his cock from inside her and laid on top of her, kissing her boobs. She stroked his hair and sighed. "That was so fucking good!" she said. "It was, wasn't it?" "Indeed. Okay, we can have a threesome with Padma." "Really? When?" "After the Christmas break.

We have to 'prepare' for it." "Can't wait." "Can I be truthful with something?" "Sure Parvarti?" "I got more turned on when I saw that Hermione was watching us." she laughed.