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Amateur tramp riding horny dick in bed ex girlfriend girlfriend
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THE BLEMS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The end of another day was drawing to a close, Ray sat on his porch staring at the night sky. Sighing he stretched his thick frame and ran a hand through his thick, curly, dark brown hair. Stepping inside he went to the cupboard to get something for the headache that was starting to pound in his head.

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All his adult life they had plagued him, tonight being no exception. Opening the medicine he read the label HA! just 2? yeah right. Taking out 5 he downed them with out anything to drink, oh shit! that was a mistake. Rushing to the sink he grabbed a quick glass of water, sighing he knew that this was going to be a bad one. An hour later he laid down, thourghly exhausted from the day. As always Ray said a small prayer hoping that everyone was well, even those that didn't like him and that his luck would take a turn for the better.

Dreams had been an illusion for many years, he found he very rarely remembered dreaming the next morning. It started when he was a teen, after the car wreck the week before his senior year of high school the headaches started.

They weren't that bad then but it seemed each year they got increasingly worse. Now, they were to the point that he had at least one every day, sleep didn't always alleviate the pain either. Now 30 + years later alot of weird things had happened along the way.

For one though, he rarely remembered dreaming, it was strange but when he did the dream actually happened. This had him at times hoping he didn't have a horrible dream, remembering it would spell disaster. He had started seeing things he knew couldn't be there. The worst was thinking at times his desire for something to happen if strong enough, actually happened. This night as usual in his prayer he hoped that nothing bad was dreamed. Drifiting into REM sleep he felt he was traveling a great distance, passing planets, galaxies then he was slowing.

Damn, Ray thought, first time ever had a dream like this, stopping above a gray planet he looked at it and was suddenly standing on the surface.


The dry barren landscape reminded Ray of pictues he'd seen of deserts on earth. A little confused he felt a hot breeze blow across his face, what the hell? Never had that happen, I've had a lot of funky dreams but nothing like this! A soft misty patch of blue came towrd him, <are you the creator of the lifeform before?> "Huh? the lifeform before?" Ray said.

The mist floated there not moving, then again Ray heard or thought he heard <are you the creator of the lifeforce before?> It was then that he realized that he hadn't 'heard' it but it had been inside his head. Ok, he thought, it's a dream might as well go along. <What do you mean the creator?

this is not my true form, that is corporeal> Ray thought he hoped it 'heard' him. It? Looked? at him a moment then moved closer.

<Your thoughts are nnnnn any thing we have nnnnn before> it thought at him. Ray was getting confused, as it moved closer he felt warmth from it, what the hell?


<You are having trouble with my thoughts> thought Ray, <what can I do to make them better or clearer for you?> <Your thoughts, nnnnnnn> Ray could feel the frustration from it, strange dream to be for sure.

<This is not as you call it a dream, AH! we see now. Is the visage that is before us you or from you?> <This is what I am seeing in my dream, so. it's from me> Ray thought ok, this is getting weirder and weirder. There was a pause then it started back, <you have such power that was why we drew you here, we beseech your help, we and our planet are dying.> Ray felt his head pounding, then he was seeing around the whole planet, ok, this was new.

Passing over countless areas of gray, he began to see a pattern develop. That was odd, it appeared that something deep underground was poisoning the crust of the planet. Reaching out he surrounded the blue mist with a soft energy. He heard what he thought was a collective sigh. After 15 minutes (he thinks) the mist's color grew darker, many parts seperating and circling him after 30 minutes they were all circling him.

<Thank you we are much better, have you seen what is killing everything?> The voice in his head asked. <No, not yet, but I can feel something deep under the crust poisoning everything up here> Ray thought, just for a moment it seemed that he could tell the difference between the many different pieces of mist that were floating around. Most of the mists backed up when he reached out to find what was causing all the problems.

Drawn to what ever it was Ray seemed to fly through the soil and rock as if they were merely pictures in front of him. He had been at it for a few minutes when he felt something far more alien to him than the mists he'd met before. He was suddenly coming through a layer of rock, when he found a strange machine, well he assumed it was a machine there was metal on and in it. It was very deep in the planet not all that far from the core. It appeared to be sucking the energy from the core its self, no wonder the planet was dying.

That's when he felt it drawing energy from him, not much as it appeared his wasn't very good for it. A strange clicking started when he drew closer something that looked like a barrel pointed at him, oh shit!

not good! Quickly Ray was in the wall moving to the other side of the strange machine. Barely looking out he saw it was looking for him where he'd gone through the wall. Quickly he moved out and into the machine careful to stay away from the energy collectors he'd seen before.

Finding what he thought was the control center he concentrated trying to read the strange writing on the controls. Not moving afraid it might detect him it was half an hour before he was starting to understand a few words. Damnit! this was taking far longer than he'd hoped it would.

Another 15 minutes had him finally putting words together. Reaching out he tried to reverse the flow of energy but it hadn't started yet, it was too damn slow.

Ray felt a change in the machine, in a minute or two he was afraid that it would be centering on him inside. Summoning more energy he again pushed the controls feeling a clunk he felt the energy tanks begin to pump out instead of in. A series of whirs and clicks caught his attention and he was darting out of the machine surprised to find the machine had moved. Damnit! the nearest wall was a hundred feet away, darting back and forth across the room, the machie shot a beam at him just as he hit the wall.

Barely hitting his foot it was like a hundred ants biting at the same time. Damnit! he'd been careless trying not to scream he slowly moved around the room feeling somewhat weaker. Looking out again the machine was waiting and fired, barely getting back in time Ray sat for minute trying to get his energy back. It was slow, what had it hit him with?

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Finally his energy was higher he moved as far around the room as he could. Sticking his head barely out, the machine was almost in place to fire again.

Pulling back he thought the machine must be able to follow him when he was near the wall. Moving further away from the wall he moved around again coming out quickly to the back side of the machine again. Going in, he started to get the energy out faster, looking at the readings he saw that half of what had been taken was back out.

Concentrating again he was soon able to read all the text, hmmm it appeared that he could shut the security off, that done he went over all the controls. Damn according to this there were 5 other machines on the planet. The tanks almost empty Ray looked for a way to destroy the machine. Reading further on Ray saw that there were many many safe guards to keep the machine safe.

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Damn there had to be a way, Ray was at his wits end when he found that he could overload the energy cells. Ray was trying to hurry ,the cells were at critical, now just a bit more, pulling out as fast as he could Ray had just gotten through the wall when the machine exploded.

Ray felt all around him, the planet here, felt more normal but the darw was still going on just not as bad. Rushing to the other machines Ray had a much easier time with them, now that he could read the strange language.

The Fifth Machine exploded with Ray heading to the surface. Though none of the other 4 machines had fired on him he still felt tired, he also felt that he'd have to wake up soon his sleep cycle was almost done. Appearing near the many parts of now dark blue mist, he called out to them.

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<It is done but it will be a little before you notice the change> Again he thought he could tell the difference between all of the pieces of mist. <Yes, we feel the, as you call it energy, once again flowing though the planet though it is still deep we can feel it. We ask now what you would desire for what you have done for us.> The collective voice of them all thought. <What would I desire?> Ray asked incredulously, <I don't require anything for helping you it was just the right thing to do, have there been others?> <Yes, but what they demanded was too much from us and many would have ceased to exist, we were forced to keep looking many have suffered and stopped but you have saved us.

If we need you again may we call on you?> They thought to him he could feel the hope flowing from all of them. <Yes, if I can help you I will come, though I don't know what I can do yet I will try.> Ray answered trying to convey the hope he held in his heart that he'd be able to come back. Ray could feel the happiness it was so thick he could taste it, the flavor of bananans was on his tongue. He swore he could see each mist bow to him right before he was flying even faster back the way he'd come.

Waking up in his bed Ray was covered in sweat, whew! what a wild dream that was! Laughing he got out of bed getting dressed, he noticed the color were clearer, the odors were more distinct it seemed. Ray walked to work that day, his usual headache hadn't been there that morning. Arriving he suddenly realised that the mile and a half he's just walked hadn't tired him at all.

All that day he began noticing things he'd never before, a woman he knew had been trying to get into his bed walked by smilimg at him in her usually sexy way. As she passed Ray noticed the odor she was putting off, was extremely enticing the more he drew in the more he wanted her. Damn it was almost as if his brain had shut down and sex drive had gone into overdrive, if she didn't move on he was going to throw her down right her and screw her fucking brains out.

Luckily she was called away, Ray closed his eyes trying to calm down, what the fuck was that? The woman next to him walked by stopping to hand him a paper. Ray inhaled her scent wondering if it was all women, nothing hmmm he wondered.

When the first woman walked back by, Ray stopped her and whispered in her ear, "You still want me?" He asked.

Whispering back, she rubbed his crotch, "what do you think?" Grabbing her arm Ray whispered, "let's go," pulling her to an empty room he almost ripped her clothes off. Ray was almost out of control pulling out his cock, he thrust as hard and deep as he could.

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Squealing she wrapped her legs around his waist, Ray felt he'd lost all control, this wasn't love or love making just plain rutting sex. Ray had to kiss her roughly to keep her from screaming out, the longer they went the harder he drove his cock into her. Nearing his release she started to convulse under, thrusting up at him harder and harder. Finally with a smothered roar he shot the biggest load of cum he'd ever had.

Feeling drained his body like it was made of lead her orgasm right after his she had almost thrown him off. They both panting, sitting up was almost a comedy. Ray look at the woman her skin flushed, her nipples hard as rock, her breathing just starting to calm down.

Ray noticed that the odor had almost disappeared, thank god so that's what it was like when an female animal in heat went by the male.

It was no wonder the male were willing to kill to have the female. Getting dressed they left and went seperate ways hoping that no one had heard anything. Of course the applause they recieved kind of killed that idea.

Ray tried to slink away for the last 2 hours of work. Walking back home Ray started to hear people from further and further away. Damnit! it had to be the people he'd met in the dream, if he couldn't get a handle on this soon he thought he might go crazy. Sitting on his porch again he looked up into the sky waiting for darkness to fall.

Sighing Ray went inside and got comfortable, thinking only of the blue mist beings he fell asleep. As before he was hutling through space faster than he could take anything in, suddenly stopping short he was above the planet from before but it was less gray now.

Within seconds he was once again on the planet, the softer breeze no where near as hot as before. Looking around he felt the blue mists heading his way. Ray felt them coming almost in a panic there was something else, something strange but familiar. Topping a hill the mists headed straight for him, hmmm not as many as before. Then he saw why they were rushing to him. A machine not too different from the ones he'd destroyed yesterday appeared.

Sliding underground, Ray came up underneath the machines bottom. He tried to slide through but this time it was like a solid wall, thinking he tried changing the vibration of his energy. It took several tries and almost got him shot again 3 times. Sliding in he read everything he could, HUH?! According to what he read it had been almost six of his years since the last incident but he'd only been gone 12 hours damn.

Telling the blue mist beings to move away he stopped the machine and started the overload. He touched the machine inside and tried to pull it in the ground. At first nothing happened but then slowly it started to slip under almost like it was sinking in quicksand. Ray hoped he'd be able to get away fast enough, the overload was something he didn't want to fuck with, after the last time the machine had shot at him and screwed him up a bit.

Leaving the machine a few feet under he was out waiting for the explosion, after things calmed down he went to the blems as he was now starting to call them.

<Again we thank you for coming to our aid, we called you many times but your memory and thinking center weren't ready to recieve us yet,> they thought.

<I have questions,> Ray thought hoping that they could help him, though it was nice, he didn't think he'd survive if every time he went by a woman in heat he lost control.

"Ah our gift was over effective,> he heard as a single part of the mist detached and moved to in front of him. It hesitated then shot into his groin, holy shit! He heard it talking to him letting him know what it was doing. Coming back out a moment later it was a slight reddish-blue now, <did you repair what was wrong?> Ray asked.

<It wasn't possible, we wouldn't be able to communicate with you unless you had these enhancements, it's better now you'll have alot more control,> The thoughts he recieved weren't like before they were. the only way he could describe it was kinder more feminine.

Sighing Ray had seen more of the plans that the other race, that he knew now as Chortons, were planning. It seemed that this planet was rich in an energy that they needed for almost all their machines.

The only problem was, the energy was basicly the life force of everything on the planet. Thinking he looked at the planet, then the sky, remembering something he's seen before he began to set up a type of force shield.

It was harder than he thought, converting the energy coming from the planet alone wore him out faster than he thought it would.

Realizing he couldn't do it all, he tried to create six boxes that would convert the energy and shoot it upward. This was almost as tiring as the first, he wasn't sure he was going to make it.

Finishing the last he felt his body was about to awaken shit! The one mist being had remained near him almost the whole time, strange none of the others would come near him at all. When he tried to question them about the differences in time they always cleverly diverted the conversation away from it. He was starting to feel the familiar tug of his body and knew he have to go soon.

The blem that stayed with him knew it also, it's thoughts almost sad and melancholy Ray estimated he'd been there a few years but they had passed so fast he wasn't sure, just like before.

He'd finally finished everything when he felt the pull grow stronger. The now, all red mist, wasn't there, strange it was always there, telling the others he was being pulled back they told him his mind was now stronger and he shouldn't have anymore problems, thanking them, he was back in 2 seconds.

Holy shit! Stronger? He'd never done it that fast, awakening he didn't notice that he was floating above his bed, that is till he looked down. OK I can do this he thought he barely concentrated and gently floated to the bed. Getting dressed he felt different, looking at the tv for a few minutes he saw answers to many questions that people were asking. Damn, it was so simple why couldn't they just see it?

Watching further he suddenly realized that he was different and to him it was but not to others. He decided that each day he'd try to answer one of those impossible questions well. he'd try. Not a very good story to me but if you want me to continue let me know.