Violette and Crystal get analed by therapists big cock

Violette and Crystal get analed by therapists big cock
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As I walked to the bar, I couldn't help but notice that the gorgeous woman I had seen enter before is standing at the bar by herself, waiting for her drink. I decided in that moment that I'd go talk to her, and readied myself for the attempt. She had just gotten her drink by the time I got to the bar.

" Hi! What are you drinking?" I asked her. She turned around, surprised, and said " Oh, nothing special, just a little white wine" " White wine? Why something so boring!? It's Mother's Day, we're celebrating, why don't you get something a little more interesting?

Unless, I guess, you want to not have fun." I said in a sarcastic tone. She chuckled at my attempt at humor and said " Then what would you rather I have?" " Here, try this.

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Two vodka cranberries, please!" I said as I thought I faintly recognized her voice. " Vodka cranberry? That's just as boring as white wine!" She teased, as she took a sip. " That may be true, but at least it gets you drunk!" I said back with a wry grin. " So where is your family? I asked. " Oh, uh. I'm a widow. I don't have any children." " Oh," I said, surprised, she looked so young.

" I thought you were married. May I ask your name?" " Not anymore," she replied, "And my name is A." she paused for a split second, " Angela." " Well, Angela, I'm John" I said. " Nice to meet you John, care to dance?" " I'd love to!" I replied as I downed my drink. " This should be fun," I thought to myself. Abigail took my arm and led me to the dance floor, where we danced for ten minutes.

We had incredible chemistry, I thought to myself, I was having a nice time. As the night went on, both of us relaxed. We could both feel the sexual tension between us, and as the light got dimmer and the music slower, we kissed for the first time. It was electric and both of us could tell we wanted each other.

We pressed our lips together again, this time harder, as I groped her leg and cupped her breast. She feels between my legs for my manhood and gasped when she feels my monster size. Angela broke the kiss. " Listen," she said, " I came here to have fun and my date canceled in the last second, and now I just want to get fucked by a nice cock.

What do you say we find a room and make this more interesting?" I looked at her then suggested my penthouse.

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She is a very attractive woman and she is forward about her needs. She stood near the wall of the elevator, turning to face me and gasped as she feels me suddenly pressing her into the wall, shoving myself against her, palming her left buttock, pushing my thigh between her legs.

This is a surprise -- for the first time an unexpected complication had intruded her careful planning. Her first instinct is to push me away, to defend her imaginary modesty from my advances; I seem bent on taking her within the space of the private elevator.

As she gathered her response, she found that my aggression satisfied a deep craving within her, a craving to be claimed just like this, in an anonymous space with no control over the outcome. I whispered in her ear " Tell me about yourself Angela." " I'm 37, a widow for three years, no children. Tonight was a second date with a guy I met." My next action came out of pure animalistic need and she realized that there is also something pure within her body that responded to that need.

There is something so natural and timeless about this meeting, to be grabbed by a strong, rugged, intelligent male and then to be fucked by me without fondling.

So, she found herself momentarily over whelmed by my aggressive assault. She feels my right hand reach down to the hem of her skirt and yank it up, and then she feels the same hand reach up and under her skirt and over her panties, slipping itself down under the waistband of her panties, forcing itself between her ass and the wall, and then burrowing under her panties, between the gap that my knee had forced between her legs, and then -- oh-my-god-is-this-really-happening -- I shove my curled middle finger up and into her pussy.

I pushed my finger into her hard and fast, pulling it out, pushing it in again and pulling it out, then jamming my index finger alongside of it and pushing both back into her as deep as I could given the awkward angle of entry.

In any other circumstance, my roughness would have been forceful and painful, a sexual assault that would have left her vagina's lips and interior walls abraded and sore for days. As it is, my fingers had easily slipped into her, and as I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of her at an awkward but frantic pace she simply feels an intense deep pleasant probing -- almost a testing of her waters, preparing her for things to come.

This whole scenario, from the moment I pushed her against the wall to the moment I finger fuck her, had taken no time at all. It is disconcerting but a perversely thrilling demonstration of how little protection the thin fabric of her clothes provided, how her skirt afforded easy access to her body, how easy it would be for any man to do what I'm now doing.

As she begins to settle into the rhythm of what I'm doing, she found that she is able to regain her self-control. She knew that there is something that is just inappropriate and seedy about this -- while exciting in its own way. Yes, she can tell I'm excited by an unrestrained need for her, and she has not made a move to stop me, but she knew that this is at the edge. Besides, it is against the rules.

So she pushes me back from her, reaches behind herself and gently pulls my hand out of her, and demurely smoothed down her skirt. I opened the door to the penthouse and led her back toward the bedroom. Suddenly grabbing her and pulling her inside the open bedroom door and held her in place as I shut it firmly behind us.

The bedroom is dark, she is in shock I had grabbed her like that and tried to shake me off her arm. I'm having none of it and being much larger I overtook her quickly. " John.slow down?" She said looking around as I pushed her backward toward the bed. I grunted in response. She can see a very large bulge in the front of my pants. " Oh my God.John. what do you think you're doing? I'm not sure I'm ready for this!" She tried shoving me backward but I continue pushing her backward until I had her on her back on the bed.

She struggles but I overtook her and pressed my stubbly face into hers thrusting my thick tongue between her lips. She tried to hold her mouth shut but I pried it open with my thick tongue and begin probing inside her mouth.

My hands are pawing at her clothing like a wolf paws his prey. She is ashamed to admit to herself that she is becoming aroused. I soon had her clothes ripped off and she is completely naked in front of me like a delicacy.

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My eyes lit up and I grunted approval. She tries to cover herself but it is futile. I knelt down by her feet and begin to kiss my way up her legs. When I reach her hips, I suddenly press my face hard between her legs, forcing them apart. Then I press my tongue against her pussy lips and slit. She is soaking wet as I lap her dry. I begin inserting my thick tongue deep inside of her. Her head fell back on the bed as she begins to moan as her body responds to the feelings I'm giving her.

Every time she squirts her juices, I groan and grunt pushing my tongue deeper enjoying every gush of juice. She knew from her experiences of her deceased husband and touching herself that she is close to a orgasm.

She reaches down and grabs my head and pulls me as close as she possibly can. My tongue probing deep inside her, her pussy walls grabbing it tightly as she rode wave after wave of her orgasm squirting her juices all over my face. I stopped when she relaxed and withdrew my tongue. She lay there gasping but I only left her for a moment before I'm again between her legs with my tongue. This time I flattened it and lapped her pussy like a massive lion licking a small dish of milk.

She is over sensitive and every lap sent her spiraling into full body shivers as I continue to assault her. Finally I stood slowly and she looked up as my pants came down revealing the biggest penis she had ever seen. It is so much bigger then her deceased husband's penis. It is long, thick, with a large wet cock head and is covered with big veins.

I noticed her looking and said gruffly " what. never seen a monster cock before?" She shook her head. This thing is pulsating, primal and uncut. Staring at it stirred something deep inside of her and she knew she had to have it inside her. She wanted to feel it stuffed deep inside of her. She wanted to cum around that thing and wanted to feel it squirt deep inside her.

She almost forgot it belonged to a stranger until I knelt down directly in front of her and she lost sight of the beast between my legs and saw instead my stubbly face grinning at her.

I positioned her to lay back more comfortably. At this point she is not going to resist. I asked if she was on birth control and she shook her head yes.

I grinned wickedly, " Good." was my response. She had a moment of panic and started to crawl upward using her elbows for leverage. " Oh My God!" Angela screamed.

In ten years of marriage, she had never seen or experienced a cock this big. It is easily a foot long and bigger around than her forearm. Now, I'm smiling an evil smile that sent shivers up her spine. " I don't know if I can take this," She said. " You'll take it," is all I said. " Um." She said meekly feeling slightly let down that she is turning down her chance at experiencing that penis. Her first time in three years and she is backing out! I grinned again, sliding my tongue across my lips and said " Trust me." For some reason this made her gush wetly again and her body reacted differently than her brain.

She gave up. Laid down and waited to see what was coming next. I laid down on top of her. I dwarfed her at close range and she is completely covered by me. She is getting anxious again. Would I hurt her? Would she stretch?

Would she rip? Would it damage her so she couldn't do other men for a long time? With my hands I force her legs apart -- she hadn't realized that she had closed them -- and pointed my huge cock at her. I put it at her slit. She notices a big glob of pre-cum at the eye of my dick. I pushed, she pushed back. She has the awesome feeling that her pelvis is caving in.

I keep pushing and she feels her pussy stretching but she didn't see how I could ever make it inside. Then the excruciating pain is starting, when she felt she had to cry out, my big dick moved a little. The tip cleared her opening, her cunt lips spread to either side, and the pressure is replaced by a slipping feeling. Her vagina is resisting me, fighting me as an intruder, but she is trying hard to relax.

I'm still pushing hard, bearing down, slowly moving ahead by fractions of an inch.

She feels herself stretching and stretching, then staying stretched at a frightening size as my tree trunk pushed into her. Angela broke out in a sweat. She has never felt so filled in her life.

Finally, I paused. " That was difficult and painful," she whispered. " Yes. Now I do the rest." I start pushing again.

She could have screamed. The massive cock is moving forward again, for what seemed like an eternity.

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She feels it moving a little faster, then she feels a fullness in her belly. I had hit bottom. Well, she thought, that is as far as I could go. Not so. To her horror she feels me thrusting in and out. Each in stroke drives my cock deeper and she feels her cunt stretching until it feels like there is only my cock in her pelvis. My eyes begin to roll and I'm grunting, my stomach slapping against her flat belly. She isn't sure what to do so she just continues to lay there and experience what is happening to her.

My thrusts are now deep and silky smooth. She is opening and feeling another orgasm building. I keep driving my cock into her. There is resistance again as her vagina spreads open. Her lips are squeezing down on my cock as I push down hard.

Suddenly, I pop through and buried five or six inches in her again. Her eyes open wide, and she starts shaking her head back and forth moaning " Please oh John. So good! So good! Don't go slow. Push it all the way in. Shove that beautiful cock into me and make me cum." I drew back and slam it into her again.

This time I made it all the way in. My balls slapping up against that beautiful ass of hers and it feels amazing. Her pussy clamping down like a vise tight on my cock, holding me in place. She is trembling, and shaking. She is on the edge of her second orgasm of the night, so it is time to get started.

I draw back slowly till only the head of my cock is in her, then I push back in. She lets out a low groan as I push all the way back in. I look down and it is amazing. Her tight pussy is stretched wide, as my cock is jammed up between her lips.

Damn she is hot. I hold my cock in her,flexing the head. She kept on moaning and grinding. " How does it feel to be fucked by a real cock? Your pretty pussy is mine now!

I own you. Tell me I own you. Let me hear it my little cock slut." With that I my cock twitched as I push in harder. She is thrashing back and forth as she said " Own me. My pussy is yours. I love your big beautiful cock. Please, please push it. Ahhhh!" I pull out and drive it in hard. Her hips lifting up to meet me. I repeat it over and over. Pulling all the way out, and then driving the length in. She kept bucking up to meet me. Her pussy is so wet that the bed below us is getting soaked.

She begins a low continuous groan, I knew she is almost there. I keep slamming into her, then all hell broke loose. She is screaming as she fucked me back.

" Oh John, oh John! I am cumming again. So good.please don't stop! Please fill me up! Oooohhhhhhhh!.So good. Just keep fucking me baby. Oh John!" She kept babbling on and on as I kept slamming my cock into her tight pussy. Just as she is coming down from her second orgasm of the night, I decide to change positions. I pull out of her and she immediately starts whining " Please don't stop.

Please put it back in me. I need your cock. Please?" " Shut up slut! You are going to get a lot more tonight. Just turnover, so I can fuck you properly." As I said it, I picked her up, and flip her over.

She is now on her knees on the bed, facing the mirror from which she can watch. I look down at that sexy ass, once again thought about how good it is going to feel to fuck her tight ass. First though, it is time to get her to beg for cock. I line my cock up with her pussy from behind, I push the head up against her lips.

I hold it there while I look down. What a sight! She starts to get impatient with me. She begins to push back harder and harder, but I hold it just so that she can't push it in. Finally, she realized I'm doing it on purpose, so she starts begging me for it.

" Come on baby. Push it in me. Fill me with the big cock of yours. Fuck me hard." I want to tease her a little, so I ask her " Whose bitch are you? Is there any other cock for you? Tell me how big my cock is compared to your deceased husband! Let me know how bad you want it!" She keeps pushing back and shouting " I am your bitch baby.

I am your slut. Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Fuck me like my deceased husband couldn't. Ruin me so that I can't feel any man anymore. I want it.ahhhhhhh!" With that I drive it all the way into her in a single stroke. She tries to pull away, but I'm holding onto her hips tightly. I waste no time and start slamming into her. The whole time I'm looking over her at the mirror. Man did it feel good to own a bitch with a deceased husband. I keep on slamming into her, I keep telling her " You are my bitch.

Move that ass slut. Man you are sloppy wet. Keep creaming all over by dick baby." I keep ramming into her and talking. Eventually I let go of her hips, and let her do the fucking. She keeps pushing back into me. She is pushing back harder and harder. While she did this, I raise my hands up and gave her two thumbs up with a big smile on my face. Then I reach down and grab the back of her head by her hair.


I pull her head back so that I can see her face close up as I fuck her. She was going wild, and started saying "Fuck me.


Fuck me harder. So big! So god damn big! Keep on pounding me! Fuck my little pussy with that big cock of yours!" As she said it she kept pushing back again and again.

Man she was good at this. I have fucked a lot of white pussy in my time, but I have to tell you that the way this bitch screwed was driving me out of my mind. I just looked down through her ass cheeks, and saw my cock sawing in and out of that tight little hole. My balls started to tighten up, and just as I was about to cum, she came. Her pussy started spasming, and clenching my cock.

It was too much to take, and I started filling her with my seed. Spurt after spurt filled her pussy with spunk as her orgasm pushed her over the edge. "Ahhhhhh! Too much! I am cumming. So good! Fill me up baby! Don't stop fucking me." As she said this she just kept pushing back against me.

When she had drained me dry, I pulled out and sat on the couch. She lay draped over the couch barely moving. She just kept babbling quietly about how good it was. How big it was. How she had never been filled so full before.

Finally, I grabbed her and pulled her over to me. I looked at her and said "Clean me off slut. I made you come three times already, and now you owe me a blow job." She is exhausted, she did not fight it. She reached down and took my softening cock in her mouth. She had troubles getting it in her mouth, but she did it anyways. I feel her running her tongue over the head of my cock as she starts to suck and lick it.

She may be worn out, she works her mouth. She kept licking and sucking, and within ten minutes, I start to get hard again. It got harder and harder for her to keep me in her mouth and eventually she popped her lips off of my cock and looked up to see what was going to happen.

I wasted no time in grabbing her hips and throwing her back over the couch. She started babbling incoherently.

" Please no. I don't think I can do anymore. Too big. Too much. Please just let me suck you off." She gasped when my hand moved up her inner thigh. " I haven't even begun yet." I chuckled. " God I know.hurry up!" She demanded, twisting a little toward my hand.

" Not a chance babe." I said huskily. I positioned my large body between her spread legs, making sure my cock didn't touch her where we both wanted it most. Instead the soft bed covers tickled my arousal. I tried to ignore it as I begin at her neck again, kissing the hollow of her collarbone.

" I'm going to make this last all night, my sweet." I said huskily, licking her breasts slowly, avoiding her rock hard nipples. The following week Angela called and came over to my place to spend the night. Angela smiled, raising up on tiptoes grabbing my neck as she brought her lips to mine.

We kissed deeply as our hands held each other tightly. Pulling away, Angela looked into my eyes and whispered, " Show me what it would be like to conceive a child with you. I've stopped taking the pill. I've started my period. " I smiled. She undressed and laid on the bed spreading her legs, seeing her clean shaved vagina again since we last made love, fills me with primitive urges that force me to reach down with both hands and firmly grasp the insides of her thighs.

I begin kneading her supple skin hoping to stimulate her sexual hunger. The stroking parts her engorged labia, exposing the crimson interior of the lips as her musky, female essence fills the room.

Between her fleshy labia is a viscous wetness that strings across her moistened lips as I stretch them apart. The unabashed lips embody a parted mouth who's thirsty desire has led to frenzied drooling. With a slow massage, I show I'm willing to quench this desperate sexual thirst. I slowly fulfill her feverish anticipation as I slowly creep my hands inward to her glistening labia. There, the dew saturated lips dribble drops of her ecstasy onto my exploring fingers.

With determination I work the lather deep into the folds of her pussy as her breathing turns to panting. Her hands gripping my forearms displaying a silent trust and approval. With her juices abundantly on my fingers, I stroke upward to her clitoris. I rub and circle stiffening nub, masturbating it softly with her juices.

The extra attention to the small nub increases its size and warmth. As my fingers rub her hot little button it continues to swell and ripen, raising itself from its fleshy cap. The small nub rolls around beneath my fingers, playfully resisting the pressure. Each small rhythmic circle I make brings her closer to an orgasm.

A few minutes later I see her toes curl, her body tense, and panting increasing as she shudders from a clitoral orgasm. The aftermath from the erotic pleasure leaves her limp in my arms.

While the tiny throbbing nub protrudes between my fingers: a erotic tribute to her intense orgasm. Her closed eyes and shallow breathing shows a overwhelming relaxation which I interpret as consent to explore her body more intimately. From her clitoris my fingers again start stroking the delicate wings of her labia.

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The warm fleshy lips have swelled from the orgasm and alluring lay open in the shape of a heart. With the edges of her flared lips held between the tips of my fingers I begin stretching her open, exposing her rose colored gem to my view and filling the air with the smell of her sex. As I repeatedly pull apart her labia, a milky white cream seeps out of her moist slit.

I capture the thick cream with the tip of my middle finger and use it as lubricant to slowly rub around the exposed entrance of her vagina. The taut cum-covered opening looks like a cherry floating in sweet cream. With a plentiful helping of the rich nectar on my finger, I raise it to her lips where she cleans the sweet nectar from my finger. I return the finger to the froth so that I may taste her erotic nectar. In my mouth the delicious nectar glides over my tongue and exudes a sweet taste with the slightest hint of salt.

The sample is so good, I must savor every drop. Switching positions with me, her small fingers now hold open her labia so I can see within.

Seeing her pull apart the swollen fleshy folds for my exploration makes my cock harden uncontrollably. I continue my examination, circling the tip of my index finger around her clasped oyster, teasing the opening as she pushes more of her pearlescent lubrication. With her nectar upon my finger I slowly penetrate her small tight opening.

The tight opening sucks on my finger as I push in and out. Inside her creamy flow assists my finger as I passionately fuck the tight passage. The tightness tells me you've been faithful, saving herself for this special encounter. In the warm abyss my finger slides past the opening of her vagina. As I feel her relax within, I advance a second finger into the tight passage. I notice her breathing is faster as my probing fingers vigorously thrust in and out. She pulls the lips wider as I massage within, rhythmically stroking her g-spot with smooth, steady pressure.

The lewd stimulation has her drawing a finger to her mouth, wet it, then gently insert it inside herself, next to my two waiting fingers. Her lips stretch snugly around our three cream covered fingers as they slide back and forth within the tight chamber. Each dancing finger strokes the tender walls of her vagina as we both playfully explore inside her.

With her finger next to mine, we both massage the furrowed, vaginal ceiling of her g-spot. Desperate moans erupt from her as she bear down on the buried fingers. There the sensual massage produces a steady stream of nectar that oozes from her stuffed passage. While heatedly enjoying the manipulation, she notices my cock is raging hard and pressed firmly against her butt cheek. She removes her finger from her pussy, leaving my fingers deep within her pussy and reaching behind her back.

Wasting no time her hand grasps my monster cock. The nine inch long baton held firmly in her hand is covered with pre-cum that drapes the cock head.

Feeling the hard muscle and the veins make her shudder as she moves the fleshy foreskin back from the bulbous head. Tightly squeezing her small hand around the base of the thick shaft makes the head pulse and swell under the constriction. The veins enlarge and the head broadens before she lets her tight grip loosen into pleasurable stroking. Vigorously milking of my engorged cock creates drops of pre-cum from my tip then dribbles down in long strands.

Her fingers eagerly work the dripping head, drawing it down the long shaft where it becomes lubrication for her hand.

I groan and start breathing rapidly as her fingers roll over the erogenous zones of my hard cock. From experience she remembers that massaging the ring-shaped corona of my leaking tip makes me feverishly crazy. I'm panting with excitement like a dog as she strokes the bulging head. The more aroused I become, the harder I finger her pussy, pausing only to gape her open with my curled fingers.

Fucking her pussy makes her moan louder until I feel her muscles tighten down around my fingers like a vise. Her tense contractions clamping her vaginal walls around my buried fingers as she builds towards another orgasm. First she shudders in my arms, than her thighs quiver as I fuck the clenched passage harder and faster. As her body peaks in vaginal orgasm, a squirt of cum sprays out on the bed. Then she slumps into my arms as my soaking wet fingers make their final thrust deep into her pussy.

It takes a few minutes for her to recover her composure. As she regains her composure, she is reminded of the searing hot cock pressing against her back. Wanting it buried deep inside her. Getting up from the bed, she turns around and starts kissing me passionately. Her tongue gliding around my mouth, with one hand still stroking my cock, the other reaches down grabbing my hairy scrotum. The large, slumping pair of testicles are almost too big to hold in her dainty hand.

She rubs the fleshy pouch and pull on the stippled skin, massaging the balls with a lewd desire. Clearly she realizes that only the pleasure of being handled this way, arouses me this much.

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With her hand still stroking my hard cock, she climbs over my legs to reach a sitting position on my lap. There, one of her taut nipples is noticed and greeted by my warm mouth. As I alternate sucking on her nipples, she spreads her creamy labia back and forth over my cock jutting up from my lap.

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I briefly glance down to watch her moving hips rub her clitoris over the broad head of my cock and down the long meaty shank. Every stroke up and down the length wets the long shaft with her dripping petals. After a few more playful strokes, she backs her hips away, allowing my hard cock to spring upward to my stomach.

With my brawny cock standing at attention, she wraps her parted labia around the base of my cock, allowing the wrinkly lips to straddle the raised structure. Your hips gyrate upwards like a bull rider in slow motion as she repeatedly slides her drooling pussy upwards to the bloated head of my cock, then lowers it back down the vein covered shaft.

The shaved mound is moist with her excitement as her green eyes glare feverishly into mine. All the while my penis oozes pre-cum as her labia stroked the abundant length. Each drop rolls down onto the shaved mound to her thirsty vulva. Just when I think the two of us are going to explode from anticipation, she backs away and returns to kissing me.

The much needed break allows us to cool down for a moment. Then she reclaims my cock with her right hand and directs the tip of my hungry cock between the lips of her labia. No longer can the foreplay stop us from the inevitable penetration. We are simply dying to feel each other. Then, she slowly directs my throbbing prong between her flared lips sliding into ecstasy. She pushes the dribbling tip through the clenched, circular band of tissue guarding her vaginal entrance. We both let out a sigh as the muscular ring stretches over the lipped corona that runs the circumference of the swollen head.

As she pushes me deeper inside her velvet glove, I feel the compassionate grip of the corrugated passage gently sliding my foreskin back. With lustful enthusiasm her rotating hips snake my anaconda deeper into the waiting warmth until it bottoms out. Her shallow depth and my impressive dimensions make for a difficult fit as her small tight purse struggles to open, consuming five inches of my commanding length.

With her legs spread over mine, I marvel at the sweaty nude pussy and the vertical lips within as they attempt to devour my meaty shaft. As I briefly glance up, I notice her smile. No doubt she has caught me examining the wonderfully cramped hole my cock is filling. Her rhythmic gyrations continue to massage the deeply buried cock, then evolves into long driving strokes. Along my exposed shank is a glaze of creamy lather which thickens as she works my steely cock.

The curdled emulsion signifies the fertility of her menstrual cycle and explains why she is craving the deep penetration. I grab her shoulders in an attempt to slowly impale her upon my remaining length. I hear her whimper with pain as I bump her cervix, but I don't stop.

With a more prying, some gentle foreplay, and changing my angle, I'm able to make her aroused enough to increase the depth. Slowly, her loosening vaginal muscles lifts her cervix and allows me to slip deeper into her virgin chamber where no man has ever been, tenting her small vagina over my monster cock. Grunts and grimaces emanate from her as I impale her like no man has ever done. The palms of her small hands beat against my hairy chest as an outlet to my forceful spearing.

Then her feet timidly retract from the bed as her weight is lifted from her heels. Sitting suspended in my lap, the full weight of her body bears down on my nine inches of throbbing cock.

My feet curl as her labia chokes down the remainder of my girth, then lands on my pubic bone. With her lips stretched tightly around the base of my cock, I feel the rear wall of her vaginal cavity around my brutal insertion.

The immense sense of fullness creates a stimulation that vibrates pleasure throughout our bodies. Again and again she slowly raises herself up and plummets herself down, forcefully and relentlessly driving me to the back wall of her vagina. She swirls and rotates her pelvis as she rides me, directing my bulging rod to erogenous zones deep within her creaming vagina. Below my hairy balls drip with her cream. The outpouring of lubrication helps us build a rhythm that only increases the elevating pleasure.

Each consecutive downward thrust she makes stretches her pussy, loosening her clenching passage. With insatiable desire making our hearts race as we fuck each other with unrivaled passion. After an abusive bout of punishing injections from my steamy piston she finds herself craving something more erotic. Her carnal desire raises my animal need to mate with her with primal mounting. I ask Angela, " Have you ever been mounted like a bitch in heat?" " No, like a dog?" " Yes." " No, I can't let you do it that way." " You want to get pregnant?" " Yes." " I need to mount you.Get on your hands and knees now?" " This position is for breeding.My cock will penetrate the sanctity of your virgin womb.

It will be very painful." Angela tried to resist but I force her down into position in front of me. I mounted her immediately, gripping her torso. She shifted a little and then " Ouch!" My cock hits that sensitive area between pussy and ass. I reach underneath and grasp my cock guiding it to her pussy. Her fear causes her muscles to tighten up uncontrollably. It is so painful, she instinctively tries to pull away, but I'm allowing that.

I yank her back tight against my hot cock. I laugh at her efforts to dislodge me. " Don't fight it, Angela," I said. " First time breeding can't get any wilder than this!" I now have most of my cock firmly lodged in her cunt again. I start to thrust in and out of her, she thought the muscles inside her vagina would tear, I'm fucking her so hard and fast. However, pain and fear turn to pleasure and in a few minutes, she feels waves of sexual ecstasy coursing through her. She climaxed immediately but she didn't pull away.

I'm still slamming into her and she is now screaming encouragement to me. Suddenly, I lunged forward ramming my cock into the deepest reaches of my cervix. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as she repeatedly tries to stretch it over my engorged head.

After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates relinquishing it's guardianship of her sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penile spear, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me in.

Once inside I slowly push into the virgin unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her changing facial expressions at each stage of her inner deflowering. As she advances me into her cervical canal, I sense her ambition to feel my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb. The ache causing me to swell inside the impossibly narrow, furrowed tunnel, making passage very difficult.

Still, she pushes me deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my cock. The clenched sphincter feels impassible, a worthy sentinel guarding the inner sanctum of her undefiled abyss. With continuous gentle pushing and increased pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted.

Slowly I pry open the virginal narrow opening, slowly pushing the head upward into her waiting uterus. The ring of her internal cervical orifice grips me like a tight circular band that tightens around my throbbing bulbus cock head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus. Experiencing the phenomenon leaves us amazed that my raging cock has skewered her tight vagina as well as her chaste womb.

We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy. Then I feel her tighten around the intruding tip as a sudden shudder of her body builds into the spasms of a massive internal orgasm. Deep moans emanate from her as she squirms against my impaled member. Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly tightens and releases my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton. Her earth shattering orgasm releases hormones that disperse throughout her entire body.

As the ecstasy consumes her, she collapses onto the bed. As the pulsating of her uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock. Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy soft uterus, I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal.

The creamy tght cavity stretches around my swollen head, massaging the tip with spasmodic throws of a colossal orgasm. As she looks back into my eyes with aching delight. she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than any man has ever been or might ever be again. Though unnecessary, she pushes her body back over the impaled tip, stroking the buried cap inside her clutching uterus as she advances an orgasm from me which is already underway.

A whirlwind of pleasure starts to overcome my body. The feel of my rapid breathing and moaning on her neck makes her aware that I am about to burst. Below the deep penetration she reaches her hand back to massage my tightening scrotum. Inside, pent up semen ready. She squeezes and massages the balls, rolling them through her fingers in order to make me aware of just how desperate she is to drain every last drop of cum from them.

All the gentle pulling on the skin and kneading of the pouch makes the load inside even more voluminous. An intent, animal stare beams from her eyes as she clamps down around the entire length of my meaty intruder.

The tugging grip is more than I can bare and pushes me over the edge into orgasm. A chill runs up my spine as my cock stiffens uncontrollably then jerks under the grip of her penetrated cavern.

The engorged tip of my cock swells uncontrollably inside the confines of the small chamber. I let out a deep groan as I feel copious amounts of sperm then fires it into her waiting chalice. Clenched around the entire length of my cock, she feels the masculine contractions of my intense orgasm and the delivery of my sperm. The tip of my cock opens depositing the initial blast of my salty seed into her clenched, virginal womb.

It squirts against the roof of her cervix, splashing onto walls, then cascading down around the buried tip. Immediately following is a thunderous surge of warm cum that deposits deep inside her.

A faint sigh tells me that she can feel the warm jets of erupting semen painting the interior walls of her waiting womb. I briefly hear her exclaim " Fill me up baby!" as another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of the warm pearlescent molasses. I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of my milky seed inside her. Finally, I fire the last creamy charge of cum within her, draping the sticky sweetness all over the walls of her waiting uterus.

My orgasm fills her with a bountiful load of sperm. The feeling is so overwhelming I collapse onto her and kiss her neck as I quiver in the aftershocks of a violent orgasm.

As I start to cool down, her uterus pushes my diminishing size from its tight confines, closing behind me in order to seal the inseminated cavity. Her moaning tells me, she can feel the warm cum pooling inside her now clenched uterus. Ever so slowly I feel my softening cock retract into her cervical canal before it is finally expelled through the tight ring of her cervix.

There inside her vagina is an engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking erection. An aching heat that seems to thank me for depositing all that sperm inside her. A little nibble on my lower lip becomes a French kiss as we both glow in the blissful aftermath of our orgasms.