Super Sexy Lesbians Enjoy Pussy Licking

Super Sexy Lesbians Enjoy Pussy Licking
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A teenage boy gets even with the girl who was the reason for the breakup with his gf. Hi,i am Martin.I am 16 and a sophomore at the local public school.I have been in a relationship with a girl in my class Sara for few months and was really serious about her but like all good things it ended.The reason for our breakup was another girl named Rachael.She had seen me flirting with another girl at a party and she told that to my gf .


Okay,i need to clear some things .I am good looking guy,6ft 1 in tall and very popular in school so its not uncommon for girls to come and flirt with me.In the party,i was just trying to talk to this girl since i was getting bored but she was very drunk and kept on throwing herself on me.

Anyways,my relationship has ended and that too because some bitch misinterpreted what she saw.I was furious at her and wanted to get even.

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Since i am very popular at school i get invited to parties a lot. I was at this b'day party of one the girls from our school when i saw Rachael.It appeared as if she was drunk.I think its time to describe Rachael to you.She was a blonde with an hour glass figure.Deep blue eyes,long toned legs,36C boobs(that is my estimation) and a nice bubble butt.

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When i saw at her the party she was wearing a magenta coloured dress that stopped a few inches above her knees showing her perfectly toned legs and on the top side her dress made sure that her ample cleavage was visible to the onlookers.Rachael was looking hot as hell and she was kissing a guy.She was french kissing this guy and he had his hands on her magnificient boobs massaging them ever so slowly then his hands went to her back and he grabbed her butt tightly.After giving it a firm squeeze he pushed her butt to grind their crotch closer to each other.At first i didn't cared much since it wasn't unusual for people to get intimate in these kind of parties but When i noticed the guy she was kissing my whole body became attentive.Rachael was in a relationship and the guy she was kissing was not her bf.I took out my phone and clicked a few pictures capturing the intimate moments,they were engrossed in themselves to notice anything.After breaking up the kiss,the guy took her hand and pulled her inside the house.I clicked another pic of the couple getting inside the house.

'My day was made'i thought,now i will screw up the relationship of the girl who screwed up mine. I could hardly get any sleep in my excitement.I wished i could go to school and show it to her bf thus jeopardizing her relationship.Finally,it was school time and i was beaming with joy.On my way to class,i saw Rachael and i changed my plans.I thought rather than just showing the pics to her bf why not show it to her first and enjoy how the colour disappears from her face.

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Getting near her i pulled out my phone from my pocket and showed it to her saying"wow Rachael,you are so photogenic!just look at this pics".She had a faint smile on her face on my comment but when she saw the pic she was flabbergasted and the colour from her face completely disappeared.Rachael said"wtf!please delete these now". I replied"i will delete these but i only after i show them to Mark(her bf).Hearing that her face turned from raging in anger to teary eyed.Almost sobbing she said"we never had sex,i was drunk but i chickened out after we went into the room".I didn't believed that bitch,i chuckled to myself and said"tell that to your bf,hope he buys it".


"Please don't do this Martin!i really love him a lot "Rachael pleaded to me.There was no way i was not going to show those to her bf but her pleading changed my plans.I said "okay,i will delete them but what do i get in return?". "what do you want?"Rachael said still teary eyed."Don't worry you just have to follow my orders."I said."Orders??what kind of??"she said. "I will take care of that,yes or no??"I asked.

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"I will do anything,you just don't show those pics to Mark" Rachael replied. A cunning smile appeared on my face hearing the 'anything'.I moved in closer to her,put my hands around her waist and pulled her closer meeting our lips.My action caught Rachael off gaurd,she didn't knew how to respond she just let me kiss her.A few seconds later she was kissing me back and when my tongue poked at her lips she opened her soft pink lips to allow access to her hot mouth.While our tongues were busy in a wrestling match,my hands as if by their own accord massaged her boobs.As i squeezed her perfect mound on her chest a light gasp escaped her mouth.My hands now travelled to her back and found her sexy ass,i gave a firm squeeze on it.Rachael moaned into my mouth.I broke off the kiss and kissed her along the neck,collarbone.I got on my knees so that my face was directly in front of her crotch,i could feel Rachael's breathing getting heavier.I pushed my hands inside her skirt and Rachael stood there like a statue.still!When my hands found the hem of her panties,i pushed them down slowly to her ankles."Step out of them.Rachael"i ordered her and she did exactly that.Rachael's pink cotton panties had a small wet patch on her crotch area speaking volumes about her excitement.I brought the soft cotton panties close to my face and inhaled deeply.It had a beautiful musky aroma to it which gave me an instant hard on.I stood up,shoved the panties in my pocket and said"For the rest of the day,you will be without panties",thats your task for today.understood".Rachael nodded her head.Embarassment was writ large over her face." "Now,you can go to back to your classes"i said,Rachael walked out of the room as fast as possible .I had to rush back to home quickly after my mom texted me to come soon so i couldn't meet Rachael anymore on that day but i had something in mind for the next day.In the morning,i texted her saying"Don't wear any bras or panties today.Wear the shortest skirt you have got along with a tight white blouse.Understood?".After a couple of minutes i got her reply "Can i just wear the panties??I am ready to do everything except that".It brought a devilish smile on my face and i texted back"this isn't a negotiation darling.just do what you are told to do".Rachael didn't reply back and i understood that she got my message loud and clear.On reaching school i found out an empty classroom and texted Rachael to reach there.She reached there in a few minutes and was dressed exactly as i have ordered her.Dressed in a blue mini skirt and a tight white blouse she looked very sexy and her boobs brought water in my mouth.Although,it was hard to say that she wasn't wearing any underwears or bra underneath,the thought of her being naked inside made my cock throb vigorously.I closed the door behind her and we french kissed while my hands refused to be still,traced the curves of her chest.Moving swiftly i cupped her boobs and squeezed them lightly making her moan into my mouth.I found her nipples and pinched them over the blouse,Rachael gasped for air."Mmmmm." I started to unbutton her slowly and she wasn't trying to stop me.We broke off the kiss when i had undone all her buttons,i looked at her chest.Two of the most beautiful and perfect breasts were staring back to me.I didn't removed the blouse.My hands now fondled her naked right breast,massaging them ever so lightly.

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When i brought my face close to her perfect boobs i could clearly listen to her heavy breathing.I kissed all over her chest not leaving an-inch of her naked skin untouched by my lips.I sticked out my tongue and licked her small pink nipple making Rachael gasp.I surrounded her pink nipples with my lips and sucked onto it.While my mouth was tasting her nipples my hand was pinching and manhandling the other one.I could feel her nipple grow erect inside my mouth.Rachael's small soft pink nipples had grown to the size of grapes,i was really liking the salty taste of her.I don't know if she realised it or not but she was stroking my hairs while i was bathing her nipples in my saliva,she was even pushing her chest into my mouth.

I on the other hand was completely submerged into the task of sucking her erect bud,I had no idea how long i have sucked her nipple before repeating the process with the other one. When my fingers left her nipples and moved down slowly towards her treasure i could feel her body shiver in anticipation.I rubbed her tummy in circular motion before shifting to reach her thighs.I rubbed the back of my fingers on her toned thighs,they were so soft.not even a trace of any body hairs.Moving my fingers inside her skirt towards the ultimate treasure,i reached her inner thighs.I hadn't let Rachael's nipples get out of my hot mouth yet except for the occasional bites.Yes,i bit on her nipples softly making her squirm in pleasure.When my hand reached her mound,i could feel her heat emanating from her excited sex.Grazed my fingers across her pubic hairs before touching her slit.I was not surprised at what i found down there,Rachael was drippin wet.Her slit was completely wet as if she has just peed.

My fingers found her clit and i applied a little pressure on it.Rachael squirmed in pleasure "ahhhh."I felt Rachael ache her back and groan loudly as i sucked onto her tits with renewed pleasure while my fingers stroked her clit in circular motion."ughhhhhh.god.that feels damn good"Rachael shouted as she came all over my finger.

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Finally,i released her nipple with a bite and looked at her.Rachael had her eyes closed,her face showed the expression of pure ecstasy.She was biting her lower lip.When she opened her eyes,i brought the wet fingers closed to my mouth and sucked it."umm.thats yummy.You taste great Rachael"i said.Embarassment was writ large across her face as i grinned and said"get dressed,thats enough for today".Rachael obliged getting dressed as fast she could and left the room.