This pinay used a small coke bottle

This pinay used a small coke bottle
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Jan-Chapter 3 HEIDI I rose naked from Mark's bed and stretched like a big feline, feeling almost content for the moment and almost sleepy enough to call it a night.

On the bed my new husband lay on his stomach asleep and also naked. I loved to see him naked, to see the naked butt that only a short time ago had strained mightily to drive his huge, hard cock into my sex hungry pussy until I came again and again.

He was one of the best lovers I ever had, which was of course one of the main reasons I married him. I glanced at the big wall mirror and admired the view in the dim light. I'm of medium height and have a perfect, playmate body, including perfect c-cup sized tits and shapely ass and legs. My body is trim but not overly muscular, and my skin is smooth as a baby's. The oscillating fan swung back my way and blew cooling air across my sensitive skin, sending tingles of pleasure through me. I felt almost fully content.

Mark had fucked me for a couple of hours, coming inside me three times, a feat that satisfied Mark and would have satisfied most women.

But I'm no ordinary woman. I'm only twenty seven, ten years younger than Mark, and only ten years older than my new stepson Johnny and his yummy little twin sister Jan, a fact that I thought about frequently. Mark was a wonderful lover, but I needed more. I had been fucking men since I was 12 years old and masturbating long before that. Mark was great, but no one man was enough for me.

I searched the floor of the doorway to the bedroom, but found nothing. The other night I had found a tiny pair of panties in the doorway that had to belong to my cute little step-daughter Jan. They were drenched and smelled wonderfully of musky cunt juice.

Reaching into a dresser drawer I found Jan's panties and brought them to my face. They still smelled deliciously of the teenager cunt juice. I then picked up a wispy, transparent 'robe' and carried it with me into the hallway, not bothering to put it on but keeping it available in case one of the others woke up. Maybe I would hear them and be able to slip it on before they saw me naked, and maybe not. Win-win either way, I figured. I tip-toed to the kids' room, licking my lips with anticipation.

Looking through the open bedroom doorway, I was disappointed to see that Johnny wasn't home yet. That meant that he hadn't heard me and Mark fucking earlier, and that I couldn't peek in at his near-naked body now.

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Guys his age got erect cocks with the slightest provocation, and Johnny got plenty of that with me and Jan living in the same tiny house with him. The poor kid; hopefully he was out somewhere now fucking some lucky girl. Jan was on her bed sleeping now, scantily clothed and stretched out on her back with her legs open to catch the cooling fan-breeze between them. Slim and with smallish B-cup tits, she looked even younger than seventeen.

The flimsy little vest-like top that the teenager wore was pushed back, exposing her nice little tits to the fan also. Had she exposed her tits deliberately, I wondered? And what about the panties from the other night?


Had the girl been watching me and Mark fuck? I liked to think so. I quietly stepped into the room and looked closer at the girl.

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Jan's small bikini panties were bunched up and pulled into the slit of her ass and pussy, disappearing completely between her cunt-lips. I licked my lips, longing to put them and my long wet tongue to work in the girl's lovely young twat. I hadn't had sex with another woman for several months. As my eyes explored Jan, my hands began to freely explore my own naked self, my fingertips lightly running over stomach, shoulders, and thighs, but quickly focusing in on the pleasure center between my legs and the sensitive tips of my C-cup sized breasts.

Soon I was vigorously rubbing my pubic mound with the palm of my right hand, pulling and pushing on the skin so that it massaged the firm clit that nestled above my cunt hole. With my the fingers of my left hand I rubbed my cunt lips, and then plunged them in and out of my slick slit, fucking myself.

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My pussy was already slippery from earlier love-making, but now more juices began dripping from my love canal, female juices mixed with pungent smelling male spunk.

I brought my wet hand to my nose to smell, and then to my mouth, so I could suck the cunt juice and spent semen from my fingers, and savor the musky, salty taste. Then I wiped my juicy cunt with Jan's already damp panties, and covered my face with them, and breathed through them and muffled my moans as I came to a mind shattering orgasm. It had taken less than a minute.

I was breathing hard, trying to catch my breath, but the noise of the fan would hide that, and Jan hadn't woken up. In fact, the fan was so effective in masking sound that I almost didn't hear Johnny's car pull up outside. I fled the bedroom, and managed to duck into my own bedroom just as I heard the back door to the kitchen open. I left my bedroom door wide open, laid down on the bed next to my soundly sleeping husband Mark, and pulled my knees up and spread my legs wide apart.

I resumed masturbating my still sensitive cunt with Jan's panties, with hopes that Johnny would peek in and see me. He had done it before. For several minutes I lay there, slowly jerking myself off, but holding back somewhat, as I didn't want to peak until Johnny was watching. But Johnny didn't come. In fact, I still heard him puttering around in the kitchen. That was unlike Johnny.

Usually he quickly undressed, used the bathroom, and went to bed. And when he went to bed he jerked himself off, and I often watched him do it. His cock was huge, even bigger than his father's. Curious, I slipped on my flimsy robe and went to the kitchen to see what he was up to. I was shocked to catch him chugging down a can of beer. I had never seen him drink alcohol before. Two crushed, empty beer cans were already sitting on the counter next to the refrigerator.

"Tough night Johnny?" I asked, stepping into the kitchen and closing the door to shut us off from the bedrooms. Johnny was so startled that he almost dropped his beer. But he recovered quickly, and chugged the third can dry before he replied. "Maybe. I don't normally drink, Heidi, but I needed to tonight.

You going to tell on me?" He glanced briefly at me, but then quickly looked away. I knew that through my nearly transparent robe he could see my nipples and cunt hair, and that his teenage cock had to be hardening.

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"No problem," I told him. "Hey, I was a teenager not so long ago. I know it can be tough. You have girl problems, I'm guessing." Johnny laughed. "Don't I wish!" "You're a handsome kid, but everyone has problems with the opposite sex." He shook his head.

"Opposite sex? Don't I wish." I was puzzled by his response. "Same sex? You're kidding. I don't believe it. Did some fag hit on you?" "I don't want to talk about it." "Well if that's what happened, don't let it bother you. Take it as a complement." "I said I don't want to talk about it." "That's not it, is it?" "Not exactly." It must have been the beer, as suddenly it all just came flooding out of him.

He told me that he got a blow-job at the adult book store from his male friend while watching a sex video of a man and woman fucking, and that he enjoyed it. "So now you think you might be a fag? That's nuts." "Why? How the hell can anyone tell? How the hell would you know?

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Shit, I don't even know." I laughed. "I do know. You like looking at girls more than boys, don't you?" He for sure liked looking at me, especially when I flashed him peeks at my dripping pussy. "Yeh, sure. But I never went all the way with a girl; how do I know I'd like it?" "That one's easy, honey," I said. I stood up and walked around the table to stand in front of his chair, and pulled the robe off my shoulders.

The thin robe fell to the floor. I was standing two feet in front of him completely naked. I don't know what that did for him, but I was panting and primed, juicy and ready to go at it. Johnny's jaw fell almost to the floor, and he seemed to almost fall out of the chair.

He couldn't take his eyes off my tits as I bent down and kissed him on the mouth, my probing tongue pushing between his lips. He caught on quick, and my tongue explored his while my hands grasped his hardening cock through his jeans and quickly pulled his zipper down. The kid's cock popped out of his shorts; it was huge and I wanted it bad.

I dropped to my knees and sucked his enormous salty tasting boner expertly into my warm, soft mouth, swirling the sensitive tip with my tongue as I applied gentile suction and began to move my lips back and forth over the soft, sensitive cock-head, in and out, in and out, just fucking the soft tip of his cock with my mouth, again and again.

Soon his huge boner would be stretching my cunt, it had to be, or I'd go crazy. "Uuuuuuggghh," moaned Johnny, as he received the second blow-job of his young life. I pulled his pants and shorts down and completely off, and then slipped his shirt over his head. He was naked like me now, and I hungrily ran my hands all over his young, trim body, teasing his nipples, ass-cheeks and balls with my small, soft, warm finger-tips. All the time my lips and tongue worked on the big young cock that jutted up from his lap.

"Oohhhhh," he gasped, his heart pounding with mine. I suddenly stood up, and for a moment and he looked confused, and perhaps feared that I was leaving him, but that wasn't going to happen. I had to have more of him, had to have him inside my hot wet cunt. Spreading my legs, I straddled him where he sat on the chair. I guided his cock to my pussy lips, then lowered myself further onto his lap slowly, easing my hot slick cunt onto his big, stabbing cock, inch by delicious inch.

"Uuuuuuggghhh," he gasped, as my cunt lips took in the bulging head, and then gently massaged his prick as I settled down on inch after turgid inch of it. It felt great; I hadn't had a stiff cock this big inside me for months.

I was soon stretched full of firm hot teenage prick. I knew that he had never felt anything so wonderful before, and that was a huge turn-on for me.

The inside of my cunt enveloped his cock in warm, grasping wetness, squeezing it almost like a hand, but ten times better. Finally I was sitting on his lap with my pubic mound pushing down on his, and the entire length of his firm prick was gripped in my warm, wet cunt. I leaned forward and pressed my bare boobs with their sensitive, pebble-hard nipples against his naked chest and deep-kissed him on the mouth again, this time sucking his tongue into my mouth.

But that was only the beginning. Now I slowly started moving up and down, riding his hard prick as my well trained cunt muscles tightened around it even more. He rocked his hips on the chair in rhythm to my up and down motion, tensing his ass muscles and contributing to driving his cock deep into my clutching cunt.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," I grunted. "Yes, yes, yes; fuck my cunt Johnny, fuck me good, good, good, good, ugh, ugh, ugh." The smell of our sex juices and sweat filled the room. "Ah, ah, ah, ah," he moaned. Up and down I moved on his cock, as it slipped in and out and in and out and in again endlessly, making a sucking sound with each stroke.

"Suck my big tits Johnny. Suck them hard." My tits were bouncing up and down in front of his eyes, all that he had to do was zero in on a firm jiggling nipple and suck it in between his lips. "Oooh, yes, yes, fuck-me, suck-me, fuck-me, suck-me, fuck-me, fuck, fuck, fuck, ah, ah, ah." This was great, but I was doing most of the action. I wanted him to fuck me. I pulled off him and bent low over the table with my legs spread, sticking my butt and juicy twat out towards him.

"Fuck me hard from behind Johnny," I pleaded. Johnny quickly moved behind my upraised ass and plunged his huge, stiff prick into my cunt again to the hilt, then pulled it most of the way out and plunged it in again with even more force. I felt his balls slap against my clit-mound, felt the tops of his sweaty thighs press against my firm, round, sweat covered ass-cheeks, and smelled our musky juices. It was his turn to be in control, and I was betting that he liked it that way.

##Jan## Outside in the hallway, I stood outside the kitchen door, listening. I had heard Johnny arrive and gone to find out what was keeping him. I wanted to watch him jerk off before going to sleep. When I heard the sounds of sex from the kitchen, I froze.


Through the closed door I heard Heidi and Johnny making animal grunts and moans and the rhythmic sounds of the table creaking under the stress of desperately straining bodies. Automatically, my tongue licked my lips, and my right hand reached down under the front of my little panties for my own wet, slick cunt, and rubbed my hardened clit as I plunged my fingers into my dripping slit. My other hand roamed the rest of my body, rubbing hardened nipples, smooth belly and taut ass cheeks.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," grunted Heidi, as Johnny drove his hard boner into her slick tunnel again and again, faster and faster. "Aa, aaa, aaah, aahhhhhh." As I listened to my twin brother getting fucked, I rubbed my young pussy furiously.

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My legs buckled under me, and I slowly dropped to the floor. I unbuttoned my little top so that I had freer access to my breasts. The nipples were hard as pebbles.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned softly. My whole body was hyper-sensitive now, as I rubbed my nipples with one hand, and my mound and clit with the other, faster and harder and faster and harder. Um, um, emm, emm, emmm." Through the door I could hear my brother fucking my sexy step-mother, and I pictured them in my mind.

I remembered what Johnny's huge hard cock looked like and what my father's cock looked like as it pounded into Heidi's cunt two nights ago.

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I imagined that Johnny's cock was sunk deep into my own cunt right now, filling me, stretching me, pounding into me again and again and again. "Ugh, ugh, ugh," I could hear Johnny grunt. I could hear the slap-slap-slap of their sweaty bodies, and the growing moans of Heidi, and imagined that it was me getting fucked, harder and faster and harder and faster. I was moving my wet hands and fingers as fast as I could over my clit and in and out of my slippery cunt, imagining that it was Johnny moving his big cock in and out, in and out, in and out of my own hot fuck hole.

It felt soooo good, soooo right! I peeked through the keyhole and saw Johnny's beautiful ass pushing his huge cock in and out of Heidi. "Aaaaahhhhhhh," I moaned.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah," as I came in long waves. "Ahhhhhhhhhh." ##Heidi## "Aaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," I moaned, as I orgasmed for the first time with Johnny.

Johnny's cock was even bigger than his father's, and what he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm and youthful vigor. I loved being fucked doggie style. I had been fucked this way hundreds of times, by hundreds of different men, with hundreds of different cocks.

Long cocks, short cocks, fat cocks, thin cocks, white, black, red, yellow, or red, I loved them all deep inside me. But best of all I liked the huge ones, big hard ones like Johnny's. I rocked back and forth, helping drive every turgid inch his big thick prick into me, again and again. I wanted it to go on forever, but I also wanted to come.

I reached a hand down to rub my clit with my fingers. "Oooooooooooooh," I moaned as the next orgasm hit me. "Oooooooooah." Johnny let up just a little, maybe to hold off his own orgasm.

He continued slowly thrusting, but bent over my sweating body, reaching down under me to grasp my tits in his strong hands.

They were bigger than grapefruit and soft yet firm, and the nipples were hard and as big as the tips of his fingers. He rolled the hard tips of my tits with his fingers as he continued to fuck me. Meanwhile with one hand under myself I massaged my mound, pushing down on it so that my clit was rubbed harder by both the top underside of Johnny's plunging cock, and by my own probing fingers. My orgasm didn't stop at all, but kept coming and coming as he fucked my clutching cunt. "Ah, ah, ahhh," I grunted.

I reached further and felt Johnny's tightening balls as they slapped against my slick sweaty mound. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhh," grunted Johnny, as he drove his final thrusts deep into me and finally came himself, shooting gobs of hot jizz into my firmly clutching cunt. "Just like in the video." he said when he had caught his breath.

"What?" I said. "What did you say?" "The porn flick I saw in the adult book store. It was you as a blonde, getting shagged by some black dude." He pulled his half-deflated cock out of me.

I stood and faced him. "That was another life, Johnny, a life that's over with now. I'd appreciate it if you don't talk about it." "Dad doesn't know?" "He knows I've been around the block a few times, so to speak. He doesn't know I've been all over the damn state fucking men professionally. You going to tell him?" I dropped to my knees and sucked his soft cock into my mouth and gently worked on it for a few seconds, then stood and kissed his lips with my deeply probing tongue that tasted of jizz and cunt juice.

"Ahhhh, emm, emmmm," said Johnny. "I don't think so." Smiling, I picked up his shirt and slipped it over his head, and then handed him his pants, but made no move to clothe myself. "Thanks Johnny. Oh, by the way, what's the verdict?" Johnny looked at me dumbly, licking his lips as he watched my tits bounce and he saw and smelled all our sex juices.

Streams of white cum were leaking from my cunt and running down both legs, and the heavy scent of sex and sweat still filled the air. He didn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about. "Are you a homo, Johnny? What do you like best, boys or girls?" "Oh! Girls, for damn sure." He pulled on his boxer shorts but didn't bother with his jeans.

"That's what I thought," I said, smiling as I picked up my robe, opened the door and walked out and towards my bedroom still totally naked, wiggling my beautiful ass for him. ##Johnny## "Hot damn," I muttered, watching her disappear into the far bedroom before I turned towards the bath-room. My cock was starting to harden again, and I had trouble peeing, but finally got the job done.

Then I headed for bed. I thought that I caught a glimpse of movement in my room, but as I got closer to Jan I saw that she was asleep in her bed and almost naked. I pulled off my shirt. It was too damn hot for a shirt. The fan rotated towards me and teased and cooled my skin.

Before laying down on my bed I looked closer at Jan as my eyes adjusted to the low illumination in the bedroom. "Shit," I whispered. She has laying on her back. Her little vest was unfastened and open, baring both tits, and her legs were wide open, allowing me to see that the crouch of her tiny panties was pulled totally into the slit of her cunt.

For all intents and purposes she was totally naked. My breathing quickened and I pushed my shorts down over my ass and hardening cock and let them drop to the floor. I kicked them onto my bed as my hands grasped my prick and started pumping away. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," I said softly, as I fucked my hard prick with my hand, while imagining that it was buried deep in my sister's cunt. ##Jan## I opened my eyes ever so slightly to watch my naked brother fist-pump his beautiful cock only a couple of feet away from my face.

I lay on my back with my right arm under my body, my hand wedged in the crack of my ass, my middle finger in my slick tight pussy, and my ring finger in my tighter ass-hole, rubbing slowly as I watched Johnny jerk off his huge hard cock.

I fought to keep my breathing steady and slow and to hold as still as possible, despite the growing waves of lust that coursed through my young body.

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It excited me to realize that Johnny was moving his hand over his stiff boner as he stared wide eyed at my naked tits and cunt. My exposed nipples were big and hard, and my entire body tingled, especially when the fan circulated to blow warm air over my bare skin as well as Johnny's. I imagined that his cock was deep inside me instead of my finger, and hidden by dim light and the narrow band of panty material, I moved my fingers in and out of my cunt and ass holes in rhythm to his hand-job, faster and faster, harder and harder.

He was standing right over me now, drawn to my beautiful young woman-flesh like a magnet, with his ten-inch prick poised just inches over my virgin pussy, jutting straight out from his straining body. I knew he couldn't see my moving fingers under the panties, but he could make out my cunt lips, pushed open by the rolled-up cloth.

"Uuuuugh," he granted, as wads of thick jizz suddenly shot out of his prick. He tried to catch it all with his other hand, but probably un-noticed by him a big splash of hot cum landed across my slick pussy lips. I noticed. I saw the cum shoot out of Johnny's big hard cock and felt it land on my sensitive cunt-lips.

My body jerked just a bit, and I fought back moaning and spasms of movement as I orgasmed powerfully. My body tensed and shook uncontrollably, and the breath came out of me with a hiss.

Fortunately Johnny had already turned away from me, and stumbled to his side of the room. He quickly pulled on his shorts and lay down on his bed, apparently exhausted from his long sex filled night. He just wanted to sleep now, and lay with his back to me. I took advantage of this.

I carefully removed my tiny panties such that I did not disturb the big white wad of jizz on each side of my pussy lips, and slipped off my top completely so that I was completely naked. Then I smeared my brother's cum on two of my fingers and used his slippery love juice to furiously rub my incredibly sensitive clit-nub, while my other hand rubbed my whole body rapidly, and the air from the fan swept over me from head to foot.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned quietly, as orgasm after orgasm shot through me. "Mmmuuuuuuuh. Ahh, aaaaahhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Finally, after several minutes of orgasm and rest, with my last strength I pulled my top and panties back on, and fell asleep while still sucking on my jizz and cum-soaked fingers.