Beautiful blonde got her bubble butt fucked

Beautiful blonde got her bubble butt fucked
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Jessie Prescott was the nanny for the Ross kids and she had to punish them because one of their schemes had gone awry.

The Ross kids were upset that she had dared punish them so they plotted revenge. They each had a different plan so they drew straws to see whose plan would be activated. Luke drew the winning straw so his plan was started.

That night after returning from school they ordered dinner because it was Friday and Bertram had this weekend off and had already left.


Ravi brought Jessie a cup of soda that he had added one of the herbal Indian concoctions he knew too. After they ate everyone retired to the theater room to watch television and Jessie soon passed out. While Jessie sat in the theater chair Ravi said to herJessie can you hear me?

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Yes I can hear you she responded. Listen to my orders from now until Sunday night you will act like a horny slut having sex with anyone or anything do you understand?

Yes I'm a total slut till Sunday night.

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Good Ravi says you will wake up when Zuri snaps her fingers*SNAP*. Jessie opens her eyes and looking down at herself sayswhy am I wearing these clothes and starts stripping. Luke saysRavi the cameras are on aren't theyof course brother recording every second. Jessie gets down to her bra and panties and smiling points at Luke and saysLuke sweetie would you do the honors?

Luke steps up to her and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing her magnificent breasts and then slides her panties down her legs to settle around her feet. Luke steps back and takes in her fantastic fully exposed body. Jessie had petite well manicured feet with dark red polish on her toes with matching polish on the nails of her fine long fingered hands.

Long muscular toned legs that led up to her smoothclean shaven pussy that was starting to open with arousal like a blooming morning flower with dew touched petals.

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She had a fitflatandtoned abdomen under a pair of breasts that were plump and rounded with half dollar sized blood darkened aureoles topped with dark pink eraser sized nipples. Two attractive long toned arms extended from her shoulders and Jessie had a long neck and dark reddish-brown wavy shoulder length silky hair. Jessie's head was oval shaped and had full lipsa small nosedark brown eyes with maintained thin eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Now naked Jessie saidso what do you maniacs want to do first? Well Zuri said why don't you lay down on the couch which she did and then Zuri moved her legs apart and slid her hand up into Jessie's cunt and started punching into her as fast and as hard as she could. Jessie started screaming in pain but had to stop when Ravi climbed on top of her and shoved his nine inch long two inch around lockdown her throat and started throat fucking her.

Jessie's pain soon turned to pleasure as Zuri fisted her to an orgasm as she swallowed every drop of Ravi's massive ejaculation. Next Emma stepped up and told Jessie to get down on her hands and knees and she lay down under Jessie's head and ordered to start eating out her pussy and licking her asshole.

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Jessie started doing this when her eyes flew open and she gasped in surprise when Mrs. Kipling started fucking her asshole with her long tail and licking her pussy with her long tongue that rasped across her clit. Jessie started having uncontrollable massive multiple squirting orgasms that finally stopped and left her lying on the floor in total exhaustion and dazed with the after effects of her many orgasms. It was finally Luke's turn and he had waited a long time to get what he was about to have.

First he pulled out a tube of stimulating lubricating gel and liberally administered it to her two holes and nipples then he stripped as her sensitive body parts started to tingle and her already aroused body became painfully so. When Jessie saw Luke's massive cock she paled and whimpered, Luke that will rip me apart I'll never be able to take that in my holes Jessie said looking at Luke's twelve inch long three and a half inch in girth dick.

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Smiling Luke stepped between her legs and pressing his penis to Jessie's entrance slowly started pushing it in parting the folds of her pussy. Jessie screamed as she felt something in her groin give way and saw blood spotting Luke's penis as he pulled back then shoved it back in slowly speeding up until he was pounding into her like a speed demon.

Jessie had just started enjoying the pummeling Luke was giving her when she heard someone step up behind her and then felt a long vibrating object slam into her asshole and realized a pair of tits with hard nipples were pressed into her back as she screamed in pain from the object tearing into her asshole. Looking back over her shoulder and saw Emma grinning back at her with a double ended vibrating dildo strapped to her groin.

Jessie screamed in pleasure as the two of them fucked until she was totally exhausted. Sometime during her being raped she realized that she was eating Zuri's pussy and she was sucking on Ravi's cock. After which they all collapsed in a happy satisfied heap. This continued all weekend until Sunday night when the drugs wore off Jessie blushed seeing herself naked in front of the kids but before she could run to her room and get dressed they grabbed her and forced her to a seat in the theater room where she watched the highlights of what she had been doing for the last two days.

Then Luke told her unless she wanted him to send this to their parents and she would go to prison then she would be their willing and enthusiastic sex slave. I agree sobbed Jessiegood Zuri said and when Bertram gets here you will go into his room and give him the worksfuck himgive him a blow job and a rim job.

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Oh God no please Zuri not thatyes Zuri said you will have sex with him all night if he wants. Oh Ravi said by the way I replaced your birth control with sugar tablets months ago so I would start getting pregnancy tests.


Once took the test and saw it come back positive she set up a real test at the hospital and when it also came back positive she had Ravi and Luke tested. Luke turned out to be the father and Jessie quietly became a member of the family and Jessie went into seclusion until her child was born during all of that time both Luke and Ravi enjoyed suckling on Jessie's lactating breasts. The Ross's adopted it and Jessie kept taking care of all of the kids and she slept with Luke and Ravi every night in a few months Jessie turned up to be pregnant again but with Ravis childrentwo girls with Luke's boy that were also adopted by the Ross's.

Jessie was constantly exhausted because of the sex she was having with the four kids and Mrs.

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Kipling not to mention the parents whenever they visited home.