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Eventually I graduated, got a job, and we moved to where the money was. I had a good job, but I had to start out working the graveyard shift midnight to noon. We rented a house in a semi-rural area at the edge of town. The house had pasture behind and to one side. Mary lived on the other side. She was a 40 year old divorced woman living alone. She was also a devout Mormon. She welcomed us to the neighborhood and developed this habit of dropping by about once a week in the evenings.

I could barely tolerate her because she spent the entire time proselytizing. Things changed a little bit when she showed up one evening wearing cut-off blue jeans. I had always noticed that she was a great looking woman for her age with a trim little body, but now I could see that her legs were amazing. I spent the visit staring at her legs she knew it, too. From that point on she would show up in shorts or a skirt.

I don't think she was consciously trying to seduce me, but in her twisted Mormon way I'm sure she was really loving the attention. By now it was June, so we would sit out and enjoy the evening, listening to her bullshit. After work I would get home about 1 in the afternoon. One day after lunch Tammy announced that she wanted me to help her work on her tan.

She stripped, and we went out to the backyard, where I found out that she had already laid a blanket out on the grass. On the blanket was a bottle of tanning oil. She had also pounded 4 tent stakes into the ground, with ropes attached to each.

She pulled my cock and balls out of my pants and sucked until it was hard, which took about 5 seconds. Then she told me I couldn't touch my cock until she was done tanning. Obviously the kinky little bitch had invented an entire scenario for us to act out. I couldn't wait to see what would happen. I tied her down spread-eagled on her back, and started rubbing in the oil. She told me to be very careful not to get in the way of the sun, she was actually serious about getting a tan, along with whatever else she had in mind.

I carefully and slowly rubbed the oil into her entire body, starting with her face, then her arms, breasts and torso. At one point I touched her pussy, but she told me to leave that for last. So I shifted around between her legs, and started at her feet. I worked my way back up to her pussy. It was soaking wet, and her clit was a hard little pebble.

This time when I started to rub the oil in she let me touch her clit. With my left hand I slid two fingers up her pussy and rested the thumb on her clit. I rubbed oil into her pussy lips with my right hand. She told me not to let her cum no matter what was happening, then she started to rock her hips, working her clit against my thumb. She was tied so tight she could barely move, but she fucked my hand as best she could. After 30 seconds I could tell she was about to cum, so I pulled my thumb away.

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After she calmed down I pressed my thumb back down, and she started over again. This went on for about ten minutes. I was keeping her right at the edge of an orgasm. Finally she yelled at me to stop-stop-stop, leave, and come back in 20 minutes.

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As I got up I noticed movement at Mary's house. I realized that the movement was a window curtain. Mary had been watching this was hot.

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I went inside and did some window peaking myself. Tammy was writhing against the ropes. She was still on the edge of an orgasm.

At Mary's house, the drape pulled back again. Mary's window was in the shade, so I could clearly see her looking at Tammy. I don't think she could see me, since my window had sun glaring on it. I watched Mary watch Tammy until it was time to go back outside. I didn't touch my cock I had the oil on my hands, and I knew that if I got oil on my cock Tammy would notice and bust me.

I wondered what was going thru Mary's nutty religious little mind. In about 15 minutes Tammy visibly calmed down. I put on a pair of sunglasses before I went back out, so I could continue to watch Mary without her knowing. Tammy told me to untie her, then tie her back up on her stomach.

As soon as I untied her she sniffed my cock, then announced that as a reward for not touching myself I could put my cock in her mouth and leave it there while I tied her down and rubbed the oil into her arms and back. Tammy laid down with her head in my lap and slid my cock into her mouth.

I proceeded to drive myself crazy for the next 10 minutes. She pulled her mouth away for a bit and told me to be careful to tie her up so the ropes were in the exact same spot on each wrist and ankle. I stretched out across her back and got her ankles tied. Then I tied her wrists. Then I started rubbing oil in, trying to make it last as long as possible.

Even though Tammy wasn't sucking, the sensation was still great. Trying not to be too obvious, I pushed my cock so the head was lodged against the back of her mouth, then rocked my hips. One of Tammy's standing rules was that I couldn't cum in her mouth, so I had to be very careful not to get out of control. I could feel her breathing around my cock, and her occasional attempt to swallow which she couldn't do because my cockhead was in the way. The only thing that wasn't perfect was that my back was to Mary's house, so I couldn't tell if she was watching.

Eventually I had her oiled up down to her waist. She made a noise and bit down on my cock shaft. I pulled out, the crotch of my pants was wet from her drool. I retied all the ropes so she was spread out tight again. Then I moved around between her legs. In this position I could clearly see Mary. Sure enough she was watching. I oiled up Tammy's legs, moving towards her ass. I started oiling her ass with both hands. I could see her asshole winking at me as I rubbed her.

I bent down and pushed my tongue up her ass. Tammy jerked like she'd been shocked, then started groaning and moving against the ropes. I moved my right hand between her legs and pushed my fingers against her clit. She came immediately I could feel her asshole clamp down and try to push my tongue out, so I pushed back as hard as I could. Tammy fucked against my tongue and fingers for several minutes, cumming over and over.

Mary was watching the whole time. Finally she begged me to pull away. She laid there quivering. She was a mess, covered in sweat even her hair was wet. She smelled amazing coconut, sweat, and girl cum.

I stayed between her legs and just looked at her for 10 minutes. Then, I oiled up my hands again. I put my right thumb against her asshole.

She groaned and pushed back as I slid it up her ass. I slid some fingers up her cunt, then started rubbing her clit. She humped my hand as best she could. I pushed down on the small of her back with my left hand to restrict her movements even more. Tammy brought herself to three more orgasms, then stopped. She was exhausted. I very carefully moved my thumb and fingers around in her holes while she laid there.

Every time I tried to pull my thumb out she would clamp her ass cheeks together. We stayed that way until she decided she was done tanning. Mary was still watching. I started thinking about my cock, which had been buzzing and tingling the entire time.

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I untied Tammy with my free hand. She reared up on her hands and knees, then sat down so my hand was trapped under her.

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She hugged me and we kissed. Then she started stroking my cock. I came into her other hand gushing shot after shot. She brought her hand up and I licked it clean. Then we got up, gathered up the stuff and went into the house.

As we went in Tammy asked me if she thought Mary had enjoyed the show. I should have known that she would have included Mary in her plans. God she was an evil little genius.

We did this almost every day for the next month. Mary watched nearly every time. Tammy got an amazing tan. The little white rings around her wrists and ankles were such a turn on.

People would notice them, but not say anything. Mary came over to chat on a weekly basis like usual. Now Tammy and I loved the visits they were so awkward. Mary would stare at the rings on Tammy. We would pretend that we didn't notice her looking. Then Tammy got a job, so the little sessions stopped.

On Wednesday of that week I got home.

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I was getting ready to go to bed when the doorbell rang. It was Mary. She looked great in a pair of sandals, shorts and a little summer top. Her bare shoulders were freckled. She asked if Tammy was home. This was so cool. Within three days she had gone so crazy missing the show that she had to come over and find out what was going on. I asked her in, then explained that Tammy had gotten a job.

I started to wonder what I could get away with, so I said that I was about to go out back and relax a bit would she like to come out and have some iced tea? I could see her mind working she had no idea what was up but she said yes.


On the way out the back door I grabbed the blanket. Mary startled a little as she recognized it. Out in the backyard I spread the blanket out between the stakes, which we had been leaving pounded into the grass.

I asked her to make herself comfortable while I got some iced tea. Back inside I looked out a window while I stripped and stroked myself hard. She was sitting on that blanket fingering one of the ropes tied to a stake. Her beautiful legs were curled under her. I opened the door and walked out. She guiltily let go of the rope when she heard the door open.

She looked up and saw me. She gasped and started to get up, but then sat back down. She stared at my cock as I walked up to her. I sat down cross legged facing her but close enough that we were touching. I started stroking my cock with my right hand. With my left hand I rubbed and tugged my balls. She sat there frozen. I concentrated on giving her a show. I couldn't tell if she was enthralled or terrified, but her eyes never left my cock and balls.

After a few minutes I stopped stroking. I leaned towards her, lifted her face and kissed her. She let me, but sat there stiffly until I pushed my tongue in her mouth.

Instantly she moaned and sagged against me. She was so turned on that I think she almost fainted. We laid down and started making out like teenagers. She was on her back, with me laying over her. I pulled one of her hands down and wrapped it around my cock. She gripped it hard and pushed her hips up against me. Our bare legs were wrapped around each other. I slipped a hand into her shorts.

Her eyes opened wide and looked into mine. She struggled, but I had her pinned down with my tongue deep in her mouth and in just a few seconds she started cooperating again. I could feel bush. At that point I realized I didn't want to see her naked I was so used to bald pussy that I was kind of grossed out by the idea of a hairy one.

But, her crotch was soaking wet and steaming hot, so I decided to rub her to an orgasm. I fingered her clit while I whispered in her ear. I told her she was beautiful, that I'd wanted her since the instant I first saw her, that I had been dreaming about a chance to make her happy like this. It was just the line of bullshit she needed to get over the top. I poked my tongue into her ear, and she shoved her body against mine, moaning and shaking to orgasm.

She sagged down as her orgasm passed through her. I started kissing her again while I kept my fingers in her pussy. She made little noises and held me, kissing back. Every few seconds she would surge up against me as she had another little orgasm. They kept washing over her again and again until she finally couldn't do another one. She lay there basically senseless. I rolled her over on her stomach. She didn't resist at all, I'm not sure she even knew where she was.

I pulled two ropes off the nearest stakes. I had her hands behind her back and her wrists tied before she really knew what was happening. I tied her ankles, then pulled them up to her wrists and hogtied her. I grabbed a third rope and cinched her elbows together. I realized how limber she must be as her elbows almost touched, so I untied her ankles from her wrists. I looped the rope around her elbow cinch and pulled her ankles past her wrists.

Then I put my hand around her throat and pushed her torso up, drawing all the slack out and tying it off. I moved around so her head was in my lap. Her nose and mouth was up against my cock and balls. If she had poked her tongue out she could have licked my balls. I stroked her hair while I admired what I'd done.

The muscles of her arms and legs were well defined as she strained a little against the ropes. She had an amazing body for a middle aged woman.

I asked her if she had ever been tied up before she whispered no. I asked her if she liked it. She laid there for a bit, then whispered yes. I bent my cock down so the head was against her lips and rubbed it gently back and forth. After just a bit she opened her mouth and took it in.

I asked her if she had ever had a man cum in her mouth. She started to struggle a little but there wasn't a damn thing she could do. As a matter of fact, by holding her head and pushing a little I filled her mouth with cock.

I hunched over her head and fucked her mouth. All things considered I was being gentle. I wanted to debase and humiliate her, but not enough to drive her away. I wanted her to come back for more. I also wanted it to last I loved how well this had gone down. I could tell she had no idea what to do.

I felt her start to suck. With one hand I held her head, with the other I caressed her bare legs. I slowly stroked in and out of her mouth. Way too soon I started to cum. She tried to pull her head back when the first shot hit her tongue, so I grabbed her head with both hands and thrust my cock in.

I felt my cum pulsing out into her mouth. Then she gagged around my cock head. I realized I'd gone a little far and pulled my cock back. I came back down to earth with my cock still in her mouth.

My cum had spilled out of her mouth and was dribbling onto my balls and down my leg. I pulled out of her mouth and gently pushed her over on her side. I laid down beside her and looked at her. Her face was a mess. She had cum and spit on her lips and cheek, and her eyes were puffy and red.

I realized that she had been crying while I fucked her face. I loved it. I kissed her gently and told her everything was okay.

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She said she must be a whore for letting me do this to her, and started crying again. Of course I agreed she was a little whore but that's not what I said.

Instead, I kissed her and told her that what we had done was natural, that she was a beautiful person and she shouldn't be ashamed. Eventually she wound down. I untied her and helped her stretch out. I kept kissing her and reassuring her. Her face was wet with tears.

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She hugged me and started kissing back. My hard cock was pushed up against her bare leg. She pulled her head back and tearfully smiled at me.


She said she had to go home and think about what had happened. I said sure, that I understood. We separated and she sat up. She looked down at my hard cock. I started to stroke it.

I asked her if she'd ever watched a man do this, she shook her head no. She reached out and put a hand on my leg. I jerked myself off until I came. As she got up to leave, I asked her if she wanted to come back tomorrow. She said yes.