College Lesbians Piper Perri and Hollie Mack

College Lesbians Piper Perri and Hollie Mack
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"Granger!" Oh shit, oh shit not again, I ran down the hallway to the office at the end and open the door carefully and running to the front of the desk and kneeling in front with my head bowed down.


"Must we go over the same rules, every time, why can't you fucking be on time!" he sat back in his chair and sighed, rubbing the bridge on his nose. "Get over here" I stood up and walked over, and stood in front of him waiting for further instructions.

"Bend over the desk, and arms behind your back" I moved into position, the way he had the desk was if I was bent over how he instructed, my legs would no longer reach the ground, and he took full advantage of this by tying them out of them way.

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"I think 15 should do just fine" his hand ran along my bare behind. His hand came down fast and hard, as I cried out in pain. "That's it bitch scream out, and you will bloody well count them and thank me for each one!" his hand came into contact with my left cheek harder than before.

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After screaming out and holding the sobs back I was forced to yell out to him each time as he neared the 15th and final smack. Harder than any beforehand "15, Thank you Master" I had my head on the desk crying from the pain my behind felt and the embarrassment from having to call out each one and saying thank you. He slowly rubbed his hand over my behind and I could feel some sort of cream being spread over my bottom. I sighed as it eased the burning feeling I had.

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"When will you learn Granger, or do you like me smacking you each time you mess up?" he tapped my bottom waiting for the answer. "I'm sorry master, I promise to try harder next time" his hand lowered and he started to rub against my slit, I knew I was wet from being smacked and I could tell he was smiling over this fact.

"I see someone got a little excited over their punishment, very naughty of you Granger" he slowly slipped his middle finger into me and pulled it in and out slowly, I could feel my hips trying to push into his finger.

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"Does my little slut want to be played with?" he picked the pace up a little then stopped again, as I released a low moan. "Beg for it, like you've been taught" he leaned his hips into me and I could feel how hard he was through his pants. "Beg me Granger, Just like Mistress P taught you" I grinded my hips into his groin. "Please Master, Please make me cum, please fuck me!" his fingers found their way back inside me as he pumped them in and out faster than before with a bit more force as well, "You really are my perfect little slut Granger, you are obedient with a few minor kinks I'm sure I can sort out, and this tight little cunt of yours is amazing, knowing that no other man before me has had you makes it even better, now hurry up and cum we have a ball to attend and you still need to suck me off" he shoved his fingers in deeper, as I pushed more into his hand.

After a few more minutes I was finally able to reach my climax. Panting loudly on the desk, he cleaned me up and put me in the chair and stood in front of me undoing his pants and pulling his cock out. "Hurry up and put it in your gob, or I will!" I sat forward and opened my mouth wide for him, still not able to hold his full 8 inch hard cook in my mouth.

"That's it take more of it" his hands were behind my hand and pushing my further into his groin swallowing more of his fat cock.

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He started to pump in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat before it opened up for his cock, allowing him to shove down my throat. "Much better at it tonight my little slut, has Mistress P had you working on your blowjob skills" I moaned around his cock in response to his rhetorical question. It wasn't long before he was blasting his load down my throat.

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"Good girl, drink it all, you don't want to spill and displease me now do you" trying to swallow all that was left, and make sure no drops escaped. Swallowing what was left; I got off the chair and kneeled next to it as he sat down. "We have a ball tonight for mother and father, you will stay by my side and only speak when spoken to, not like last time," he looked down at me in anger, "now return to your room and be ready in an hour" I stood and ran out of them room to have a shower and to get ready.

Once ready I stood next to the window watching as guest arrived. My door opened and in walked Mistress P. "Lift your dress and spread your legs" she snapped at me, she stood quietly as I obeyed her order at once.

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She walked forward and pushed my thong out of the way, and inserting a metal type ball the size of a ping pong ball into my pussy, though it was not heavy and moulded into me as though it was meant to be there. "This is to keep you on track, my husband invented it, and we thought you could be our test dummy tonight" she held a remote in her hand with two different knobs on them one red and one blue.


"The red on is the vibrator and can be change for intensity and the blue one is our sort of shock collar you could say," she turned the blue one and I felt as though someone had put a tazer into my pussy.

I cried out and knelt onto the floor. "Be a good little slut for your master or that will happen. ten times worse, now get up and get down stairs to him!" as I walked past she slapped my bottom hard.