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We all laid still, catching our breath. Our energy had faded with the sun. It was now dark out. Steve, as usual, was the first to speak. "So." He began. "How are we gonna top this?" "Fuck, I don't know." Steph answered. "Me either. That was pretty great, though." I said. "You guys wanna hop in the shower?" Steve asked. "You know.just the three of us?" That sounded like a great idea.for a later time.

We were all too exhausted to go into the shower together, knowing exactly what would happen.

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Hell, if any two of us were even in a room together, something was bound to happen. "I don't think so, Stevie." Steph answered. "What about a late swim?" He then proposed. "Honestly, I don't think I could make that walk right now." I said. "Well then what the hell?" Steve asked. Steve had slipped into this groove of getting sex from someone just about anytime he wanted it.

It's pretty well documented that he wasn't exactly starving for sex before, but now that everyone was so open with each other, he was having withdraws. "I know!" Steph shouted. "Let's have a date night!" "A what?" Steve asked. "A date night!" Steph answered. "We'll all just chill out here and have a little date." "The three of us?" I asked. "Of course!" Steph answered. "It'll be so cute!" Only for Steph would I agree to something like this. She was too fucking cute when she really wanted something.

The way she looked at me let me know I wasn't going to be getting out of this. I'd be spending the evening going on a 'date' with a hottie.and her brother.which didn't really bother me at all.

"Well what the fuck?" Steve asked. "Are we getting lucky on this first date?" "I don't know." Steph answered. "Let's just do the date first. Meet upstairs in an hour." "Jesus.I guess." Steve answered. Steve crawled up off of the bed and walked out of Steph's room, cock swinging freely with each step. I sat up on the bed and began to follow him.

Steph got up and started rifling through her drawers, picking out her attire for the evening. I made it to the door when I turned around. "Uh.Steph?" I said. Steph turned around in all her naked glory. "Yeah?" She asked. "I kinda wanted to ask you something." I said. "Anything, Bret." She said with a smile. "You're on some kind of birth control, right?" I asked, feeling sheepish.

"Of course, silly!" she said with a giggle. "I don't want any kids yet." "Alright. I just wondered know.I've popped off quite a few loads in you." I said. "Oh, Bret.don't worry about it." She said.

"Just keep popping them off with your mind at ease." "Alright." I said. "Just with me and Steve going at you so much.I just wanted to make sure you were safe." "Aww." she replied. "Thank you. Yes. Feel free." "Okay, Steph.

See you in a little bit." I said. With that, Steph collected her clothes and entered her shower. With my mind at ease, I walked out of Stephs room, across the party room and into Steve's.


I heard water running, so I knew where he was. I got into my bag and pulled out a simple outfit. Shorts and a shirt. I even picked up a pair of boxers. I sat there for a few minutes waiting on Steve to finish so I could use the shower. I heard the water stopped and realized that it probably wasn't a great idea for me to be in Steve's room when he came out of the shower.

I knew he was ready to go again and I needed to get ready. I gathered my clothes and headed for his door. "Where you headed?" Steve asked, popping out of his bathroom, using a towel to dry his hair, his tan body glistening with water droplets. "I was gonna go upstairs to get a shower." I answered. "Fuck, dude, you coulda just came in there with me.

No big deal." He said. "Eh, I didn't know where that might lead." I said, joking. "No shit, huh?" He laughed. "Well, come here a minute." What choice did I have?

I walked with Steve into his bathroom. "What?" I asked. Steve reached down and began running his hand over the area above my cock. I knew it. "It's a date night, dude.

Get that stubble out of there." He said. True, I took care of my region, but I was getting a little sand-papery. "Should feel like this." Steve said, grabbing my hand and rubbing it over the same are of his body. Smooth as ever. Now, in the back of my mind, I knew Steve was trying to get something started, but I blocked out that notion to pretend that he was just giving me some advice. Steve handed me a razor blade and a can of gel cream. I thanked him. "How do you get that, though?" I asked, motioning toward his bare ass.

"Practice, son. The front isn't the only area that needs taken care of." He said. "Want me to do it for you?" Now I was positive where this would go. "Nah. I'm not too worried about it." I said.

"Alright then. Well, have at it." He said. "I'm gonna use the shower upstairs. We'll all just meet up there together." I said. "Suit yourself." Steve said. I gathered my things again and exited the bathroom and Steve's room. From the other side, I could hear music blaring from Steph's room. I was excited to see what she would put together. I walked upstairs.a part of the house we'd really neglected during my stay. I made my way to the bathroom and started running some water for a bath.

Showers were quicker, but I thought a nice soak would feel good. I hopped in my aunt and uncles tub and let my mind wander. What a great visit this had been. I tried to piece together just what Steph had in mind for date night. I had no idea. It could totally blow and only the hope of getting to bang her again would pull me through it.

My relaxing, plus the hot water, mixed with the ever-present sexual tension was enough to make my cock begin to grow. I looked down at him and knew he was very happy with me recently.

I declined a quick jerk session and instead decided to take Steve's advice for a quick trim. It was a relatively simple process, and in the end I was happy I did it. Nice and smooth again.

I finished washing up and got out of the tub to dry off. I put on some deodorant and stared down at the boxers. It felt like it had been forever since I'd worn them. I never needed to. It was pointless here. I slid them on and covered them with my shorts. I pulled my shirt on and took long look in the mirror.

How my life had changed. I went to the cabinet in the bathroom and snooped around my uncles different colognes. It was a date, afterall. I found one that suited me and sprayed a on my chest. Feeling adventurous, I pulled my shorts down and gave my pubic region a squirt. I opened the door and walked out into the living room. Pretty simple. A few chairs, a couch, tv. I plopped down on the couch and waited.


My favorite cousins should be coming up soon. After a moment, I heard feet coming up the steps. I turned to see Steve entering the living room, wearing a combination similar to mine. Steve walked over and sat on the couch, leaving a little space between us. "I'm not gonna lie." he said "we better get some out of this." "We can only hope." I said. "Well, even if she doesn't wanna do anything, we can still have some fun later." He said. "Fine with me." I said.

It was strange to me how comfortable I was with Steve.


I mean I had every reason to be, but before Steve, I really had no experience in same-sex relations. "Want me to blow you or something before Steph comes?" He asked. In reality, I really did. "Nah. I'm gonna save it for her." I said. "Fine, fine." He said. "Wanna blow me then?" Luckily, just after this offer, Steph entered the room, looking gorgeous.

She was decked ou in a small, tan skirt with a pink top. Even though I'd seen every aspect of her, I was still floored. "Ready, boys?" She asked with a smile. "I suppose." Steve answered. "Of course." I said. Steph motioned us to the kitchen. She decided to make us a pizza. Bending over to put the pizza in the oven, out of ear shot, Steve had something important to tell me. "My cock is about to bust." He said.

I had to laugh. That's what Steve was always good for. Steve and I were sitting at a table where Steph decided to join us. We tried to make small talk, like a real first date, until Steve chimed in. "So how long do we have to do this?" He asked. "As long as the date lasts." Steph answered. "Just tell I getting laid tonight or what?" He asked. "Steve.take this seriously or leave." She answered, annoyed.

"Well my bad." He said, crossing his arms. We continued our chat, discussing what everyone had been up to and what not. It was a strange setup. Most people go on the date BEFORE they start fucking like animals.

In a way though, it wasn't too bad. Finally, the oven dinged, signaling the coming of the pizza. Steph fetched it and brought it to the table. I hadn't realized how hungry I was. I really hadn't been eating while I had been here. I never found the time. Steve spent most of the time playing with his pizza, sexual frustration getting the best of him. We finished and Steph motioned us back into the living room. She sat down on the couch and I sat to her right, Steve to her left.

"Now what?" Steve questioned. "We're going to watch a movie." Steph answered. I was getting bored by this point, but I could tell it meant a lot to her. So I just stayed quiet.

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I didn't wanna piss her off the way Steve was. Steph turned the TV on and started some movie about a girl losing her true love after moving and spending her life trying to find him again.

During the course of the movie, Steph had clasped a hand with one of Steve's and one of mine. I couldn't have been any less interested in the movie.

But I was kind of enjoying myself at the same time just due to the company. I thought about making a move when I looked down. The light from the TV revealed that at some point Steph had relinquished Steve's hand.

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His hand was now firmly grasping the inside of his sisters thigh, above the skirt line. I also couldn't help but notice that Steve's shorts were mysteriously unbuttoned.and getting awfully tall. I could play this game too. I turned toward Steph and kissed her on the cheek. She looked at me and smiled.

I leaned in and was rewarded with a great tongue-filled kiss. She then turned the Steve and gave him the same treatment. The fact that the room was so dark made this all very sexy to me.

I really felt like I was on a first date with a girl I really liked.except that I had already had sex with her.and her brother was there.and was also kissing her.and I'd had sex with him too.

Other than that, it was like a first date. Steve's hand began to repeatedly grip and rub Steph's thigh as his hand climbed further into the skirt. I heard Steph give a little moan and she bit her lip. I was guessing Steve's hand found it's mark.

At this point, no one was watching the movie. I wasn't sure what to do, so I enjoyed the action going on beside me. Steve leaned in and pegged Steph's neck with very wet kisses. Steph turned her head and the two's lips met, continuing the motion.

I released Steph's hand and she placed it on the side of Steve's head. They continued kissing very passionately. Steph eased her lower body off the couch a little and Steve's hand retreated, hauling off a pair of pink panties with it. Steve yanked Steph's skirt up a little more and placed his head between her thighs. I could hear his tongue slopping against his sisters obviously wet pussy. Steph grabbed a handful of Steves hair and gently pulled.

Every so often, Steve would raise his head, replacing his tongue with his fingers and kiss Steph. I was rock hard from this scene and decided no one would object to me opening my shorts. I pulled my boxers down and let my cock have some air. I stroked it slowly. Steve kissed his sister as he pulled his shirt off his body. He quickly resumed fingering and kissing Steph. Steph started to lean back and laid her head on my thigh. Steve stood up and unzipped his shorts, yanking them to the floor and stepping out of them.

Steve hadn't bothered to grab any boxers. Steve pulled Steph's skirt up to her waist, revealing to me her very wet pussy, shining in the TV. Steph's legs were elevated somewhat by the end armrest of the couch. That's where Steve decided to make entry. He leaned over the side, laid on Steph, and lined his cock up for Heaven. He pushed in slowly and sucked on Steph's tongue. I could see his shaggy blonde hair shaking feverishly as he moved his head around.

Steph's arms clung to the the sides of her older (by 45 minutes) brother. Steve wasso tense as he dove his cock in and out of Steph. I was thinking to myself what a marvelous porno this would make. Stephs legs locked around the region of Steve's ass, pulling him in to her. I pulled my lower garments off completely, kicking them across the room.

I rubbed my bulging cock against the top of Steph's head, through her hair, still pumping. I watched the excellent motion of Steve's hips. Up and out, down and in. Up and out, down and in. Steph couldn't even speak. There were uncomprehensible sounds coming from her that I couldn't place.

Steve was having a little easier time. "Oh, fuck yeah. You fucking sexy thing." He said through clenched teeth. Steve stopped pumping and pulled Steph up to him, hugging her as he kissed her. He picked Steph up, never allowing his cock to withdraw, and sat down, Steph straddling him, facing him.

He began thrusting his hips up and down, feeling his sisters shirt-trapped titties. Steph brought her hands down and pulled her shirt up.

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She'd even worn a bra. Both were quickly discarded and she was now down to just her skirt. Steve leaned up and took a nipple into his mouth. Every so often, he'd pull Steph close and really ram her for a few seconds, before releasing her for a more casual style. He placed his hands on her hips slammed her down onto his cock with great force, driving himself as deeply as possible.

Steph's head hung in ecstacy. Her eyes closed, but mouth wide open. Steve shifted his position. He was now laying on the couch, Steph on top of him. Steph rocked her hips back and forth, pleasing Steve tremendously.

She bent down to kiss Steve and he locked his hands around her back. This was my chance. I moved to the other end of the couch, behind Steph. My cock had been oozing precum for several minutes and I was pretty slick. I pushed my cock against her welcoming asshole. With some fair resistance, I eased my way in. I removed my shirt and started pumping. I could almost feel Steve's thick cock rubbing against mine just one floor lower.

I'd been watching these two fuck for quite awhile before I decided to join.

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Steph's tight ass was so welcoming. I heard all the moans radiating in the room and felt all of the body heat. I had been pumping myself all along, so it was really no surprise when my balls began to tug and I shot a few streams of fire liquid into Stephs ass.

Steph could obviously feel this as she began to moan. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it between Steph's ass cheeks.

Letting off a few more streams onto her back and bunched up skirt. Not long after this, Steph let out a tell-tale moan that she had climaxed. I laid down on the floor. Steve still pumped feverishly into Steph. All at once, he wrapped his arms very tightly around Steph and was slamming his hips upwards. "Oh, God.Oh, God." he managed to get out.

With that, Steve let out a long moan, his pumping slowly fading. Steve's breathing sounded like a winded football player. "Wooo." he managed to say. I laid on the floor thinking to myself.what a great date this had been.