Footfetish babe gets her feet covered in cum

Footfetish babe gets her feet covered in cum
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It had been six months since my friend and I used my girlfriend as our cum dumpster. The initial shock wore off and I accepted the fact that it was a one-time thing. I loved this girl despite the fact she sucked my friend dry. We were young and experimentation wasn't out of my mind.

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I just always thought it would be another girl before another guy. I'm unsure of how Tee felt about the whole situation. She seemed to enjoy it, but we never really spoke about it. Fast forward to July 4, 2010. Tee's sister was dating a guy that lived out in Canyon Lake.

It sounded like fun. Beer, weed, and pretty girls at the lake. We drove out there and the scene was insane. It seemed like every person that lived in the little gated community was at the lake, and every single one of them had a boat.

Tee was wearing this incredible Brazilian Bikini. It's difficult to describe with words. You have to see this shit to appreciate the sheer beauty of this girl's body. Her perfect 34C tits were just dying to come out of that top. You could see the shape of her lips through the front of her bottom. The best for last is that ass. The way it cuffed against her thighs just made her look irresistible.

Everyone was looking at her. I felt proud, but at the same time it was a little out of hand. The day started with beer, but Tee's sister brought out a Patron bottle. Tee's sister was a pretty hot piece of ass herself. Plus she was a whore and I could always count on her to cause trouble. Tee knocked back a couple shots and began to loosen up. She was dancing on the boat and drawing a lot more attention from all the guys.

Tee's brother's friends in particular. They were the typical bro types and a few years older. She knew them for her whole life and that old story. Tee jumped in the water while I smoked a joint with some folks.

We were having a really awesome time. I'm finishing up my session, and tell Tee to come out of the water. She swims over towards the dock and lifts up just enough to give me a kiss.

I pull her up out of the water abruptly and that Brazilian bikini turns into a thong. What I didn't notice is that one of her perfect breasts had fallen out of her top. Fortunately one of Tee's brother's friends pointed it out for us. You know the one that was so close growing up that she considers him a brother?

Yeah that one. By the time I realized it he was gently caressing my girl's tit with one hand while pulling her top over it with the other. I was a bit taken back by the moment and she kind of just had this smile on her face while it was happening. She quickly recoiled once she realized I had noticed.

She had always told me she could never feel that way about any of her brother's friends. A few hours pass and the food is ready fresh off the grill. They pulled out all the stops. The beers kept flowing and Tee was still kicking back shots of Patron courtesy of her slut sister. I was stoned and in heaven with seemingly unlimited munchies. Tee had to use the restroom so she went up to the house. I paused from feasting to enjoy her ass walking up the stairs, as did all the other guys there I'm sure.

I continue eating and talking to everybody. I grab a second plate and realize it has been about 15 minutes since Tee left. I assume she's throwing up from drinking, so I head up to the house to see if she needs my help. I get to the house and head to the guest bathroom to discover Tee is not there.

I begin to think maybe I missed her. I have been drinking quite a bit, so I look over the party from the house and I can't spot her.

I go back inside the house and begin to look around. Sometimes when you find what you are looking for it's not exactly what you thought it would be. She is nowhere to be found downstairs so I go upstairs. I enter what appears to be the master bedroom. Nobody is in there, but the bathroom door is closed. I walk towards the door with morbid curiosity. I hear some noises, but I can't quite make them out.


I open the door and discover Tee on her knees gagging on who other than her brother's friend's huge dick. He had a hand full of her hair and was forcing every inch of his cock down her throat.

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There I stood in the doorway silent, in shock, unnoticed while my girlfriend was getting face fucked by the white Mandingo. I couldn't move or speak all I could do was watch for some reason.

I was in complete shock. Even more surprising my dick was slowly becoming hard. What the fuck was going on? Am I really getting off by watching my girlfriend suck another man's dick?

I slowly stepped forward and they finally noticed me. Tee was surprised and the guy removed his hands from her head and his dick from her mouth. We looked at each other for a moment and the confusion ran through me. She stared at me like nothing was wrong. She then directed her attention to my fully hard dick and gave me a devious smile. "You like this don't you?" she said as she reached for his dick. She held it in her hand and stared at me.

She could barely grip it. It was quite intimidating compared to my average cock. I couldn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. She licked his tip and then smiled at me, "Look at your little dick getting hard from watching me suck a real dick." She laughed and then struggled as she forced his entire shaft down he throat. Once she hit balls deep she shifted her eyes towards me and reached her hand towards my stiff cock.

She began rubbing my dick through my shorts as she slowly removed approximately 9 inches of dick from her esophagus.

Breathing heavily she pulled my shorts down and revealed my throbbing cock. She held both us for a moment and I couldn't help but look down and admire this man's dick. It must have been 9 inches long and as thick as Tee's wrist. I felt like a little boy. It seemed like she could sense my insecurity and she fed on it by feeding on his dick.

She lifted his shaft and attempted to place his massive balls in her mouth. She failed and with a grin backed off and spit on his firm cock.

Meanwhile she mildly stroked my dick and unlike our last encounter her attention was primarily focused on the other man. She left my dick unoccupied and grabbed his dick with both hands. Stroke and throat. She was working it like a pro while he squeezed her perfect tits. I looked on in disbelief as my cock was left unoccupied. I am unsure of what came over me, jealousy maybe, but I grabbed Tee's head and thrusted it down the entire length of his dick.

She tried to use his legs to push off, but I overpowered her and forced her to gag on every bit of his dick. Her breathing quickened, her smug smile turned into nervous moans, and she was slobbering like the dirty bitch she was. I pulled her head from his dick and began fucking her face with my now semi-hard cock.

That wasn't the case for long. I instantly stiffened and the gargling continued. Both my hands were pressed firmly on the back of her head, while Tee's friend groped her entire body. She didn't seem to be enjoying it anymore and I was glad.

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My intentions were now to punish this bitch. "How do you like it bitch?" I yelled at her while simultaneously fucking her face. I shoved my dick down her throat a few more times then removed it to hear her reply. "I fucking love it!" with an orgasmic scream. She had a look in her eyes like I had never seen before. "I want you both to pound my pussy like you just abused my mouth." Before I could even reply, she reached for her friend's massive cock and wrapped her hands around it.

I wanted to say no, but the anger and shock left me frozen. I watched in horror as my girlfriend guided a porn sized cock into her tight, soaking wet pussy. She struggled with it as his head squeezed in slowly. She let out small pleasure and pain filled moan. As more of his dick slid inside her, she grabbed my cock tightly in her hands. I could tell the pain she was in from being stretched beyond anything she had experienced.

A little more than half of his dick was now inside my girl. Sensing Tee's discomfort he gently began to thrust the first half of his dick in and out of Tee's dripping cunt. Her grip loosened from my cock and I could tell she was beginning to enjoy it more. He began to penetrate her with more force and with every thrust Tee's pussy inched further down his enormous rod.

I finally heard the slap of his balls against what must have been her stomach the way those things were swinging. Tee squeezed my cock, quivered, and let out an echoing moan. He thrusted his hips further forward ensuring every single centimeter was deep inside her and she squealed. "You came and I haven't even started yet baby." He arrogantly responded to Tee's reaction.

She was cumming intensely and exhaled deeply as he wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled his whole cock from her flooded pussy. He teased her with the tip barely inside her as he grabbed two handfuls of her luscious ass. She was begging for him to pound it as she was propped up on all fours. I had the perfect perspective standing over her to view his huge dick railing her perfect ass. I grabbed her head and guided her mouth to my rock solid dick. I guess he took it as a cue, so he began viciously slamming his giant pole into Tee.

It must have been less than a minute before she came again. "Oh fuck he's huge! I've never come so hard" Tee screamed as he smirked in pleasure.

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Tee took a break from sucking me to enjoy the pounding. Her ass was rippling nicely and the sound of it slamming against him was deafening. Her moans were so loud I wouldn't be surprised if the people down by the lake heard her. He pulled his gigantic pole out of her and directed her to ride him.

She mounted him reverse cowgirl and began sliding down his fat cock. Her eyes rolled back and she exhaled deeply as he fully entered her. I inserted my dick into her gaping mouth as she began bouncing on his cock. She rode him like I've never seen. Considering his dick was approximately two of mine, I guess this isn't a surprise. She had so much more dick to work with and I could tell she loved it. Meanwhile, my cock remained half way down her throat.

Her ass was bouncing viciously on his cock and she came again. I couldn't believe it, 3 times in a matter of minutes. I finally worked up the courage to take control and fuck my own girlfriend. I bent her over on all fours and began to pound her already drenched cunt. Her brother's friend resumed his position above her head and began thrashing her throat.

I couldn't tell what she was enjoying more. "Fuck me harder or give my pussy back to him!" Tee yelled after removing his cock from her mouth. I furiously began pounding her pussy and rubbing on her swollen clit at the same time. She took a break from his dick and I could tell she was beginning to build up to cumming. Her talking shit to me was kind of motivating. She resumed deep throating his cock until I changed gears and began slamming her pussy furiously.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she let out a moan as she came intensely on my dick. I came inside her simultaneously. The feeling was incredible, but then I remembered that she still had a huge cock in her mouth waiting to be finished.

I pulled out my now semi hard cock as he directed her mouth to his dick. She sucked him for a moment before allowing him to enter her again. He fucked her hardly and deeply for another 10 minutes straight. I did the only thing I could think of at the moment…watch. He was relentless on her cunt.

She screamed and the sounds of their bodies colliding matched them.

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She must have come three more times before he finally busted his load deep inside her. He pulled out slowly and she exhaled deeply as every inch exited her dripping pussy. She was completely complete and utter bliss. I could see it all over her face. He grabbed her head and instructed her to lick the remaining cum from his throbbing, softening, yet still impressive cock.


She put her mouth gently around the head of his dicks and slurped the remaining juices in his shaft. He pulled his dick from her mouth then slapped it against her cheek. She laughed gave his head one more suck then rose to her feet.

Her body was glistening with sweat accentuating every curve. He dressed then left without a word. Tee walked into the shower and turned the water on.

The water pouring down her exquisite body was turning me on, despite having witnessed her getting used. Oddly, I didn't care. Something was exhilarating about the whole experience. My cock now began to harden and she continued soaking in the shower.

I walked over to join her without her noticing. Before she could even realize it, I had picked her up and ferociously began to pound her against the shower wall. The water crashed against us as the clapping of our bodies together filled the whole house.

She screamed in pleasure louder than ever before. It's like the whole episode before was filling us both with the same feeling. It was a short and intense fuck in the shower unlike anything we had ever experienced. We both came one last time. I held her, shrinking inside her pussy as we locked eyes and kissed.

I slipped out of her and gently set her down. I exited the shower as she began to wash herself. "This was crazy," I kept thinking to myself. I bizarrely enjoyed it, but at the same time had mixed feelings.

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It was clear that Tee enjoyed herself. Sharing her was something I never thought I would do, but now that I had crossed the line. Would I be able to go back?