Dark honey deepthroats and rides

Dark honey deepthroats and rides
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I couldn't move. I couldn't open my eyes or move my arms or legs. I couldn't even look over to see if Nathan was ok.

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I couldn't feel any pain either. Was I dreaming this happened? I could hear the sirens. I knew I wasn't dreaming. I felt myself falling asleep. I knew I shouldn't have but I did.


It was freshman year again. I woke up to a text from Nathan. "Are you coming tonight?" He was talking about his party for New Years. His parents wouldn't be home because they were at some party/business trip. I told him I would come. I normally would have spent New Year's with Oliver, but I had a crush on Nathan. "Yeah, what time do you want me to come over?" I got out of bed and showered.

I shaved my pussy clean not knowing if I would hook up with anyone or not. I mean, I was shy and all, but there would be alcohol, and you never know. I checked my phone again once I got out. "Come over at 9. Can't wait to see you ;)" I didn't respond. I looked over at the clock.

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12:30. I had plenty of time. I looked for an outfit for tonight. I ended up going with a white shorts and a navy blue tank top. I wore a red plaid button up over it. I did my makeup with took forever even though I only did eyeliner and mascara.

I also threw my hair up in a normal pony tail. Time check: 4:00. I had so much time to kill.

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I didn't know what to do, so I made something to eat and watched TV. Finally it was time to go. I walked over there and his house was already packed. I walked in and had a Coke. I looked around for Nathan. He was in the dining room playing beer pong. I didn't really know anyone at the party. I knew most things about Nathan. He was attractive, smart, and athletic, his favorite song was Scream & Shout, his favorite food was pizza, and his favorite color was that orange-pinkish color you see around sunset.

He was just about to make the winning shot. He threw it, and obviously it went in. Everyone was cheering. He saw me and walked over. "Hey there! I'm glad you made it." He said giving me a hug. He was warm, and smelt like beer. "I'm glad I came too. Nice shot there." I replied shyly, but I also tried to be a little flirty. "I hope you have fun tonight." He said before walking away. He was so hot. The things I would let that boy do to me.

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I started walking around. I hold my breath when I feel people staring at me, so I was holding my breath most of the night. I did end up having a few drinks because I felt I needed to relax a bit.

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I think I may have had one too many, because I had ended up kissing Max. He was a major man whore. He slept with so many girls, it was kind of gross. I hope he wasn't planning to go any further because I wasn't having sex with this guy.

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As if he was reading my mind, he started moving his hand down to my butt, pulling me closer to him. I didn't react because he wasn't trying anything more. He then tried slipping his hand down my pants and I stopped. "Stop that." I demanded as I moved his hand.

"What's wrong girl? You don't want to get with this?" He said trying to kiss me again. "No, stop." I tried to get myself away from him. His grip on me tightened, and I wasn't getting out of there. I just held my breath, hoping I would pass out and loosen his grip on me. I started to get dizzy, when Nathan came over and stopped him. "Max get lost, go find another drunk girl to sleep with." Nathan said pulling me away. He led me up to his room and told me to lay down.

I did as instructed. I wasn't feeling dizzy anymore and right as Nathan opened the door to leave, I didn't want him to leave. "Don't go." I said sitting up. "What if someone finds me, passed out and tries something." He closed the door and sat down in the empty spot next to where I was laying. "I'll stay for a little while, but I should get back to the party." He said reassuringly.

We stayed there for a little while, no one said anything.


That's when I thought to myself, I could start something with this boy. So I sat up and kissed him. He kissed me back to my surprise. We fell back on the bed and finally this guy was on top of me. He took off his shirt and started to unbutton my shirt. He had finished unbuttoning my shirt and started massaging my boobs through my tank top.

He stopped kissing me. "Suck my dick." He demanded. I went along with it. He undid his pants and sat on the edge of the bed.

I got off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. I had never done this before, so I didn't really know what I was doing. I put my lips around his cock and started to suck on his cock.

My teeth grazed his dick once in a while because my mouth wasn't big enough for him. He started to moan as I went. It was hard, I couldn't really get a lot of his dick in my mouth. He seemed to enjoy it though. I kept trying my best and going as fast as I could. He eventually came in my mouth. I spit it out because it tasted gross. I laid back down on the bed and we continued to make out. He moved his hand down my pants like Max had done before, except he started rubbing my pussy.


A soft moan escaped my lips. I was really wet, and he finally stuck 2 fingers in and started fingering me.

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He kept hitting the little knotted nub and I was moaning really loud. "Oh my god! That feels so good. Keep going." I felt my body start to tremble.

I was reaching an orgasm. He went faster, hitting the nub more and more. I finally had my first orgasm, and came all over. He licked his fingers clean. We started to make out again and he took off my tank top. I had never been shirtless in front of a guy before and I got nervous. I held my breath. He started to take off his pants, when I passed out. I woke up a few hours later and my shirt was still on the ground, my pants were still on.

He didn't try to fuck me in my sleep. I got up and put my shirt on. I returned downstairs, and people were leaving. I left and went home. Then the vision started to get fuzzy and I woke up in a hospital room. I looked around and saw no one except for Nathan in the adjacent bed.