We are going to test your mouths limit

We are going to test your mouths limit
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I have one of the best jobs in the world in my opinion. I go from house to house, all over the city, fixing and installing people's cable. I get to meet so many different people and tons of hot chicks. Many of these beautiful ladies all have one thing in common, and that is they want some strange. For a lot of these girls their fantasy is to fuck the cable guy and that is where I come in to play. I am just simply fulfilling their fantasy. What could be wrong with that? All I have to do is identify the girls who I think want me to bend them over and then I strike.

Take for instance this story. I received a call to repair the cable at a house in a nice neighborhood. I pulled up in my van, got out, and knocked on the door like I always do. The door opened and there to greet me was a beautiful older lady. She let me inside and extended her hand and said, "Hi, my name is Mandy." I reached out and grabbed her hand and shook it very delicately as I introduced myself.

She started walking around the house showing me all the problems that she was having. I was checking her body out the whole time she was talking to me. She was tall and slender, probably around the age of 46, and her hair was fixed nicely to go along with the makeup on her face.

She had on a long sleeved, white, cotton shirt that was tight enough to show the outline of her bra. Her tits looked nice and perky, not too big.

Next, she had on a pair of black jeans that looked like she had to jump to get into them. They were pretty tight showing off her nice ass and slender form. Her feet were covered in a pair of black leather, high heel boots that zipped up on the side. I knew she had noticed me looking at her a little but I could tell she liked it.

Mandy was very friendly, talking to me the whole time about everything in the world. She was also very touchy feely as she grabbed my arm several times during our conversations. I was there for a little while fixing some of her equipment and before I was getting ready to leave she asked me to take a look at her computer. I agreed and followed her up the stairs, the whole time staring at her ass and trying to get a look at her camel toe.

I sat down in the computer chair and she stood close next to me. When she leaned inward to show me the problem she put her hand on my shoulder for support and kept lightly squeezing it.

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I quickly fixed the problem and stood up to leave. "Well Mandy, is there anything else, anything at all I can do for you?" She paused for a second, looking at me and said, "I know this is out of the ordinary but…you're not good at giving massages are you?

You see, I was in an accident a few weeks ago and I am still really sore." She looked at my eyes intensely waiting for a response and I said, "I'm very good at giving massages. Where does it hurt?" "Oh…It hurts all over," she said as she gave me a deviant smile. She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom where there was a nicely made king size bed.

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I walked up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders and neck. "Oh yeah, keep doing that, it feels good," she said. My hands quickly left her shoulders and slid down the front of her chest, cupping her tits as she reached her hands behind her and began to rub my crotch. "Why don't we take some of our clothes off to make this a little easier," she said.

Mandy bent over to unzip her boots as I was stripping my clothes off as fast as possible. She stood up and I pulled her shirt off and threw it to the floor.


Her breast were lovely and very sexy as they were popping out of her tight little bra. She slid her jeans off and stood close to me rubbing her dainty little hands over my body. I had on my boxers but my stiff cock was poking through the slit and rubbing up against her body.

She then jumped up on the bed and laid down on her stomach. All she had on was her bra and a pair of white cotton panties. "I wasn't lying about wanting a massage," she said. I jumped up on the bed also and straddled her body over her ass and began rubbing her up and down. She kept moaning and telling me how good it felt as I massaged her neck, back, and ass.

I reached up and unsnapped her bra sending the straps flying to the side. "You want to fuck me, don't you?" "I'm going to fuck you hard," I replied. I slid her panties down her legs and over her feet.

Her whole body had a beautiful complexion and was very smooth. I could see her pussy slit peaking out from between her ass as I slid my hands closer to it. She let my finger penetrate her wet lips as I rubbed her little clit.

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She kept opening her legs farther and farther, clearly enjoying every second of this experience. "Mmmm…that feels good," she said as I slid a couple of fingers inside of her cunt. Before long she had spread her legs far enough sending her ass up in the air. I pulled my boxers off and pressed my dick up against her sticky pussy, rubbing it up and down.

Without any warning, I slid my hard cock slowly inside of her tight pink hole. "Oh baby, Fuck me!" Once my cock was fully inserted deep inside her I began thrusting back and forth. Her pussy lips kept a tight grip on my dick as my pumping increased with power and speed. I grabbed onto her slender hips like a set of reigns and slammed my cock into her pussy over and over again.

"Yes…yes…fuck my slutty pussy," she kept repeating in between loud moans. You would never expect her to talk and act like this just by looking at her prim and proper appearance.

"You're going to make me cum! Oh baby, make me cum, make me cum!" She kept saying. At this point I was putting everything I had into fucking her. With every passing second I also was about to blow. My dick was getting harder and harder as I kept sliding in and out of her tight pussy until I heard her yell. "Ahhhh!!!" she yelled out. At that moment cum was shooting out of my cock in thick spurts filling up her pussy.

I also could feel her insides convulsing over my dick as her juices mixed with my cum and ran out of her hole, dripping onto the bed. I pulled out of her and saw my creamy jiz oozing out of her cunt. She got down from the bed and went to the bathroom as I just laid there in awe of our great experience.

"Wow! That was awesome," she said walking back towards the bed. She climbed back up and laid next to me caressing my soft cock and playing with my balls.


Within a few minutes I was getting hard again and she leaned over and engulfed my cock with her mouth as if she were trying to swallow it whole. Her lips tightened as her head bobbed up and down sending wonderful sensations through my body.

She did this for a few minutes and then all of the sudden she pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, "Get on you back." I did as I was told and she straddled me sending my cock soaring into her wet pussy.

Mandy began riding me and grinding her clit against my thick shaft. Her tits bounced up and down in front of my face until I grabbed them. They fit nicely in my mouth as I sucked and pulled on her long, erect nipples. She rode me like she was riding off into the sunset on her horse.

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I let her fuck me for a few more minutes until, without warning, I spun her around so I could be on top. My hard cock was only out of her tight hole for a second during the switch and then I was nailing her to the bed. Her legs were wrapped around my back holding me tightly as the expression on her face was one of amazement. It looked like she couldn't believe she had such a young hard dick fucking her brains out.

With every thrust given to her body, I planted my cock as deep as I could, slamming the base of my shaft up against her clitoris. "Oh God, make me cum again!!!" she yelled.

I grabbed her ankles very tightly and held them out extending her long legs. It was time to finish her off. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could and she was cussing, moaning, and screaming.


"Ohhhh…yes…cum all over me!" During the next few pumps she covered my dick with her orgasmic juices as I sent another load of sperm insider of her abused little hole. We were both out of breath and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. I realized how long I had been there and started to get worried so I began putting my clothes back on to go back to work.

Mandy continued lying on the bed watching me get dressed the whole time thanking me for such a wonderful time. She put on a robe and walked me to the door. "We will do this again sometime, right?" she asked me. "Of course, I'll be back on my lunch break tomorrow, if that's okay?" "I'll be waiting for you." She reached up and kissed my cheek and then I walked out to get in my van.

As soon as I opened the door I could hear my radio going off. "Base to Cartman, where are you?" I picked up the radio and gave some crazy excuse of where I was and then drove off.

I will definitely be going back to fuck Mandy again.

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Maybe another story, who knows. THE END